Nashville Jewish Leftists Partner with BDS Proponents Against Islamophobia

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #197 — Nashville Jewish Leftists Partner with BDS Proponents Against Islamophobia

“Islamophobia” was invented by the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT), a Muslim Brotherhood front organization. The term as confirmed by former insider Abdur-Rahman Muhammad is specifically intended to suppress any criticism of Islam and Muslims — even those that commit violent jihad.

The IIIT was part of a five-year terrorism financing investigation for its questionable ties to terrorist groups and for being the largest monetary donor to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist group. The IIIT’s deceit of Islamophobia erodes our First Amendment speech rights and facilitates violent jihad.

The neighbor of the San Bernadino jihadis who saw suspicious activity didn’t report it, fearing she would be called a racist.

Jewish leftists in Nashville believe they are the David to the Goliath of Islamophobia

In December 2015, shortly after the November Paris jihad, Rabbi Mark Schiftan, Nashville Jewish community’s leading Muslim apologist, rushed to join Nashville’s ultra-progressive leftists Mayor Megan Barry in a public show of solidarity against Islamophobia and the phantom hate crimes it allegedly inspires. Schiftan was joined by other Nashville rabbis including Shana Mackler, Joshua Kullock and Joshua Barton.

The real joke is on Schiftan, the other rabbis and the Jewish social justice warriors that followed him, because the Muslim Brotherhood creators of Islamophobia also promote BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) against Israel. Does the senior rabbi of The Temple in Nashville even care that the goal of BDS is to end Israel as Jewish state? Does he understand that the anti-Israelism of BDS is the 20th century’s new anti-Semitism?

Omar Barghouti, co-founder of the Palestine Boycott National Committee says that the Palestinian right of return, a demand made by BDS promoters, would mean “you’d have a Palestine next to a Palestine.” It would end Israel as a Jewish state.

Hatem Bazian, founder and chairman of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), has formally joined with named Muslim Brotherhood organizations to form the U.S. Council on Muslim Organizations (USCMO).

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), describes AMP as “anti-Semitism under the guise of educating Americans about the just cause of Palestine and the rights of self-determination.”

AMP’s first conference in 2006 featured several former Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP) leaders including Osama Abu Irshaid (IAP board member and now AMP and USCMO board member) who speaking at an SJP event, told his audience that he considers firing rockets from Gaza into Israel “legitimate resistance.” IAP served as a U.S. based propaganda outlet for HAMAS. Nihad Awad and Omar Awad, both former IAP officials, started CAIR. Nihad Awad, who publicly voiced his support for HAMAS, is a founding member of USCMO.

AMP helps train and support Student for Justice in Palestine activists to bring the BDS message to college campuses. SJP’s 2002 national convention was sponsored by the Islamic Association for Palestine (IAP), with the guest speaker Sami al-Arian. AMP’s collaboration with Sami al-Arian, the head of the Palestine Islamic Jihad brings a certain irony to the issue of Islamophobia.

The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) has also joined forces with the USCMO and individual USCMO organizations including AMP. In fact, ISNA has actively promoted AMP and its BDS agenda. ISNA’s Secretary General has been a repeat speaker at AMP conferences and AMP founder Hatem Bazian has spoken at ISNA conferences, since ISNA has its own long history of Jew hatred and ISNA leaders’ support for BDS campaigns.

Does Schiftan realize he is surrounded?

Samar Ali, a Metro Nashville Human Rights Commissioner also attended the December Muslim solidarity event. Samar’s father, Subhi Ali, has served as the Chairman of the Jerusalem Fund (JF) since 2005. The founder of the Jerusalem Fund, Hisham Sharabi, endorsed the anti-Israel rhetoric and actions of pro-Palestinian groups like the Muslim Brotherhood HAMAS.

In keeping with the JF’s anti-Israel advocacy, its director from 2009-2015, Yousef Munayyer openly advocated for BDS. Munayyer left the JF to become the Executive Director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation another organization listed among the Anti-Defamation League’s Top 10 Anti-Israel Groups in America.

On September 14, 2015, the Jerusalem Fund’s new Director, Zeina Azzam, hosted the program titled “Building the BDS Movement for Justice in Palestine.”

Schiftan’s Temple past president Bernard Werthan is also a board member of Daoud Abudiab’s Faith and Culture Center (FCC). Abudiab tries hard to portray himself as an interfaither with the singular agenda of creating a positive impression of Muslims through his “Our Muslim Neighbor” a project of Religions for Peace USA, an organization itself tied to Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Coming out of the closet in his own way, Abudiab joined the Muslim Brotherhood organizations at the USCMO conference in Washington.

Maybe Abudiab senses that jihad apologists like Schiftan agree that Israel has wronged the Palestinians and can understand why an intifada, a Palestinian uprising (like the Palestinian suicide bombers who massacred innocent Israelis in the Sbarro pizza restaurant), is justified. Regardless, Abudiab is now showing his anti-Israelism:

Islamist Jew-haters like Hisham Sharabi, founder of the Jerusalem Fund and supporter of “radical Palestinian terror groups” understood how gullible American leftist progressives are. He predicted that the intifada followed by a BDS campaign would be supported by “progressive Jewish forces in Israel and the United States…[any group] enlisted in the ‘progressive’ cause of the Palestinian Arabs — why not, anyone ‘progressive’ enough to embrace Hamas…is someone useful to Israel’s enemies.”

8 thoughts on “Nashville Jewish Leftists Partner with BDS Proponents Against Islamophobia

  1. “Does the senior rabbi of The Temple in Nashville [and the other Jewish rabbis involved, Shana Mackler, Joshua Kullock and Joshua Barton] even care that the goal of BDS is to end Israel as Jewish state? Does he understand that the anti-Israelism of BDS is the 20th century’s new anti-Semitism?”

    The “self-hating Jew” seems to be a subset of the broader “self-hating Westerner”. Other subsets include the “self-hating Catholic”, “self-hating Christian [or various Protestant stripes]”, “self-hating white”, and then a breakdown by country (“self-hating American, self-hating Brit, self-hating Frenchman” etc.). Self-hatred has become cultural throughout the West, with many diverse flavors; and it has become practically an industry, with thousands of books written over the decades by various scholars and pundits and social analysts of various degrees of qualification (and lack thereof), high school and college curricula delving into the “shameful chapters” of our own history (while neglecting the far worse records of Islamic and other non-Western cultures) — not to mention thousands of movies, television shows and series (remember Roots?), and pop songs — in navel-gazing fascination at our own warts & ugliness, indulging a self-recriminating ethical narcissism to fabulously grotesque proportions.

    While the West has evolved this strangely diverse, grotesquely many-splendored self-hatred, our Mohammedan enemy cultivates the mirror-image opposite: a sociopathic incapability of self-criticism joined at the hip with a diverse hatred of the Other.

  2. I mentioned the “self-hating Brit” — that would be all the (non-Muslim) Brits who voted for the Muslim mayor, and who voted against Brexit. And they remain dismaying numerous (as they do in every Western nation).

  3. Traitors and renegades have always been around and they always will.

    For some perverse reason, the 30 pieces of silver have never lost their sinister luster to the Judas of any age.

    How much havoc will they cause before their predictable demise?
    History will tell.

  4. Well, at least Brexit won! The muslims can go home now perhaps.

    Anyone who hates themselves for no good reason (ie, robbery, murder, rape) needs some counselling I think.

    Why should we have to give up our ideas to appease people who do not understand western culture and do not appreciate it when they might or do see it. Who needs this horse-manure? Really. I ask you.

  5. Unfortunately, the Nashville Jews and rabbis are not unique among the Jewish useful idiots who promote “understanding” of Muslims. You can always visit the site of the Union for Reform Judaism, perhaps the largest Jewish organization in the US, for a shot of invective against “Islamophobia” and a plea for tolerance of Muslims.

    Rabbi Alan Cook (Sinai Temple, Champaign, IL)
    Let us not succumb to Islamophobia.
    Let us not succumb to xenophobia.
    Let us not succumb to homophobia.
    Let us not be mired in hatred and mistrust and fear.
    Let us embrace one another in love and fellowship.

    In fairness, I have to admit the Union seems to fight against direct expressions of BDS, although it has no idea who its enemies are. The head of the Union for Reform Judaism actually addressed the convention of the Islamic Society of North America in 2007, claiming the ISNA was “moderate” in opposing violence against Israel.

    By the way, the Union for Reform Judaism seems to have purged all mention of Rabbi Yoffies address to the ISNA 2007 convention from its website.

    As Stephen Coughlin shows in his book, Catastrophic Failure, the interfaith movement is an attempt to sandpaper over the real difference between religions. The interfaith philosophy specifically mandates that the participants emphasize the similarities between the religions, and downplay the differences. In light of the intransigence of Muslims to any changes in Islam, interfaith activity with Islam in effect means to give in to Muslim demands.

    Different religions have no business whatsoever in engaging in interfaith activities. Religions are different. It makes no sense to try to resolve canonical differences based on faith. Getting together with Muslims on co-existing is fine, but on a non-religious basis.

    Back to the point, US Reform and Conservative Jews are heading towards suicide, the same as French Jews, who are now having to immigrate because of harassment and threats by Muslim immigrants.

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