Geert Wilders: Keep Taharrush Out of the Netherlands!

Geert Wilders: Border closed!

In the wake of the Groping Jihad in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, Geert Wilders is highlighting the fact that Dutch women are unable to defend themselves in the Netherlands, where even pepper spray is illegal.

The following announcement was sent out today by the PVV:

PVV will hand out resistance spray to women in Spijkenisse

On Saturday 23 January at 12 noon, parliamentarians of the Party for Freedom (PVV) will protest in Spijkenisse (province of South Holland) against the arrival of new asylum seekers in the Netherlands.

PVV leader Geert Wilders MP and his colleagues Sietse Fritsma MP, Harm Beertema MP and Vicky Maeijer MEP will hand out flyers at Markt in Spijkenisse against the possible arrival there of asylum seekers.

A number of women will also receive a free “resistance spray”. This is a legal self-defense spray with which they can protect themselves when endangered by attackers and other malicious men.

Geert Wilders: “In 2016, too, we will continue our firm protests against the arrival of new asylum seekers. The recent events in Cologne and other cities show how dangerous it is to keep welcoming large numbers of men from the barbaric and misogynistic Islamic culture.

“In Spijkenisse, we are also going to distribute a limited number of sprays that will allow women who are attacked to defend themselves against Islamic testosterone bombs. Moreover, the PVV wants the legal ban on the possession of pepper sprays in the Netherlands to be lifted as soon as possible.”

Yesterday Mr. Wilders and Machiel de Graaf (also of the PVV) published an op-ed on the same topic in Below is a translation:

Give Women the Right to Defend Themselves

By Geert Wilders and Machiel de Graaf

“Cultural enrichment” has brought us a new word: Taharrush. Remember it well, because we are going to have to deal with it a lot. Taharrush is the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped, raped. After the Cologne taharrush on New Year’s Eve, many German women bought pepper spray. Who can blame them?

A culture that has a specific word for sexual assaults of women by groups of men is a danger to all women. The existence of the word indicates that the phenomenon is widespread. Frau Merkel, Prime Minister Rutte and all the other open-door politicians could and should have known this.

The Islamic world is steeped in misogyny. The Koran explicitly states that a woman is worth only half a man (Suras 2: 228, 2: 282, 4:11), that women are unclean (5:6), and that a man can have sex with his wife whenever he wants (24:31). The Koran even says that men are allowed to have sex slaves (4:24), and that they have the right to rape women whom they have captured (24:31).

The hadiths, the descriptions of the life of Muhammad, the ideal human being whose example all the Islamic faithful must follow, confirm that women are sex objects, that they are inferior beings like dogs and donkeys, and that there is nothing wrong with sexual slavery and raping female prisoners.

Taharrush is quite common in Islamic countries. Women are frequently surrounded by men and subsequently abused. The Egyptian website Jadaliyya points out that it also happens to veiled women. Women are victims simply because they are women and not because they have provoked the men by their conduct or “provocative” clothing. It can happen in the streets, public transport, supermarkets, or during protest demonstrations.

In 2011, the American television journalist Lara Logan had her clothes ripped off and “was raped with the hands” by a group of 200 men on Tahrir Square in Cairo. Two years later, a young Dutch woman became a taharrush victim at the same square. Now, along with the flow of migrants from the Islamic world, the phenomenon has also reached Europe. The elite tried to keep it hidden from the people, but they cannot do so anymore.

Cartoonists in the West already experienced Islamic killers coming to their front door if they dare to draw Muhammad. Now, thousands of women in Cologne and dozens of cities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, such as Zurich, Stockholm, Malmo, Vienna, experienced rapists standing behind the door if they dare take to the streets.

Islam means submission. And there is a good reason for it. The arrival of Islam has led to the curtailment of Western freedoms under the threat of violence. And this threat will only increase. It is an insidious process until the whole West submits to Islam.

Last week, the Mayor of Cologne advised her female citizens to keep strange men at an arm’s length. In Vienna, the head of the police said that in future women better not walk the streets alone. It seems that Austria will soon resemble Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed alone in the streets. Earlier, in the Netherlands, women from families hosting asylum seekers had already been advised to wear “appropriate” clothes (even indoors), “so no prom dress or bare shoulders,” and to ensure that they are never alone in the room with male asylum seekers.

But the behavior of women has nothing to do with it. Moreover, it is a disgrace that our women are advised to modify their behavior because the government has invited thousands of dangerous men into our country. When one imports Islam in the Netherlands, one also imports the misogynistic culture of Cairo, Damascus, Riyadh into our cities. Next to headscarves, burkas, mosques, honor killings, and terrorism, we now have taharrush.

The solution is not that our women keep an arm’s length from the male barbarians, but that the government keeps these men thousands of kilometers away from us. Until that happens, other measures are needed. It is irresponsible to turn our country into a jungle and subsequently send women unarmed into the jungle. They must at least have the right to defend themselves. Contrary to countries such as Germany and France, in our country it is illegal to carry pepper spray. With the Netherlands now being overrun by men who see women as inferior sex tools, it is time to legalize pepper spray in the Netherlands as a weapon against taharrush.

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV). Machiel de Graaf is a parliamentarian for the PVV.

42 thoughts on “Geert Wilders: Keep Taharrush Out of the Netherlands!

  1. Taharrush is the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped, raped.

    Only an aggressive ideology like Islam would have such a word at all. In Western countries we have to string together a series of words, as in: women encircled by groups of men and sexually assaulted.


    • You’re right on the money, Dymphna–and the fact that they have a word for it explains why it happened (apparently) spontaneously, simultaneously in so many different places. If there’s a word for it, it’s a ‘thing’–in this case, the thing creatures like that do when they are aware that there’s going to be a large public outdoor gathering where there will be women travelling solo or in small groups of only women.

      • That’s cultural enrichment. New words, new customs. I guess Europeans will soon learn many other words and customs, exactly as promised by their progressive governments.

    • I guess “gang rape” would be the closest short term.

      There’s something beyond disturbing in this.

      See, I can accept that there is a minority of men who are “willing rapists” given the chance. It’s unfortunate, but it is.

      What I can’t understand is how a group of men decide to do this together. You’d think that they’d be too embarassed to admit that they’re a would-be rapist.

      Unless they come from a totally twisted culture that encourages it.

      A sick individual is a problem, but always will be.

      A sick culture is much, MUCH more serious.

      I’ve met men who would probably rape, if given the chance. What I’ve yet to meet is a man who would say “yes” to a “Let’s go out to rape!” offer.

      • That’s exactly it. If there’s no shame in being a rapist then why would anyone not be a rapist? If there’s no shame in playing football then why would anyone not play football? Only reason would be lack of interest in doing so.

        And why would there be any shame in being a rapist when women are the ones who are always responsible for whatever happens to them?

  2. Dear Geert, there are lots of other things the girls can use. Lemon juice in the nice lemon-shaped containers for example. They can be refilled with different irritants. There is no law against water pistols either.

    Powdered pepper can be held at the ready in your handbag. That’s a trick the ladies in India use.

    • My concern is that these invaders are so aggressive that a mere irritant spray will not be sufficient to deter them.

      I can think of a variety of household chemicals and insect sprays that could produce a significantly stronger deterrent effect when a young woman needs to safeguard her person.

      Is that suggestion too intemperate?

    • Citizens own guns, slaves (subjects) don’t. What about tactical knives or kitchen knives? Vinegar can be used to spray in face, burns eyes. Various hand tools can be weapons like screw drivers, hex bolts (5.5 to 6 inches best) with duck tape wrapped around the end for easier grip when attacked. A man’s long sock filled with smooth rocks in the foot of the sock, then tied with plastic tie wraps can be used as a club. These items can be in a car, a purse or women’s coat pocket.

      • It seems that women in Europe are going to need to think more like women in prison when it comes to self defense.

    • If you go to that Wikipedia article you will find
      “This article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia’s deletion policy. … The neutrality of this article is disputed.”

  3. I live in Utrecht and we have lots of muslims here and they are a disgrace! I’ve been catcalled and insulted by muslim men many times. It’s true I can’t buy pepper gas here but I have a jacknife in my pocket/handbag, I might get in troubles with police because of this but if police does not defend me I am forced to defend myself. And while muslims are the most dangeous vermin in the Netherlands we also have south american and african gangs in the streets. Political correctness is turning The Netherlands into a third world sewer.

    • Katja,
      I have my own ideas on self-defence and the Rule of Law. If the Law is not applied equally to all citizens or in fact if the Law is not applied at all, the “Social Contract” is broken, and the Rule of Law no longer exists as it was originally intended.
      “Taking the Law into one’s own hands” is therefore the only option, as in any real democracy, the will of the citizens is reflected in the laws generated by parliament. In other words, we the citizens ARE the Law.
      I say this as a matter of opinion; I do not know how the Netherlanders view their unique Social Contract. But I do know that from a human standpoint it is fundamentally important to protect oneself and one’s fellow citizens. This is “natural” law.
      And if the police – who are also citizens – have the means to protect themselves, why not those citizens who don’t wear a badge?

  4. I would suggest if you can, using the spray that is designed to repel bears. The standard pepper spray is frequently not strong enough. Add to that, if you can carry a can the size of bear spray, a range of 30 feet (instead of the usual 6 to 7 feet) and 9.2 seconds of spray time (instead of 1.5 to 2.5 seconds). Much more effective

    • Where does one get BEAR SPRAY? – We go to the mountains every once
      in a while; and I imagine they have it up there. – I was just in a pet supply
      store today; but didn’t think to look when I was in there. I have my
      great-great grandfather’s old Smith & Wesson revolver. I don’t want to
      hurt anybody; and won’t if they don’t make me. I think he probably felt
      the same way! – I’ll use the bear spray for now!

      • In the United States or similar, a sporting goods store of the sort that has lots of outdoor stuff and hunting stuff should have that kind of thing.

      • Amazon has it. It’s also more expensive, but if you’re in a dangerous environment it’s worth it.

      • You can buy bear spray on in the U.S.
        If you’re in the UK, you can get it from
        Think I’ll buy some myself.

    • Here’s another idea. A small can of spray paint like graffiti artists use. Would mark them for later identification.

        • I went to the You Tube version since it loaded faster for me. Then I found a longer explanation:

          I had trouble understanding him. This is a UK product and legal. He definitely has a UK accent as several people said they had trouble understanding him…he also had smaller cans.

          It would be effective for one or two assailants but if you’re encircled…

          • Yea it isn’t very serious stuff. No real irritant and the only incapacitation value is spraying it in the perps eyes. Not sure that it’s any better than spray paint except that a defender would be less likely to be accused of illegal use of force.

  5. I live in Texas (we can now carry a gun openly, next step “Constitutional Carry” which will be even better). But I understand that wasp sprays are very, very effective against all sorts of vermin if you get my drift.

    • The wasp sprays are indeed very effective as the active ingredient causes their exoskeleton to close up and they suffocate almost immediately since they breathe through their exoskeleton. They are accurate from 20 feet but the only downside tends to be the size of the can. Given the size of some ladies’ purses, however, this may not be much of a disadvantage. It makes for one heck of a pepper spray substitute.

      • Some of the hornets that make it into the house during the warm weather are too frantic to be able to capture and release outside. So it’s the vacuum cleaner. Or if they’re swarming repeatedly (as they do near our lilac by the side porch door every September, I use it.

        But it’s awful stuff. When I worked at the women’s shelter, one of our regular returnees finally shot her husband because he told her she was an insect and began spraying her face with roach killer. Half-blind, she made it into the bedroom, grabbed HIS gun and shot at him. She couldn’t see so she aimed in his general direction until the gun was empty.

        The stupid Commonwealth’s Attorney insisted on a trial, even though they had photographic evidence of what he’d done to her and the children. The case went to trial so I had to go sit in the wittness’ room along with the police who’d been at the house. The Commonwealth presented its case and the judge refused to hear the defense. He said the state had proved it was justifiable and he didn’t need to hear any more. She went home, finally “free” – except that she visited his grave every day for a long time.

        The children began to thrive, though. They hadn’t actually seen anything since they were asleep…mean dad was just ‘gone’.

        The police in the room with me were really mad. They turned on me and said we might as well paint targets on men if that’s what was going down. To which I replied, “why, bless your heart: matching His and Hers targets. That will be a nice change”.

        • I’m wondering what exactly the police (and for that matter, the Commonwealth’s attorney) expected her to do under the circumstances. Die perhaps? I have trouble believing they thought that what she did meant open season on ordinary decent men.
          Thank goodness for ordinary, decent judges.

          • Yes. They seem to come in groups. Judges, I mean. A group of good ones, then a passel of strange dudes…you had to know who you were up against and that county attorney obviously didn’t. Or didn’t care. He was full up to here of Jane’s years of complaints, warrants, and then returns home.

            It was complicated. One time I offered to have a certificate made for her that proclaimed:

            This is official recognition that John is a pain in the gluteus maximus and is no doubt going to hell. In exchange for this certificate you, Jane, will agree to change the subject.

            She agreed; I typed it up in big font on thick paper and presented it to her at group. She loved it, but after 15 minutes was forced to surrender it because she couldn’t stop telling us how bad he was.

            These days, I’d get her to agree to say “it’s complicated” and then turn off the spigot…if she could.

          • I’d say she was lucky she landed that judge – a lot of them would probably put her away.

            Sounds like a case of good riddance. A good thing he died – the whole thing would have been a much bigger pain if he had survived, I’m sure.

    • It’s a good idea, but one has to wait for the meme to spread. Just as a lot of people know what “taqiyyah” is now. And “hudna”, etc.

  6. Not sure if you can buy WD-40 or Liquid Wrench (both lubricants in spray cans) in Europe, but I’m sure you can buy hair spray. Also pretty effective if you hit the eyes.
    ‘Raped with the hands’, eh?
    Guess Cialis hasn’t made it to Mali yet.

    • Actually WD-40 isn’t really supposed to be a lubricant though it has enough of that effect to get used as one. What it is actually supposed to do is displace water (WD = water displacer) so as to prevent rust.

      Displacing water from the eyeballs sounds a bit unpleasant.

  7. Let’s be clear: women have the right to defend themselves. Humans have that right intrinsically.

    No one can give them the right, and no one can take that right away. It’s theirs. Powers, such as government, can only deny the right; trample on it. They cannot take it away.

    A government that disallows women to defend themselves, tramples upon their right of self-defense.

    • An old saying – better to be judged by ten than carried by six. In my opinion, do whatever you need to do to defend yourself, your wife/husband, and children. Conceal carry is the best!

  8. Any kind of spray would be better than nothing. But be sure you don’t get any back splash. Spray it while he’s a few feet away.
    I was attacked by a black man many years ago when I was young. I screamed hoarsely and acted like a crazy woman, thrashing my arms and legs around. He ran away.

  9. “The recent events in Cologne and other cities show how dangerous it is to keep welcoming large numbers of men from the barbaric and misogynistic Islamic culture.”

    Wilders is correct. Why the political classes think these men will change their attitudes to non-muslim women after arriving in the “West” is never explained. Probably because the politicians know they never will.

    • Victor-

      It is worse than that.

      Go look at the shots of Merkel taking selfies with young male invaders.

      We are seeing Merkel’s interracial romance fantasies projected onto the entire continent of Europe, much to its detriment.

  10. Much worse that New York city in the 1970’s. Back then a 65 year old black grandmother held off a group of nine young thugs (same race) with a hand gun and was promptly arrested for illegal possession, or something. The only problem was that the District Attorney couldn’t get the Grand Jury to indite her. Even in the Goetz case, where a white man actually shot his would be attackers, it took two tries. The D. A.’s office was shocked at the level of anger with the criminal justice system, and spoke against against vigilantism, but the level of law enforcement that favored the criminals drove people to it. If a policeman arrested a mugger, said criminal would be back on the street before he could finish the paperwork. In one incident, which I heard about third hand, one young man tried to mug another on a Subway platform, and everyone else there jumped him. There was a policeman at the other end of the platform, and he took his sweet time to get over there to rescue the poor would-be mugger.
    There, in a nutshell, is why a place so completely devoted to the Democratic party takes spells when it elects Republican mayors.

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