Geert Wilders in Spijkenisse: “Close the Borders Immediately”

As promised, today Geert Wilders paid a visit to the southern Dutch town of Spijkenisse to highlight the danger posed to Dutch women by the ongoing “refugee” crisis, which has seen thousands of additional young male third-worlders enter the Netherlands. Cologne and dozens of other European cities have recently experienced a Groping Jihad waged by migrants against native women, and the Netherlands is not likely to be exempted from its ravages.

Mr. Wilders and other leaders of the PVV handed out “resistance spray” to women in the Markt at Spijkenisse. Almost all means of self-defense, including pepper spray, are forbidden by law to women (and men) in the Netherlands. The new defensive spray distributed by the PVV contains red paint. If that fails to stop a would-be assailant, it will certainly make him conspicuous for a while after his assault.

And if the resistance spray turns out to be effective, it will no doubt be outlawed soon afterwards by the government.

Mr. Wilders tweeted that an enthusiastic crowd turned out to resist the Islamic invasion and the “testosterone bombs”, as he calls the young culture-enrichers who grope and molest women in public spaces all over Europe.

In the photo above, notice all those alert men encircling Geert Wilders with their backs to him. Those are his bodyguards. They are with him everywhere he goes, even in the friendliest of venues.

Below are excerpts from a report from The New York Times on Mr. Wilders’ visit to Spijkenisse:

Anti-Islam Dutch Lawmaker Gains Support Amid Migrant Crisis

SPIJKENISSE, Netherlands (AP) — The Dutch debate on asylum-seekers has come to this: Firebrand lawmaker Geert Wilders handing out self-defense sprays to women fearful of what he describes as “Islamic testosterone bombs” in the wake of the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne.

Wilders, surrounded by bodyguards and police, visited a market Saturday in the largely blue-collar town of Spijkenisse to hand out the sprays, which contained red paint. Amid stalls selling vegetables, fish, flowers and bicycle parts, Wilders got a rock-star welcome from dozens of supporters, while others protested his visit, waving placards including one that read, “Refugees are welcome, racism is not.”

The publicity stunt fits into Wilders’ uncompromising anti-immigrant, anti-Islam rhetoric that has propelled him to the top of Dutch opinion polls, just over a year away from the parliamentary election.

In between shaking hands and posing for selfies with supporters, the Freedom Party leader said that, if elected, he would, “close the borders immediately and have no more asylum-seekers. We just cannot afford to have more. The Dutch people in a big majority don’t want it and we cannot afford it and it makes our people and women only more unsafe.”

His message is gaining traction here amid a surge of refugees to Europe and following deadly attacks by Islamic extremists in Paris last year. It echoes Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s call for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States and is similar to other populist, nationalist groups in Europe like Marine Le Pen’s National Front in France.

“The tendencies across Europe are very similar,” said University of Amsterdam political science professor Wouter van der Brug. “Across Europe, right-wing populist parties are picking up support as a result of the asylum crisis that we’re facing now, and also as a result of terrorist attacks.”

Leontine Maris was one of the first women to get a spray from Wilders. The 53-year-old said she votes for him though she disagrees with some of his more extreme comments. She said she was afraid not just of migrants, but also Dutch men.

“The whole society is going down the drain,” she said.

As Wilders’ popularity soars on the back of such disenchantment, Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s two-party coalition is in a slump, losing ground mainly to Wilders.

“Wilders is getting support across different layers of society,” Van der Brug said.


Rutte has ruled out cooperating with Wilders unless the Freedom Party leader takes back comments made in 2014 that he would see to it that there were fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands. Those same comments also landed Wilders in trouble with Dutch prosecutors, who plan to put him on trial on charges of discrimination.

That kind of criticism is not new to Wilders, who has made his name with inflammatory anti-Islam rhetoric. He was acquitted in 2011 on hate speech charges for comments including likening Islam to fascism and calling for a ban on the Quran.

Wilders’ party currently holds 12 seats in the 150-member lower house, but a poll by Ipsos on Thursday suggested the Freedom Party would win 32 seats now. Rutte’s Liberals were second with 26 seats, down from its current tally of 40. The online survey of 1,061 voters had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percent. Other polls have Wilders even further ahead.

Another version of this article was published by The Seattle Times.

24 thoughts on “Geert Wilders in Spijkenisse: “Close the Borders Immediately”

  1. Rutte is not going to seek a third term. His party won’t let him. So he can say whatever he wants. He also accused the PVV of being a socialist party, and he doesn’t want to govern with socialists. Obviously, he ignores the fact he already is governing with a real socialist party (PvdA = Dutch labor party).

    • It’s a fake, too bad you let yourself be fooled.

      However, I expect to see something very close to it happening for real before the year is out.

  2. If even pepper spray is illegal in Holland, then serious people need to discipline themselves to the martial arts. I would like to see a court try to outlaw self defense training.

    • A man I knew some years ago had moved south to get away from the personal crime in New York City. After the third time he was robbed, he decided to take self-defense classes and found he had a talent for whatever kind of self-defense he was taught (it’s been too long – escapes me now).

      Two interesting things occurred:

      once he became quite adept (a fact which surprised him since he was the mild-mannered academic type), the robberies stopped. He was convinced it had to do with some kind of body language he was conveying. IOW, since 90% of communication is non-verbal he was somehow getting across the very real information that he could indeed protect himself.

      The second thing he discovered was that he enjoyed teaching others to take care of themselves. So once he’d moved down here he offerred classes at the community college for anyone who wanted to learn self-defense. His classes were always over-subscribed.

      So in this nice, mild-mannered, trim and slightly built Jewish mensch beat the heart of a tough guy who was fiercely conservative. He ended up moving to a very old walled city in the part of Spain which Islam failed to conquer.

      Just goes to show something or other.

    • Pere: Martial arts classes good idea. What about knives used in the kitchen having 5 or 6 inch blades? They are sold in most stores, incl grocery stores. Buy a bunch, pay cash. A small spray bottle with vinegar (any type) will burn the eyes pepper sauce can be added. Larger hex bolts can be used with tape wrapped around the top of the bolt for easy gripping for self defense. Common sense no matter where you live is don’t go out at night and shop early in the day. Keep doors locked and bolted.

    • Is anti-wasp & hornet spray available? It can achieve a solid stream several feet long. Add ignition and toast’em with a personal flame thrower. True Value Hardware indeed.

  3. The crucial statistic determining the success of this event would be the number of women under 30 who got themselves a can or 5.
    Or who signed up for Karate classes.

    • What a great idea! Lots of ex-military who learned defense skills and are good at instilling confidence in others could benefit their community. Quite an asset to have; even better to pass it on.

  4. Introductory “How to behave in Europe”

    – Attacking women – Bad

    “European authorities hand out cartoon strips telling migrants why they shouldn’t assault women”

    • Bad for a man to hit a woman, good for a man to kiss a man. Fine. What about a cartoon of a man hitting a woman in one frame followed by the consequences–said man being kicked to a pulp by a dozen angry men. They might understand that, especially if it happens. Alternative second frame: said man being kicked in the xxxx by the woman.

  5. Still too little support. I fear Matt Bracken and others are right. It will take many car bombs before the population awakens enough to support a Wilders.

    • Socialism has made generational inroads into Europe and America. It will take time to roll back the damage. The support that Wilders, Trump, Le Pen, etc., are receiving is good news.

    • Not car bombs so much as New Year’s Eves–something that demonstrates that we’re not dealing with a ‘tiny minority’ after all.

    • Independent: agree completely, look at all the incidents in the EU, yet people do nothing, apathy still controls the masses. Do they even know any history (crusades, events of Muslim wars with Europeans thru the centuries) or basic world history ? A brief study of the Koran online should show what their future will be. More invaders to come and EU will fall calling it Eurostan.

      • They “know” about the crusades and they “know” it was all European aggression against the peaceful Muslims.

        They “know” all about the evil Western colonialism. That’s what they all “know.”

    • Apparently, Mijneer Fortuyn put kittens into a washing machine for one of his movies.
      I’m glad he’s not around.

      • You’re mixing Theo Van Gogh up with Pim Fortuyn. Pim Fortuyn was a gay politician, and made no movies that I’m aware of. Theo Van Gogh was an avant garde filmmaker and culture maven. Since he was Dutch, that meant that he produced some pretty sick stuff, by my standards.

        Fortuyn got killed by an animal rights activist on behalf of his (the activist’s) Muslim pals, while Van Gogh was killed directly by a mujahid.

  6. And the good Bishop of London recommends that Christian clergymen grow beards as part of outreach to Muslims, and to identify themselves (‘distinguish’ themselves?) as ‘holy’ men!

    God help us! How ignorant and out of touch can a senior cleric be? More and more it looks as though prayer is the only answer. Daily rosary anyone? (That doesn’t preclude stocking up on ammunition, though. And karate classes.)

    • Frank, well said, and all necessary. Perhaps if more Christians realized, that God has made it clear that while the Golden Rule is perhaps a short form essence of Christianity, not only is it made clear that man must put words and nice intentions to action, that less is not enough, in line with His stated precepts, but also clearly demonstrates, that there are times when one must also put to action physical and violent defense against our enemy, who clearly can be shown in islam to be satan’s own, for eternity unless it be destroyed. In fact, for more than the Israelites alone, God, expects one must defend the family fundamentally above all, or be a failure, revealed in other verses, and chapters of the Bible. To the base point of defending against an enemy intent upon desolation or subjugation one well ought to remember these admonitions:


      36 THEN SAID HE UNTO THEM, “BUT NOW, HE THAT HATH A PURSE, LET HIM TAKE IT AND LIKEWISE HIS PACK; AND HE THAT HATH NO SWORD, LET HIM SELL HIS GARMENT AND BUY ONE. — Luke 22:36 KJV, 21C [Clearly, God is admonishing to arm oneself with a rifle, or pistol, sword and dagger, to reach out and touch an enemy, as with a sword, for travel, and become trained in defense……..]




      One contributor recently said that Austrians are buying pistols at about 4 times the background rate, since has become the obvious truths all over the continent.

  7. “Refugees are welcome, racism is not.”

    I wonder what mental gymnastics are performed, to explain the racist, sexual assaults all over Europe on NYE? especially when some of the perps were recent ‘refugees’- racist ‘refugees’- I wonder if they’re welcome? apparently so- the hypocrisy of the
    EU and state-sponsored antifas grows ever larger- The useful-idiots and apologists, have several stock answers- ‘only whites can be racist’- an obvious delusion and ironically beholden to a racism of lower expectations for non-Europeans.
    ‘There were German,French and Belgian citizens attacking women’- as if that stops these attacks being racist- of course if it was over a thousand white Europeans who attacked Muslim women form the MENA area- the cries of racism would still be ringing in our ears.

  8. It seems to me that nothing but nothing will even cause the invaders to slow down but (from our point of view) stomach turning, heart breaking and morally shocking levels of killing.

    Of course, from the invaders point of view there would be nothing especially upsetting about it, other than the inconvenience to themselves. It would seem normal and sensible.

    The invasion will not even slow unless the invaders are either:
    1) Physically unable to enter and occupy
    2) Too frightened to try

    The civilized world, and most especially the west is intellectually unprepared to deal with the fact that moral and religious doctrines can be evil. In fact, the idea that a religious or moral standard is not prima facie, inherently good by definition is deeply shocking to most westerners.

    Well here is the dramatic and philosophical head buster of our time: A perfectly normal person, with every intention of being as good a person as they can, who is entirely sane and perfectly well adjusted socially, BUT who was raised under an EVIL MORAL DOCTRINE, will calmly and methodically commit shocking acts of evil without the slightest mental conflict or outer sign of difficulty.

    That’s the real deal my friends.

    Deal with it or die.

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