Ezra Levant Interviews Tommy Robinson

On New Year’s Day Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media interviewed Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League. Tommy has just published a book, Enemy of the State, which tells the story of his efforts to resist the Islamization of Britain, and the trying consequences his stance has had for himself and his family.

Ezra Levant’s long introduction presents material that will be familiar to most readers, including video clips of some of the arrests and violence directed at Tommy. The second half of the program features Mr. Levant’s skype discussion with Tommy:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

4 thoughts on “Ezra Levant Interviews Tommy Robinson

  1. The people in control of Britain have so much to be ashamed of. Too often we hear of these scenarios whereby those raising genuine concerns in good faith are castigated for caring enough to give a damn.

    The irony of course is that the relatively peaceful behaviour of Tommy Robinson equates to him being arrested to placate those who would offer violence at the slightest justification. This is the worst type of cowardice than only encourages violence.

    Police officers in particular complying with a political agenda against the application of our laws is beyond the pale. Those involved with the incidences we have seen are not serving the best interests of their nation, only their own interests and are bringing the Police service and the uniform they wear into the utmost ill repute. Serve your fellows, your communities, your nations best interests and do what is right – that’s your job and your solemn oath. Don’t disgrace yourself.

    Politicians, as per usual ignoring long term solutions in applying the path of least resistance really should question their suitability to govern. Muslims have threatened to riot if they do not get what they want – comply and these demands will never end.

    The British people and nation have one of the proudest histories of civil society. We have to allow real freedom of speech, democratic representation, the upholding of tolerant society and equal application of law.

    These are the ideals, at least some, to which Tommy Robinson, for all his human frailties and working class background believes in. He is not part of the problem for pointing out what most working class people have chronic experience of and foresight of – the destructive expansion of Islamism in our society.

    The people controlling our nations destiny have no choice but to stop doing what they have always done. Its time to face this existential threat, instead of pretending it does not exist. This situation will not resolve itself without huge amounts of effort, and most likely civil unrest, but to neglect it would mean worse solutions at some point in the near future. Not doing so is not in anyone’s best interest, not least those with the benefits of being in control of our nation.

  2. Tommy Robinson is a great British patriot.I hope that Trump get’s in in America and starts a long overdue move to the right across Europe, Britain ,Canada and Australia .I wish Tommy and his family courage in these trying times.

  3. Tommy really has it together and is a first class chap, actually.

    I will grant that some of his supporters aren’t the most articulate, but they still have their right to their opinions. That’s actually a huge problem in our societies: that the opinions of those who don’t “talk fancy” are regularly discounted. Indeed, that a lot of his supporters aren’t the most articulate, in my mind, strengthens the point: what he is fighting over is of interest to REGULAR people, and not just the fancy-talking upper classes and “opinion makers”. It doesn’t take the most articulate person to see that something is wrong in Luton, that *THAT* is the whole point.

    I know these types of guys. They’re the types of guys who will GENUINELY accept those from different backgrounds, if they want to play by the same rules and be decent back. They’ll rib the Hindu/Indian guy at work about “more of that smelly food” just like they’ll razz each other about other stuff. Then after work, they’ll go help the same guy shift house, etc. They’ll also laugh at themselves when the Indian guy makes comments about their own food. If you’re their buddy, they’ll take a beating for you without a second thought.

    They’ll also generally tolerate Muslim types, if they have a sense of humour for questions like “So how do you handle more than one wife? Do you get them to fight with each other instead of with you… I can’t even stand one of them!” or “If I get really really drunk and then convert, will I be a bad Muslim because I got drunk before?” Muslims who can make humour out of such questions, instead of getting offended, would generally get along with these types.

    Generally, much better types than the upper classes.

  4. On Amazon it reads: ‘This book is currently unavailable because there are significant quality issues with the source file supplied by the publisher’.

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