9 thoughts on “People Have Finally Had Enough

  1. So relevant in what he says, particularly this time. I felt the same emotion he did towards the end, getting across how we all feel about being lied to and made fools of.

    We should not be following along with a feudal system of governance whereby a supposedly wise elite control the serf masses. We are no longer ignorant serfs, our elites are most certainly not wise paternal leaders.

    Whether we all like it or not the only fair form of governance is real democracy, not selective or representative democracy but real democracy, underpinned by the provision of a high standard of education for all – including us serfs.

    On a more positive not – thankfully our energy needs will soon no longer be reliant upon providing cash to idiotic regimes sat upon fossil fuels. Fusion reactors will be a reality soon and the power of middle eastern nations such as Saudi Arabia are set to diminish.

  2. Excellent, Mr. Condell!

    Obama is so far removed from the rest of the country (barring those special snowflakes on the coasts) that he doesn’t realize that most of us can hardly wait to see him leave our White House and that most of us are quite aware of what he’s up to by flooding us with people who hate us, hate our religion (mostly Christian), and hate our culture, such as it is. He is either a (fill-in-this-blank) or insane and I doubt that he is clinically insane at all.

    Most of us out here in the middle of the country have had enough, but we tend to be peaceful and law-abiding, so we wait for the next election and hope that he will not do too much more damage before he lives. But there are days when it seems a faint hope indeed.

    • Living out here in CA, among the “snowflakes”, I have a useful perspective for you Mariadee. If you want to know what type of “failed state” Obama is attempting to make our country into, just visit here. I mean outside of Disneyland, that is, where the true catastrophe of a multiculti, balkanized nightmare awaits you. Failed schools in a tower of Babel environment, crumbling infrastructure, high crime, perpetual near or actual bankruptcy at the State level – all drowned out in the perpetual never ending litany of [liberal]/progressive catechism. I think he knows exactly what he is doing: what he was told to do that is, by the globalist elites who want to fragment and render this country into third world status. I agree with Pat Condell. Trump is a reaction to a situation that should have never been allowed to occur. A nation can recover from many things, but treason from the inside is the most difficult. My greatest fear is that the “wakeup” has come too late.

  3. I don’t believe it’s necessarily the job of the POTUS to be the leader of the free world. If he wants to take that job, and if the people of the US want him to, well and good, and thanks very much from small corners of the still free world. But it may be necessary for him to take that job if it’s the best way of keeping the people of the US safe–which IS his job, and seems to be the job that glaringly isn’t being done.

  4. Salome
    I doubt Trump will be elected……if Murdoch and Walaweed bin Talal aren’t going to vote for him, who will?
    Jeb Bush vs Hilary seems most likely because that ticket would be win/win for both Rupert AND Walaweed and who don’t like a win/win scenario?

    : )

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