10 thoughts on “For the Children of Nice

  1. The question, “How many more must die?”

    The answer, “Until you learn that Islam is playing for real and for keeps.”

    Simple question.

    Simple answer.

    • No doubt about that. Obama’s get to the back of the queue whitey for the past eight years coupled with a massive distribution of arms, ammo training, mighty ‘n big ‘n ferocious John McCain to support “friendly fighters” of ISIS, CAIR and the Muslim Brother hoods inside and outside the 9/11 targeted places. Very weird unqualified characters placed in positions of enormous power. Has Obama been placing Americans and Britain at the back of the queue? Just axing.

  2. According to the “holy” koran, ALL OF THEM. Well, not the little girls, they can use them as sex slaves, oh, and the child males they can sodomize too, and train them to be future soldiers of allah. What could go wrong? It’s not like anyone can stop them.

    • Shariah law permits the use of babies and children as sexual objects as long as the child isn’t “harmed” – i.e., no physical abuse that shows. The idea that children are shaped by childhood events within the family is foreign to Islam.

      As Nicolai Sennels’ research on Muslim families has shown, the Arab tribal view that children are objects to be used is so ingrained into Islamic culture that the eventual acting out is inevitable.

  3. Sadly what is needed is the third rail that no one in the feckless, spineless and ####ess political class will utter,” we need Muslim control”. Yes as long as the horde of inbred mutants is permitted to continue entry, the jihadi attacks will come as regularly as the morning newspaper.

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