Inner Immigration

The following essay about the political and social crisis in Germany was written by a native German woman who has reached the point of despair.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this piece from Politically Incorrect:

Inner Immigration

(Résumé of a German woman)

I am almost 50 years old. I have a University degree, and was — out of a love for nature — always a trusted voter for the Green Party. I never felt much interest in politics. In Germany everything seemed to always go its natural regular course. I had trusted our parliamentary democracy. I thought our administration would hardly make mistakes, because it is controlled by the opposition. Never, absolutely never did I think that I would lose all my trust in the State. It’s unbearable that I am afraid for the future. Preferably I’d just like to leave. But I feel too old to leave Europe.

What country would even take me anymore? I am not a shameless African who just takes a seat in a refugee boat. I would properly apply to the respective immigration authority. But my chances are close to zero. I am — like most Europeans — damned to impotence as I see this invasion happen.

When, about ten years ago, a friend of mine immigrated to Australia, I felt sorry for her. How could one leave our beautiful Europe? A continent with such wonderful nature and culture. I would’ve never even thought of this. Today I know: She did the right thing.

I am becoming depressive in Europe. Our defenselessness shocks me. Our politicians’ failure to act drowns my mind in a fog of powerlessness. I have not read any of Sarrazin’s books*, so as not to upset myself even more. Everything I read in just our daily newspapers, is enough for me already.

The Euro is a complete nightmare. Illegal immigration is a complete nightmare. But the single greatest outrage is the political correctness with which we are disabled from criticizing these immense breaches of law. We, that is, we adults and mature citizens, who are in this way disenfranchised. When I went to school, I was taught critical thinking. What good is that to me now?

Meanwhile I hate the Green Party. They are asinine and dopey, and they are shameless. Just like the SPD and the CDU. They expect that we will get up at 6 AM in the morning and encourage our children to succeed, just so that they will wear themselves out like us in order to be able to keep on financing this daily madness. And soon until we’re 73 years old [translator’s note: Germany is going to raise the retirement age to 73!]. But a State that provides no more stability can no longer expect its citizens to function at full capacity. With each pothole I drive through, with each African that I see loitering around, my motivation tanks further.

What does our politics still have to offer to us? Legalization of hemp — probably so that we can withstand daily life in this insane country! Other than that there is nothing innovative in the program. I have looked at it all. Because I am looking for a new party that I can vote for.

I want the Deutsche Mark back and the outer borders of the EU to be protected. I do not want to see any more pictures like these. I don’t want more than that. Is that too much to ask for?

I do not have much power. But there are a few things that are within my might:

1.   I will dedicate my time to looking over my income tax very in depth, and I will not give away another cent of my money to this robber government.
2.   I am seriously thinking of leaving my church, because the church is not fulfilling its mission duty. With this action, I can save another €1,000.
3.   I will do nothing that stimulates consumption. Only buy the very necessary things. The finance minister will in the future collect only the absolutely unavoidable consumption taxes.
4.   I will not leave any money in bank accounts; instead I will invest it in foreign currency and gold, and keep it stored in my house.
5.   I will only vacation in non-EU countries.
6.   In the coming year I will twice devote six weeks of my free time to the AfD and handing out flyers. When I read the preamble of the AfD program, I had to cry because it was so beautiful. I will share this program wherever my feet will take me.

Inner Immigration — I can’t say more about it. Maybe add prayer. But lastly, I haven’t even gone to church anymore. The fiddling of my church with the Powers That Be does not please me. The new pope does not please me. The church does not provide me with spiritual stability anymore. On the contrary, the church scares me with its crusade against Europe.

*   Thilo Sarrazin is a German banker who caused a huge controversy back in 2010 by writing a book called Deutschland schafft sich ab or “Germany abolishes itself”. Mr. Sarrazin lamented the destruction of the German nation by Multiculturalism, and especially by Muslim immigration. For that he was denounced, vilified, labeled a “Nazi”, and eventually forced to resign from his job as a board member of the Bundesbank.

See this post and this post.

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  1. Time for people like this German voter to stop drinking the kool aid and vote for the AfD .Until the AfD has a majority government Germany will continue going down the plughole.It’s so completely obvious and yet this stupid woman can’t see it.

    • Dear American Inidels,

      Please contact your Congressional representatives and urge them to support bills HR3892 (House) & S2230 (Senate) which designate The Muslim Brotherhood as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. This could be the single most important thing you do for American security. The Muslim Brotherhood is on record as saying its “work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within”. Please share this post as much as you can ! This will directly affect your future as well as the future of your children.

      If you have any ideas on how to effectively pressure Congress to pass these bills, please feel free to share them in ” The More You Know ” Facebook group.

      We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

      • For those of us living in the EUSSR all we have is Churchill’s Article 17 of the European Convention on Human Rights to block jihad, but our courts are too terrified to invoke it.

    • Yes, she can see it! Why do you think she posted her touching awakening to the destruction of her beautiful Germany? The lady is a smart person who’s heartbroken at what’s being done to her Vaterland by traitorous scum!

    • Perhaps if you’d read to the end you would have noticed that the last resolution of the six she makes was giving up her freetime to actively work for the AfD.

  2. If Trump is elected President, try applying for immigration to the U.S. then. It’s better over here than in Europe. A few years ago I had the option of living in Europe; I’m so glad I turned it down. Sad to believe all that beauty and high culture will eventually go to the Muslims.

      • Even if Trump is genuine on his immigration stance, I believe his views would be irrelevant.

        This is because our government and society has undergone a terrifying level of infiltration and subversion during the past 20 years.

        As a result, Trump could win the White House and have his hands completely tied with regard to improving the immigration situation.

        • I think Trump will be measurably better than the current
          malaise and all this unacceptence is just personal dislike without merit. Thank goodness the majority of US voters feel differently.

        • The reason the dirt bag Left fears Trump is because he gives hope to their enemies, i.e. the normal people who love their countries and their Christian liberty, or what’s left of it. We should not think in terms of Trump fixing everything for us, but rather look at his empowerment as our empowerment and incentive to get up and get going to do whatever we can do our selves, just like this lady here. Hey, she says she used to be Green Party for crying out loud. IF a Green Partier can open her eyes, maybe there really is hope for the normal people of the world.

          • I agree with you exactly on Trump. His ascent is a sign that real change is possible. Not that he will fix things — NOBODY can fix the debt problem — but change becomes at least possible.

          • I thought the Tea Party was an even more irresistible force than Trump, that its sincerity and integrity would be undeniable, and that change would happen. I couldn’t have been more wrong. They were successfully defeated using Alinsky’s rules. To date similar attacks on Trump haven’t worked.

            There’s a core of conservatives now who know the system is broken, that it’s been irreparably corrupted by the Left. So we can’t be conned any more. Those days are over. The Alinsky con won’t work any more. Trump is riding that belief now, that Leftists and [Faux Conservatives] can’t be trusted, ever, ever.

            What’s the Left’s endgame when their tactics stop working? Retreat and counter-attack later on? No, I don’t think so. If the game definitively stops going their way the Left is more inclined to destroy the game, period.

            It’s a dismal Catch-22. If Trump wins the Left will burn the house down. If he loses, as someone said recently, a Merkel-style surge in ‘refugee’ immigration will crash on America’s shores in 2017.

    • Why would we want someone who brought this problem upon herself? No, sit and stew in your own mess. It’s people like her who created it by their laziness and resultant ignorance.

  3. She actually means “Inner Emigration”, but this is an often made mistake and was already in the original text. It means that people have disenfranchised themselves from their environment without physically moving out. A sentiment I can share whole-heartedly.

    • As someone who spent part of his life under communism I have to confirm what you say. She means inner emigration – a typical sign of life under totalitarian regime.

  4. I have lived in Europe the last 26 years and the last two years, I have really been rethinking about moving my family back to the USA. I own homes in Austria and Hungary, so am spending more time in Hungary nowadays since Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia seem to be the only Sane countries around, limiting the number of Muslims. When I first moved here, in 1990, all were excited about voting to join the EU and I kept telling them it was a bad idea, that unelected idiots would be in charge and end up sending Europe into the sewer. Well, the EU is bowing down to Islam, Merkel welcomes it with open arms, guess she spent too much time in Obama’s bed, and now the European lifestyle is being threatened by the Barbaric Pigs of Islam! Islam is the Syphilis of the Soul and their Allah is nothing more than the Biblical Satan, thus, all the Atrocities and Perversities within that sick Death Cult!

    • Hungary.

      The US is following quickly by importing the 3rd world violence and destruction of free speech.

      Hungary is your best bet.

  5. All this German lady says is very true. The betrayal by the politicians could have been expected, for anyone who understands the corrupting effect of so-called parliamentary “democracy”, but the betrayal by the churches, particularly by the Catholic Church, is disgraceful. I too am a Catholic and I too have ceased contributing to this now thoroughly compromised institution.

    • The Church of England is no better. I am considering Orthodox Christianity now.

      • Lutheran Church Missouri Synod is my choice. We are Bible-based, and realistic about Islam. My Pastor has a permit to carry so he can protect his flock.

  6. If the sentiments expressed by this German woman are shared by 10% or 15% of the population (and they could well be) the old centre left/right parties and the Greens could be facing a long cold winter out of government before long.

  7. The six points she lists as being “in her might” are truly disappointing. What a lame, passive reaction! If that’s the prevailing modus operandi for “beating back” we might put our heads on the chopping block right now.

    My reaction would be something along the lines of (this is off the top of my head):

    a.) Vote exclusively for decent EU-skeptical nationalistic parties.

    b.) Become a party member of those parties, offer material and logistical help

    c.) Grill your local and not so local politicians incessantly, also leading personalities in the media and cultural sector, the educational estblishment. This can be done by mail or by writing letters. When the head of Catholic Education in Flanders, Lieven Boeve, about one month ago revealed his plans to introduce praying rooms for muslims in Catholic schools in Flanders, I emailed him in a grammatically decent letter, in which I nevertheless told him in no uncertain terms that he was insane (“stapelkrankzinnig”). I also requested/recommended that he resign. Twice. Now, this was supposedly just one person, but if 3,000 would do it it would be another matter.

    d.) Raise awareness about the impending disaster wherever you can. Expose the lies of the multiculti goons. This can be done by blogs, Twitter, Facebook, but also by simply telling people what’s going on

    e.) Have more kids, and make them aware of our past and how our innovations have benefited the planet. Make them proud of our heritage

    f.) Network: form loose alliances with people who share your fears. Make sure you can reach each other quickly by phone or mail

    g.) Learn self-defense techniques, arm yourself. Learn how to use knives, guns, other kinds of weapons. Steel yourself for the worst outcome, a civil war.

    h.) If that happens, make sure you have already prepared a Plan B. In my particular situation that would mean having some place to go to get your offspring in a safe environment. For instance one of the Visegrad countries.

    • She’s 50 years old, so “have more kids” isn’t a realistic option.

  8. I might add something more. As the prospect of a civil war is becoming increasingly plausible, leftist and green politicians especially should be made aware that in case of civil war, they will be considered as legitimate targets. They must know that the price for collaboration will be high.

    • I 2nd that sentiment! These poop heads will receive far more venomous fury when this war goes hot! Of course they will be confused and shocked….maybe even indignant, however NONE of that will keep them from ” twisting in the wind ” as we say in the USA.

  9. I feel for you, you sound like so many of us Brits. We are drowning in immigrants, our country is creaking under the strain. Moslems are ruining our culture, and if we speak out we are branded racist.
    The EU has much to answer for, we need to break it up and return to our roots.
    I wish I could offer you some comfort or some words of advice but I can not. I can only hope and pray that we vote out of the EU, and if we do, let’s hope it will spell the end of what has become a truly evil regime.

  10. Good heavens! A church going Greenie with a university degree! She voted 20 years for these “asinine, dopey and shameless” communist revolutionaries, and now she’s wondering why the cart is in the ditch?

    Does she realise that she is part of the problem?

    • No it’s just poor her to her. That’s the kind of people who sat back and allowed this to haoppen while belittling and slandering those who resisted it.
      Ignorance, laziness, and naivety, those three solid pillars upon which all leftist power is built.

        • Count me in, well said! And STILL there are people who cannot/will not see what they are aiding and abetting.

  11. You are not wrong to feel this way. The plan is quite simple, it’s called divide and conquer. Bring in enough voters that will vote a certain way 100% of the time because the socialists offer the most goodies. Spit the rest of the native German vote in half, because emotional arguments have more appeal to some people rather than logical arguments, and you will take every election for the left. The logical thinking native Germans can cry all they want, because they are now powerless, and the socialist police state can now exist due to all the chaos created to firmly put them in place. The problem with the Greens and others thinking is that there is nothing stopping the “new Germans” to take power for themselves when they are the majority and drive out the native Germans, including all the Socialists, which is exactly what will happen (pay attention to South Africa and Rhodesia if you don’t believe me). Trust me, in a lot of ways it is far worse in the U.S., they just use different populations to accomplish this. White European descendants in the U.S. will actually be the minority in a few years. Obamas being elected twice confirms that political control is already in place for the U.S. to support socialism, along with control of the news, the educational system, and entertainment productions in Hollywood. They all spew out the same socialist message. Trumps nomination is the end result of a political fracture that has been taking place for quite some time, and the end result is that the political middle no longer exists in the U.S. We are far more divided along racial lines than ever, and watching the videos of a Trump political rally shows a political system about to descend into total chaos. There is going to be no shortage of news this summer.

    • All true. But a plan to divide and conquer suggests a group which is doing the dividing and the conquering. You make no mention of what this group might be. I´d be interested to hear who you think is behind all this.

    • dhans, If the (uninvited) whites had exhibited less arrogance in S Africa and Zimbabwe (not “Rhodesia”- what century are you in?), there would likely be a less extreme reaction now.

      Not an excuse, just an explanation. We didn’t invite the Muslims to Europe, either.

  12. A really good way for the native Germans to protest is to just quit working. When enough people stop being wage slaves and supporting the system, it will collapse under it’s own bloated corruption. If you really don’t like it, quit supporting it by working.

  13. I truly feel sorry for the German people on what Merkel and her cronies have unloaded on you.
    As a nationalist Brit I also truly hope that we vote to leave the EU on June 23rd.
    The EU is in self destruct mode!!

    • Paul it would be so ironic if it is us English Brits who save Germany from cultural Marxism. I know a German now naturalised Brit who is staunch BREXIT.

  14. What a beautiful piece. My heart goes out to her, but, here in the UK it’s getting as bad.

  15. You are not alone in you thoughts, our countries have made their way through trial and error. We are about to be swamped, the fight in each nation has been eroded by layer after layer of poloitical correctness which has made people fear speaking the truth. We are lucky we have a referendum shortly, hopefully we will leave the EU, it is not leaving our European cousins.

    • We have to leave the EUSSR in order to save our Continental cousins from Satanic cultural Marxism.

  16. it,s happening in Britain and most other eu countries,the polititians will not do anything about it because their snouts are in the trough (sorry about the pig mention,some people don,t like them).

  17. Poignant words here. More and more people need to speak out about the sad and dangerous reality we all face.

  18. The ostracisation of opponents of multiculturalism is persecution and illegal under Articles 9, 10 and 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Germany is in a critical state as is France, Sweden and the UK.

    With the coming EU Referendum, already the two camps are dividing into racial camps. Remainders are mostly non white ethnic minorities, cultural Marxists and globalists.

    Brexiteers on the other hand comprise indigenous white English, UKIPers, nationalists and SME business owner including a few well integrated minorities.

    Vote Leave are starting to win the argument and the Remainers are turning nasty. Faisal Islam was biased during his cross examination of Michael Give and kept on interrupting Mr Gove.

    I am hoping we Britons save our continental cousins by voting BREXIT. If we do, the dominos will start to fall.

  19. I’m very sorry for this lady, and for the rest of the Germans and Europeans who are victims of the fraud and currency manipulations foisted on them by politicians, bureaucrats, and bankers. Unfortunately, her passive resistance seems unlikely to affect the state, since it can generate money by decree and the church, media, and state-controlled industries are all subsidized by the government. In other words, they all fail together, and individual decisions are unlikely to make things better or worse.

    My first thought is that she explicitly join AfD since she likes their platform so much. I realize that might raise the prospect of retribution, but she actually might be better off. Being able to point to real persecution by the authorities might either raise her chances of being accepted by another country, or motivate her to jump in with both feet and take a stand publicly. I realize the dangers of prescribing for someone else, but I think she should at least consider it.

    • I feel so sorry his poor lady. I hope that the UK population vote for BREXIT but I fear the majority vote for remain is almost a forgone certainty.
      The main pillars of British society, The Church, the Government, the Trade Unions, big business and especially the media (in particular the BBC aka British Biased Caliphate) have all formed an unholy alliance to ensure that this is the case.
      Our useless Home Secretary Theresa May has been totally absent from the immigration debate and David Cameron’s promises to reduce the massive influx of largely unskilled third world and Eastern European labour has magically become aspirational. In plain English he is a LIAR who continually tells “porkies” when ever he opens his chops!
      We are a Nation with a Great History, Drake, Nelson, Wellington, Churchill, to name but a few of our heroes and yet
      We are told we cannot survive without being in the EU!
      Unfortunately people would seem more galvanised at the rescheduling of Strictly Ballroom, X Factor or BGT programmes than the future of our nation and the future of our children and grand children.
      I will vote in hope for BREXIT if only to support Nigel Farage who is the only sane voice in the current debate in my opinion.
      The Channel cannot replicate the Mediterranean debacle under any circumstances, any rescued illegal migrants must be immediately and very publicly returned to France.
      The emotional blackmail has to stop, if you undertake an illegal and perilous sea crossing you need to be dissuaded from the self entitled expectation that you will be automatically rescued and ferried to the destination of your choosing. If you choose to undertake an ILLEGAL act, however desperate, having crossed numerous safe countries borders, you must be responsible for your own actions and accept that there are consequences. We have too many homeless service personnel on our streets, to many jobless British men committing suicide and to many families unable to pay their amenities bills and reliant on food banks to feed themselves. Enough is enough, we are a small island, overcrowded and burdened with years of austerity measures to come and we cannot save the rest of the world. Perhaps Saudi Arabia, Iran and Qatar could lend a hand instead.

  20. Tragic, truly tragic, unfortunately Germany, because of the haunting nightmare memory of Hitler, went to the other extreme and elected an Ex-Communist as Chancellor. Frau Merkel will completely destroy Germany, probably Europe with it. True Germans MUST get her and her ilk out of office, anyway they can, otherwise, auf wiedesehen.

  21. You are so right it’s the same in England as a nation of white people we are finished

  22. Supported the Greens? Never interested in politics? Although I kinda feel for her, there are consequences for stupidity and ignorance.
    These people sat back for years and years watching and nodding while the Left consolidated it’s hold on just about everything. Now they’re surprised that the people they ignorantly denigrated and shunned for years and years were right?
    Shaking my effin head which is ready to explode!

    • And she’d been to university, she has a degree, wowee!! Just shows how smart many ‘educated university grads’ are!

      All over the western world leftists are branding conservatives as ‘uneducated and stupid’, when the opposite appears to be true; left leaning idiots are completely unable to discern when they are being royally scammed.

    • I’m thinking you should cut her a break. Keep in mind that the Europeans are victims of the systematic conspiracy to make government not only unresponsive, but completely hidden. They not only go against the will of the people, but they are so hidden by design that the people have no idea what’s going on. This is an Orwellian dictatorship of the highest degree.

      The British have a chance to derail the train by voting to leave the EU.

      But, the margins are very close according to the polls. If the British vote to remain in, it will likely be the bloc votes of the large alien, immigrant populations brought in on the sly by the Blair and Cameron administrations. So, can you blame the traditional English? It really does take years of study and a keen insight to see the subterfuge perpetrated by supposedly English governments.

      • If Brexit loses, fraud will also be a factor. The manipulation of the postal vote in Britain has become blatant.

      • I think you might need to read up on the Greens and get to understand just how EVIL and destructive those people are. I don’t want to be combative, but voting for those fiends for years till the problems others have been enduring for years finally hits you in the face elicits no sympathy from me.
        This queen never gave a hoot till HER toes were stepped on.

  23. So sorry for you but politicians live in the best part of your country and not with the people who have to put up with the invasion

  24. Very sad for Germany one of my ancestral lands. My real last name is German since my father was half German American. I had dreams of visiting Germany but now I am afraid to go, can’t bring my gun. I think the globalist control our own government in America and they have an agenda contrary to our freedoms and Constitutional rights. The Trans Pacific and Atlantic Treaties are a threat to our sovereignty and liberty, but yet most of the GOP voted for it. This push for global governance will open the floodgates of mass migration into America. I have sent letters to my representatives about Muslim immigration but it either falls on deaf ears or they are powerless. Most Americans seem either ignorant or are too busy to care. We are not too far away from the situation in Germany, but at least, for now, we have gun rights. I cannot recall the source but I read about a family in Georgia working in their garage when a woman dressed in a burqa came out of the woods and grabbed their American flag and promptly attacked them. The son grabbed the family gun and the Muslima was soon arrested. With Obama bringing in a flood of Muslim immigrants I can see these types of cultural conflicts getting worse. We need to learn from Germany but the elite have their own agenda. I am glad for Infowars.

  25. I am a military veteran, over age 50 American who also fears for her country, Europe, and the entire Western world! Ninety-three million Americans are currently unemployed. We too are suffering from divide & conquer strategies put in place by leftist, Marxist billionnaires such as George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and other members of the Bilderberg club.

    Japan is one of few countries with low immigration quotas driven by a requirement to first speak fluent Japanese BEFORE being allowed immigration & citizenship.

    Native Germans have shown the strongest resistance by burning down over 200 rapefugee, economic migrant centers in the past year. Some of my ancestors migrated from Germany and served in every war since the American Revolution. Germany will not die without a fight. Not sure about France, Sweden, UK.

    Many of my fellow vets are stockpiling ammo & weapons for the impedending civil wars and suburbia invasion by poor, disgruntled families with Obama housing vouchers. Federal taxpayer dollars will be spent to allow minorities (i.e. Black children, Migrants) to live in suburban communities with better schools, libraries, community centers even though their parent(s) are unable to financially afford the monthly rents without goveenment support. Sound familiar? It’s leftist, social justice, birthplace is not destiny crap! Spending “wage slave” payroll & income taxes to fund the “Have Nots” is happening to us all. Evwrywhere. No escaping it in the West!

    Teach your children self-defense techniques, weapon proficiency, safety in numbers, and economic resistance. Socialize with like-minded individuals and hold your own worship, spiritual prayer practice in private homes. Learn to garden, can food, prep for pending disasters such as electronic grid failure, civil unrest, etc. If you are living in sunbelt states, get solar panels for your homes. Solar City is offering free panels, installation to qualified home owners. I’m getting 9 free ones next month. Install wind turbines in windy locations. Share your knowledge with friends & family. Prepare yourselves today!

    • Native Germans have not burned down 200 migrant shelters. The actual cases amount to less than a handful. The rest was done by the migrants themselves, some in violent rage and some by sheer stupidity. It’s media spin trying to blame it on Natives. Don’t believe a word you hear. And don’t count on a turnaround to fighting spirit. There is a chance it might happen, but nobody dares put a number on it.

  26. If Islam were to take over Europe, I assume what will happen to the lefties will be the same as happened in Iran after they helped overthrow the Shah.

    • You underestimate just how wicked and unprincipled these people are. They will blend right in seamlessly. Their [posteriors] will be in the air in a heartbeat the moment their skins are at risk.
      The ‘Leftists’ who resisted the clerics in Iran actually had some morals. I think you didn’t mean it, but it is actually an insult to the decent people and their memory who stood for what’s right when they are compared in any way to these despicable cowards turning over their countrymen to murderous, fiendish, pedophile worshipers.

  27. I was in West Germany in the mid ’80’s, as a US Air Force serviceman. It is a time I look back on with fondness, and wonder. At that time, Nena had a hit song called 99 Luftballons; In most of the English world it was known as 99 Red Balloons – which, in English, had nothing to do with the Cold War. Frankly, I had no idea what it was about.
    I do not speak, read, or understand the German language, so I did not understand the meaning of the song when I started hearing it in West Germany in it’s original language. I just thought it was the 99 Red Balloon song I had been exposed to with the words translated into German.
    I did not find out that I didn’t understand the song until just 3 months ago (March 2016)
    What I have learned in the last 3 months, I am still contemplating, BUT;
    Nena released Wunder gescheh’n (Miracles Happen) in 1989, DAYS before the fall of the WALL, which had nothing to do with the WALL, and she performed it live as the last act, AT the falling of the wall concert (Konzert fur Berlin), which makes me think there is something in the words she wrote, and sang, which there is likely not a single former West German who doesn’t understand; but East Germans, and the rest of the world, cannot contemplate. I play this song over and over, trying to understand the meaning when the crowd sings it. Even in the 2010 performance, did they know what the song was about? Is this where Germany/the world is heading? The chorus from the song.

    Miracles happen
    I’ve seen it
    There is so much that we don’t understand
    Miracles happen
    I’ve been there to see it
    We can’t just believe what we see

    I guess my questions are:
    How many Germans don’t understand what is happening in the world around them, and only wish a miracle will happen to make everything right again?
    How many Germans today feel similarly to this German woman?
    Is there a future for Germany in removing/diluting the German way of life/thinking/living with other than German ideals/faiths/races?
    I’m not one to support the Final Solution of Adolph Hitler but seriously, how much better off is the world going to be when all peoples are Brown, than it is with a defined race of White?

  28. This woman’s response, and the various facts she decides to share, along with her tepid responses to the absolute death, rape, and enslavement of her nation, her race and kin, are so very German.

    She felt the need, as most Germans do, to pimp her ‘university degree’ as proof of her official smartness. So German. She’s so wrapped up in her materialistic Moloch worship that she can’t bear to go full-on tax revolt and risk her material goods. Girl’s got no more than 10 decent years left of energy. If she were still not so utterly afraid and dominated by fear and depression, she would realize that after 10 years, if nothing has changed, she might as well be dead or in jail anyway, for her nation will be quite literally overrun by Afro-islamists and her freedom will be gone anyway.

    6 weeks? Amp that one up to FULL-TIME. Handing out flyers? How ’bout getting out your contact list and putting every single [expletive] relationship you have on the line by begging them to wake up to the evils of Islam and multicultarlism and diversity fascism.

    How about contacting every woman and girl you know and opening their eyes to the truth? How about the very pretty, yet woefully un-loved and ignorant German girls who are dating, voluntarily, getting bedded by, the new Alpha Muslims who strut around your streets? How about taking ZERO risk as an older woman and approaching them and educating them about Islam and Muslims culture, before those girls find themselves trapped? How ’bout telling them how they should honor and love German men and boys who share great traditions with them, who share a common, beautiful race, language, and religion?

    I applaud her for the steps she’s taking, but there’s much more to be done. The first step is getting back to Christ, His Church, and its Sacraments. Then she’ll be fighting in more ways than one.

    • So, OutaHH…since you know so many steps that an average German should be taking, including putting her savings and freedom at risk in a tax protest…by all means, let us know all the steps like this that you’ve taken in your personal life, including your principled decision to stop paying taxes.

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