Cardinal Woelki: We Must See Muslim Immigrants as the Body of Christ

We’ve written in the past about Rainer Maria Woelki, a cardinal in the Church of Rome and the dhimmi Archbishop of Cologne. Cardinal Woelki is an avid enthusiast for mass immigration and advocates for the “refugees” now pouring into Germany.

Below are excerpts from His Eminence’s sermon at last week’s Corpus Christi Mass celebrated in the square adjacent to Cologne Cathedral. The archbishop ordered a refugee boat brought in from Malta so he could use it as an altar.

I’ve put off posting this video because it gives me the creeps. It fills me with such loathing that I find it hard to write about it. If I were a Catholic, my aversion would no doubt be even more intense.

Archbishop Woelki, in the sonorous tones and unctuous phrases that only years of training in homiletics can provide, proclaims his devotion to the poor and the suffering. He urges his audience to see in the faces of these unfortunates the image of the crucified Christ. But only Muslim immigrants are worthy of this attention.

Members of his flock who are being displaced from their homes, robbed, beaten, raped, and murdered by these same migrants do not merit our attention. There is no reason to see in them the Body of the Host.

Only the Muslim invaders qualify.

The Cardinal doesn’t see the face of Christ in the hundreds of women who were groped, molested, and raped on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, just a few yards from where he holds forth about the drowned migrants. He doesn’t say: “Did you recognize me when I was raped by a refugee who came to my country?”

He doesn’t call out to people to remember the plight of Niklas P. He doesn’t say: “Did you recognize me? Truly recognize me? When I needed your help as I was being beaten to death by immigrants.”

No, in the eyes of the Archbishop of Cologne, only one class of human being deserves to be recognized as the Corpus Christi: the alien, feral, violent, misogynist Muslim immigrants who have been forced upon his flock without their consent. Native Germans are unworthy of consideration. They are the ones who will be left behind when the Multicultural Rapture arrives.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:02   In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
00:09   Amen. May peace be with you. — And with your Spirit.
00:19   Dear sisters, dear brothers, I wholeheartedly welcome you
00:23   to the celebration of our Feast of Corpus Christi here in the Roncalli Square.
00:30   A boat, a refugee boat from the Mediterranean sea.
00:37   What business is that supposed to have with Corpus Christi?
00:41   Both, monstrance and this boat, they have carried Christ.
00:51   The monstrance carried Christ in the form of the Eucharist bread.
00:59   The boat carried Christ in the form of the poor.
01:05   That is why it is dear to me that this boat today is our altar.
01:11   This boat, with hundreds of refugees, with women and children, and elderly people,
01:19   that was drifting in the Mediterranean sea, until it was detected, and the people were saved.
01:25   “Did you recognize me?”, Christ will ask us one day.
01:30   “Did you recognize me in the form of the transformed bread;
01:35   did you recognize me when I was a refugee and came to your country?”
01:50   Dear sisters, dear brothers.
01:55   Nothing unusual for a town by the Rhine, such a ship.
02:02   For 737 years now in our town the feast of Corpus Christi has been observed with special festivity.
02:14   In this long history, the procession of 1945 is unforgotten,
02:25   Which paraded through the ruins of our inner city, almost completely destroyed by war.
02:32   Trusting that God’s love outlasts all vicissitudes of history, and human distress,
02:41   the citizens of Cologne back then professed their belief in the steady presence of Jesus Christ
02:50   in the sacrament of the Holy Communion.
02:54   The misery and the loss of loved ones were impossible to overlook.
03:00   The consequences of the catastrophe of the Nazi dictatorship were impossible to overlook,
03:06   and with it the consequences of the war.
03:10   In this hour such, or similar, catastrophes take place.
03:19   These days it is easier for us than back then, after the war, to distance ourselves.
03:28   Today, one can simply close the newspaper.
03:35   One can simply skip over reading certain things.
03:39   One can switch off the TV, not open the social media.
03:46   See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing.
03:52   Therefore, dear sisters and brothers, we must be careful at our Feast of Corpus Christi today
04:00   at the gold, the beauty, and the dignity of the monstrance,
04:06   not to close our eyes to what it is truly about.
04:12   So when we carry the Lord through the streets of the city now,
04:16   then, dear sisters and brothers, we must — in the monstrance,
04:22   in the Eucharistic form of the bread —
04:26   recognize and heed his maltreated body, his maltreated face, his wounds,
04:36   in the faces and in the bodies of the people of today.
04:44   And we must act accordingly!
04:47   We will not let ourselves be prohibited from speaking!
04:50   It is nearly a year ago that on this wonderful square, in the shadow of our cathedral,
04:57   in pouring rain, we remembered with 23,000 bell tolls the dead
05:04   who have since the year 2000 lost their lives on their flight across the Mediterranean Sea.
05:12   3,327 deaths have since been added to that, according to the refugee relief organization UNHCR.
05:25   Drowned and murdered.
05:28   Whose hopes, whose sorrow, whose dreams and grief,
05:33   whose families and stories God alone knows.
05:39   The waves of the Mediterranean Sea have closed over them.
05:43   3,327 people have perished in boats like this!
05:54   The pictures that you can now see in newspapers and on TV,
06:00   overcrowded and keeling over, they strike right into the center of the heart.
06:06   They must strike the heart
06:09   of European society, dedicated to peace and human rights.
06:17   The people who were in this boat, hardly conceivable, a hundred of them,
06:27   who set out across the sea, they were found and saved, a coincidence, a blessing.
06:39   This boat becomes our altar today.
06:44   The altar is an allegory, a symbol, of the Lord himself.
06:51   He is right there in this boat!
06:54   In this boat that trafficked people, young and old, women and men, across the Mediterranean sea.
07:01   So when, in a few moments, we carry the body of the Lord, that was sacrificed on the cross,
07:08   in the monstrance through the streets of our town,
07:12   then it is the same body
07:17   that we meet in the streets, in the poor, in the torrents of the sea,
07:24   in the unaccompanied minor refugees,
07:27   in the terminally ill, in the traumatised children from regions of civil war,
07:35   in their desperate mothers, and abducted fathers,
07:39   in every woman, in every man, in every child that hopes for a future.
07:46   Their cry for justice, their cry for dignity, their cry for freedom.
07:55   It is God’s cry!
07:58   Let us hear it!
08:01   Because, dear sisters and brothers, whoever lets people drown in the Mediterranean sea, lets God drown.
08:09   A hundred times, a thousand times!
08:12   Whoever tortures people to death in camps, tortures God to death!
08:17   A thousand and a many thousand times!
08:21   Every death, a death of God!
08:25   That is why one day, Christ will ask us:
08:28   “Did you recognize me? Did you truly recognize me?
08:33   In the body of the transformed bread.”
08:37   “Did you recognize me? Truly recognize me? When I was a refugee and came to your town, your country.”
08:45   “Did you recognize me? Truly recognize me? When I needed your help as I was drowning in the sea.”
08:53   And, dear sisters and dear brothers, when we do this, then the Evangel will become alive, today.
09:02   And what happened back then, happens today, too:
09:07   “They all ate and were satisfied.”
09:12   Amen.
09:17   (applause)

46 thoughts on “Cardinal Woelki: We Must See Muslim Immigrants as the Body of Christ

  1. Maybe the Islamists will stop burning churches, killing Christians and raping their hospitable hosts now…..No???

    Lets just see.

    • hierarchy comes, hierarchy goes…the people in the pew aren’t moved…except maybe out the door to find a saner parish.

      • Indeed, it is often the traditional Latin Mass parishes (or the transplanted Eastern Rite churches) that a doing the best in the West and gaining parishioners; they’re teaching sound, sane doctrine that engages the intellect instead of appealing to emotions (all animals have emotions, only humans have intellect). You can tell that Abp. Woelki is from the “Church of Nice” and taken by the “Spirit of Vatican II” because he’s facing the congregation and preaching to them using the boat as a prop to make an emotional appeal. He’s not leading them in prayer; he’s a cajoler, not a shepherd.

        • Try the Old Catholic Church in UK like mine. We are very traditional indeed- no “PC” nor supporting and praying for criminals. Our prayers are for thsoe in genuine need and of course, our own flock come first. As for “dialogue with other faiths”? My words are not repeatable here. Because of this we have lost all our Church buildings in UK. No room at the Inn for traditional Christians so we formed house groups. Our websites have also been “blocked” as “unsafe content”. Yet our followers find comfort and reassurance while the rest of the Church goes insane. We are in communion with other like Churches that are also having their buildings taken. I was consecrated by a Roman Catholic Bishop too and five other traditionalists. Neither do we “marry” gays. We do though not turn anyone away.

          We don’t “do” political correctness and “NICE”. We are faithful to the original Word.

      • Totally agree with you. People have a choice, you could
        Attend the service and in unison, shun, turn your back on this odious “man of the cloth”
        Not attend at all
        Pelt him with vegetables/fruit (rotten) of choice.
        This man is an enemy of the state, as are Merkel and
        her acolytes, as are the “open border” lunatics, as are the feminists with their crass “refugee welcome” banners.
        Is there anyone in Germany who doesn’t truly not recognise their enemies by now?
        Is there no fight left in your nation?
        Are you just quietly acquiescing to the third world rape of your culture and nation?
        It would appear that just like, the Eloi, you march dumbly and meekly to the bell of the Morlocks!
        May you grandchildren in the future forgive you.

      • Old world Catholics are leaving the church so the church is looking for a new people, just like the Euro governments. The only problem with this is there is not enough money along with the third world peoples to sustain the life styles of the elites in the churches or the governments.

  2. Temples are the only places in the world where there is no God at all. They’ve been specifically built with the intent to filter the God out and replace It with malicious drivel.

    • Jesus drove swindlers out of the Temple, because it was a sacred space.

      …saying unto them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but ye have made it a den of thieves.

      Don’t believe the nonsense that churches are not sacred spaces. If your church has been made into a secular space, then leave it, or chase the deceivers out.

      True, people can have Christian fellowship anywhere (and they will most likely have to go underground again!), but a church building is a center of community fellowship.

      • RKae, would this include concerts in churches? Music is the nearest I get to God; it would be a shame to exclude it.

  3. If I read the Corinthian Epistles aright, the body of Christ are those who confess Jesus Christ as God’s last word to man; not everyone willy-nilly. Somehow, every time I feel tempted to leave the Evangelical fold for something more respectable, some spox for either “Mainline” Protestantism or Rome says something outrageous that baldly contradicts something I find clearly taught in Scripture.

    • His theology is so off orthodox Christianity I seriously doubt he could be called a Christian. The “body of Christ”, just like “the church” can never include muslims who deny the divinity of Christ.

  4. And to the atheists in Europe, what does he have to say to them? Just shut-up, take your rapes and beheadings and die? Same for your children?

  5. Mohammed came as refugee to Medina in 622. Within 8 years the refugee had turned from a guest to a conqueror. By 639 he had expelled a Jewish tribe and exterminated another. While the bodies of the men and boys were still warm, he and his men raped the widows and daughters of the men that they had killed.

    There is a saying: “No good deed deserved to go unpunished.” And that admonition applies in this case. Were the people refugees, then they might be succored and sent home to their own lands, but these individuals are not refugees but invaders. They do not intend to be assimilate but rather to conquer.

    Muslims view themselves as superior, and view Christians and Jews as dhimmis who can be taxed to support the Muslim community. As Europe accepts more Muslims, the native inhabitants by implication become the slaves of those that they invite in. For as the Muslims are not self-supporting, then the Christians must be taxed to meet the cost of their entitlements. This is a form of slavery, for when your labor it taken from you to support another, it is no different than the plantation culture of the Antebellum South.

  6. There’s something not quite right about Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki. From his words, it is more than obvious that he never actually dealt with any of the invaders on the boats or land treks. And yet, he speaks passionately about them…but all the pictures and all the descriptions he draws of them are from his reference, not theirs.

    I seriously doubt if this person can actually feel any empathy for a real human being. His sympathy and passion are all intellectually derived and contrived. He’s a moderately good actor, but everything about him is scripted. It’s like watching an Asperger’s victim trying to feign social graces.

    As to why he chose this issue to act passionate on, and I use the word “act” advisedly, …well, why not? It keeps him on the inside loop of the Vatican hierarchy, gets him good publicity, and perhaps gives him the idea that he’s finally getting a handle on this “empathy and feelings” thing. Also, his speech didn’t demand too much candlepower intellectually, and is unlikely to be challenged by any sources he is likely to pay attention to.

  7. First in these matters always remember what Melichor Cano, the great Dominican theologian at the Council of Trent, said: “Peter has no need of our lies or flattery. Those who blindly and indiscriminately defend every decision of the Supreme Pontiff are the very ones who do most to undermine the authority of the Holy See—they destroy instead of strengthening its foundations.” This also applies to bishops confused by the secular world.

    Then note that this bishop isn’t up on a part of the Catholic faith: “Speaking of full membership in the Church, Pius XII, in his Encyclical on the Mystical Body, said it is the society of those who have been baptized, and who profess the faith of Christ, and who are governed by their bishops under the visible head, the Pope, the Bishop of Rome.” That would include only Christians from that area.

    Then remember that as a bishop it is his duty to bring the faith to the imported Moslem and it is hard to believe he has any intention of doing that.

    Lastly any Christian duty is satisfied by sending them back, supporting them at lower cost in their home country until they get on their feet, and destroying the business of importing them into Europe.

  8. I think a pious Muslim would not like to be seen as part of ‘Body of Christ’. In his fervent attempts to be politically correct, the good Cardinal causes offence.

  9. The German Catholic church is a basket case, and identified as such by the ousted German pope. It is also one of the richest thanks to the 8-9% paid by churchgoers on taxable income. In 2013, the Catholic Church in Germany received almost €5.5 billion via the church tax.
    The only way to avoid it is to renounce churchgoing, which thousands of Germans are now doing. According to the English Catholic Herald : “The real scandal, though, is what happens to parishioners who opt out of paying the church tax, which you can do only by signing a formal declaration that you have left the Church. The German hierarchy treat this as apostasy and take the view that those doing so have excommunicated themselves.
    “Not only are they barred from receiving Communion, but they may also only get married in church with the consent of the local ordinary [bishop], and may even be denied a Christian burial if they have failed to show signs of repentance before death. This does not sit well, to put it mildly, with the current push to loosen up the rules for remarried Catholics. An uncharitable observer might conclude that money was more important than Church teaching.”

  10. In boats like that leaving from Libya, Christian migrants were tossed into the sea to drown by the muslim passengers. Not that this disgraceful cleric would care.

  11. Islam is a satanic (literally) sociopolitical-military ideology dressed up as a religion and the Baron is 100% correct in his excoriation of and disgust with this repulsive, traitorous demagogue. The One, Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church established by Our Lord, Jesus Christ is completely infested with these faithless, ecclesiastical termites busily engaged in trying to demolish the faith from within. Why? Because THEY. DO. NOT. BELIEVE. ANY. OF. IT. THEMSELVES.
    For the complete-Grand-Unified-Theory-of-why-Western-civilization-is-irrevocably-accelerating-towards-imminent-bloody-chaos-and-destruction (my name for it, not Ann’s), see Ann Barnhardt’s latest and last video presentation
    Christus Regnat! Christus Vincit! Christus Imperat!

  12. I can almost hear Pope Francis saying the same thing (and maybe he did). The church left me long ago and I no longer care.

  13. Such demonstrations of smug madness prove that there can be no dialogue and no common ground between the two antagonistic types of public that make up the developed world – that is, between “freedomists” and “despotists”.

    The healthy part of society cannot heal the suicidal part; it can only be ruined by it. Just like in interpersonal relationships between a sane person and an insane person, staying around can only result in the former’s destruction.

    I’d say that at this point it’s necessary for whites to withdraw from countries whose derangement is consistent enough to be considered irreversible (such as Germany, France, and the UK) and establish new countries where the prime raison d’etre is the maintenance of a social immune system that precludes all forms of leftist insanity.

    Not that this can effectively be done right now, but maybe it can after some serious upheavals, so it’s worth aiming for this solution. Any attempt at taking back the various post-white Crazistans would be doomed, even if initially successful, to having to repeat the same struggle with the entrenched civilizational toxins that caused this problem in the first place. Actually, this may turn out to be the case even if a new, sane white country is established – for reasons that go beyond the scope of this reply.


    Baron, I meant to suggest this in a reply to the Verdun article, but would it be possible to add some clear indication of where a long quotation begins and ends?

    It sometimes happens that you quote a few paragraphs and then resume writing your own text immediately below them, and more often than not, I can’t tell where the transition is between the two texts. It can be disorientating.

    A simple new line with the text (end quote), before resuming your text in a new paragraph, would solve this and instantly do away with the confusion. I hope it can be done.

    • I use “blockquote” tags to set off my quotes. They are indented, and also a slightly different color. I had hoped that that was enough to identify them as quotes.

      Watch the left side of the text. When it jumps inward (to the right), that’s the quote. When it jumps back to the left, that’s where my words resume.

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure why, but in the Verdun post there is no visible indentation or any other difference between the quote and the main text. I just verified it on a different device.

        It could be influenced by the device, browser, etc., but at least whenever I read it it always looks like this – that’s why I didn’t notice any break between the texts and assumed there was none.

        • On my browser and Dympha’s computers, the visible indent begins after:

          “That’s it — otherwise it’s the same text:”

          and ends just before:

          “The one place where the analogy wears a little thin is…”

          I’m not sure why it appears incorrectly on other browsers or devices. I don’t have any iPhones or similar hand-held devices, so if it checks out OK on the old desktop, the new desktop, and the notebook, that’s the best I can do.

      • This is a general question relating to comments.

        Can we use html tags to format our comments, and is there any limitation? I realize I can just try it, but there is no preview feature, and I don’t want to cause the reviewer extra work.

        • I don’t know the exact limits, but it seems all the standard formatting tags can be used. I don’t think you can embed photos or video. Not sure about bulleted lists or tables.

  14. I’m an innocent bystander, so perhaps any comment here will be risky. Still, here goes:

    It’s beginning to dawn on me that all Christian churches should strive for either the conversion or the consignment to Hell of those of that alarmingly ‘other’ Abrahamic branch of faith. It’s also beginning to dawn (on this congenitally easy-going and unchallenged beneficiary of our Western Christian-Humanist culture) that only a staunch Christian faith can defend us in these times.

    Perhaps polarization need not be the moral disaster it always is in the secular arena, when there is another, older and more basic absolute behind which we can stand for our defence? For sure, the old and neglected sense of the duality of evil can only be addressed if we are standing on those secure grounds. Secular powers simply cannot possess the moral power to stand up for ordinary humanity. These mundane powers are all the province of grey men, adept only in shifty relativism – wizards of smoke and mirrors, intent on a mischievous invisibility, impossible to pin down or to rely upon.

    Regrettably, I’m not able to believe that the perfection of the Christ’s vision of Peace on Earth will be achieved simply by moral assertions of superiority: But at least, with such a vision before them, our armed defenders will have the strength to resist the horrors we will have to face, which come unbidden upon us.

    Such are the times, many are moved to attempt prophecy …

  15. Further to last: Of course where I have put ‘the duality of evil ‘ that nonsensical phrase was intended to be ‘the duality of good and evil ‘

  16. In 1016 this heretic would have been excommunicated immediately for uttering such vile blasphemies. Possibly also broken upon the wheel until he repented his sins.

  17. Cardinal Woelki’s statement proves that he doesn’t know his Bible, is not a true Christian, and also an heretic.

    Here are the scriptural facts concerning why the Church may be called the Body of Christ:

    1) Members of the Body of Christ are joined to Christ in salvation (Ephesians 4:15-16).

    2) Members of the Body of Christ follow Christ as their Head (Ephesians 1:22-23).

    3) Members of the Body of Christ are the physical representation of Christ in this world. The Church is the organism through which Christ manifests His life to the world today.

    4) Members of the Body of Christ are indwelt by the Holy Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9).

    5) Members of the Body of Christ possess a diversity of gifts suited to particular functions (1 Corinthians 12:4-31). “The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many, they form one body. So it is with Christ” (verse 12).

    6) Members of the Body of Christ share a common bond with all other Christians, regardless of background, race, or ministry. “There should be no division in the body, but . . . its parts should have equal concern for each other” (1 Corinthians 12:25).

    7) Members of the Body of Christ are secure in their salvation (John 10:28-30). For a Christian to lose his salvation, God would have to perform an “amputation” on the Body of Christ!

    8) Members of the Body of Christ partake of Christ’s death and resurrection (Colossians 2:12).

    9) Members of the Body of Christ share Christ’s inheritance (Romans 8:17).

    10) Members of the Body of Christ receive the gift of Christ’s righteousness (Romans 5:17).

    None of these facts apply to these Muslim immigrants!

    This makes the cardinal a spiritual and moral dummhopf!

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