The Dhimmi Archbishop of Cologne is at it Again

Rainer Maria Woelki is a cardinal in the Catholic Church, and has been the Archbishop of Cologne since he was appointed by (surprise!) Pope Francis. His Eminence was in the news last month after he made an infomercial plugging the wonderfulness of mass immigration, and posited an equivalence between minarets and church steeples in European culture.

Well, Cardinal Woelki is back. This time he had a migrant boat hauled to Cologne and propped up in front of the Cathedral so that he could preach a sermon while standing in it.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger:

Corpus Christi: Bishop Woelki delivers an impressive sermon from a refugee boat

Archbishop Cardinal Woelki had a refugee boat from the Mediterranean Sea rigged up in front of the Cathedral.

In his sermon, he called for intensified commitment for refugees.

Woelki has previously spoken out in favor of an unrestricted right to asylum.

Cologne — Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, emphatically urged for more commitment for refugees. “Whoever lets humans drown in the Mediterranean, lets God drown — every single day, a thousand times,” Woelki said on Thursday at the traditional Corpus Christi Mass on the Roncalli Square at the Cathedral of Cologne. “Whoever tortures humans to death in camps, tortures God to death — a thousand and a thousand times over.”

For the mass, the Archbishop had a seven-meter-long refugee boat from the Mediterranean Sea erected in front of the southern portal of the Cathedral, which members of the archdiocese had fetched from Malta. During the open-air mass, the boat served as the altar. Jesus Christ himself was in the midst “of this boat, that trafficked humans, young and old, women and children, across the Mediterranean Sea,” said Woelki. He called for recognizing the wounds of the crucified Jesus in the faces of the refugees of today. “No shut eyes! No deaf ears and closed mouths!”

23,000 bell tolls in the last year

The Cardinal reminded his listeners of the Action “23,000 bell tolls” with which, about a year ago, the Archbishopric of Cologne commemorated the men, women and children who drowned during their flight across the Mediterranean since the year 2000. “Hundreds of deaths have since been added, people drowned and murdered, whose hopes, whose pain, whose dreams, whose sorrow, whose families and whose life stories God alone knows,” said Woelki.

Every second Thursday after Pentecost, the Catholic Church celebrates Corpus Christi. During this, they express their belief that Christ is present in the consecrated host. Such a piece of bread is carried in an exhibition container, a monstrance, during the procession. After the mass, the procession walked through the streets of the old town.

Corpus Christi is for remembering the crucified

Despite the grandeur of the golden monstrance, Woelki called for, not closing one’s eyes to what Corpus Christi truly was about.

In the Body of the bread, the crucified Jesus is carried through the streets, who is present in the poor, the unaccompanied minors, the terminally ill, the traumatized children from civil war, their desperate mothers, their kidnapped fathers. “Their cry for justice, their cry for dignity and peace, is God’s cry,” said the Bishop. Corpus Christi invites the worshipping Christ not only in the sacrament, but especially seeking him among the poorest of the poor.

43 thoughts on “The Dhimmi Archbishop of Cologne is at it Again

  1. Celebrating criminality -Speechless….

    Roman 3.17
    “Obey the Law and those in Authority”

    Matthew 22.20
    “Render unto Caesar”

    Matthew 5.17
    “I have come fulfill the law, not break it!”

  2. Cardinal Woelki and boat should be launched in the Rhine, to evangelise the Nibelungs.

      • In the Mediterranean, I’m afraid, the Muslims would evangelise the cardinal, you know… Taharrush gamea style.

      • I’m afraid that in the Mediterranean the Muslims would “evangelise” the cardinal, you know… Taharrush gamea style

  3. No doubt once muslims have overrun Europe and implemented sharia, he will convert to islam and mount a minaret every day to bray like the ignorant donkey he is.

    • He is already half way there and will formally revert in the vanguard leading others to convert as per his example.

      • What’s that bit in the Bible about leading others astray? “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” (Matthew 18:6-9).

  4. Europe is the only part of the world that practices this kind of masochistic do-goodery, ridiculous…

  5. Allah and the God of Judeo-Chritianity are not the same despite the propaganda. Allah demands human sacrifice, God forbids it. But our scriptures tell us of one who does demand human sacrifice……

    Allah would love to drown God a thousand times a day,

  6. The Archbishop makes himself complicit with the people-traffickers.

  7. Hardly surprising since the Catholic Church was breached by those neo socialists. I’m in the process of converting to Orthodoxy thanks to all. Here in France, the Catholics are splitting due to the incredible events.

  8. He should be informed of the “death camps” at Jasenovac in Croatia when the Muslims exterminated tens of thousand of Jews and Serbians during WW11

    • You are confusing Jasenovac with the activities of the Handschar Division of the SS, a Muslim outfit recruited by the Nazis and the Grand Mufti to assist in the extermination of the Jews during WW2.

      Jasenovac was run by Catholic Croats. Parts of the Catholic hierarchy in Croatia were complicit with the Serbian Genocide, while the Vatican turned a blind eye.

      The Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina were eager accomplices in Nazi genocide, but Jasenovac had nothing to do with that. It was a Croat operation, run by Catholic Croats. It was the work of the fascist organization Ustaše, which was headed by Ante Pavelić. Ustaše’s ideology was directed against the Serbs — the Jews were only incidental to the extermination program.

    • The prison systems of many Muslim nations — Syria, Libya, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al. (qaeda) — are effective death & torture camps.

  9. The present crisis of Western civilization is inseparable from the decline and collapse of Christianity in the West. The collapse of European and American Christianity had several causes, but the Second Vatican Council of 1961 to 1965 is right up there among the list. Prior to Vatican 2 the Catholic Church acted as a bulwark against the socialists and crypto-Marxist “liberals” who sought to remove Christianity from the public sphere. After Vatican 2 the Church capitulated and the floodgates were thrown open. Even worse, the Catholicism itself was now infested by crypto-Marxist priests, bishops and cardinals who actively promoted social and political progressivism. The result is there for all to see: The modern “Catholic” Church is itself now part of the problem and is an active participant in the destruction of what is left of Christendom.

  10. “Whoever lets humans drown in the Mediterranean, lets God drown — “?? “Whoever tortures humans to death in camps, tortures God to death — “?? The stupidity of this archbishop’s “sermon” cannot be made up. Is he for real? He talks to the public as if they are hugely ignorant and still living in the Dark Ages. The grand manipulation of Europe continues. How long will this Age of Stupidity last?

    • Yes. “Whoever lets humans drown in the Mediterranean, lets God drown”. Since Pope Francis invites half of Africa to cross the sea, he is complicit of the unnecessary death of thousands. He is a minister of human traffickers, not a minister of God.

  11. I realized it was over for the Catholic church when I saw the first guitar mass.

  12. Transubstantiation process gone awry? Something in the wine perhaps?

    Some interesting boat idioms spring to mind. He is obviously in the same boat as the other satanic death cult.

  13. 23,000 rings for criminal Hirja invaders is, after all, less time consuming and noisy than the well over 270,000,000 rings for the growing death toll of those murdered by a certain death cult. Rings for the raped or otherwise injured are not known. That could take forever…

  14. You can make this stuff up. I thought the boat was photo shopped in . Sureal

  15. The Ship of Peter has been launched in seas boiling, broiling, wild and stormy. The dhimmi Cardinal Archbishop of Cologne is at the (at least, the German) helm. With no mission, no port-of-call but to obey the alien sirens whistling their temptations, paying no heed to no harbor master.

    So here he is, this dhimmified Catholic Cardinal, in his little boat rescuing what should be drowned in the roaring waters of the sea – Islam – leaving Christendom to cling to Europa’s battered shores.


    [The next time a thousand Muslim males go on a rampage – on a holiday – molesting and raping inside and outside his cathedral, maybe he can set up welcoming tables to serve Bavarian beer and apple strudel!]

  16. The current Pope makes me ashamed to be (nominally and born) Catholic. May his reign be short and may we be luckier next time. Although I doubt it.

    When I think of Pope John Paul and some of the other titans, it is shameful to have this man on the throne of St. Peter.

    • Marie, JP II was right up there in the succession of the demise of the Church Militant…… the last “titan” was Pius XII but no “santo subito” there

  17. And this in front of the very same dome that tards had their grope, rape and rob fest last New Year’s eve. Makes me look forward to the change of year to 2017. I bet it won’t happen again, what do you think? Because now that we know about it, we can do something about it, they think.

  18. Years ago most of the clergy were ‘defenders of the faith’, it looks as if that is now passe.

    • Aha! Yes they were, but now like Royal Charlie they are the ‘Defender of Faith’. (what a difference one little word makes!)

  19. Holy Hieromartyr Boniface, Enlightener of Germany, pray for us! All Saints of Germany pray for us!

  20. My church, the Church of England has the same problem. I am considering converting to Orthodoxy. No wonder why atheism grows each day.

    • I have been considering Orthodoxy for the same reason. IMHO there was a coup d’e-tat within the RC church , I refer to the present Pope as ‘the fraudulent Pontiff’. The cozying up to the Muslims and the suspicious Marxist slant in the teachings is cause for concern.

      • I really hope the current satanist is removed from the Church of Rome. Protestants also need the RC church to remain true to God because we will fall too.

  21. This helps to confirm previous unconfirmed rumor that Roman Catholics created Islam to fight Christianity. I do not know the truth of this and am still searching for documented resolution of this accusation.

    • I’ve read that somewhere too. I think it is all to do with the Jesuit Order. Some say they are supremacist Catholics, but a now deceased RC gentleman told me that the Jesuits were closet satanists who are trying to bring all Christian Faiths together plus Islam together. We of course know Allah is not God Almighty.

      The gentleman in question stopped going to his RC church and instead came to my church (CofE) because he didn’t like the Jesuit influence and control of his parish. A couple of years later my CofE church started going down the same multi route.

      I believe in the Holy Trinity but not the fake multi culti rubbish preached these days. Cultural Marxism has taken over by the RC church and nearly all Protestant Churches too.

      Orthodoxy seems to me to free from this menace.

  22. He needs to study the history of the Coptic Christians from the Islamic conquests of Egypt to their fate today as a despised minority. Even during the Crusades the Coptic Christians were the majority but dominated by Islamic tyrants. Europe: history can repeat itself if we allow it to.

  23. There have been 40,000 known cases of persecution of Christian refugees within Germany BY muslim refugees this past year alone. Germany cannot even protect the most vulnerable among them yet this dope wants to bring more of the savages in. And forget the irony of having this little show in the same spot of the rape fest of NYE 2015. Does the Catholic Church in Germany get the same type of funneled taxpayer monies for refugees that they do here in states aka “refugee resettlement “?
    Truly nauseating.

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