Tommy Robinson on the PEGIDA Silent Walk in Birmingham on April 2: “Come and Walk With Us”

If you’re fearful, frustrated, fed up, and angry — if you’ve had enough of Islamization — what are you going to do about it?

Come to Birmingham for the PEGIDA silent walk on the 2nd of April:

10 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson on the PEGIDA Silent Walk in Birmingham on April 2: “Come and Walk With Us”

  1. More guts and brains in that young man, than the entire, useless political/government class of traitors in Great Britain.

  2. I hope PEGIDA dresses properly for this event, i.e. proper Englishman should carry an appropriate walking stick.

  3. And all they can do in answer to the points he makes is: “Jail Him!”
    He has been treated worse than true terrorists, racists and many other fomenters of hate in this country.
    This country’s judicial system is absolutely rotten to the core.

  4. god luv ya’ tommy .. tommy has another court date.
    i worry if they put him in prison again, it will be the last we
    will see of him. april 14th date. it was the delight of my life to see the
    passion & courage on his face when speaking at the old EDL demos.
    same with Kevin .. what a joy to see. today’s edl is very good too.
    how can they not be with ian, martin & the rest .. soon enough the entire
    continent will be sayin’ ‘no surrender’. it just may be too late.

  5. Tommy is one of the few, true heroes of our time. What he has been subjected to is disgusting and heart-breaking, for anyone who is (was) an Anglophile.

    I’ve read his book; every page had the plain-speaking ring-of-truth to it, and with each page my admiration for him grew … and my disgust for the British establishment (incl. media) soared.

  6. Few have put more on the line for the cause of counter-islamization than Tommy Robinson. Articulate, authentic, impassioned. How the political elites must fear and hate him. For he is everything they are not.

  7. He has been declared an ‘enemy of the state’, by the feckless, spineless, and groveling apologists of Islam in the UK government, MSM, and the political class.

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