8 thoughts on “Turnabout is Fair Play

  1. An astute poster which of course will call on deaf islamise ears!

  2. This has always been my view. Immigrants/refugees should never receive any more benefits/privileges here than an UK citizen would receive in their home country. And we should never have allowed the building of mosques until we were allowed to build Christian churches in Saudi Arabia.

    • moslems invading this country, (Canada) get just over TWICE my pensions.
      They are moslems; the enemy, FGS! Have been for over 1400 years, still are, and always will be, yet our ‘leaders’ have invited the enemy into our countries!

      The most insane event in human history is happening right before our unbelieving eyes….

      • I have a solution to our homeless problem. The homeless should apply for refugee status. 😉

  3. rhetorically excellent! Positive expression of : none,zero,nada.And no observant muslim can complain.

  4. I bow to the young woman’s courage in declaring her ever-so-right-and-much-needed message.

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