To Solve Problems Caused by the Multicult, Bavaria Recruits More Immigrant Police

To help solve any migrant-related problems in their community relations, the Bavarian police, at the behest of the interior ministry, are pushing to recruit more officers with a migration background. It’s not just that culture-enriching police will be able to speak Turkish to their ethnic fellows if any, ahem, issues arise — their presence on the force is proof of the successful “integration” of immigrants into Bavarian society.

Uh-huh. We’ll see how well this all works out for Modern Multicultural Bavaria…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article on the same topic from The Local (hat tip Fjordman):

Bavaria tries to coax migrants into police force

Bavaria’s interior ministry has started a campaign to encourage more migrants to join up as officers of the law – whether they have a German passport or not.

Joachim Herrmann, the Bavarian interior minister, said that the campaign, which he announced on Monday in Nuremberg, was aimed at improving the success rate of solving crimes in his police force, the Münchener Merkur reports.

Experience shows that migrants in the police force offer “a direct line” to migrant communities because they speak the same languages and have a better understanding of people’s mentalities, said Herrmann.

Video transcript:

0:08   The topic of integration is on everybody’s mind.
0:11   Luckily, in our country, there are many examples
0:15   of successful integration which encourages others…
0:22   Police officers with foreign roots are of course part of our modern
0:26   and citizen-oriented Bavarian Police.
0:29   That is, especially for police work, a big advantage,
0:32   since during their work, the colleagues of the Bavarian police
0:36   often have direct contact with fellow citizens,
0:41   for instance communication and dialogue play an important role
0:46   in de-escalation…
0:52   Experience has shown that our colleagues with foreign roots
0:56   have a more direct wire to those people with migration background,
1:01   especially since they know better their language and mentality…
1:09   The employment of colleagues with foreign nationality
1:13   will remain an exception. As a rule
1:16   we expect German nationality, but if there is a special need,
1:20   for example that someone of Turkish nationality will be employed
1:24   so that he can investigate specifically among citizens
1:28   with the same background, because he’ll have better access.
1:32   Then we’ll make use of this exceptional possibility…
1:38   We reject multi-culti; we make that very clear, and it is understood
1:42   by each individual police officer, even those with migration background,
1:46   it is our legal system that’s at work here for everybody.
1:50   Nobody in our country, regardless of where they come from,
1:54   has the right to stand above this legal order…
1:58   It does show that the public service and the police in Bavaria
2:02   Are open to people with migration background, and one can
2:06   integrate oneself in this state superbly,
2:09   And take advantage of opportunities…
2:15   Yes, one does feel more absorbed, or more understood,
2:19   and not so helpless as to say ‘I don’t know, I don’t understand,
2:24   can someone explain this to me in my language’… Yes.

15 thoughts on “To Solve Problems Caused by the Multicult, Bavaria Recruits More Immigrant Police

  1. The indigenous Germans are going to have to sue their government for genocide, nothing else can save them.

    • Germany and W. Europe has been conquered. A sure sign by hiring Muslim police. Genocide of infidels just ahead. Friends cancelled their trips to Europe, they were planning to leave in June. They wised up to the dangers. Will E.U. “infidels” line up willingly for executions if they don’t convert to Islam? no doubt they will.

  2. I patiently await the news reports of ‘enriched’ police officers causing difficulties for the natives.

    • Exactly as is happening in the UK and in France. The elites are so smug and keep pushing the perverted mantra ofPC & Multikulti down our throats.

  3. Memo to the Chief of Police:
    Dar al Harb.
    A search will reveal.

  4. And German media of course doesn’t question the possible consequences. Germany saw what happened to the journalist Udo Ulfkotte. He was publicly shamed by the presstitute media and the German State officially pronounced him to be a lunatic.

  5. What could possibly go wrong?

    Presumably looking to France for a model. Marseilles has already been ostensibly ceded to North Africa.

    Next on the list will be sharia courts, since the infidels have no concept of hijra.

  6. Why is this needed if they routinely tell the police to stand down?…oh , it’s to protect the refugees…not the native people….And people wonder about Trump’s popularity

  7. What a fool’s game they are playing in Germany and Western EU nations. In most of the USA one must be a citizen by birth or naturalization for most Police/ Fire/Paramedic and EMS positions,must have a high school diploma (many agencies also require college credits) pass an FBI and state police background check and be evaluated by a psychiatrist. This is shades of the ‘Volkspoliezi’ or peoples police (the communist E German para military police) where only thugs and mental cases were hired. This is Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) run wild. This groveling and pandering to the Muslim community will end in disaster, for the German people.

    • I don’t have a problem with immigrants in general joining police/similar services, even if not yet citizens, IF AND ONLY IF they have de facto assimilated culturally.

      That’s the real problem here. An Norwegian moving to Germany and becoming a policeman wouldn’t be a problem: reasonably close methods of operation.

      To take into the police people who haven’t joined the German culture is just insane, INSANE.

      I’m all for taking immigrants who HAVE integrated, largely for their language skills, but this? Nutters.

  8. This a nightmare being institutionalized. Actually even worse than that painted by Anthony Burgess in 1962’s Clockwork Orange. The same thugs who early in the book were brutalizing people for fun later move on to do it under color of authority as police. But they weren’t schooled in the practice from birth, didn’t have a text that commanded that behavior, and weren’t trying to take over all of the country.

  9. Did they consider just hiring translators, if the need for translation is so pressing? Aside from the language itself, there may be a cultural gap: for instance, the newcomers may not see it as wrong to harass or rape an uncovered non-Muslim. But, it seems better to comer down hard on offenders. They’ll learn soon enough if the law is enforced. If it isn’t, what’s the point anyway?

    • What German cops say (not the political folks or the intellectual geeks) is that the vast assortment of crime (on a trend since the wall went down) is mostly associated with eastern European gangs that have moved in and the level of ‘play’ is way beyond the capability of the police force. Even if they doubled the number of cops in Germany over the next five years….I seriously doubt that it’d make much difference. The gangs move in, run through an urban area for a couple of weeks, then move on. You can’t establish patterns or identify trends this way.

      If one talks of the drug traffic trade, then yeah….the North African immigrants have taken over a major part of the sales. Cops know this and bust them on a regular basis. No one from the prosecution side or the immigration side wants to connect the dots and remove them.

      If you were looking for any crime trend in Germany that is associated with the Syrians who’ve come….it’s almost non-existent. The worst that cops can say is that they get calls to the immigration centers over fights between Syrian group A against Syrian group B. Beyond that, they really aren’t much of an issue.

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