18 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: Mohamed Bouhlel Heeds the Call to Jihad

  1. All Muslims with observant parents are brought up with the threat of hellfire if they are “bad Muslims.” So even non-observant “bad Muslims” are extremely dangerous, because they can quickly be brought back under mind-control. Unlike other religions, in Islam, violent bloody jihad, that is, the murder of non-Muslims, vaults the former “bad Muslim” ahead of the line, and straight to the 72 virgins. This was also famously the case with the Egypt Air “bad Muslim” who took the controls of a jet that he was merely a passenger on, under a pretext, and crash-dived it into the Atlantic Ocean screaming “Allahu Akbar!” So pay no heed to Islam apologists who say that Mohamed Bouhlel was not a true Muslim: he was the truest of all Muslims when it counted, when he was committing mass-murder in the name of Allah.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right Matt.

      The NEW ZEALOT in search of what he feels is salvation is indeed a dangerous creature.

      Something about these types of killers is ALWAYS sexual and perverse.

    • So “good Muslims” are the ones who don’t believe in jihad. Which makes them”bad Muslims “. But if “bad Muslims” can become “good Muslims” with the flip of the jihad switch, well that kills the narrative… and innocent people.

  2. Instead of mocking the ‘leaders’ of the world, we have to take leadership. call the people of Nice to the street with pitchforks and destroy the new incarnation of the Bastille. And then go after the enemies of humanity.

  3. What is 1% of 1.6 Billion ? That’s what we are up against. With 10% or so supporting them. That’s a big number.

  4. So now the NICE, France murderous scum is also a Bi-Sexual….. just like lone wolfie in Orlando. He drank, ate pork and was using illegal drugs. And having illicit sex with just about anybody willing that he met on dating sites.

    For heavens sake, he had to kill the kuffars to get back in god’s good graces…. just like the Paris Bacalvan butchers ( LITERALLY butchers), the Brussel bombers and the Orlando Afghan import.

    Now, I know just how to catch the NEXT lone wolfie BEFORE he goes into FULL KILL MODE. Just check all the gay dating sites for others from the religion of pieces forming attachments to OTHER bi-sexual men and put a watch on him. The minute he appears to get “RELIGIOUS” … put a real tail on him, tap is phone and get into his computer.

    We could solve many unemployment problems with the numbers that will be needed to catch our prey.

    NAB him as soon as goes weapon hunting/buying.

    • Yes, it emerged recently that the Bataclan Jihadis also mutilated some victims [redacted for our homeschoolers. No gore please.]

      Note that Dhaka bakery killers also inflicted torture [redacted] upon their Kafir victims. This is part of the Sunnah of Mohammed—to torture, [redacted], etc.
      NOTE from ADMIN: Gov doesn’t do jihad pr0n, not even the written kind.

      • To this point: one of the eye witnesses who was directly in front of the Jihadi lorry but managed to escape had this to say “he was smiling as he ploughed into people and seemed to be enjoying it.”

        Basically the Sunnah of Mohammed was in his mind—“I am behaving like my prophet, surely Allah will give me more virgins in paradise” was his thought.

        [Redacted again. No fomenting of violence]

        • OK. That’s three in a row. Please re-read the rules re comments. Your deliberate violation of the guidelines causes work for others. Clean it up before you toss it out here or we’ll simply delete.

          Kids really do read our posts and comment sections. Please refrain from gory descriptions, calls for violence, etc. There are lots of places you can say those things. GoV isn’t one of them.

          • Got it Dymphna. Have posted link to original article so anyone interested can read for themselves.

    • Well, shame on you for importing from, of all places, AFGHANISTAN! [REDACTED] Stop importing from any muslim country, but places like Pakistan/Afghanistan perhaps worst of all.

      And looks like your future President Hillary also wants to import more muslims. I’d be very afraid.

  5. The takeaway from recent terror attacks is there’s no predictive profile you can apply to avoid a potential terror situation. The next jihadi could be any Muslim, a ‘good’ Muslim (gov’t worker, bus driver, housewife, teenager, college student, etc) or any non-observant ‘bad’ Muslim (academic, Westernized reveler, bureaucrat, etc). A bad Muslim can be more dangerous b/c eventually he’ll want to do penance for his ‘Western’ life and in Islam penance means jihad and jihad = killing non-believers.

  6. Islam can be a dormant disease in a muslim, and the right circumstances will bring it out of that dormant state. I have seen this many times myself: so called “secular, non-religious” muslims suddenly start behaving very differently and start to follow their religion strictly. The catalyst can be something as unrelated to religion as “breaking up with girlfriend” or “lost a job” or “had an argument with someone” etc. The french police report that this man “radicalized very fast.” That is not the right way to think about this: what happened is that his dormant Islam came to the fore very fast, but it was always within him.

  7. Btw, for readers of this blog: Hinduexistence, which is one of the “purer” Hindu nationalist websites insofar as calling out Jihad for what it is, has been flying the French flag as a mark of solidarity for our French co-victims of Jihad. We are all in this together.

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