I am a Traitor

As the crisis in Europe intensifies, more and more writers begin to sound exactly like Fjordman, the Dark Prophet of Norway.

Many thanks to JLH for this translation of a guest article in Andreas Unterberger’s blog:

Je suis un traître — Ich bin ein Verräter
(I am a Traitor)

November 16, 2015

by Werner Reichel

After the massacres in Paris, the politically correct propaganda machinery is running at top speed again. It is hardly possible to inform oneself via mainstream media about the war of conquest in Europe. From all MSM outlets dribbles the slimy concern of those politicians who — by their actions or non-actions — bear a substantial share of the blame for the death of around 130 civilians in Paris. Once more, the leftist criminals behind the desks in editorial offices evoke in pathetic cries freedom, democracy and courage — that is, values and virtues which they despise and for whose preservation they would risk nothing, because they do not have the courage for it.

From all sources, the politically correct commentators and experts are searching for a spin to once again sell the gullible public on the idea that the latest bloodbath was a regrettable lone incident, perpetrated by several mentally disturbed and misguided people. Again and again the public is informed why the diverse massacres have nothing to do with Islam and why the real victims are not the people killed and their friends and relatives, but the millions of Muslims in Europe.

In the end, xenophobic rabble rousers, rightist sub-humans and right-populists would attempt to make use of this latest, unfortunate isolated incident for their repulsive and inhuman purposes, like for instance re-introducing border controls. So after the bloodbath perpetrated by radical Muslims, the battle against the “Right” — i.e., these citizens who are no longer swallowing the PC propaganda idiocy — must be intensified. That is just the same old shell game. Astonishingly, it still works.

The journalists and other opinion-makers — like third-class carnival magicians — are trying to direct the public’s attention to secondary venues, so after every attack, they ask why the authorities, the police, the intelligence services, that is those state institutions the MSM journalist despises and criticizes, have “failed.” These recriminations come almost exclusively from people who are loudest in their complaints against the “superfluity” of rights and powers of these institutions. Whenever radical Muslims perpetrate a bloodbath, the following rules of thumb and standards of conduct apply:

  • That has nothing to do with Islam.
  • That is an isolated incident.
  • The real guilty parties are not the assassins and the people behind them or the Islamic religion/ideology in whose name they murder, but (diverse possibilities): capitalism, neoliberalism, Western imperialism, big corporations, the arms lobby, big capital (the Jews), the Americans, climate change, the Crusades, Israel (the Jews), G.W. Bush, PEGIDA, right populists.
  • The intelligence services. the authorities, the police and the military have failed.
  • The struggle against the Right must be intensified.
  • We must do more for integration.
  • We need a more welcoming culture.
  • We can do that ( whatever it is).
  • We will light a candle and hold hands.
  • Heinz Fischer[1] is traumatized.

In the social media, such Islamic horror events as Paris belong to the popular benchmarks and emotional high points, like, for instance, Halloween. Now once more the “je suis” mottos, the tricolors and the Eiffel Tower logos (with little hearts) are in vogue until they are replaced by the next hype or the next challenge. Will the word be “Mir san Wien” (“We are Vienna” in wienerisch) after the first bloodbath in our federal capital, and will the Prater’s ferris wheel be the assassination logo (St. Stephen’s cathedral would arouse the peace-loving Muslims too much)? Question, questions…

The political and media elite can do it without breaking a sweat — make a brutal war of conquest into a tawdry circus of consternation. For the more selective and somewhat thoughtful bleeding hearts, there is the alternative of a perpetual self-help and self-flagellation group therapy which is unremittingly asking what “we” did wrong and how “we” can bring peace, understanding and prosperity to everyone on the planet, with yet more humility, superhuman love of our neighbor and above all more money. Immediately after the mass murders in Paris — in Die Zeit, the German house organ for leftist believers in and followers of the state — there appeared a commentary entitled “The Welcoming Culture is the Greatest Enemy of Islamist Terror.” Yet another gulp of Fair Trade Tea (Kool-Aid?) and instantly a colorful “Welcome” sign is thrown together and the world is again peaceful, diverse and happy. If we roll over on our backs and expose our soft underbelly like good doggies, then Europe could be Islamized with somewhat less bloodshed than is the case at present in broad expanses of black Africa and, in its day, India (ca. 80 million dead[!]).

As a reaction to the Paris mass murders, the battle against rightist persecutors is naturally being intensified. They are, after all, the real threat against our “free” society and the battle against them is absolutely hazard-free. Because of that — according to media interpretation — even the most repugnant hate preacher and most brutal IS butcher are mere orphan boys compared to Strache, Wilders, Farage or Orban. The masters of political media are supremely able to mask their failure, and to deceive and divert citizens. They succeed over and over again in representing their rabbit-like mentality as a virtue and the only possible way of thinking.

Because the real enemy and the real danger are not the radical Muslims; they are simply making use of the weakness, lack of values and absence of guiding principles of European nations and societies.

  • The enemies of Europe and freedom are politicians like Angela Merkel or Werner Fayman[2], who are responsible for the explosive combination mixed up from social paradise for all, and open borders.
  • Those politicians and journalists who have worked for years for ideological reasons to weaken the intelligence services, the police, the military and all other governmental security forces are responsible for the war dead of Paris.
  • Responsible too are the no-border propagandists in the media, NGOs, parties and culture, including their foot soldiers — i.e., mostly violence-ready street “activists.”
  • And those masterminds and intellectuals whose abstruse, neo-socialist visions and ideas have smoothed the way for a wealthy, prospering and peaceful continent to be collapsed into a chaotic, poverty-stricken and uncivilized third-world swamp.

After each massacre, these people are all deeply affected for maybe two days, and then they go on as before. And again this time they are managing to make a bloodbath, an act of war, into a tragic isolated incident. The question is, how many mass murders, how many massacred children and how much spilling of infidel blood do the bleeding hearts need before they overcome their opportunism and cowardice and finally begin to doubt the abstruse philosophy and the dogmas of the politically correct ideology.

Europe is being destabilized and colonized by an unending series of isolated incidents which have nothing to do with each other. And like the frog in the kettle, we at best give out a little croak but otherwise stay completely passive. In a few days, the Paris bloodbath will be forgotten and the next isolated incident, which will also have nothing to do with Islam, can come.

The concerned speeches, the announcement of solidarity and the winged words of perseverance already lie prepared in desks. The Christmas market would offer a new bloodbath in Advent, even if the hypocrites have long since re-named them winter markets or light festivals. Preemptive obedience and subjugation are the strategies of those political forces which are so fond of accusing the “rightist rabble rousers” of “baseless fears.” For radical Muslims, everything is running according to plan, as always. After all, IS and its friends in and around Europe (in France alone, 27% of young people sympathize with IS) make no secret of their plans. The Lebanonization of Europe has just begun. And with the many expectable tragic isolated incidents and fatalities, our governmental leaders may do what they do best — simulate dismay and crank out empty phrases.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Werner Reichel is a Viennese journalist and author. His new books: The Enemies of Freedom and The Phenomenon of Conchita Wurst: A Hype and its Political Dimensions.


1.   Socialist president of Austria.
2.   Austrian chancellor, also socialist.

26 thoughts on “I am a Traitor

  1. That’s a good wrap up.
    The appeasers and idiot-quislings of Europe will meet a horrible destiny when they are no longer needed.
    Europe, death by stupidity.

      • Scott, are you joking?

        On the off chance you’re serious, please explain: how is America going to rescue Europe? We can’t even rescue ourselves from the stealth immigration going on in every state in this union – and it’s been happening at least since Carter’s time. Go to Refugee Resettlement Watch and put the name of your state in her search window to see how you’re faring.

        Or maybe you think Obama is going to send troops to Europe?? Have you seen any EU leaders ask for his help? They’d ask the Russians first. In fact they already have. Putin has been itching for an excuse to increase his presence in Syria/Iraq and now he has it. No drone strikes here and there for him…while we can’t really say for sure whether we hit our targets.

        Meanwhile, Obama is busy today meeting with Burmese Muslims who are on the way to settle here in the US:


        Mr. Obama is used to having his way. The gloves are coming off now that a few politicians in the US have dared to go against his orders…

        And due to our lack of a real border in the southwest, mixed in with all the other illegals coming in here are heaven-only-knows-how-many-ISIS-trained-killers. NO ONE gets through there without the express consent of the drug cartels; in this case there is no doubt they’ve been paid well to let ISIS in.

  2. For the same reason, Israel, fighting fot survival against these same forces, must be demonized and isolated. One cannot have the “never again” contagion spreading to Europe proper.

    Street terror is a weekly (daily at the moment) occurrence in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and bombing. a regular event in Sderot. These war crimes are not committed by ‘lone wolves” but by a highly organized Nazi-style political force who preach violence from the pulpits of their mosques.

    Remove the mosques, remove the problem!

  3. nice video, mr baron.

    truth with zuckerman is that he has more money than most everyone alive
    or dead and he really dosen’t care at all.

    • I think this comment was posted under an incorrect discussion? Perhaps it belongs w/the Zuckerberg item.

  4. Even our little local newspaper is acting in solidarity with the terrorists! Used to be
    we could enjoy the cartoons on the editorial page. Not any more. Recently, they
    printed a cartoon depicting an elephant as the Statue of Liberty holding a sign telling
    the “Muslim immigrants” to go home.

    The time comes when it is high time to use what common sense the good Lord gave us!
    – In fairness, the cartoons do sometimes favor us with a conservative drawing or two;
    but I got the feeling lately that they’re urinating on my leg and telling me that it is
    raining. (I stole that analogy from somebody, but can’t remember who it was.)

    I’m sure plenty of people in our area aren’t thrilled about Obama’s sarcasm in his
    speeches directed at their “notions” about terrorists; but, then, he and his family
    have security that most of us don’t have.

    • It may be the same cartoon I saw: an elephant labelled GOP was kicking a small child back into the water with “Syrian immigrants go home” on a sign.

      Or maybe I’m misremembering it and conflating two or three cartoons together.

  5. FYI BBC just had a lady named Choudry on for an interview. Choudry is a CAIR representative and was talking about the injustices the followers of the religion of peace are having to endure in the States at this time. BBC failed mention CAIR was designated by the UAE as a terrorist organization a year ago.

    • The Americans, unlike much of the rest of Western civilisation, still manage to get seriously angry when a Republican is in office… That may well happen a little more than a year from now.

      • The big unknown is how Trump will get around his “promise” to accept whatever the RNC says. And since they’re very much part of our Washington problem they won’t be letting HIM in the door. My bet: they’ll dig up Romney, prop him against a lectern with an American flag behind him and then proceed to lose the white middle class male vote once again.

        • And yet, I was 100% for Romney. What we needed was a technocrat, like the one that merged Dunkin Donuts with Baskin Robbins to get us out of this mess. Instead, we got a world class boob.
          Romney was practically a Nostradamus when it came to foreign policy. Well Mr. Obama, the 1980’s did actually call and you failed to pick up the phone.
          I don’t have any answers for the middle east. The situation is so far gone that it will take decades or, an unspeakable slaughter to put it right.
          We have watched for years now as things have gotten worse and worse and worse. Now we have economic migrants and war refugees flooding Europe. This will forever change the nature of Europe.
          Europeans refuse to replicate themselves and they refuse to give up the handsome benefits they enjoy. In fact, wasn’t it 13,000 elderly Europeans that died during a heat wave a decade ago because their children wouldn’t check on them while on vacation? Do you expect the “New Europeans” to check on your parents?
          The world is sick and getting sicker. It has now officially infected Europe.
          But not to worry because your gov’t will take care of you…

  6. You are right. Heinz Fischer offers nothing but platitudes. Faymann works for Angela Merkel. Peter Gridling Head of Austrian National Security announced the day after Paris! that Islam is a religion and not a Gewaltideologie!

    The flood of Flüchtlinge is a disaster for all of Europe. It is only a matter of time before they “do a Paris” in Vienna; we are wide open to attack and the socialists are to blame.

    • I like your possible future hashtag #DoAParis…

      Socialists here are to blame for most of our ills, including the handy crony capitalism they all use whilst pretending to be against all forms of capitalism. Most economically ignorant people on the planet are rich Leftist Americans.

  7. “(in France alone, 27% of young people sympathize with IS)”

    This percentage seems unusually high, so I thought this might be a misprint for “27% of young Muslims”. But checking the original text, we find it says
    “(allein in Frankreich sympathisieren 27 Prozent aller(!) Jugendlichen mit dem IS)”.
    So it’s not just 27% of Islamic young people, it’s 27% of all(!) young people.

  8. Yesterday the Muslims really got going with their “Islam has nothing to do with Islam” narrative in France, starting off with a French lawyer who at least used the expression Muslims, it went down hill fast, with an enraged rant by a Muslim going viral on facebook, followed by him being interview on BFM TV where he was fielded the normal soft ball questions.

    I have a simple rule of thumb for these people ranting that Islam is just as much a victim, if they do not mention that there are problematic verses then they are definitely not sincere, mention of one or two problematic verses will at least make one wonder if he is for real, but then again he is likely to be talking about his own personal view of Islam which will be without all the gory stuff.

    The good thing is that I have people who before did not want to know, asking me questions, and I find a good one to use is 5:32 the one that is used to mislead non-Muslims and is quoted without the important bits, I add them back in and explain what it really means especially the bit about “spreading mischief in the land”, and why the people shot in Paris were doing just that in the eyes of Islam…

    It is incredibly effective because they also realize that the so called moderates are using that to divert attention, hoisted by their own petard.

    I think this is a stronger reaction then the previous events, but I wonder how long before full on surrender makes a showing again…

    • Another meme is: the good Muslim — or simply someone with an Arab name and Islamic ancestry — who’s spotlighted as an example of a “true Muslim” and a lesson in how wrong it is to think bad thoughts about Islam.

      The Daily Mail did this (again) yesterday, thought perhaps inadvertently, with a story about a woman of Moroccan-Algerian parentage who selflessly went around to comfort the dying in Paris, at risk to herself. What she did was undoubtedly,praiseworthy and morally exemplary.

      The story itself said nothing about her being a Muslim, and judging from her manner of dress and her approval of drinking beer with friends on a Friday night, she cannot be a devout Muslim by any stretch. But some commenters fastened upon her name and ethnic heritage to make the claim that she represents a true Muslim, or that she proves Islam to be harmless.

  9. There’s too many Muslims in Europe Now!

    Cutting off future immigration is one thing, but how do you deport the ones already here. You can’t just ‘get rid’ of’ these people any more than we could deport all the central Americans in the southern US. Most of south Florida is Spanish speeking now. And from what i see on TV much of europe is ‘Arab’ in the same way. (CBS : ’60 Minutes’ segment called ‘Londonistan’)

    And in a democratic country you can’t deport people if they’re born in country. Or close houses of worship. If I were a young white/secular/christian, I would try to move to the US or Canada.

    Young people can start a new life. Let the ruling elites rule over their Muslim minority. Oh…I mean Muslim majority.

    • You certainly can deport people in a democratic country. If more people are for it than against, then you can do anything. That includes deporting – by force – unwelcome Muslim invaders, plus their children born here in the west. It includes closing houses of worship.

      Is anybody really in any doubt that it will come to this if we are to survive?

      • Yes, of course it will take expulsion if Europe is to escape being swallowed by the ummah. But for that to happen, for the Germans, the French, the Dutch, etc. to demand the expulsion of the muslims and to overthrow governments that will not comply there will first have to be truly horrific muslim attacks resulting in monstrous death tallies. People simply are not willing to do the necessary until their existence is on the line.

        • 2016 is the start of the Islamic jihad in Europe, these attacks are part of that, they are showing the weakness of the Europeans to push the more violent ones to get involved while using any strengthening of security that could be defined as restricting the ability to follow Islam as an act against Islam, you can bet that in Mosques their operatives are recruiting like mad.

          In 2016 they will call for a holy war in Europe and demand that the faithful follow it, very soon our existence will be on the line and that choice will have to be made.

          The Islamic s expect final victory in 2020 in Europe.

        • Yes! I’m thinking the same thing. Another 9/11; or maybe a small nuclear bomb would be necessary.

    • Yes you can deport them, you do know that the North Africans in France all have passports in their country of origin and that includes those that are third generation…

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