8 thoughts on “Meme of the Moment: #JeSuisSaccharine

  1. Critical thinkers ripe for conquest on a first come first served basis while stocks last.

    • The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Put the “halcyon” days of “all migrants welcome” placards, rainbow flags, free hugs, maudling renditions of “imagine” behind you, focus your attention on the enemies within. Merkel should not be a free woman, the Blair creature should not be a free man, Soros, Tusk, Juncker & Sutherland should not be free men. You are literally in a fight for survival now. The third world invaders abhor your values and life style and will not be content until they replicate the hell holes they have come from in your cities, towns and villages.

  2. The products of modern public education, where the teaching of history has been suppressed and replaced with courses promoting ‘self-esteem.’

  3. A curious European reaction that candle light vigil. What is it? Is it a shrine or a prayer? How does that work when most Europeans are atheists? Perhaps the influence of Christianity is not as dead as first appears. Certainly the restraint shown by the French and Belgium people to terror outrages is polar opposite to what would happen if a Christian blew up a mosque in a muslim majority country. There there would be no vigils, just rampaging mobs burning churches, shops homes and any Christians they could find.Extracting revenge. Does any one doubt that?

  4. Just a suggestion for all would be muslim terrorists. If you really want to bring about the apocalyptic war between muslims and the west, these are the people you need to target because they are the ones preventing this from happening. Attacking events such as this go a long war in forcing liberals to change their world view.

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