Mark Zuckerberg: Are You Charlie or Sharia?

Majid Oukacha is a French apostate from Islam who published a book earlier this year about his former religion. It had already sold thousands of copies before the terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday, but after that the number of readers of his Facebook page increased by a factor of ten.

Unfortunately, upon seeing his increasing popularity, the moderators of Facebook in the French language — who seem to be Muslims living in Morocco — shut Mr. Oukacha’s page down without any explanation.

Below is a video released yesterday by Majid Oukacha in English, but subtitled in French. In it he poses a question to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook: Mark, are you Charlie or Sharia?

7 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg: Are You Charlie or Sharia?

  1. I would love to see this story in the mainstream media! Does anyone in America know who Mark Zuckerberg really is? Only the readers here, I suspect. He is either a squish or a member/sympathiser of the Islamic view of the world, an all that it entails.

    What a disgrace!

    • One oddity is that, in the Bay Area, there was a small hullabaloo a few years ago when it was learned that Zuckerberg was making large donations to what were termed “right-wing” causes. The names of these causes weren’t made public, unfortunately, so there’s no way for me–at least–to find them out.

      His own politics seem to be all $$$ all the time. I see that someone else has gone into the H1B visa scandal, so I won’t bother.

      He seems to be a junior version of one of the Koch brothers.

  2. Let me say first that several people have commented on the dead eyes that converts to Islam have, not to mention those born into Islam. It is obvious that Majid Oukacha, by leaving Islam, has gained the ability to empathize and have normal eye contact with other humans.

    Having said that, I disagree with the view that Mark Zuckerberg is pursing and ideological direction. As the movie, The Social Network, and lots of news reports make clear, Zuckerberg is simply an unprincipled, socially-inept idiot savant who has an ability to achieve success in an area of technology, but who only has an interest in money and growth. I think to argue with him on principle is roughly equivalent to reasoning with a dog about not jumping on the furniture: the brain circuits are simply not there.

    Zuckerberg is notorious for displacing US workers with foreigners holding H-1B visas, essentially captive labor.

    I have an account on Facebook, but I would never dream of entrusting them with any irreplaceable information, such as a mailing list or friends list, that I didn’t have backed up elsewhere. Again, dealing with Facebook is like dealing with a scorpion: you may get some use out of it, but in no way should you be surprised when it turns around and bites you.

  3. Zucky is a big time globalist/open borders supporter like most Silicon Valley titans like Gates, Ellison, the Google founders, etc. The notion of borders and nations are unknown to them. Not really, but they jettisoned what it was to be a American when they became part of the richer than god set and could do as they pleased.

    Most I suspect are promoting this because their companies are maxed out in terms of growth and their stock prices are very precarious. So they embraced this pernicious philosophy in the hopes of extending the tech bubble for a bit longer even if it means the destruction of the West in the process.

    Here’s the thing, Silicon Valley has stopped innovating, all it is anymore is companies peddling social media and data mining. Look at all the top companies – they’re just server racks running middle-ware. Most on concepts that have been around for a long time. Certainly not worth the valuations Wall Street put on them.

    They know if the bubble ever pops trillions will vanish in a day and men who were 25 billion will be worth a billion or so. Hence the grasping at straws and support for globalism/open borders to keep things going a bit longer.

  4. Majid’s Facebook isn’t the first Islam critical account to be closed without warning, and it won’t be the last. Good on him for calling out the hypocrisy of Facebook, though I’ll echo others and say that I doubt Zuckerberg himself had anything to do with this.

    What I in fact suspect happened is this mob mentality that the left applies to all social media, most notoriously on Twitter but on Facebook too. Someone stumbles across a person or group critical of one of the Left’s pet projects such as Islam, multiculturalism, third-wave feminism etc, and they gather all their comrades to launch a multi-pronged attack. They’ll bombard the Facebook harassment report button, and their sheer numbers will make Facebook hastily close the account, because after all, if hundreds, thousands are complaining, surely they must have just cause? I doubt Facebook even looked at Majid’s page too closely, if at all.

    The left does this over and over again. Britain First’s Facebook page has been taken down at least 5 times, if not more. As quickly as you can put it back up, these shrill harpies are complaining again. I don’t say this to absolve Facebook of responsibility; they need to stop caving to the mob. But, I would place the blame at the mob rule that governs modern progressives whose tactic is to overwhelm someone until they’re forced to give up.

    As an aside, I hope Majid has plans to release his book in English. His eloquence and obvious love for France makes me desperate to read it.

    • “I don’t say this to absolve Facebook of responsibility”
      “place the blame at the mob rule that governs modern progressives…”

      I think your analysis is exactly on target. The impetus for removing Facebook entries critical of Islam comes from organized systematic complaint-filing. Facebook itself is pretty much neutral to any idea except growth and profits.

      The principle of success in general investing is diversity: keep your nest eggs in multiple baskets, so you’re not that affected if one goes bad. Facebook is not the only social media available, although it is the largest by far. The counter-jihad should develop multiple social network accounts on different providers. That way, we are not dependent on the principles of Facebook, or the tolerance and forbearance of the groups of the left.

  5. Hate to be a buzz kill but doesn’t this just move his wealth from a private account to a private foundation meaning that he no longer owes any taxes on the interst or capital gains. So the donations come from the taxes he won’t be paying on the appreciation and interest in Facebook meaning that the biggest contributors to his gift is the government (I.e the rest of us) in forgone tax revenue.

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