Donald Trump Versus the Counterfeit Morality of Political Correctness

J.R. Nyquist is a commentator on national security issues and the author of Origins of the Fourth World War. The following guest essay discusses the current furor on the Left generated by Donald Trump, and its relationship with the larger culture wars.

Donald Trump Versus the Counterfeit Morality of Political Correctness

by J.R. Nyquist

Presidential candidate Donald Trump suggested that Muslim immigration into the United States should be temporarily suspended. In saying this, Trump did not break one of the Ten Commandments. He did not deprive anyone of their rights. He did not vilify anyone. He did not advocate genocide or racism. But here in America, in the West, we know perfectly well that he transgressed. In saying the same thing, we might expect to lose our jobs, our relationships, our standing in the community; for we have been indoctrinated to believe that everyone is equal, and all religions are equal. We have been told that the unfairness of the world cannot be allowed. This is our new morality — a counterfeit morality which has become more precious to us than our continued national existence.

Trump is said to exemplify racism and sexism. When he says, in genuine consternation, that he is merely talking common sense, his elite listeners shake their heads. When Trump says that his own Muslim friends agree that he is right about temporarily suspending Muslim immigration, the elite refuse to believe him. He must be demented or insane. He is not to be taken seriously. It is some kind of “stunt.” Trump tries to explain that he is motivated by considerations of public safety and prudence. The elite sneer because they believe he is merely trying to win over bigots and yahoos. From this we may infer that our present media elite regards our Founding Fathers as malicious oppressors whose sexism and racism was every bit as heinous as the most rabid Nazi. Of course the Founders were patriarchs. They believed that women and children had to be protected. They believed that raising children and taking care of a family required fully engaged mothers. Any other course would have been a disaster (and now is a disaster) They also knew that alien religions and foreign tribes were not easy to assimilate — as the long and violent race war between red Indians and white settlers amply demonstrated.

To our politically correct politicians and pundits, our Founding Fathers were class oppressors whose policies included genocide and slavery. And it is, indeed, a funny thing to have benefited from these same forebears, decrying their prudence as racism and their foresight as sexism. It is no wonder our mainstream media do not appreciate Donald Trump.

It does not occur to our modern geniuses that restrictions on immigration might be prudent under the circumstances — and might save the country from future heartbreak. It also doesn’t occur to these same people that skepticism toward abortion and feminism might have nothing to do with animosity toward women, but might stem from concerns about the survival of a nation and its culture. Such concerns are not sexist, just as concerns about Muslim immigration are not racist. Every nation and every people should consider their posterity. And so this illustrates, in a particularly vivid manner, the war that is really going on in our time. It is a war against our ancestors and against our posterity which is waged by our present leaders.

Everyone, of course, has heard of the Constitution of the United States. It is the supreme law of the land. The first ten amendments to the Constitution are known as the “Bill of Rights.” Americans today hear a great deal about “rights” and very little about the practical measures needed to ensure those rights. Many Americans have forgotten that you cannot have a constitution unless you have a country; and you cannot have a country unless you defend it against enemies, foreign and domestic. At bottom, every constitution must be construed so that national security is not compromised by a growing tangle of individual and minority rights that choke off those measures necessary for self-protection. So here we are, wrestling with the question: Do Muslims have a right of immigration into the United States? Does the Constitution’s right of religious freedom extend to foreigners who want to come here and whose religion has proven to be hostile?

Whatever we think of the Constitution, it cannot protect Muslims from the enmity which Islam generates wherever its standard has been raised. In fact, the Constitution was not written to protect the nation of Islam, or various colonies of that nation planted in our midst. The Constitution nowhere says that Muslims have the right to come to the United States, build mosques, or establish their own culture as part of a multicultural patchwork celebrated as a new kind of nation (self-negated). This is not why the Constitution was established. As stated in the Preamble, our Constitution was established “in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity….” It is worth repeating that last phrase — “to ourselves and our Posterity….” There is no reference to Muslims, explicit or implicit. They do not belong to our nation. They are not “ourselves and our Posterity.” Furthermore, we should pay careful attention to the objectives of the Constitution. How does the presence of millions of Muslims in the United States make a “more perfect Union” or “insure domestic Tranquility”? Clearly, the presence of an alien colony in our midst serves to promote disunion and unrest. How would the Arabs react if we insisted on a right of immigration to Arabia? How would they react if we began erecting Churches in Mecca?

The politically correct will say that Muslims are not our enemy. Islam, after all, is a “religion of peace.” Insofar as Muslims are like Unitarians, they are no enemy. Insofar as they take the more violent teachings of the Koran seriously, their enmity is established by precept. Such cannot be Americans. They must hate America as something that stands against Allah. In writing this, I only repeat what Muslim scholars have affirmed again and again. It is important to say once more: If a Muslim is only a nominal follower of the Prophet, there is no harm in him. He might leave his faith, and become an American. On the other hand, if a Muslim is a Muslim in earnest, consistently and conscientiously following the teachings of the Prophet, then he cannot be a citizen of the United States in good faith. His allegiance is to Allah and to the Nation of Islam. He cannot serve two masters; for Mohammed did not instruct his followers to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars….” The Muslim faith does not agree with this saying.

For this and other reasons, Muslim culture cannot easily coexist with American culture. The God worshipped by Muslims is different from the God worshipped by American Christians and Jews. This is what the multiculturalists have not understood, and if their project continues it will vouchsafe a religious war to our posterity. We might as well write a new Preamble for the Constitution — “in order to form a more perfect Disunion, establish Political Correctness, insure domestic Disorder, sabotage the common defense, promote general mayhem, and secure the Blessings of Military Dictatorship to ourselves and our Posterity.” Then, at least, the words would properly describe our current leaders’ objectives — which Mr. Trump has dared to contradict.

Americans ought to read the history of Islam. Here they will find a religion spread by the sword; a militant zealotry that swept away the Roman Empire, conquered Africa, Spain and the Balkans. Here is a war that raged for centuries in which millions of Christians were slaughtered and enslaved. When exactly did Islam declare that their war against Christendom was over? When did the Muslims return those lands taken from the Christians? Yet the doctrine of political correctness would have the West apologize to Muslims for the Crusades!

Given the history of Islam, and the history of the United States, only a fool would imagine that Islam and America could be safely blended together. But today we have this formula, invented and carried forward by the political Left, called “multiculturalism.” In fact, multiculturalism is merely a denial of American culture, and a rejection of the notion that immigrants must assimilate and become Americans. Yet the price may be very high, and assimilation may be a fantasy when a Muslim couple in California puts on body armor and attacks an office Christmas party with assault rifles. This is not assimilation, but war. Consider, as well, when Muslim students hijacked four airliners and crashed two of them into the country’s largest skyscrapers, collapsing the World Trade Center. Members of that same team of hijackers plowed another airliner into the Pentagon. Think of the price our country has already paid for its hospitality to Muslims!

A nation is a group of people united during the course of generations by cultural and social ties, by language and history, by common values and folkways. It cannot be an amalgamation of every people and every culture, with tenuous connections and contrary folkways. Such is not a nation but a Tower of Babel. Yet we have been told to become this Tower of Babel, and thereby lose our unique national identity while engendering a civil war. This doctrine would eradicate America entirely, leaving nothing but a cratered landscape. To allow millions more Muslims into the United States, and say they are Americans by decree, is a kind of insanity — unless, as I said before, they are nominal Muslims.

If a Muslim wants to become an American, it is certain that he must give up his religion in its fundamentalist sense, or else we should give up our country; for he cannot believe in Islam while faithfully swearing allegiance to the Constitution. The Prophet Mohammed would not have approved of the United States Constitution. He would have called for its negation, and for the creation of a Caliphate, and many of his followers today understand this. On the American side, it is clear that the Founding Fathers did not establish this country as a place for Mohammed’s followers to colonize and subvert. This was not the Founders’ intention, nor would they look favorably on descendants who interpreted the Constitution as an instrument for the protection of an Islamic colony inside the United States. They would account any such interpretation as incredibly stupid, belonging to some new species of American idiot. And furthermore, Islam is not a race. It is a religion, and the American people cannot benefit by bringing this religion under the protection of the Constitution.

As may be readily apparent to the wise, it is backwards to imagine that a constitution comes first and a nation comes second, as if the nation was created for the constitution instead of the constitution for the nation. Concepts of individual or group rights cannot trump national existence. There is no legitimate right which effectively disintegrates the nation that observes it. Not only does the individual have a right to self-defense, but the nation also has a right of self-defense. For if there were no nation, there could be no basis for organizing the effective defense of the individual. Furthermore, we should not pretend that national suicide is somehow an enlightened ideal. It is nothing of the kind. And those who despise the nation state are not progressive, but follow a path leading back to the Dark Ages.

If anyone should reproach the nation state with being the principle cause of war, they should reflect that wars have existed from the beginning of human history, and have occurred between city states, clans, tribes and empires. It is a mistake to blame war on the nation state. War is part of the human condition. Men will fight each other whether or not they are organized under nation states or under feudal barons. It is an affliction of all states at all times, not peculiar to the nation state.

In this matter ask yourself why America is denied the right to defend its sovereignty and its culture. The answer is that the Left dreams of a world without America on the assumption that America is the fountainhead of capitalism, sexism, racism and war. In truth, there will never be a world without war, just as there will never be a world without capitalism, sexism and racism. These are, in reality, the very ground of human existence: the market, the division of labor between the sexes, and man’s inveterate tribalism. To decry what is human, as if some post-human regime were possible, is crazy. It is the demagogy of those who want total power over mankind. To such as these, the United States represents a barrier that must be knocked down; for it stands in the way of all those revolutionary lunatics dreaming of mankind’s secular salvation. Of all countries, it is America that stands in the way of the great socialist commonwealth, that butcher’s block and slaughterhouse at the end of history. Here we see what kind of weapon multiculturalism is, and what it aims to achieve. In this context, Islam merely serves as the “icebreaker of the revolution.”

Does a weapon, deployed against us by the revolutionary Left, have rights? No. Does an enemy have rights? The American reader should ask himself, at the end of the day, what would happen if Islam or socialism had its way in America. What if Islam took over? What if a truly progressive regime came to power? In that case, wouldn’t it be fair to describe America as a country occupied by an internal enemy? How is it, then, that we tolerate the open subversion of our country? How is it, then, that we are unable to name our enemies (excepting the ones hiding in distant caves)? Don’t we have the right to recognize those who are against us? Or are we already conquered?

The reader may see, quite clearly, that all issues — from feminism and abortion to immigration and terrorism — are interconnected. What our ancestors accepted as wise and prudent we dismiss as sexism and racism. Therefore, we have embraced feminism to the detriment of our birth rate; and we have embraced multiculturalism to the detriment of our national security. Both feminism and multiculturalism belong under one and the same heading: National Suicide. And those mock leaders who raise the banner of these mock faiths are the destroyers of their country. Their execrable policies deserve the universal condemnation of the country.

The real leader here is Mr. Trump, who is concerned for the safety of his country while the others feign concern for the plight of foreigners. How can people who do not even care for their own posterity feel genuine concern for a religion which is, in fact, as hostile to them as they are to themselves?

But then, the answer can be found in the question.

47 thoughts on “Donald Trump Versus the Counterfeit Morality of Political Correctness

  1. The same idiots arguing for the legitimacy of and protection of Islam would have been arguing for the protection of Nazism (National Socialism) in the 30s.

  2. ‘nominal’ muslims? How many and why?..They still procreate at absurd levels don’t they.. Just what we need,another qualifier for muslim..No thanks..

    • Quite so. I have not heard nominal used as an adjective. I see Muslim arrogance, street agitation, clustering in closed communities, immediate and constant chivying for special privileges and shariah encroachment, AK-47s stored in mosques, honor killings, FGM, parasitism, blatant polygamy, rape, pimping, beheadings, and organized crime. But I don’t see Muslim nominal. The rare apostate living with security and anonymity I see.

      There can be no half measures. All Muslims must be returned to the lands they conquered from Christians, Buddhists, and pagans.

      Otherwise, the usual excellence from Mr. Nyquist.

  3. Captivating and exceptionally well spoken. It needs to be said over and over and over until the PC/MC morons get it.

    • Have you ever tried talking to them? It’s like trying to talk sense to a pre-teen [redacted].

      That said, I do wish Trump and Cruz would stop trying to take each other down. They should both read this well worded essay.

      • I’m surprised that, with their sensitivity to family-level language due to children sometimes (often?) using this site for home-school classes, the moderators of this site left your derogatory term “retard” intact. People don’t choose their mental capabilities; those are foisted on us randomly at conception.

        Suggested alternate phrases also denoting less-than-optimal intellect/receptivity without slamming whole groups of people:

        –“a pre-teen” dummy
        –like trying to talk sense to a salmon
        –a complete ninny

        etc. 🙂

          • Thank you. Although the line between unnecessarily derogatory terms and politically correct terms is often difficult to draw, this one seemed to me fairly clear.

            Glad to see you’ve changed it. If you feel the need to alter my response as well, go for it.

        • I am incensed by this complete disregard for the rights (and emotions) of Salmon-Americans, it’s pure discrimination. The noble salmon have a lot of sense, they know it’s better to get eaten by the bear on the way to the salmon eggs waiting to be fertilized than it is to end up in a can, so they jump up those whitewater rapids for all they’re worth.
          We can only wish most of those candidates had as much sense.

          • True. Salmon-Americans also participate directly in the Nitrogen Cycle via Bear-Americans, whose…ah…excretions have been analyzed by Biologist-Americans. The excretions’ nitrogen contents represent exactly the isotopic ratios found in Salmon-Americans. 🙂

  4. Of course, your summary is correct. However, there is little the average citizen can do when the Nine Supremes don’t know the Constitution even after they graduated from very expensive law schools. Also, we need a Congress that can craft laws that overcome those that wish to legislate from the bench.

    • Marty, I think five of the nine know very well what the Constitution means. They are just indifferent. Ginsberg wouldn’t even commend it to the Egyptians as worthy of emulation. The S. African one was the right one to her.

      A sixth justice is probably compromised in some way and chose to make a joke of himself rather than be true to his oath.

      • With respect to SCOTUS, I think you are spot on, especially about the sixth justice. This is a more compact version of what I have been saying for some time.

  5. The problem of radical Islam is the problem of Islam itself.

    Almost impossible to vet, they could come here not being observant but later become observant.

    It is a problem that will have to be managed somehow. A certain level of terrorism will be accepted.

    I ‘m glad trump brought up the issue . But what do you do when Islam is the problem?

    • I’m not sure how to do this, but somehow we and those who agree with us need to clarify that, unlike Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, etc., Islam is *not* a religion;

      It’s a movement of religious imperialism wherein Muslims occupy countries and regions, making slaves/serfs of those whose countries they have occupied and thus parasitizing the workers in those countries.

      How this message is to be transmitted, when the least discussion of it seems to be deemed “hate speech” by many people in positions of control, I don’t know. But I’m definitely open to suggestion.

  6. Brilliantly put, sort of pièce de résistance. Alas – this is not going to change much in reality. This essay (and similar thoughts) could be exactly one of the reasons for even more attacks on this site and the minds behind it.

    How sad.

  7. A very accurate assessment which, while written in the context of the USA could hold just as true for Europe and the UK.

  8. The muslim “cannot believe in Islam while faithfully swearing allegiance to the Constitution”. Correct. Islam, though, has a way of overcoming this little obstacle – UNfaithfully swearing, employing taqiyya, Islamically authorised deception. This way the hostile muslim can go through the motions of swearing while privately remaining hostile. A Pakistani muslim who became a naturalised citizen planted the Times Square jihad mass murder car bomb, which fortunately failed to explode. The judge reminded him of his Oath. “I sweared”, he replied, “but I did not mean it”.

    This single example, real not hypothetical, shows why Islam cannot be part of the United States. The ideology is openly hostile to “man-made law”. Its adherents are told, “If we are practicing muslims we are above the law of the land” (Mustafa Carroll, Dallas CAIR). “Using deception to mask intended goals” is a stated aim of the Muslim Brotherhood plan.

    Islam makes sure that muslims can be relied upon to be unreliable.

    • In the hands of patriots, this strategy might work: At the immigration intake center, the prospective Muslim immigrant could be handed a Quran and told to place his/her hand on it and declare that he/she renounces Islam. Then required to tear out a page and burn it. After that, he/she would be offered a piece of American BBQ pork. I think this would screen out all but nominal Muslims.

  9. It is a war above all else against our children and grandchildren. Central Bank intervention has already ensured that they will be debt slaves. The multi-cultis will ensure that they are actual slaves, under the heel of Islam and subject to brutal sharia law. It is the biggest betrayal in history.

  10. I raise again on your website the very real differences oer the issue of Trump. I refer especially to the position of Robert Spencer to Trump and especially to the editor of Gates of Vienna Dymphna towards Spencer. In a previous article she said to me that it was a mere difference of opinión between Spencer and Trump, if I understood her something of a trifle. In fact I think it is far more than that.

    Before writing this I had a look at Spencer’s site Jihadwatch and did not spot one story about Trump in the current batch of perhaps 14 or so articles.

    I believe things do not happen by accident.

    From the beginning I said that Trump was the main issue facing the struggle to defeat Jihad. If Trump is defeated then that is a huge defeat for those who oppose Jihad.

    This is because from the beginning Trump has taken the fight to the republican party elites. If he is defeated then there are huge consequences. The silence of Spencer shows that there are real and very Deep differences here.

    I am full of suspicion about Spencer because he is out of the Frontpagemag centre of operations and in fighing against Islam I bellieve they have an agenda…Like Diana West they are anti-communists first and anti-Jihadists second.

    • I am full of suspicion about Spencer because he is out of the Frontpagemag centre of operations and in fighting against Islam I believe they have an agenda…Like Diana West they are anti-communists first and anti-Jihadists second.

      First, Diana West’s purported “agenda”. In her latest post, here,
      she said:
      “Rather, by calling for a moratorium on Muslim immigration here, Trump has shown singular courage to articulate a long-overdue, common-sense reaction to the clear,present and shared danger posed by this recurrent cycle of Islamic expansionism to the wider West.”

      Is that not clear evidence to you re Ms. West’s stand on Trump vis-a-vis Islam? I think we can agree she’s not talking about Communists here.

      As for your suspicions re Robert Spencer, I have no idea what his agenda is beyond what he writes about it: he’s against Islam. You are inferring from his silence re Donald Trump all sorts of motives that are based on what isn’t there.

      I don’t care if Mr. Spencer talks about The Donald or not. His opinion has no influence on my thinking. I am sorry it’s of such singular importance to you and appears to cause you such distress. You could try taking up your concerns with the man himself. Or perhaps with your own counselor to get some relief for your distress.

      If my health were better I’d have written about Trump long before this. Until I can do so, any further comments addressed to me by you regarding Robert Spencer will hit the circular file. My energy is limited and I’ll be darned if I’ll let you suck up any more of it on this non-subject.

  11. It is abundantly clear what our founding fathers would do and say. What has become of the nation of enlightenment and the rights of man? At every turn our rights are seized upon and the alleged rights of noncitizens are lauded. I am in doubt whether my nation can survive another hundred years of antipathy for it’s own citizens.

  12. let me start by stating that I lived as an Israeli for 30 years. I have worn their uniform and carried their guns. My wife and children are jewish, but I am not.
    I have zero sympathy or tolerance for Islamic extremists or the Sierra club for that matter. I vote conservative every chance I get and I consider the “iron Lady” a border line liberal.
    BUT, every single argument used in this piece, and by most Americans is the very reason why most of the world hates the USA
    When I say most of the world, I am referring to those countries that have more than 3 or 4 hundred years to look back on.
    When in Israel, I used to buy pitot in a shop in Ramle that has been in the same family longer than the USA has been a country.

    I reiterate, I believe in the western concept of life, capitalism and I don’t care what so called entity you blame your woes on or thank for perceived miracles.

    Have you ever stopped to think that as the “new kid” the USA is an interloper that is simply trying to grab what it can from the established order?
    Most of the European countries have invaded and ruled, slaughtered and enslaved the locals to their own enrichment and under the guise of “improving” their lives. Even the ever so friendly Canadians ( of which I am one ) had residential schools for the indigenous native population until only a few decades ago.

    The USA in particular does come across as an arrogant and self-righteous entity that has bestowed upon itself the crown of the keeper of morality for the world at large. I am in Ohio as I write this. No I am not a hypocrite, and I believe that the American way of life IS better.

    Please though stop trying to be so sanctimonious about it and trying to justify and legitimise every action and point of view through the lens of some “un-alienable right” conjured up by infallible founding fathers.

    How about “we came, we conquered, it is now my house, so my rules”
    You don’t need to let anyone in ( except your northern cousins), you do not need to justify to any foreign group why they can’t come here, you owe nothing to nobody anywhere. If they then turn around and say “OK no oil for you “ you negotiate for what they want and what you want. No pretenses or smoke and mirrors.

    It is what it is deal with it

    • I am surprised at bearhunters reaction to “every argument” I made in favor of Mr. Trump, who is running for office here in America. Was I really sanctimonious in pointing out Islam’s incompatibility with our Constitution? Shall I apologize to all those foreigners, like Mr. Bearhunter, who I offended? Was there, in fact, any offense? If I had been French, arguing for the French nation as standing above the Constitution of the Fifth Republic, would I have been reproached with my French arrogance or my advocacy of inalienable rights? But then, I did not argue for such rights at all. Can anyone instruct me on how to please this foreign reader, marooned in Ohio as he is, surrounded by all those sanctimonious Americans, who resemble me in a quality that so gravely offends the entire world? Perhaps we deserve to be nuked. Vladimir Putin would probably give a wink to Mr. Bearhunter’s sentiment. I know our Islamist readers will give more than a wink. Perhaps they would like to second Bearhunters belief in naked force.

      • He is only displaying the gut reaction of most nations. People outside the USA don’t realize how great is the landmass here and how large the population. Like Russians, the people who live in the USA are flat out coping with each other and hardly have the time or inclination to peer outside their own country – unless something of major import takes place.

        What Americans don’t realize is that when they justifiably pat themselves on the back for their Constitution, they think they are having a conversation within their own walls – but the message gets broadcast to the world, which then interprets it as arrogant.

        In fact all nations consider themselves the navel of the universe, but in the USA’s case, because it is so large and (formerly) powerful, it ‘seems’ arrogant, when arrogance is not intended.

        • I did not realize I was patting anyone on the back for the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps it would be helpful if someone quoted the offending line. It is interesting that in a discussion of Islam I am advised to tiptoe around the Constitution as any mention might offend foreigners. Very interesting! If this is why we are hated abroad, and thought of as ethnocentric, then I encourage them not to come here. They will doubtless be offended by things like gun ownership and free speech when experienced up close. Horrible, truly. Best to stay away.

          • This take on Islam is extremely provocative and is driving a wedge btw us and over a billion of human beings who are so easily indoctrinated by post soviet mafia into jihadists. This take on Islam works EXACTLY for kremlin strategy and goes against the USA interests.

  13. I think – and I hope I’m right – that the support for Mr. Trump is actually bigger than the polls report. Not that it means anything, but I’ve never been polled, and neither have the vast majority of normal, average people who just go about their daily lives, don’t show up in polls, don’t go to campaign rallies, don’t participate in political fund raisers, don’t become activists for this side or that, don’t put election bumper stickers on their cars or buttons on their jackets, or any of that stuff.
    They might watch the news, they might even read newspapers (does anyone still read newspapers?), most probably get most of their current events info off the internet these days, and once every 2 or 4 years they go vote for or against something.
    About 2 months ago, based on the bumper stickers, yard signs, etc. I saw on my daily commutes, I would have had to report that in this area, Bernie Sanders would have beat Ben Carson by a landslide of about 3:1.
    None of the other candidates even registered on the bumper sticker radar.
    I’m thinking that below the surface, things look very, very different……

  14. These are the good times, talking about terrorism. If we don’t figure out what to do with Iran and the Deal, we shall be talking about the price of farmland, how to live and grow crops in the countryside, what is downwind of Chicago, how much iodine should we take, how do we retrieve financial records from what-used-to-be Boston?

  15. Not sure whether I’d call myself a “feminist”- it means too many things to too many people; I prefer “egalitarian”.

    I would, however, confess to being a (small-d) democrat. If people (and women were people, last time I checked) make choices, as is their right in a democracy, then JR Nyquist and the rest of us have to live with those choices, stop being distracted by them, and move on! Otherwise an ideology which denies most choices to most people may succeed, while women who make decisions which seem perfectly reasonable to them absorb our energy, which would be more usefully directed towards the principal threat- not to mention alienating potential allies (women again) who’d be more likely to show solidarity with victims of Islamic misogyny if they didn’t find it hard to tell the difference between “oppressors”!

    • No mothers, no children, no future. Mark H — how can I take you seriously? The Islamic threat will breed us out and win by default if we follow your feminist ideology. We must realize by now that extinction is the choice you are advocating. Have you not read Patricck Buchanan on this subject? You are saying, in essence, that Islam is free to overwhelm us because their woman are mothers and ours are subjected to educational propaganda that turns them into business executives and soldiers! — and NOT mothers! The ideology of feminism makes everything more important than motherhood. Shall we say that our young men have a choice, in a life-and-death struggle, to desert their post and run away from battle when the Jihadists unleash their great offensive? Are you an advocate of this choice, as well? — especially when the number of healthy young warriors is half the number there should have been! Will you draft Jill to fight in Jack’s place because Jack was aborted. And 30 million Jacks down the abortion meat market, are you still for choice? But I say there is only the choice: to be or not to be. If we wish to exist in the future — as Americans — we must be man and woman, upholding what must be upheld, or all is lost.

      Choice as an illusion, as all egalitarian nonsense proves to be in practice.

      If by choice you mean Death,” then we will set you down as a partisan of the Grim Reaper.

      Defeat is always a choice. But let us be clear that you are its advocate.

      • If the invasion can be stopped and reversed, they can outbreed us to the tune of 30:1 if they like.
        They can line the entire coastlines of Africa and SW Asia with hundreds of millions of people clamoring to go to Sweden, as long as the European coast guards (plural used on purpose) do their job – the real one, not the PC one – all is well.
        Took only a couple of dozen Spanish conquistadors to finish the Mayan, Aztec and Incan empires, a couple hundred British soldiers and engineers to hold off 5000 Zulu, etc.
        I’m afraid the damage that has been done to the minds of women and the lives of White men over the past 50+ years or so will take several generations to be repaired, if it can be repaired at all.
        We can only hope there will be anyone left worth repairing.

  16. A brilliant article. Now what can we do? I have been wracking my brains since 9/11 trying to understand why the political elite has not only given Islam a free pass, but has INCREASED Muslim immigration. More mosques have been built in the West since 9/11 than in all the period prior to it! With Bush I could see that he was concerned about the oil and he has ties to the Saudis – but now oil is so cheap.

    The Arab Muslims have invested heavily in the USA and elsewhere in the West, not only in business enterprises but in our educational institutions, in the conversion of our criminals while in prison, in the media (a Muslim is part owner of FOX, which has since then become limp-wristed) and since Obama’s (cough) ‘Presidency’ (cough cough) he has opened the gates.

    The Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) is ensconced in every nook and cranny of the administration, especially the legal and national security bureaucracies. Then, we have no idea, but can sadly guess, how many of our politicians are in the pocket of the Arabs, starting with you know who (name begins with ‘H’, as does the name of her ‘Proud to be a Muslim’ Girl Friday HUMA.)

    The Saudi Royal family has consistently invested their riches outside their country instead of diversifying their own economy – which now they realize was a big mistake. In fact, every Third World nation is a criminal enterprise in which the GDP is hijacked by the narrow ruling elite, leaving their exponentially increasing populations angry, uneducated and without jobs. The latter have been galloping to the West and many of them are Muslims!

    So we have a nexus of Islamic infiltration of the West through their wealth and at the same time we have been mopping up the social devastation caused by their greedy, tyrannical governments!

    It is because those tyrannical governments, established after the end of colonialism, have FAILED to satisfy the growing expectations of their peoples. who look at the West enviously, that there has been a retreat from secularism in the Muslim world and the cancerous growth of Islamic jihad, which was originally aimed at their corrupt leaders as much as it was aimed at the West, for ‘supporting’ the former.

    Political Correctness is just the lipstick the Western power elites have put on this swine to keep us from protesting. By ‘us’ who do we mean? The Left are such swine themselves that they meekly follow their dear leaders hell-bent on taking us over the cliff. So that leaves a large part of the Middle Class and the those of the Working Class who are willing to put aside their normal Left voting habit when their neighborhoods have been invaded by beligerant immigrants.

    But the conservative sections of the Middle Class are dwindling along with that class itself. Under Obama, the Middle Class has been gutted, despite the fact that small business is the biggest job creator – and this explains why the small-business hostility of the Welfare governments has resulted in stagnant economies everywhere!

    The economic groups on the rise are the global financial and industrial cartels who don’t give a rat’s tail about Islam or democracy or anything except their ability to do business. These are the 1%ers. They have the greatest influence over our governments through the bond market, the central banks, though ownership of the media and through their top positions in government. Their monopolizing tendencies are perfectly echoed by the growth of State government control over all of us. CONTROL over the citizens is what government and the global financiers want.

    We have seen this play out in the EU where a largely Soros-funded Muslim invasion has now resulted in the EU establishing a border guard under which member nations will have to give up some of their military control! We have seen it in the scam of ‘man-made’ climate change used to justify global regulation. We have seen it in the power of the investment and business sectors wanting to get back into Iran and pushing the end of sanctions. We have seen it in the most massive growth of criminal cartels in recorded history when the Soviet Union broke up and those cartels have now gone global and represent 20% of the world economy and increasing daily. We have seen it in the complete manipulation of our economy in favor of the global financial industry which has been ripping the guts out of us for their own profit by growing debt, which they know full well will lead to financial catastrophe! But then, that will provide them with the justification for a greater manipulation of the free market (which hardly exists) and the strengthening of global banks!

    Under these developments of supra-national organisations and increasing regulation by governments of their citizens, Democracy is a joke! Human rights is a joke! The Islamic invasion is not the chief cause, but the consequence of these inexorable factors!

    Are we in the same position as feudal villages fighting the encroaching power of the new monarchies of 16th century Europe, justified by the Divine Right of Kings? It seems so. They couldn’t turn the clock back and neither can we. In fact it was feudalism that disappeared with the growth of the nation-state. But the Kings were eventually overthrown and Middle Class democracy instituted (on which the USA was founded).

    Now it is national democracy which is under attack by the monopolizing tendencies of economic globalism, state bureaucracies and the invasion of alien cultures. The best we can do is fight tooth and nail for representatives who favor small government, reform of entitlement programs and tax reform, but at the same time refuse to cede any power to supra-national organisations like the UN, World bank, IMF etc.

    We need to fight tooth and nail for a public discussion on the relative merits of cultural values. This means destroying the ‘all cultures are equal’ idiocy. It means reform of our educational practices and the abolition of viewing history as an exercise in victimology. It means the end of toleration for those who wish to destroy our way of life. It means holding global business accountable when it operates on our soil.

    If we can’t do this because our politicians are corrupted, then, if the conservative Middle Class and the alienated Working Class and democratic-loving immigrants join forces with those intellectuals who are not PC Marxists, we will have REVOLUTION. We will not co-operate in our own destruction!

  17. Trump wants it both ways. A lot of mouth about the Muslims.
    Then you have Trump and Putin with support of each other while
    Putin is allied with Iran, the head of the Radical Islamic head in Syria.

  18. In order to practice their religion Muslims choose to follow the teachings and commands of a man who believed killing non believers (Kafirs) was righteous. e.g the 800 jewish men and boys who refused to accept him and his god Allah; they were beheaded while he and his 12 yr old wife watched the dawn till dusk proceedings. Their wives and children sent to a lifetime of sexual slavery.
    When I hear some Muslima bleating on NPR about how some might consider them to be supporters of terrorism and they’re so peaceful blah blah I want to scream at the interviewer: Ask her, then why does she follows the teachings of a mass murderer, rapist, plunderer. As far as I’m concerned it is incumbent on these ‘moderate’ Muslims to investigate their history, to question why so many millions are dead in its wake.
    All the rot in Islam is in their sacred texts, the Sira, Hadith and Koran, accepted scholars like Bukari, Ali Muslim are the most reliable and they confirm Mhammd violent life and lifestyle.

  19. This superbly written analysis with its reasoning and well explained causes is what ails America today! This post needs to be read by as many American citizens/voters as possible – which is my hope.
    As a legal immigrant – I am at times – especially now – find myself feeling dumbfounded that citizens of this country either ignore or follow and believe the literal ‘brainwashing’ of the political class in DC whom many from within have slowly worked their goal of destroying this constitutional governed Republic from within.
    This political colossus in DC – including their outreach into communities in various states have managed to reveal themselves to be and act as the ‘domestic enemy’. They have arrived – on behalf of those ‘men behind the curtain – almost at their final goal to achieve the destruction of this republic due to their unconstitutional governance.

    While I do not remember the index number/passed law number – it is a fact that the American government passed the law that forbids the immigration of muslims exactly for the reasons stated within this post. This law was passed at the beginning of the 50’s.

    Sharia law and constitutional law are contrary and can not co-exist. A nation within a nation can not stand but will surely fall. History has proven that fact times over!

    The fantasy of multi-culture is a farce, concocted by those who’s lust for world domination has always existed but not quite as it is today: ‘in-your-face’!
    As this post so accurately stated, the constitution is the only handicap standing in their way of world power – unmatched by anything americans have ever seen.

    What the political class reveals day in and day out while using their corporate msn to lie, fool and shame their voters into accepting their own destruction – is beyond scandalous. They longer govern based on their oath – in harmony with the constitution – but rather without.
    The invasion and import of muslims is not by accident or based on empathy – its by calculation to achieve their ultimate goal: Reducing this republic into their serfdom and turning americans into peasants.

    I shake my head in disbelief; it saddens me that so many can’t see exactly what this analysis so correctly exposes – enabling the political class and their owned institutions to achieve their ultime goal of suberversion while it appears that a ‘coup’ has already occurred.

    My plea to americans is that they rise and stop this madness to continue while taking a hold of this republic – the country I love as the immigrant who was given the privilege to come here, live her and live a life of happiness.
    There are no others throughout the world that have given so much and continue to than that of American citizens.

    As I appreciate all that is good in this country as well as I deeply respect americans – don’t allow this republic to fall. Nobody has a ‘right’ to come to this country – it is a priviledge and every American citizens has a right to refuse anyone that would pose a threat – whether its cultural, security or faith.
    Muslims hate America – why allow these people to come, destroy, demand sharia law that enables them to commit the same atrocities we see and hear about daily coming from their countries.
    I do hope that the American voters heed the warnings by Donald Trump who is the only one being truthful in this era of the coming history. He is right! He is the last hope in this day – almost like a prophet.

    • Obama argued in 2014 that Americans shouldn’t be allowed to decide who comes to this country, blah blah, because … Native Americans. OK. Fine. Let’s let Native Americans decide whether people from Muslim countries (or anywhere else) can immigrate.

  20. funny thing is that Jeff in his recent video appearance

    comprehensively `proved` that TRUMP is 100% a soviet plant and destroyer of USA

    dig how Jeff titled this:

    Trump’s Art of the Russian Deal: How to Pander to Putin

    Make America Great Again? This is the show that blows the lid off Donald Trump’s business deals in the old USSR and Russia. Geopolitical expert Jeff Nyquist, America’s Survival President Cliff Kincaid, and producer Jerry Kenney look at the businessman who poses as pro-American but has been working for years to construct a “Russian Trump Tower” in Moscow, in cahoots with a Putin crony. The latest “World Revolution Report” tells the full story.

  21. What is a temporary suspension? My only problem with Trumps statement is that with conservatives there is no distinction between one day and eternity. The reason for ‘suspending’ immigration of Muslims is out of fear because part of the pathos of a conservative is that they thrive on being in a perpetual state of fear. Thus, where conservatives are concerned ‘temporary’ is as good as saying forever!

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