Italian Women: Dress Down!

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve groping jihad in Cologne, an Italian TV program called La Gabbia (“The Cage”) aired a feature with the title: “Muslims: Women Without the Veil Are Not to Be Respected”. The producers sent a reporter dressed in jeans and high heels to various mosques to talk to Muslim men about how they think women should dress.

The responses — well, they were about what you’d expect.

Many thanks to par0 for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   … talking about the controversial cartoon by Vaura, “We will rape our women ourselves”,
0:08   we will make a synthesis of the Fallaci quote “Islam that hates women”.
0:12   So we went out to meet up with the community, one of the Islamic communities of Milan,
0:19   to understand the reaction towards a typical Western woman
0:25   who refuses to conform to the current dress code of Muslims in their community.
0:33   So Nicole D, let’s see this report.
0:41   The veil, the veil is a sort of real protection for a woman
0:45   But why do you go round naked?
0:48   A woman when she is covered is respected. If someone has a veil, people respect her, understand?
0:54   After the events in Cologne, after the molestations and assaults recorded on New Year’s Eve in Germany,
0:58   Lucia Annunziata, director of the Huffington Post, writes on her blog.
1:03   Such a large operation of molestation cannot just be seen as a gesture against women
1:06   But to see if this is a challenge to Europe we went to some mosques in Milan
1:12   to see what Muslims think about Western women and their values
1:16   I dressed like this: high heels, tight jeans, which was not appreciated by some.
1:21   You provoke, you provoke! I provoke? Yes.
1:24   I wanted to ask you a question, Western women…
1:27   Whatever you like — it’s useless replying to you.
1:31   With your mentality it is pointless. Ah, with my mentality? What is my mentality?
1:35   Jumi (?) is the person responsible for the mosque in Via Vienna, one of the places noted for radical views
1:41   The attitude of shutting us out was total. They don’t give us a single comment.
1:46   We move to another mosque and arrive at prayer time.
1:52   We wait, and only when the worshippers have finished do we manage to exchange a few words with the young men.
1:58   Have you heard about what happened in Germany on the night of the 31st December?
2:03   It is the first time I’ve heard about this.
2:07   I didn’t hear about it.
2:10   I didn’t exactly follow what happened.
2:14   I told you, I don’t know anything I, don’t know anything about it, I read,
2:19   that is, I only read the newspaper headlines and I cannot understand what happened.
2:22   Why were hundreds of European women molested by groups of immigrants, mainly Muslims.
2:27   Is it the freedom of European women that annoys the followers of Mohamed?
2:31   Is there a link between violence and Islam? We try to ask them, from this starting point.
2:36   A Muslim woman would never be dressed as I am now.
2:40   Why? This is freedom? In the moment when I see a pretty woman
2:45   going around like that… I personally like dressing in these trousers, I like wearing high heels.
2:51   If you risk something worse to get yourself noticed?
2:55   There is the prevention, and therefore a woman should cover herself appropriately.
2:58   Have you understood it well? Women, for this young Muslim man, should cover up to prevent being molested.
3:03   So, for him, it is the women who should be responsible for men’s’ excesses.
3:12   We try in another Islamic centre near to the Central Station. We go down into
3:16   a sort of basement after having spoken by phone to those responsible,
3:19   and after waiting we manage to enter. Listen to what this man tells me.
3:23   At home — I know at home you can do whatever you like.
3:27   Outdoors, not even perfume. A woman wearing a miniskirt
3:30   What does she demonstrate? She demonstrates: look at me how beautiful I am.
3:35   Look at me, look at me. It is enough to wear clothing
3:39   that doesn’t allow your shape to be seen. That shows men:
3:44   look, this is her shape.
3:47   They should not show that there are tits,
3:51   thighs, hips.
3:55   Women can dress how they like but they must not show their shape.
3:59   Thus, long skirts, long sleeves, no décolletage, not even perfume,
4:03   and it doesn’t end here. If you pass by in a mini skirt and heels —
4:08   You pass first. Afterwards
4:12   a Muslim woman passes. In my opinion the covered up woman earns more respect
4:17   than the one who goes around in a miniskirt.
4:21   Surely,
4:24   to 60% of men, someone jumps on them (other man speaking) This is a thing that men —
4:30   and is violent to them.
4:33   Only covered women are to be respected. All the others instead are themselves responsible
4:37   for violence against them. We go to the mosque in Sagrate and here again
4:41   our questions appear awkward for the Muslims.
4:44   Some don’t want to be filmed, some who pretend not to understand.
4:47   I don’t speak Italian You don’t speak Italian? You’re speaking Italian!
4:51   Those who tell us to go away. Those who do reply give us a true rebuff as to how women should dress.
4:57   For women it is only appropriate to show their face and hands,
5:03   whereas the rest of the body should be covered up with an ample dress of opaque material.
5:09   Why is it obligatory for her to be totally covered up? But why do you go around naked?
5:14   First of all, when a woman goes round covered, she is respected.
5:19   She doesn’t draw attention to herself. She’s covered up, and therefore no one harms her.
5:25   But I would feel my liberty was being constrained if I couldn’t choose what to wear.
5:31   That is true, yes. We move to another Islamic centre in Via Padova, on the outskirts of Milan,
5:37   with a high concentration of foreigners.
5:40   We try to question some people.
5:43   Go away!
5:49   You can’t come here and bother us.
5:52   We’re not trying to bother you. No, you have no…
5:56   I am in a public place and have a right to question… But you have no right to enter here.
6:00   We manage to speak to a few of them, but the replies are still the same: Women must cover up.
6:06   It’s true, it’s true. It is a form of protection for a woman.
6:11   Perhaps a drunk sees a girl who stimulates that sensation, and he goes to touch her.
6:19   If one is Muslim or Christian?
6:22   If they are wearing a veil people respect them, do you understand?

22 thoughts on “Italian Women: Dress Down!

  1. Why does anyone need to know or understand what these neanderthals think? Arrest, convict, DEPORT. They are abusing the host nation and will continue to do so unless stamped down on hard. When did being a Muslim elevate you to a special social status which places you above the law? Now they are objecting to the white cross on the Swiss Flags as it “offends” them and openly burning them in the streets of the host nation. Would they burn their own flag in their own country? Of course not because at best they would be battered senseless by the security forces or more likely killed at leisure.

    • The hijab is necessary but not sufficient. To guarantee protection, a woman must be accompanied by her husband or a close male relative at ALL times when outside her home.

    • Hey! Don’t slam Neanderthals! 😀 I take it personally, because I’m part Neanderthal — 4% actually. And I’m considered quite bright!

  2. “Why does anyone need to know or understand what these neanderthals think?”

    Agreed. Once one has the gist of it, they can and should be be left to stew in the juice of their own barbarism. To think that sentiments such as those reported are being expressed by people – to use the term loosely – who live in Europe in 2016!

  3. It’s western civilization that supports this sub-culture. Without support this sub-culture would disappear within western countries. Until support is withdrawn it will remain a problem.

  4. What they are saying amounts to “We Muslims are scum with no self-control. We are beasts who you may lawfully destroy — but you are cowards, and dare not, so we will win, and destroy you,” translated from Muslim-jabber to meaningful concepts.

    Destroy them first.

  5. While I do not respect Islam, in UK on a weekend some of the “wimmin” are drunk and semi-naked. I find this embarrassing. The “Permissev’ society” is almost as bad. I don’t like seeing women dressed like this and it lowers the tone of the streets and encourages lawlessness. My wife and I cannot walk around Egham these days as we once could due to the drunks and openly sexual dress of the young “wimmin”. In my youth in the 1970s, Englsih women were known for their elegant dress and manners. Look at the films of the 1950s and 60s. I see just two extremes from a generation or two that think freedom means doing what you want. I loath the burka. But moderation is the key and self-respect.

  6. Two extremes does make make one right…..Both are offensive and oppressive and limit the freedom of others.

  7. So, our western men are expected and manage to control themselves But muslim men have weak impulse control – they need women to help them control their impulses. If they don’t succeed, it’s the women’s fault, not theirs. What a racket!

  8. I know exactly how ME & African guys feel about White women.
    I also know exactly how ME & African guys feel about White men.
    Learned all that, beyond any shadow of doubt, up close & personal in the mid-1980’s.
    I also know how much ME & African guys love porn, so there goes that ‘respect’ theory, don’t it?

        • A fantasy; a safe outlet that doesn’t harm anyone, like prostitution (assuming no coercion is involved). And before you ask, I’ve never been with a hooker, as I believe sex for money degrades all participants.

          • The B and I had this discussion more than thirty years ago, predicting the rise of pR0n0 (that’s for bots, Mark) w/ the advent of personal computers. At the time, deeply erotic commercials featuring prepubescent girls were beginning to appear ever more frequently; it was sickening. In getting rid of TV, that was one reason – though not the primary one.

            Here’s just one heavily sourced page on the problem:



            Once porn hit the Web, suddenly there was nothing but a few keystrokes between anyone with an Internet connection and the most graphic material available, [7] and the online porn industry exploded. Between 1998 and 2007, the number of pornographic websites grew by 1,800%. [8] According to a 2004 study of Internet traffic in May of that year, porn sites were visited three times more often than Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Search combined. [9]

            And porn hasn’t stayed behind the computer screen. Now that porn is more available, affordable, and anonymous than ever before, more people are becoming addicted [10] and its influence has soaked into every aspect of our lives. [11] Popular video games feature full nudity. [12] Snowboards marketed to teens are plastered with images of porn stars. [13] Even children’s toys have become more sexualized. [14]

            Television shows and movies have been impacted too as producers and writers have upped the ante with more and more graphic content to keep the attention of audiences accustomed to porn. [15] Between 1998 and 2005, the number of sex scenes on American TV shows nearly doubled. [16] And it’s not just happening on adult programs. In a study conducted in 2004 and 2005, 70% of the 20 TV shows most often watched by teens included sexual content and nearly half showed sexual behavior. [17]

            And the more our society becomes sexually saturated, the more porn makers pump out harder and harder material to make sure they stay on the cutting edge. [18]

            “Thirty years ago ‘hardcore’ pornography usually meant the explicit depiction of sexual intercourse,” wrote Dr. Norman Doidge, in his recent book on neuroscience, The Brain That Changes Itself. “Now hardcore has evolved and is increasingly dominated by the sadomasochistic themes … all involving scripts fusing sex with hatred and humiliation. Hardcore pornography now explores the world of perversion, while softcore is now what hardcore was a few decades ago …. The comparatively tame softcore pictures of yesteryear … now show up on mainstream media all day long, in the pornification of everything, including television, rock videos, soap operas, advertisements, and so on.” [19]


  9. A fantasy…….your logic staggers intellectualism ad absurdum. Truly you are a giant amongst men. I stand in awe.


      • I typed “pron” by accident, instead of “porn”- after seeing the reactions here, I Googled “pron”, which I’d never heard of, and now wish I hadn’t.

        • Mark, I changed the word to pr0n…bots collect the other word…so I’m glad you know now that it’s not harmless. In fact, it’s the biggest part of the internet. And it does kids – brains still growing – the most harm. But it changes the brains of those who watch a lot of it. To paraphrase “you are what you eat” – you are what you gaze upon. So you, Mark, visit cathedrals…while others visit the sub-sub-sub-human basement. It’s BIG business, too.

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