Gates of Vienna News Feed 7/16/2016

The news feed is almost non-existent tonight. Perhaps our tipsters were all trapped in Incirlik Air Base when the Turkish government cut the power.

The big stories of the day concern the aftershocks from the attempted military coup in Turkey. Thousands of soldiers and judges have been rounded up and arrested. At least one soldier was allegedly beheaded by a pro-Erdogan mob on the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul. Turkish authorities cut power to the Incirlik Air Base used by NATO forces and refused to allow any flights in or out. The German defense minister was reportedly denied entry to the base.

In other news, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that Mohamed Salmene Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the perpetrator of Thursday’s truck-jihad massacre in Nice, appears to have been radicalized rapidly, thereby escaping the notice of the security services.

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» Deputies Asked to Leave Restaurant? Language Barrier Caused Misunderstanding According to Owner
Europe and the EU
» Attacker Was ‘Radicalized Rapidly, ‘ French Interior Minister Says
» French Security Chief Warned the Country Was on ‘Brink of Civil War’
» Turin Pensioner Loses Leg to Save Grandkids in Nice
» UK: Quilliam Foundation Chief Says Atrocity ‘Something to Do With Islam’
Middle East
» Turkey: Mass Arrests After Coup Bid Quashed, Says PM
» Turkish Soldier ‘Beheaded by Pro-Government Mob on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge’ After Failed Coup Attempt
» U.S. Planes Grounded at Key Turkish Air Base in Fight Against ISIS After Coup Attempt
South Asia
» Who is Qandeel Baloch? Pakistani Model Becomes Latest Victim of ‘Honor Killing’ In the Country

Deputies Asked to Leave Restaurant? Language Barrier Caused Misunderstanding According to Owner

On Thursday, Skagit County sheriff’s deputies in Sedro-Woolley, Wash. say the owner of a local teriyaki restaurant asked them not to come back as they paid for their lunch. In a lengthy Facebook post about the incident, Sheriff Will Reichardt wrote:

As 2 deputies went up to pay they were informed by the owner that he requested they not eat there anymore. They were told that other customers didn’t like law enforcement there. My chief deputy spoke to the owner to confirm this because he simply could not believe what he was hearing. The owner not only repeated the request but asked that we spread the word to other law enforcement that they were no longer welcome either.

The post has over 30,000 shares and the restaurant in question, Lucky Teriyaki, has faced backlash that includes enough one-star reviews on Yelp that the page has been temporarily shut down for “clean-up.” Through an interpreter, the owner of the restaurant told Seattle’s KOMO News they’ve even received death threats.

The owner, identified as “Mr. Li,” began sobbing on camera with Seattle’s KIRO 7 News as he tried to explain that the whole situation was a misunderstanding due to the language barrier between him and the deputies. Li and his family are from China. Through the station’s Natasha Chen, who speaks fluent Mandarin, Li said, “there was a huge language barrier in talking to the deputies” and “the restaurant was NOT trying to ban law enforcement.”

According to KOMO, the misunderstanding began when an employee of Lucky Teriyaki noticed customers at another table had spilled soup and water and was concerned that those customers might be upset by the presence of the deputies nearby. The employee then “asked the deputies if they were about to leave.”…

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Attacker Was ‘Radicalized Rapidly, ‘ French Interior Minister Says

(CNN) The man who used a 20-ton truck to plow down hundreds of people in Nice this week, killing 84, somehow became radicalized very quickly and hadn’t even yet shown up on any anti-terrorist intelligence radar, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Saturday.

“It seems that the attacker got radicalized very rapidly,” Cazeneuve said of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31.

The minister said Bouhlel had not been known to the intelligence services previously, and he noted that authorities now face a new scenario with individuals who are becoming very sensitive to the messages of ISIS.

Earlier Saturday, a statement from ISIS’ media group, Amaq Agency, said that an ISIS “soldier” carried out the attack in Nice.

People left flowers, candles and other tributes in Nice, France, on Saturday in memory of those killed in Thursday’s terror attack in the coastal city.

The statement, which was posted by ISIS supporters, said a security source told the agency that “the person who carried out the run over in Nice, France, is one of the Islamic State soldiers and carried out the operation in response to calls to target nationals of the coalition which is fighting the Islamic State.”…

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French Security Chief Warned the Country Was on ‘Brink of Civil War’

JUST months before an apparent attack in Nice, France’s most senior security chief delivered a chilling warning.

Patrick Calvar, head of the General Directorate for Internal Security, reportedly told a closed parliamentary commission in May that just one more major Islamist terror attack could lead to a right-wing backlash, and a confrontation between the extreme right and Muslims in France.

“We are on the brink of a civil war,” Mr Calvar reportedly said, according to French newspaperLe Figaro, noting that the clash could present a bigger threat than the terrorism itself.

Anti-Muslim sentiment appears to be on the rise in France and other areas of Europe where there has been an influx of refugees from Syria and a number of terrorist attacks linked to Islamic State.

“Europe is in great danger, extremism is growing everywhere,” Mr Calvar said.

“I think this confrontation is going to happen. One or two more attacks and it will take place. It is up to us to anticipate and stop all those groups who would trigger clashes.”…

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Turin Pensioner Loses Leg to Save Grandkids in Nice

Gaetano Moscato’s left leg amputated

(ANSA) — Turin, July 15 — A 71-year-old pensioner from the town of Chiaverano, near Turin, had his left leg amputated after he came to the rescue of his two grandchildren, aged 13 and 18, during yesterday’s terror attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice.

Gaetano Moscato, who used to work for Olivetti, is reportedly being treated at a hospital in Nice.

The gun-toting attacker, identified as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, 31, plowed a truck into crowds celebrating Bastille Day along the seafront promenade, killing at least 84 people including 10 children and teens.

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UK: Quilliam Foundation Chief Says Atrocity ‘Something to Do With Islam’

Quilliam Foundation chief Maajid Nawaz asked apologists for Islamist terrorism to “please stop denying the nature of jihadism”, saying that doing so is “only making the problem worse”.

And he insisted people pointing to gunman Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel’s lack of piety are missing the point, urging them to instead to “aid us beleaguered reformist Muslims who are attempting to address this crisis within Islam against all the odds”…

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Turkey: Mass Arrests After Coup Bid Quashed, Says PM

Some 2,839 soldiers, including high-ranking officers, have been arrested over an attempted coup that is now over, says Turkey’s PM Binali Yildirim.

In a night he called a “black stain on Turkish democracy”, he said 161 people had been killed and 1,440 wounded.

Explosions and gunfire were heard in Ankara, Istanbul and elsewhere overnight and thousands of Turks heeded President Erdogan’s call to rise up against the coup-plotters.

Some 2,745 judges have also been dismissed in the wake of the coup, state media say.

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Turkish Soldier ‘Beheaded by Pro-Government Mob on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge’ After Failed Coup Attempt

A Turkish soldier has reportedly been beheaded on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge by a pro-government mob.

Graphic video footage and images online show the soldier lying on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood.

He can be seen with horrific injuries after the attack.

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U.S. Planes Grounded at Key Turkish Air Base in Fight Against ISIS After Coup Attempt

The U.S. military on Saturday was working with officials in Turkey to get a key air base operational in the fight against the Islamic State.

Security was boosted to its highest level at bases across Turkey during Friday’s coup attempt against the Turkish government, a measure typically reserved for when there is an ongoing terrorist attack.

A U.S. defense official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss ongoing operations, said Saturday that force protection was elevated Friday night to level Delta. That typically signifies a terrorist attack has occurred or that one is considered imminent nearby.

Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook said Saturday that the Turkish government’s decision to close its airspace to military aircraft resulted in the halting of air operations at Incirlik Air Base, in the southern part of the country near Syria.

“U.S. officials are working with the Turks to resume air operations there as soon as possible,” Cook said. “In the meantime, U.S. Central Command is adjusting flight operations in the counter-ISIL campaign to minimize any effects on the campaign. U.S. facilities at Incirlik are operating on internal power sources and a loss of commercial power to the base has not affected base operations.”…

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Who is Qandeel Baloch? Pakistani Model Becomes Latest Victim of ‘Honor Killing’ In the Country

A Pakistani model, who was known for her provocative appearances on social media, was allegedly killed by her brother, who had been forcing her to quit modeling and stop posting photos and videos on Facebook.

Police said Saturday that 26-year-old Qandeel Baloch was “strangled to death” at her residence in Multan, a city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, on Friday night in what is suspected to be an “honor killing.” According to police, her brother fled after killing Baloch, whose real name is Fauzia Azeem.

“Her father Azeem informed the police that his son Waseem has strangled Qandeel,” a police spokeswoman told Reuters . “Apparently, it is honor killing but further investigations would reveal the real motives behind this murder.”

Baloch, who was worried about her safety and wanted to leave Pakistan, had reportedly travelled with her family from the city of Karachi to Muzzafarabad village in central Punjab province for the recent Eid holiday…

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  1. Radicalized rapidly. What a BS. Yes please continue to preach about the religion of pieces. Baah I am a good sheep baaaah. After all someone still believes in this, maybe deserves to be eliminated from the bloodlines.

  2. “The man who used a 20-ton truck to plow down hundreds of people in Nice this week, killing 84, somehow became radicalized very quickly ”

    In other words, he wasn’t ‘radicalized’ at all, he was ‘au naturelle’ but that does not fit the ‘religion of peace’ discourse does it?

    The lie always gets more and more difficult to support and defend….

    • As feed these savages in costumes they will keep taking it to another level. It is obvious even to our radicalized puppy that will be vaporized very quickly. Soon there will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. What then? Oh we already have a deal in place. Can’t speak for the indigenous population though.


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  4. One report on the debka file claimed that the windshield had a bulletproof screen over it,looking at the number of bullet strikes this is plausible as he did not appear to have been wounded before he left the cab.

    This means that normal firearms carried by the gendarmerie would be almost useless against vehicles adapted like this. Only heavy calibre rites or anti missiles would be effective .

  5. Going after ISIS in Syria and Iraq sounds to me like a total waste of resources. ISIS main assets are already located in the West. No ISIS attacks in Japan right? Because no Muslim can enter Japan. As for the Islamic State, Turkey is the main Islamic State, and it is high time the US quits Turkey and the military inverstment in Turkey and lets Erdogan stew in his own juice with the Russians, the Syrians, and especially the Kurds without the NATO (that is the US giant and the European pygmies) protecting him. If the US needs assets nearby they can lease a base in Jordan or Israel.

    • They need to go after Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi and encircle him and his wfe and the top leadership and slowly tighten the noose. This could cause expatriates and Isis emigrants and diaspora to rush home to try to save him.

      • . . . and create another martyr or two? These rats are fungible. Killing one will not change the words in a book of hate speech written 1400 years ago . . . and that freely circulates while the neo-Stasi is clamping down on mere opinion. The campaign begins in your own ice cream bowl. You will have to remove the excrement – that your leaders so enthusiastically mixed into the ice cream – molecule by molecule . . . else your children will not be eating ice cream ever again. They will become the other stuff.

    • The German defense minister was reportedly denied entry to the base.

      Who would have guessed that German minister would be there as if Turks were his brother in arms. It is easier for any western politicians to get along with Turks than getting along with e.g. the British. Why? because there is no resistance on the part of the west to meet any whimsical desire of the Turks, and muslims in general.


      “If the US needs assets nearby they can lease a base in Jordan or

      A very good observation and analysis of the area? But do others , even think tanks, know why? Because both countries have had rational governments for decades. And because both countries are rational, they are both vulnerable. Jordan is always pressured by other Arab /muslim countries to attack Israel.

      Oh, How many times has German defense minister visited Israel? Western cowards avoid visiting Israel, Serbia, Greece and Armenia, all the time to avoid offending muslims/ Turks.
      USA sent their dirt ( gitmo inmates) to Serbia. That’s ok.

      Talk about “quick radicalization”, nothing to do with islam, no accomplices, no outside connection. . . etc.

      But don’t talk about the real issue and problem? Why do we need muslims here to take over?

      • as a matter of fact, it was a deputy representative of the defense commitee who was denied access.This was an intercultural misunderstanding, because turcs do not aknowledge elected persons.

  6. ‘Radicalization’ could be quick, a Muslim picks up Koran reads a little, sees repeated calls to kill unbelievers, puts plan into action to do that. How long would that take?

  7. Attacks against French police stations
    On and around Bastille Day

    In between CBQs, there have been several attacks on the police all over the French country.

  8. I imagine a lot if not all the “other ranks” conscripts had no clue that they were taking part in a coup. Very sad. The entire operation has brought out the Muslim deep love for decapitating. I also imagine not a few Muslims in the west are planning some prime time advantage taking over the flower power boyz and girlz and their lefty politizions. The French must be approaching exhaustion point unless they have a no-Muslims-need-apply general call to report for military service. Dream on.

    • The French have an unlimited capacity for avoiding reality. They will starve the FN at the ballot box next year and settle down to watch their cowardly leaders and prosecutors on steroids persecute their patriots.

      “The Wizard of Oz” is a gritty documentary about life on earth compared to what you can see in France in the media and hear from French politicians every day.

  9. [redacted] Hatred must lose but without the western Socialists and these Islamic losers the world would be beautiful. So sorry the Socialists welcome the hatred to hide behind for the failed policies of their religion of Ego. May God Bless.

  10. ** extremism is growing everywhere **

    Ultra-leftist extremism working to destroy European civilization has been in charge for 75 years in Europe. The “extremism” of which the cretinous Calvar speaks is just the normal urge to protect one’s own on the part of native, non-immigrant, white Europeans that is finally stirring in their hearts.

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