Separate Christians and Muslims in Migrant Shelters? Never!

The president the Central Committee of German Catholics spouts so many absurdities that it is impossible to enumerate them. To paraphrase Mary McCarthy, every word Thomas Sternberg writes is absurd, including “and” and “the”.

According to Mr. Sternberg, we must not separate Muslims and Christians in the refugee shelters because that might give the impressions that Muslims can’t get along with other religions.

All I can say to that is: Well, DUH!

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Die Welt:

Separate Muslims and Christians in shelters? — “Disastrous”

May 20, 2016

Again and again there are reports of violence against Christian refugees in the shelters. Nevertheless, the Catholic laity warn strictly against accommodations segregated by faith.

The Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) strictly rejects a separate accommodation of Christian and Muslim refugees. The president of the Catholic layman’s organization, Thomas Sternberg, warned in a talk with Welt that it would send out a “disastrous signal”. Sternberg argues, if we “accommodate refugees separately by religion in our country, that would foster the impression that we are not capable of peaceful coexistence”. One should not “fuel the misconception that Christians and Muslims could not live together well.”

With this, the president of ZdK and North Rhine-Westphalian Christian Democrat deputy objects to the Christian relief network Open Doors. They published a study last week, according to which three out of four non-Muslim refugees reported they were being threatened, beaten, sexually harassed and insulted by Muslims for their belief in refugee shelters. This harassment affects up to 40,000 mostly Christian people seeking protection in Germany.

Steinberg argues that one must “be careful not to represent it as typical Islamic, when Christians are being harassed in mainly Islamic refugee shelters.”

After all, Christians had “for around 1350 years lived peacefully, albeit not with equal rights, in countries of the Near East with a Muslim majority population.”

To aid threatened refugees, the ZdK president instead recommends proceedings that are not oriented towards creed. “When refugees say they feel threatened, one should give them the possibility of finding shelter in more acceptable surroundings,” insists Sternberg. That was “the task of local helpers and politicians.”

17 thoughts on “Separate Christians and Muslims in Migrant Shelters? Never!

  1. >> “After all, Christians had “for around 1350 years lived peacefully, albeit not with equal rights, in countries of the Near East with a Muslim majority population.”

    I am really tired of that stupid meme.

    Christians and Jews can live peacefully near a Muslim majority (even though as second class citizens, and with occasional harassment and slaughters), PROVIDED THAT they let Muslims govern and dictate the rules.

    When they can live in peace, but WITHOUT the power, as in Israel, there’s problems.

    So, can Muslim live in peace in Germany? Of course. Just let them rule Germany an everything will be OK. Until then, Germans will have more and more problems as the percentage of Muslims grows.

    • Errata: second paragraph should be “When Muslims can live in peace, but WITHOUT the power…” to be clear.

      • Regarding this quote: “After all, Christians had “for around 1350 years lived peacefully, albeit not with equal rights, in countries of the Near East with a Muslim majority population.”

        It is not quite accurate. Christians under Muslim rule live more or less like under pagan Roman Emperors. When the Sultan or King or the local ruler is tolerant of Christians or secretly sympathises with them, they can live peacefully (though whenever they quarrel with their Muslim neighbours, chances are the Muslim neighbour will win and they will be punished). But when the Sultan is displeased with Christians, pogroms and other forms of persecution begin.

        It should not be forgotten that in Ottoman Turkey a non-Muslim man who declared his intention to convert to Islam but then decided not to, was punishable by death. If a woman did the same, she was punishable by life imprisonment.

        So, when a Muslim coveted the property of a Christian, he went to the judge and said that the Christian had promised to convert but then refused. Then the Christian either converted or was killed and the Muslim took his goods. If a Muslim wanted to take a Christian woman as a wife or a concubine (or just wanted a bit of sex on the side) and she refused his attentions, he followed the same procedure.

        If German Catholics want this kind of peaceful coexistence with Muslims, they are welcome to it. But why force others to live in such an abject state?

    • Hey, at least he admits ““albeit not with equal rights”. Things are so bad that it looks like a big advance when a paper even publishes that fact.

      • Yes, Christians and Jews and everyone else are so trivial and insignificant that they should be honored to be able to get just a few crumbs from these privileged people. Please step on my face.

  2. Islam is incompatible with any other religions or people. If they are in the minority, they pretend to be nice because they have to, but once they reach a certain percentage, they start making demands, and as the become more, the more violent they become towards others. If a Muslim can’t kill an Infidel, they are perfectly happy slaughtering one another. Islam is truly the Syphilis of the Soul and their Allah is nothing more than the Biblical Satan. All Muslims are Pigs of Satan and should be penned within their own countries and not allowed to migrate to any Sane Western Nation, especially Europe and the USA!

    • “…their Allah is nothing more than the Biblical Satan.”

      I do agree with most of your comment, but the statement regarding Allah is pure rhetoric that has been repeated many times.

      Some of what I have to say in response is opinion, some of it is my understanding of history. First, an opinion: nice beard. Now on to it.

      Muslims don’t really worship Allah, Islam is more of a cult, and as many have pointed out – a complete legal and political system controlling all aspects of the adherent’s lives. That stated, Muslims worship Muhammad, who in all likelihood didn’t even exist. Despite the fact we know so many aspects of his life, Mo is most likely a figure of legend rather than history, much like King Arthur.

      Allah is said to be the same God of Abraham that Christians and Jews worship. There is a school of thought that says that Islam began as a heresy of Christianity that rejected the Trinity. If this is true then Allah may have at one point been the God of Abraham. However as the Persian and Byzantine empires wore each other out to the point that the then pagan Arabs began to build empires and reach beyond the Arabian peninsula, it became clear that paganism was not strong enough to bind conquered civilizations to the growing Arab empire. What worked most effectively was monotheism.

      At the time of the beginning of Arab conquest Arabs had something like 360 deities that they worshipped. The most highly regarded among those was Allah, the moon god. In order to give the people, both Arab and vanquished, something familiar Islam was created around a god named Allah. And since the creation of Islam was the world’s greatest act of plagiarism, the Islamic dogma was stolen hugely from the Bible and the Torah. The rat bastards even went so far as to steal the idea of the God of Abraham from those two legit religions.

      That is my view, others may have different views. But Allah as envisioned by Islam simply does not exist. So no, he is not the devil – he is simply nothing. Devout Muslims who perform unbelievable mayhem in the service of jihad, they are the devil.

      Much of my point of view has been shaped by the teachings of Robert Spencer, and on this topic by his book, “Did Muhammad Really Exist”. I also have on my shelf the writings of Andrew Bostom, but Spencer is much easier to pick up and read.

  3. Never, ever underestimate stupidity. Einstein said something along the lines of …There are two things that are infinite. The universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.

    When it comes to stupid people, the Germans have produced some real doozies recently.

  4. Perhaps Thomas Steinberg needs to spend a week living along side a Christian family in one of those shelters and see for himself whether the muslims will peacefully coexist with Christians. But I doubt whether he ever would, to risky for his own neck and his ivory tower dogma. Safer to spout away at one of those interfaith forums.

  5. “Sternberg argues, if we “accommodate refugees separately by religion in our country, that would foster the impression that we are not capable of peaceful coexistence”. ”

    Mr. Sternberg shirks his Christian responsibility. If he truly were motivated by Christian belief, instead of ‘just holding his hat’, he would live his faith by volunteering his home to house a Christian refugee family and move his family into a co-exist conquest camp in their place.

    “By their acts you will know them.”

    • This is an interesting connection you make. It reminds me of things I am observing in my city. There has been a shortage of housing for everyone even long before the migrant crisis. The church owns many old but grand buildings with lovely large gardens, almost parks, in my neighbourhood, and they are empty and peaceful. It seems a few times per week nuns come over and take care of the buildings just so much that they do not become run down. When the migrant crisis got out of control last autumn, I was expecting to see migrants move in these church properties. But, no, months later these properties are just as empty and peaceful as before.

      • I always look for actual behavior to determine if a person believes what they profess or are using Christianity as a cover, diversion, or dodge (consciously or not). Since Socialism and true Christian belief are contradictory in detail it doesn’t take a Sherlock Holmes to assess who is what.

        “By their acts you will know them.” or, as Andrew Wilcow would say, “Socialism is for the People; not the Socialist.”

        • What leads you to think that Christianity and socialism are contradictory? Were not the earliest Christian communities essentially little communes where everything was shared among the members? Didn’t Jesus Himself say things like “Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you” (Matthew 5:42) and “if someone takes your cloak, do not withhold your tunic as well”? (Luke 6:29). It seems to me that there is a strong message of sharing within Christianity.

          I am not trying to be provocative or obtuse, incidentally: I am simply wondering what evidence there is to suggest that Christianity is opposed to socialism. To communism and other ideologies which treat people abominably, obviously it is – but to the general idea of equality of all people in a society and the sharing of resources among them? I don’t believe so.

  6. It is sad to me that the rulers of Christianity have taken such a stand. One could be judged naive for not understanding the extreme persecution and slaughter taking place on Christians in the middle east.
    But to stand for further abuse on your own soil is truly unconscionable.
    I am a Christian and I find these acts by the Christian hierarchy to be abhorrent. If you are so ill informed then you should keep your mouth shut.

  7. If Mr. Sternberg and Cardinal Woelki are indicative of the state of Catholicism then it is entirely plausible that Francis will the last Pope to hold mass in St Peter’s, or possibly the last Pope period. Let that sink in for a moment. The “last Pope”. Will it be as strange and catastrophic as the “last Roman Emperor” (Constantine XI Palaiologos) was for Western Civilization: or will the office and institution have been so debased (or survival so desperate) that what’s left of civilization will hardly pause.

    I am wholly Protestant and so have no real use for a Pope, or Church hierarchy of any sort for that matter; but to consider how unthinkable it would have been a mere 20 years ago to even consider the possibility of “the last Pope” being in my lifetime. That the civilization bequeathed to me by my parents, born in the 20th century, and grandparents, born in the 19th, could destroy itself in such short order, for make no mistake this particular end is entirely self inflicted, is staggering.

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