Has Lover-Boy Erdogan Been Jilted by His Sweetheart?

As we reported yesterday morning, the German Bundestag has voted to recognize the 1915 massacre of the Armenians by the Ottomans as a genocide, thereby incurring the ire of the Turks, and especially President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The news report below aired the day before the vote. It’s a useful reminder of all the different ways that Turkey has been a thorn in Germany’s side: Mr. Erdogan’s reaction to the obscene poem satirizing him, the Turkish demand for immediate visa-free access to the Schengen Area (without living up to the terms of the “refugee” deal), the Qaddafi-like threat to unleash millions of additional migrants on Europe, and now the new threats against Germany over the Armenian Genocide vote.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Well, the Germans have defied the Strutting Popinjay of Ankara, so what now? Will Recep Goat-Boy release the migrants, as per his threat? That’s really the only card he has to play at the moment — “Do as I demand, or I’ll dump a million more jihadis and rapists on Europe.” After he plays that one, he doesn’t have anything left in his hand.

And why the sudden change of course by Angela Merkel? Up until yesterday she was Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s sweetheart, and now she’s dumped him. Is there another tall, dark, handsome man in the picture?

Or maybe a short, balding man who used to be a KGB agent in Dresden…?

Video transcript:

00:00   On Thursday the Bundestag will vote on a resolution proposed by the Christian Democrats,
00:05   Social Democrats, and Greens about the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago.
00:11   Under its terms, the killing of 1.5 million Armenians will be classified as genocide.
00:17   Chancellor Merkel supports the resolution, too, but she will not be present.
00:22   Turkish president Erdogan warned Merkel in a phone call
00:26   that the approval of the resolution would of course damage the relations between both countries.
00:31   It is an unconcealed threat by Erdogan, which probably also relates to the refugee deal with the EU.
00:38   The deal is already in danger anyway. For taking in refugees,
00:42   Turkey was guaranteed liberalization of visas for the Schengen Area.
00:45   However, the EU Parliament refuses to even discuss this,
00:49   as long as Turkey has not reformed its anti-terror law.
00:52   And the Böhmermann affair also continues to strain relations between Germany and Turkey.
00:57   Recently the district court of Hamburg banned parts of the smear poem,
01:02   but Jan Böhmermann intends to appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court if necessary.

16 thoughts on “Has Lover-Boy Erdogan Been Jilted by His Sweetheart?

  1. The absurdity of the situation;

    German politicians are actually voting to determine whether the premeditated killing of 1.5 million members of a specific ethnic group deserves to be labeled genocide…..

  2. I do think it is important that the Turkey Germany Alliance comes to an end, it was bound to at some strage.

    I understand that the Germany Turkey friendship happened after France annexed Alsace-Lorraine from Germany after the last Islamic incursion into Europe in 1683. Germany feeling betrayed by the French clearly looked East for a friend and the rest is history. Even the UK started costing up to the Ottomans in the 19th Century firstly during the Crimean War and secondly financially assisting a failing Ottoman Empire towards the end of the century. Only a few years later we were stabbed in the back by Ottomans who sided with Germany during WWI.

    Europe’s problems go back to the 17th Century and now we get stung.

    I cannot see Merkle last much longer but goodness knows what will happen. The only friends Germany can have now is an independent UK outside of the EU. Maybe Russia too.

    • Excuse me, who stabed who? I thought Britain renegged on delivering the completed warships to Turkey at the last minute, driving the Turks into the arms of the Germans throug sheer necessaty to survive.

      • In 1913 Germany was re organising the Ottomans armed forces and that was after we bailed them out. Yes we were stabbed in the back.

    • very interesting remarks about long ago events.The role of hatred toward the French in Germany has its origins right there,when the french king supported the Turks during their conquests in the Balkans. Not to forget Napoleon! and later the crimean war,often called ” first little world war”.

  3. Umm…Baron, I’m grossed out that you find Erdogan handsome. I know you don’t believe in editing something once it’s been posted but I bet you wish you could take that back.

  4. I’m like a 12 year old, my brand of humor is like, “Heh heh, Baron said [fill in blank]”.

    That and stuff that would get edited.

  5. What is this real world thing you’ve been babbling about?

    Oh, that one.

  6. I moved to Europe, back in 1990, because I am married to a European. I was stationed in Germany, back in the late 60-70’s, met my soul mate, lived in the USA for two decades then moved to Europe, where we have been very happy until the last year or so, when the Insane Merkel opened her arms to Islam! I think the crazy woman has been in bed with Obama too long and his Islamic roots have rubbed off on her! What I can’t understand is why Europe says nothing about removing her from office! It is like an entire nation of Sheep, especially the worthless politicians. The only good politicians they call Far Rightists and Hitler’s, when the poor population forget that Hitler was a National Socialist, as far from Conservatism as one can get! I love Europe but have seriously been thinking of moving my family back to the USA, especially if Mr Trump wins the Presidency. If Hillary wins, it will be the end of the USA, so might as well stay here, same type of cowardly leftist people in charge as in the USA.

  7. In many ways this is small biccies – as we say in Australia! Merkel and Erdogan are
    simply acting as per their instructions by the open borders power-brokers (aka the meglomanic money men) to cause as much mayhem, destruction and destabilisation to a Continent with established cultures and nationalities by unleashing the hounds of hell across Europe. With, I might add, the complete approval of the European Union (what a misnomer that is!) who are also taking their orders from their masters. Everyone is in on it – it is the worst kept secret in the world. Soon we shall see the polarisation of the good and the bad – especially if Great Britain votes for “Leave”. A pox on Merkel and Erdogan and their silly charades and complicity. They will be chewed up and spat out once they lose their usefulness. Erdogan first, most likely.
    Followed by the traitor Merkel! Good riddance!

  8. and the great sultan has announced sanctions over Germany. Here are some that make me tremble of fear:
    he will stop the supply of hazelnuts, which leaves large parts of the population without decent spread for breakfast sandwichs and consequently cause malnutrition.
    … and now : irony on
    then, he will call back to his Reich all the Turks from Germany, which will cause the economy to collapse due to thousands of newly unemployed in the penitentiary system and the social- industrial complex, not to mention the ensuing lack of researchers, doctors, teachers and civil engineers.
    Then he will refuse entry to the millions of german tourists that spoil the cultural homogeneity of that sacred land and humiliate hotel staff with their arrogant ways of distributing tipps throwing small change on the floor in front of them.
    then he will have set up the tees on golf courses a hundred feet back so that no foreign golfer comes out par with the course.( there are only foreign golfers, though muslims do have an innate ability for everything,cf. Dunning-Kruger syndrom)
    and finally, he will stop the exportation of technology such as the highly appreciated TURDÜL limousines, which will force us to restrict to the purchase of such junk as BMW, Mercedes or Audi cars , should a new car be needed.And I might have to reactivate my apple pad, in lack of spare parts for the ÜPPLÜ- PÖD.

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