Another Brawl in an Asylum Center — This Time in Hamburg

So how’s that multicultural thing working out for you, Mrs. Merkel?

Actually, the esteemed Chancellor just said that Multiculturalism is a sham. So it’s not like she expects it to work out or anything. But I’ll bet the German people wish that she had come to this conclusion before she invited in a million new culture-enrichers — and counting.

The following news report describes a brawl between Syrians and Eritreans at an asylum center in Hamburg. The only solution the authorities could find was to separate the two ethnic groups — they moved the Eritreans out.

In other words, they are establishing the new multicultural utopia in Germany by creating official ethnic ghettoes. Eritreans have to live in one place, and Syrians in another, or else they will kill each other.

This sort of thing is not rocket science — anybody could have told them what would happen. Anyone, that is, except for sociologists and politicians — or Integration Minister Aydan Ozoguz, who happens to be a Turk.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   … in the hundreds are proceeding to the refugee home at 14:00 hours,
0:06   a unique procedure, since the police are going to act as relocation helpers.
0:10   The move is meant to prevent new violence. Those who are relocated on the weekend
0:16   were responsible for causing disturbances; 32 young Eritrean men will have to leave.
0:21   We see to it that groups who show themselves to be violent, will be spatially separated,
0:28   and we then disperse them among various other locations.
0:32   Yesterday evening a mass brawl broke out between Eritreans and Syrians.
0:36   Up to 80 people were facing off with laths and rods.
0:41   Eight people, among them five employees, were injured.
0:45   The police showed up with 35 squad cars.
0:48   At various locations there were various disagreements, but we have pinpointed a group
0:53   of Eritreans as the ones responsible. We tried to talk to them;
0:57   they’re highly aggressive, and that’s why the police had to make use of pepper spray.
1:03   The police arrested twelve persons. The reason? Conceivably inane.
1:07   That evening there was a scuffle in a waiting line. A 24-year-old Eritrean reacted with
1:12   repeated aggression; he therefore had to be relocated.
1:17   Thereupon a group of Eritreans formed and started to attack the security personnel.
1:22   And that led to the Syrians showing solidarity against the security personnel, and that’s how,
1:29   Well, you can say, a mass brawl broke out.
1:32   600 refugees from four different nations are living here in this former school.
1:36   The concept of housing this diversity is something the manager wants to maintain.
1:42   Just now that weekend, a soccer team from […] was playing soccer with
1:49   refugees from Eritrea, Syria and from Afghanistan.
1:53   So, really most of the time the people are getting along with each other.
1:58   In the morning another twenty Eritreans will be relocated. The young Africans
2:02   are seen as underdogs among the refugees. They have already seen and experienced
2:06   high grades of violence where they come from.

38 thoughts on “Another Brawl in an Asylum Center — This Time in Hamburg

  1. What she means is that multiculturalism doesn’t work for security or stability, but what’s bad for security and stability is good for a government needing a casus belli for establishing their absolute power and dominance over the population.

    Welcome to Nazi Germany II. It won’t happen in exactly the same way but history will repeat itself.

  2. She said the multi-culti policy was a failure several years ago.

    Then she opened the door to millions of Muslim invaders followed more recently by a repeat of her statements about the multi-culti doctrine that she made a few years ago.

    This is far more than a politician simply being transparently duplicitous. It appears to be a case where she has literally gone mad. Perhaps a severe case of early onset Alzheimer’s? Brain damage from mini strokes? Some other mental condition?

    I’m not simply name calling here. I’m quite serious.

    Perhaps a poster with qualifications in neurology might like to comment on this aspect.

    • I concur, but no credentialed neurology expert would be willing to go on record with his/her/its forensic diagnosis-from-a-distance. It would be an “educated” guess, but we sorely need one of those.

      While we’re wishing for horses, I’d love to see that forensic neurologist give us a considered opinion of HRC’s mental status. Hillary, imho, is suffering from something. And Donald Trump has called her out on it: she makes an appearance and then has to rest for a week. He wants to know what’s going on with that. So do many people.

      Her bizarre illness which prevented her from appearing before Congress to answer some questions seemed too convenient for many people. But it could well have been genuine, and brought on by stresses beyond her ability to control. Was it a series of mini-strokes which caused her to fall and hit her head (hard), causing a Traumatic Brain Injury? Or did that fall cause some mini-strokes? Either way, Humus in on record (secret email records) warning HRC’s other handlers to keep a close eye on her since she becomes disoriented and forgetful. Hillary was always as mean as a snake to the minions around her. I doubt these complications have turned her into a docile sweet old lady.

      Maybe one of the uber-wealthy “conservatives” could find a practicing neuropsychologist willing to do an honest, respectful DfD (Diagnosis from a Distance) on both these women. After all, leftists have done “research” and “studies” purporting to demonstrate the stupidity, ignorance, and mental unwellness of anyone harboring favorable views of conservatism or of libertarianism .

      Just wait until the primaries are over and Donald Trump is running for president – even getting to that point will be hellacious as the GOPe reneges on its pledge and he is forced to run as an outsider.

      You can bet the farm on one certainty: while Donald Trump is speaking to large crowds sans Teleprompters (or even much in the way of notes) these leftist experts will be all over the MSM discussing The Donald’s obvious megalomania, delusional grandiosity, etc. Just open the latest version of the DSM and take your pick from the list of disorders they’ll hang around his neck.

      My hope is that these experts will be as roundly ignored by the voters as the sneering MSM jornolistos have been so far. He’s a phenomenon in American politics similar to the Tea Party “activists” which brought down one of the most powerful members of the House – Eric Cantor – and rolled back the union thugs in Wisconsin.

      Reading up on Andrew Jackson’s campaigns and his presidency would be instructive.

      • Several years ago we read a large amount about Obama’s narcissistic personality disorder. Now, not so much. Was he cured? I don’t think so.

    • Perhaps the PC wall needs to be torn down? Germany would be a good start. Maybe technology has sapped our energy and ability to respond beyond blogging and getting mad at the TV. Sometimes it’s like watching a brick by brick migrant by refugee by terrorist picture of rubble strewn streets happen right there on the screen. Until critical mass.

  3. Her smugness was sickening. The excuses she made for the “refugees” was laughable. Let the Germans live with this for a while and they will understand that violence is a way of life for some people. Nature will win out no matter how much mental health treatment these invaders get. Since Merkel has admitted that multiculturalism is a sham maybe I made a mistake about her. Perhaps she wishes to establish a prison industry in Europe. She has imported several tens of thousands potential inmates. My question is this – How do the lefties think they will survive when our sons and daughters are not there to protect them?

  4. As far as I recall, Chancellor Merkel DID say multiculturalism was a failure, way before any of this new “Refugees Welcome” trend started – around 2010 , 2011. And she also said, not too long ago, that “among the young male immigrants there is is high rate of criminality”. So she was always fully aware of what wonderful gifts she was bestowing on her people…

    And if one looks closely at the language used by the German political establishment, which speaks of “solidarity” and “sharing the burden” of refugees – it hardly sounds a though they think refugees are a wonderful gift for the city, town or village where they end up, does it? It’s just that good, obedient Germans (or, as they expect, Europeans), are expected to put up with it and voluntarily make their lives more difficult.

    In the old days – if a German lived in Berlin Kreuzberg or Neukolln and found that life got too “enriched” for their (or their children’s or wife’s) liking, there was always a simple solution – a move to one of those neat, tidy non-enriched towns around Berlin.

    After this year’s events though, such an escape becomes a tad more complicated. Looking at chatter on youtube and other websites, Germans are increasingly discussing taking their “white flight” further afield – to Australia, the US or even Canada. Even if in the long run, these places may become just as enriched as the Fatherland… And where then would there be left to head to? Antarctica? Or maybe the moon, or Mars?

    • People east of Magdeburg must have whispered this: surely now there is a rationale for bringing back the GDR, as a truly democratic, nearly homogenous republic and German homeland? Eastern Germany is much less enriched than the former FRG. All they have to do is peacefully, quietly break away, like the Slovaks did from the Czechs. They’d have to cut out Berlin again, unfortunately, and all of it this time. Hang on, what about putting a wall around it?

      • I’m afraid the German federal government has been busy moving many of the new refugees precisely into East Germany. I read that even Eisenhuettenstadt now has around 1500 cultural enrichers out of 22000 residents. That’s 1500 largely middle-Eastern males of fighting age, to contrast with a local townsfolk much of which is likely to be elderly.

        The enrichers are being sent to places like Dresden too – hence the Pegida protests, and other towns like Reichenau near the Czech border, hence protests by unsavoury neo-Nazis.

        How long the enrichers end up staying in such places with no jobs and no money is another matter. I imagine that drugs sell a lot better in Munich and Berlin – hence the more “business-savvy” of the enrichers may look to be heading out of the Eastern regions, in search of richer pastures.

  5. In military terminology the gathering together of members of one identifiable group – all the birds of one feather, so to speak – and housing them in their own location has its own term – “concentrating”. It is the origin and proper meaning of “concentration camp”.

    • Indeed Michael, and in political/ geostratic terms, ‘seperate development’ aka Apartheid, as we down here in South Africa would say. For me however, the influx volumes of the last few months into Germany are just to such an extent that I think it will end in tears, as these brawls will just happen more and more and then get worse. The Germans need to show backbone NOW

  6. Btw, I love how the officials see a football match as evidence that everyone’s getting along fine. I guess everyone also gets along just fine in the Brazilian favelas, or in the French bainlieues where so many football stars grew up… so will we see the German officials take up residence in these wonderful new ghettoes they’re creating up and down the country? I won’t hold my breath.

  7. I’ll never understand why some people are so delusional. The evidence is right there, in front of their eyes yet they cling to their multi-kulti clappy happy belief that getting people from different cultures to play soccer will somehow smooth their differences. It won’t.

    I was young when the Olympic Games were held in Melbourne, Australia in 1956. There was literally blood in the water during thewater polo match between the Hungarians and the Russians who had just invaded Hungary. The Hungarians won 4-0.

  8. I know it is inappropriate but my first reaction on reading this was to burst out laughing. What the he’ll did the supposedly intelligent Germans think they were doing? I read this at the same time I have had to endure the insufferable Christiane Amanpour going on and on about Republican candidate racism. I’m stuck watching CNN in a hotel in a foreign country.nyoubcan be sure CNN won’t be covering this story.

    • Christiane Amanpour reporting from Israel where rockets are falling near a school. The rockets are coming from Gaza and so far have missed the school, however if they were to fall just 3000 meters to the North and 1500 meters to the West it would be a direct hit and a tragedy. This is Christiane Amanpour giving telemetry to Hamas, err, reporting from Israel.

  9. Frau Merkel reminds me of the delusional women who go abroad, fall for and marry the handsome young waiter/barman bring him home and a few weeks later wonder where he is (with their jewellery, car, cash and credit cards) Yes she is totally deluded ( the only time I can recall seeing her smile is when she features in a migrant’s “selfie”. Speaking of deluded she is currently being given 9+ minutes standing ovations at her party conference. How daft can German citizens get. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.

  10. Well, let’s see what have in the Bundestag to-day: Frau Merkel’s dad was apparently a Lutheran non-conformist Communist (I don’t know what a non-conformist Communist is, but maybe you do…) who was very critical of the West German lifestyle and actually moved the family from Hamburg to East Berlin, during a time when just about anyone halfway normal was running as fast as they could in the opposite direction, assuming they made it past the guard towers, barbed wire, machine guns, land mines and other such lovely decorations courtesy of the DDR. Divorced, no children, re-married, step mother. She’s in charge.
    In co-charge, we have Herrn Gabriel, your basic Beta Male, divorced from a Turkish woman, re-married, that’s your German Vice-Chancellor.
    Interior minister de Méziere, from a French Hugenot family, seems to have family connections with a former East German Stasi (Staatssicherheitsdienst = the East German version of the KGB) member
    Frau van der Leyen (can’t remember what she’s a minister of), a privileged child of nobility, who apparently not only cheated and plagiarized on her doctorate (dissertation, whatever), but also made up stories about what her position at Stanford university was, so her relationship with the truth seems to be a fluid one.
    We also have Barbara Hendricks, openly Lesbian, whose doctorate was obtained with a thesis on, and I quote, ‘The Development of the Margerine Industry in the Lower Rhine Region’. End quote.
    She’s in charge of Environment, Nature Conservation & Nuclear Safety.
    Let me repeat: She’s in charge of Nuclear Safety.
    If I was in Germany, I would be doing some serious research into Australian, Canadian or even U.S. (The DEVIL!!!!!) immigration procedures.
    How do normally intelligent and VERY politically aware and engaged people like the Germans (a country where political debate can occur even in high school, something pretty much unthinkable in the US) elect this bunch?

  11. Two Mass Brawls in December made the news – the rest did not:

    Date // Location // number of participants // details in German (i.e.weapons/#of police)

    01.12.15 Brück/Potsdam-Mittelmark (24) 9 Streifenwagen+ 18 Beamte
    01.12.15 Konstanz (40) Feuerlöchern/Tellern/Kleiderständern
    01.12.15 Lörrach-Hauingen (20) mehreren Streifen
    01.12.15 Neumünster (mind. 4) 5 Streifenwagen mehrfach Schlägerein
    01.12.15 Aichtal (mind. 10) mehrere Polizeistreifen
    01.12.15 Schwandorf (4) mit Stöcke und Messer
    01.12.15 Itzehoe 15 Streifenwagen
    01.12.15 Wertheim (mehrere pers.) Iraner vs Syrer -6 Polizeistreifen
    01.12.15 Dresden/Nöthnitzerstr. (60) Zigaretten Disput/Pfefferspray
    01.12.15 Innsbruck/Paschbergweg 60)eine tumultartige Szene- 21 Streifen
    02.12.15 Konstanz/Pestalozzistr. (40 /2 Gruppen) Albaner vs Afghan
    02.12.15 Moosburg/Rektor-Weh-Str. (50) streit um einer Waschmaschine
    02.12.15 Hameln/Süntelstr (ca. 30) 2 größerern Gruppen
    02.12.15 Sarstedt (160) 75 Beamte
    02.12.15 Norderstedt-Harksheide(m.P)Somali vs Äthiopier/mehr. Streifen
    02.13.15 Kretzschau/Jungendherberge(m.P)Bewohner greift mitarbeiter an
    03.12.15 München/Heidemannstr/Nachmittag(Mind.10)Stehtischen+Ästen
    03.12.15 Villingen-Schwenningen (200) Randalieren wegen Essen+Kälte
    03.12.15 Oberhaching(mehrere pers.)50 Polizeibeamte/Ruhe nach 3 Stund.
    03.12.15 München/Oberhaching (mehrere pers.) Familienfeier/Stuhlbein
    03.12.15 Schwedt-Leverkusenerstr. (12) Polizei gleich 3 mal anrücken
    03.12.15 Gelsenkirchen-Buer (15) 2 Balkan verfeindete Familien Streiten
    03.12.15 Berlin-Moabit (250) 20 Beamte mit Steinen beworfen
    04.12.15 Steiermark(Zahlreiche)Raufbolde mit Brettern+Steinen
    04.12.15 Hamburg-Bergedorf (mind. 7) 29 Streifenwagen/Holzlatten
    04.12.15 Neuenstadt(100)15 Streifen/streit um Handy aufladen
    04.12.15 Leoben(mehrere pers)25 festgenommen/13 Streifen/Steine+holz
    05.12.15 Hamburg-Harburg (mehrere pers) Syrer vs Albaner/7 Streifen
    05.12.15 Leipzig-Mockau (k.A.) Vielzahl v. Polizeiwagen(Augenzeuge)
    05.12.15 St. Andreasberg (150) Sicherheitsdienst attackiert
    06.12.15 Berlin-Tempelhof/Flughafen (30) 10j.Junge verletzt/12 Beamte
    06.12.15 Maulburg (40) Sicherheitsdienst gebissen/7 Steifen
    06.12.15 Donaueschingen17uhr(100) gegen Sicherheitdienst wegen “Gast”
    06.12.15 Donaueschingen18.30(30) Essensausgabe streit/13 verletzt
    07.12.15 Bremen (30) Sachbeschädigungen + Drohgebärden an Betreuer
    07.12.15 Eicklingen(30) Somalischer vs Afghanischer Jungendlichen
    07.12.15 Lüchow (mehreren Flüchtlingen)Köperverletzung+Beleidigung
    08.12.15 Berlin-Köpenick(12) Steit bei der Essensausgabe
    08.12.15 Bremen (mehrere Personen) Schlugen mit Flaschen
    08.12.15 Pfuhl/Kreis Neu-Ulm (25) Essensausgabe steit/60 Beamten
    08.12.15 Stuttgart/Aichtal-Aich (60) Syrer vs Afghaner/50 Polizeikräft
    08.12.15 Bruchsal-Heidelsheim (4) Stuhl + Messer
    10.12.15 Berlin-Britz (2 Gruppen) Alfred-Nobel-Schule/13 verletzte
    10.12.15 Ravensburg (mehreren Männern) Streit mit Sicherheitspersonal
    10.12.15 Kassel-Calden (8) Ruhestörung/3 verletzten
    11.12.15 Magdeburg (2 Gruppen) Polizisten vs Ausländern/Tischbeinen
    12.12.15 Hamburg-Langenhorn (50) Eritreer/Armbruch/metalstangen
    12.12.15 Dülmen (15) 3 verletzt
    12.12.15 Geisenfeld(mehrere pers.)brachialer Gewalt mit Zaunlatten
    12.12.15 Hamburg-Langenhorn (50) gegen Wächter/20 Streifen
    13.12.15 Hamburg-Langenhorn/Grellkamp (80) Syrien vs Eritrea/Stöcken
    13.12.15 Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg (mind.9) 7verprügelt auf 2/7 Peterwagen
    13.12.15 Karlsfeld-Lkr.Dachau (80) 40 Beamten/ 7 verletzt
    13.12.15 Gießen Bahnhof (10) Algerian/Glasflaschen/2 mal(18uhr+1uhr)

    Totals for 2015:

    (3) April
    (1) May
    (8) June
    (5) July
    (12) August
    (18) September
    (62) October
    (89) November
    (54) December (until the 13th)

  12. O/T, or not.

    Germany and the EU: lunging, hand-in-hand, one step closer to WWIII.

    Wonder how Poland would take to the German Army controlling its borders? Or France? Or Great Briton?

    Well, here is the EU plan to do just that.

    I know I’ve been dismissed here by stating that Germany would start the next war, giving it a trifecta.  How ’bout now? You think these plans haven’t been in the works for some time?

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

    Here’s one more to ponder:

    Again, without any consent by the countries involved.  Wonder if they’re going to use the Germans for this one as well?  I say, count on it.

    • Given how the Greeks have fared at “defending” their maritime border, I’d say it would make some sense for other EU countries to help them. Even if the Greeks don’t want such help…

      Nonetheless – given how the EU has up till now completely avoided even seeming to want to stop the influx, I’m also suspicious about the real purpose of this new force… could it be used to ship more settlers in, rather than keep them out?!

      Btw (also O/T) – rather than the word “refugee” (ie maybe 20% of the newcomers), or “migrant” (ie, someone migrating for work, legally, often in order to send money back to their home country, and maybe return once they’ve saved up for a house), could we not try to use more often the word “settler”? A settler is not only someone who migrates – but does so permanently, and is usually encouraged to settle, in order to bring about demographic change in a region. Eg Chinese settlers in Tibet, or Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Such settlers often also have greater rights than locals – as is happening right now in Europe, with the newcomers often collecting monthly allowances bigger than the pensions of citizens who’ve worked all their life. So surely the word “settler” should be used, in any discussion about the current influx?

      • I disagree about the EU’s overriding national governments and policing borders. If EU member states have a problem with the way Greece is handling immigration, adjoining nations should block all borders with Greece and police those.

        Upholding national sovereignty should be a non-negotiable first principle for those of us who oppose the monstrosity known as the EU.

  13. Annals of Cynicism

    Soon, someone will call for another Wannsee Conference so that the Germans can get more Lebensraum. Bye bye, Muslems.

  14. I think Merkel wanted to say that this time Germany will Focus on Integration of the Newcomers from day one instead of letting each culture / ethnic Group form a parallel society. Last time (with the guest workers from Turkey etc. ) we failed but this time we will do everything better.
    I just can’t see that happening given the large numbers of immigrants coming (2016 even more ?), their limited education, almost no knowledge of European language and problematic religious Background.
    Here in Germany the whole political class and the media are in a complete state of denial about Islam. They don’t want to acknowledge the Problem so I cannot imagine that we will succeed with integrating the Muslim refugees (with the others it may well work).
    Your comments are all correct, it is hardly understandable why Germany does this, totally uncoordinated with our European neighbours. Is it only because of the demographics ? Therefore we would Need coordinated Integration System luring qualified peopel (which should have been installed years ago) and not this we-take-whatever-we-get approach.
    Personnally I am completely stunned, watching / reading the any news I can Access since August, just can’t believe what I see and read.

    • If the integration of Turks failed – then how on earth does the integration of even more culturally-different, and far more numerous, Arabic migrants stand any chance of success?!

      As for taking in qualified migrants, as far as I recall Germany had a few years back a “green card” system for IT workers. Surely if it was lacking a few factory workers, something similar could have been tried again… there are lots of unemployed in Europe – I’m sure many would have jumped at the chance to earn a decent living in Germany. (btw, also in EU employment law I believe there’s something about EU workers having first priority). In short – this can’t be about the economy.

      Are you just reading about what’s happening on the news, or did you also see anything change, personally? Btw, which part of Germany are you based in?

      • I am based in Frankfurt in Western Germany and of course I can see it.
        At the main Station there is a refugee centre, in the evening there are now large crowds of Arabs and African hanging around near the Station area, apparently dealing with drugs, etc. A nearby Gymnasium is filled with hundreds of Iraquis, Syrians, Afghans, etc.
        Next year they plan to build a home for 150 refugees (and others, old People, poor People as they say). This will do a great Job to house Prices. Taxes will go up probably next yera or thereafter as Germany will run a deficit again. Great.
        I see it the same way you do, that it is quite unlikely that Germany can manage to integrate more than a small part of these people. They are just too many at once, lack eduction and in case of Muslim refuguees they have values contrary to ours (and they want to Keep them, they don’t want to integrate).
        I just don’t understand why our government is doing this.
        By the way, in the EU you can freely choose your workplace. So all the unemployed Young People from Spain, Italy , Greece could have come to Germany if they wanted to, but apparently they don’t want. N.b. if they Young skilled people left These countries, this would have negative Long-term effects for those anyway. So we Need poeple, yes, but with a certain Level of educatino and preferrably a compatible cultural backgound.

        • I see several possible reasons for why the German (and other European) government may be doing this.

          Option 1 : They really are naïve enough to think they can ‘integrate’ millions of completely alien people who don’t want to be integrated into a culture they hate. Unlikely.

          Option 2 : They think they are importing future liberal (US term for lefty) voters (much like the US Democrats like to push for amnesty for Mexican immigrants), ignoring the fact that those people don’t care about parties or elections, all they care about is Die Infidel Dog. Possible, but it’s hard to believe this many educated people would really be this stupid and blind.

          Option 3: They are paid by Saudi Arabia, and all this really is one giant One World Government conspiracy by the moneyed elites. A little complicated, but not impossible.

          Option 4: They really are so full of self-hatred and transferred guilt complexes that they are trying to implement an updated version of the Hooton Plan, except this time it’s not just the Germans who are to be ethnically eradicated, it’s all of western and northern Europe. Difficult to believe anyone could be this evil, but then again…..

  15. I’ve said many times that if there is a WW III, it’s likely to start in more or less the same places the first 2 started – central or eastern Europe, my reasoning being that this is the only region in the world where 2 or more super powers or major powers are in immediate proximity to one another, and about which they might care enough to start and sustain a major conflict.
    But I never thought that WW III would start – as seems likely now – as uprisings or even revolutions in several western European countries.

  16. I imagine the sum total of all the anti Musislam activity everywhere combined in the minds of these clever political fellows and their various dhimmi classes doesn’t amount to a hill of beans or bodies. The obsolete politicals have us all worked out and Christianity has turned from prudence to embracing the new exciting love object. Watch Merkel throw sweets to the restless “somethings not quite right here” to calm them down. Works like a charm.

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