A Sea Change in the “Refugee” Crisis

Most American political discussions remain focused on President Obama, and — now that the 2016 campaign is in full swing — the dozen or so major contenders vying to succeed him. All significant events, from petroleum prices through sex scandals to hurricanes, are viewed through the lens of presidential politics. This is the preoccupation not only of the Legacy Media, but also much of the New Media. There has been a drumbeat for the past seven years or so of OBAMA… OBAMA… OBAMA — as if no other public figure were significant. And now there will be a gradual switchover to HILLARY… SANDERS… JEB… TRUMP… CARSON as the next election draws closer, and then after January 20, 2017 the journalistic preoccupation will return to POTUS… POTUS… POTUS, whoever that turns out to be.

This obsessive monomania is a mistake and a waste of energy. Mr. Obama is hardly the cause of our national political disease, but rather a symptom of it — I could go on at length about the “root causes” of Obamaism, but that would be another post entirely.

The same sort of journalistic tunnel vision holds sway in Europe, although it is diffused among a number of political leaders. The European press tends to focus on the pronouncements of Angela Merkel, François Hollande, David Cameron, and other prime ministers and heads of state who appear to occupy the pinnacle of power — as if they were the main architects of crucial public policy and the motive force behind the crucial events of our time.

This is hardly the case. As all the momentous news washes over me, I notice certain eddies and ripple patterns to the tidal ebb and flow of events. Something else is at work besides the capering clowns who strut and fret their hour upon the political stage. It’s hard get a clear view of those occluded causes — they probably include the name “Soros”, but his hand is far from the only one at work.

After digesting a lot of information about the “refugee” crisis over the past four months, these are a few of the facts/deductions that seem important, but not often discussed:

1.   The crisis intensified and accelerated in July and August. At that point the main route of the migration shifted from {Libya —> Lampedusa} to {Anatolia —> Greek Islands}.
2.   The new and more massive flow was possible only because Turkey decided to let the smugglers’ boats get through. Before that they (the Turkish police and coast guard) had interdicted most of them. In the middle of the summer they stopped doing that.
3.   The change in Turkish policy came not long after the first ISIS attack on Turkish soil. My inference from this is that Turkey decided ISIS was no longer a net plus (the Turks had previously been tolerating and even supplying ISIS, with their main target being the Kurds). A decision must have been made at the highest levels to open the floodgates so that the mujahideen would head for Europe, getting them out of Turkey’s hair.
4.   A ferry strike in Greece cut off the flow completely for several days, so that traffic dried up at the border crossing from Slovenia to Austria almost immediately. This tells us that it would be easy to stop the refugees, and proves that they are being deliberately imported.
5.   Migrants only walk about five to ten kilometers (three to six miles) during the trip from Lesbos to Austria, which is about 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) as the crow flies. The rest of the way they are carried by ferry, train, and bus. They pay nothing, but this is a very expensive trip. SOMEONE is paying for it.
6.   Furthermore, when they arrive in Austria, they pay for purchases with 500 euro notes. SOMEONE gives them that money. They didn’t find it lying in the bushes in Serbia, or earn it back home. Not to mention the fact that these poverty-stricken people managed to cough up a hefty amount to pay the smugglers’ fees.

These are the dots which I am tentatively connecting. What’s listed here is much more important than what Angela Merkel says, in my opinion. This is the real back story.

I’ve concluded that Turkey’s opening of the floodgates threw a spanner into the works of the NWO’s plan. This was all supposed to happen, but much more slowly — it was intended to take another five to ten years, at which point it would have been too late for European indigenes to save themselves. But the chaos and violence and filth of this huge instantaneous “migration” have woken up a lot of people who otherwise would have remained asleep. It’s a game-changer.

I feel more optimistic about the situation in Europe than I have in a number of years. What is stirring now began too late to forestall a lot of ugliness, suffering, and death. But change is coming.

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  1. So Erdogan is up to his neck in this human smuggling racket. I wonder what his monetary cut from this scheme is. He is certainly vigorously defending it – this Newsweek article from yesterday quotes him criticizing any anti-“refugee” sentiment in Europe following last Friday’s Paris attacks: .

    I also wonder why the overwhelming numbers of these illegal immigrants are young, healthy and fit males of fighting age – not the usual cross-section of desperate refugees fleeing war-torn countries that you would expect. A possible explanation (courtesy of Bret Harte in the Australian Morning Mail) is the UN resolution of 2000 entitled “Replacement Migration:Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations ?”. This resolution calls for Western nations to “replace” their own indigenous populations by (specifically) Muslim migrants, supposedly to finance the West’s aging population while at the same time “freeing” Muslims around the world from their entrenched misery overseen by brutal dictators.

    What could possibly go wrong? Other than the complete destruction of the West and the enlightened values it holds of course. This might also explain the obstinate determination by certain European leaders to ensure this invasion into their own countries continues.

  2. I wish I could share your guarded optimism. Congress and over two dozen state governors have erected six-foot high speed bumps on Obama’s planned enrichment of the U.S. with bus loads of “Syrian refugees,” a significant number of whom are plainly ISIS agents ready to kill and destroy. They’ve been intercepted in Europe and at the southern border. Then there’s Mamma Merkel going after “right wingers” who oppose the forced baptism of Europeans at the hands of Muslims. I’m sure Obama would like to do the same thing to our critics. I almost half expect federal agents to come knocking on or knocking down my door for all the foul things I’ve written about him,

    • My main point is that these events do not occur because of what Frau Merkel and Herr Obama say. Not at all. They are a distraction.

      If we wish to see what is really going on, we must look elsewhere.

        • I don’t have an answer, beyond George Soros, who publicly acknowledged that he is playing a role in the Great Migration.

          I’m open to ideas, although I’m tired of hearing about the Jews. Yes, yes, I know Soros is Jewish, but he hates his fellow Jews at least as much as he hates Europeans, so that hardly qualifies as an explanation.

          It’s also true that ten American Jewish groups have publicly petitioned Congress not to restrict the flow of Syrian “refugees” into the United States. However, I put this down to their being progressive/leftist, rather than to their ethnicity. Like Soros, they no longer look to the well-being of their own ethnic group. “Suicide Jews”, I call them.

          • With the Old and the “New”Left, being of the Left is their true religion, and the interests of that, even if vague program comes before everything, especially the Books of Moses.

          • I believe you are correct, Mr. Bodissey. There is still much mystery surrounding Obama and this cloak will not be lifted anytime soon. Without resorting to conspiracy theories, it is certain there are monied, powerful figures behind this global disruption for that’s what this rampant “immigration” is — an intentional chaos designed to disrupt. Somebody gains from this.

          • Got to agree, other websites have discussed Soros roll in pushing mass immigration which is nothing more than an invasion of the E.U. and N. America, etc. E.U. is conquered, the idiot people refused to preserve their heritage or families future and these ignorant masses don’t know their history. Cowardly men refused to do anything. Soon mass killings will occur then a caliphate established under shiria law. America is next if not stopped. Hate to see Europe fall, but that’s really what they wanted: an Islamic state. The few protesters need to get out of there asap, those that have been outspoken about invaders, before Jihad goes full swing. The E.U. leaders are bought puppets but will end up executed as no longer needed useful idiots.

          • There is that sense to this situation. There is a plan and purpose behind these events beyond the facile contribution of our political leaders.

            There will be a stop to this plan though. The populations of our Western nations apply a “natural democracy” when they are pushed too much in a direction they do not want.

            Unless of course the ultimate aim behind this purpose is to instigate the destruction of every facet of Islam.

  3. I had previously read that Ertogun facilitated the refugees to help expand the caliphate and gain stature in the Islamic world.

    Your analysis makes more sense. When one uses chaos as a weapon, one can lose control of his weapon.

    Or as Tom Clancy wrote: “you arrogant ass, you have killed us!”

    • It’s the timing that is notable in this case — the Turkish government suddenly reversed its policy of stopping the smuggling boats. That reversal had a reason. If someone can posit a more plausible reason for the change of policy, I’m all ears.

      • Take your pick (according to Wiki)

        (Interestingly none of them mention Turkey’s role???)

        Triggers of the summer 2015 crisis

        Factors cited as immediate triggers or causes of the sudden and massive increase in migrant numbers in the summer of 2015 along the Eastern Mediterranean and Western Balkan route (Turkey-Greece-Macedonia-Serbia-Hungary) include:

        In mid-June 2015 the government of Macedonia announced that it was changing its policy on migrants entering the country illegally. Previously, migrants were forbidden from transiting Macedonia, causing those who chose to do so to take perilous, clandestine modes of transit, such as walking along railroad tracks at night. Beginning in June, migrants were given three-day, temporary asylum permits, enabling them to travel by train and road.[178][179]
        The opening of the Macedonia route enabled migrants from the Middle East to take very short, inexpensive voyages from the coast of Turkey to the Greek Islands, instead of the far longer, more perilous, and far more expensive voyage from Libya to Italy. According to the Washington Post, in addition to reducing danger, this lowered the cost from around $5–6,000 to $2–3,000.[179]
        According to the Washington Post, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s public pledges (at a time of diplomatic standoff with the government of Hungary at the beginning of September, when tens of thousands of refugees were attempting to cross Hungarian territory without getting processed for asylum application in the country) that Germany would offer temporary residency to refugees, combined with television footage of cheering Germans welcoming refugees and migrants arriving in Munich,[180] persuaded large numbers of people to move from Turkey up the Balkan route.[179]

        The Syrian government under Bashar al-Assad announced increased military conscription, and simultaneously made it easier for Syrians to obtain passports, leading Middle East policy experts to speculate that he was implementing a policy to encourage opponents of his regime to leave the country.[179]

      • Excellent analysis on France24 entitled, “Battle Against IS Group Mired in Conflicting National Interests.” 20 Nov. 2015. This might explain Turkey’s shapeshifting stance on Syrian immigrants.

  4. One can only hope you are right. However, my instincts tell me that this is a planned invasion and has been so from the beginning. What better way to start a civil uprising than to flood western counties with illegal “refugees” and let them rape, rob, and pillage the legitimate citizens. I believe the Muslims in Europe and the Blacks in USA have been used foment hatred and rage in the average citizen. The day will come when we can’t choke it down any more and then the blood and tears will flow. None of us wants this but history does not lie. Our leaders have committed treason and it is too late to stop them. The gods of war have spoken and the banks need more money. Out children and grandchildren have one hell of fight on their hands. Only God can have mercy on puppets Merkle, Hollande, Obama, etc. they have left a terrible legacy for us all.

    • Yes, I said that this invasion was planned. But it was not supposed to happen so FAST.

      That’s what went wrong, from the point of view of the NWO. Turkey went off-script and opened the floodgates, messing up its carefully laid plans.

      It’s important to remember that Erdogan and al-Baghdadi are rival Caliphs. One of them must destroy the other before the Ummah is fully unified. “Two little Hitlers will fight it out until/One little Hitler does the other one’s will”, to quote Elvis Costello.

      This means that Turkey was only willing to tolerate ISIS for a finite period of time. At some point Turkish policy towards the Islamic State was bound to change.

      • I do so hope you are right, if so, our children still have a chance to make it through this. It just appears that by moving fast the powers that be have a better chance of pulling this off because they have had time to plan and we got caught with our pants down. When Merkel invited the Middle East into Germany overnight it was like a huge shock to almost everyone. It seemed to me that most people bought her Mama Merkel sob story and even felt sorry for her. Now that she is persecuting her own people (dissenters -free press) we see her true colors. However, if a revived Ottoman Empire is the end game then I am completely wrong. I hope it is because it gives the opposition more time.

  5. I don’t think there’s much coordination beyond Turkey and Soros. The fact that Russia just popped into Syria when the heat was really turning up during the invasion isn’t a coincidence. I see the hand of China, Russia and Iran all coercing the Turks into releasing the hordes. Oil is in a slump and Russia badly needs money. China is having its first real rough patch and it needs cheap fuel. What better way to satisfy both by using the ISIS excuse to put in troops and start carving up the access to these area. This way the OPEC lockout is eliminated and oil can be squeezed to a trickle until the prices get back to the $100 bbl level. It seems humans are always squabbling over money and oil – could this be it?

    • Russia didn’t just “pop in”. Putin has only two warm water ports for his navy, one in Crimea, the other in Syria. Pure realpolitik, as Bismarck wluld have understood.

      • I agree, anyone taking the time to read through Putins’ speeches will a startling different to the daftness played out in Washington, Brussels, Berlin & London. Take for instance his speech at the UNGA 50th anniversary:

        ““It is equally irresponsible to manipulate extremist groups and use them to achieve your political goals, hoping that later you’ll find a way to get rid of them or somehow eliminate them.

        I’d like to tell those who engage in this: Gentlemen, the people you are dealing with are cruel but they are not dumb. They are as smart as you are. So, it’s a big question: who’s playing who here? The recent incident where the most “moderate” opposition group handed over their weapons to terrorists is a vivid example of that.

        We consider that any attempts to flirt with terrorists, let alone arm them, are short-sighted and extremely dangerous. This may make the global terrorist threat much worse, spreading it to new regions around the globe, especially since there are fighters from many different countries, including European ones, gaining combat experience with Islamic State. Unfortunately, Russia is no exception.

        Now that those thugs have tasted blood, we can’t allow them to return home and continue with their criminal activities. Nobody wants that, right?”

        Given that are around 7000 jihadis in Syria, that come ex Soviet states. Russia is aware of this.

    • Putin doesn’t need to “squeeze” anyone. All he needs to do is acquire the oil that ISIS/Daesh has been selling to its great profit and greater recruitment power. If that oil travels to Russia instead of whoever’s been buying it from ISIS/Daesh, the wealth and ability of ISIS/Daesh to recruit will be severely diminished.

      It *is* too bad, though, that Venezuela is so much toast, or 98% toast; their oil could have been useful for any legitimate (?) purchasers of oil from ISIS/Daesh.

  6. It’s always refreshing to see Turkey’s role in this ethnic submergence highlighted… anywhere. It stands out like a sore boil on the E.U.’s forehead… almost as glaring and impossible to ignore as the Global war against nationalism: in the U.S. the phenomenal ignorance of the fundamental right of nations to preserve themselves, or that war is always about survival, and therefore, “it must be studied.”

    Survival supersedes any nation’s more abstract traditional ideals regarding its ‘raison d’être’

    ‘Who we are’ is less important than ‘whether we are.’

  7. I can’t believe that progressives want to install Sharia….although they may have zero principles and are 100% false actors floating where power and fad dictate; and, I guess, an accident in history could occur.

    It is more likely that progressives want to use the jihadists to gain power–to essentially use their masculine testosterone–and then discard and throw away the Islamists and seize the sunny uplands in a bright future. This latter conviction, which they_must_ hold, proves that their brains are not functioning..,.that they are morons who haven’t understood any history whatsoever.

    If you think about this just a bit, it becomes rather good news, doesn’t it? ….because it is telling us that progressives are a dull and stupid adversary.

    • Individual progressives may be dull and stupid, but the Left – via the Fabians, CFR, etc., are quite clever and very competent, even though the apparent end-game (there must be another – a world-wide oligarchy of the elite?) has proven a failure every time it has been tried. Look at our schools – grade school through university – and how they are completely controlled by the Left via teacher’s colleges, their administrations, etc. Look at our government – anti-Judeo-Christian, controlling every aspect of our lives via the EPA, IRS, DOEs (energy _and_ education), where unilateral regulations have the full effect of law.

      The Left – via the elites who direct its efforts and efficiency – has taken control of our government and is using it to transform America into a socialist State. That is not “dull and stupid”, even if the individual people – such as John Kerry, Hillary, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, Graham, and Obama himself – require direction from those handling them to do what benefits the goals of the Left.

  8. So, why did Turkey keep the people (halt the smugglers) in the first place? Perhaps the country was becoming overwhelmed in less than obvious ways.

    • There was some sort of understanding (and coordination) between Turkey and the EU/USA bloc. For whatever reason, Turkey suddenly dropped out of the arrangement.

      • I shudder to think that this has supernatural undertones. That warnings written in ancient texts are coming true. But it is becoming painfully apparent that Merkel, Hollande, Obama, et. al., are mere players in a much larger scheme of control, power, and domination. The global conquest is escalating, with each day wreaking more blood and havoc on unsuspecting peoples. Who gains from this carnage? Determine that, and the Queen of Death will be unveiled.

          • Sorry, Mark H, but I do not share your mirth. My beloved Europe is forever changed; changed by a cruel, despotic entity that stands to gain incalculable wealth and power. Islam co-exists with nothing. It dominates. And it’s already here.

      • “There was some sort of understanding (and coordination) between Turkey and the EU/USA bloc. For whatever reason, Turkey suddenly dropped out of the arrangement.”

        I completely agree. And the leaders of the formerly individual nations began supporting the invasion and enabling it at that time. From whom do they get their marching orders? I haven’t heard anything about the individuals who administrate the EU. Have they been queried about their decisions re: this invasion of young jihadi “refugees”?

      • Perhaps Turkey received a non-negotiable “NO” to its request to join the EU. That right there would tick Erdogan off to an unimaginable degree.

        Also: earlier this year (April) the world–except for Turkey!–commemorated the 100th anniversary of the commencement of the Armenian genocide. All victims of that genocide were glorified (canonized) as saints in the Armenian church. “Herr” Erdogan was already in an ugly mood.

        Then in June his party lost elections.

        Then Merkel comes (maybe to deliver the NO?).

        Then the flood.

        Just my own construct, but I think it has some possibilities. Or at least some pieces of it hold water. 🙂

  9. although this addresses the US migration question partially, it may hint at the EU question as well:

    BizzyBlog: Islamist organization (OIC) involved in screening US bound refugees

    UN Working With Islamist Group To Resettle Over 15,000 Syrian Refugees In America

    Who picks the Syrian refugees that resettle in the U.S.? Homeland Security? No, the United Nations, in concert with a global Islamist group. And they’re sending “more than 15,000,” not the widely reported 10,000.

    In fact, Washington has no role in selecting the thousands of Syrian refugees coming to your hometown. The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees is really behind the effort, and he’s referred an additional 5,000-plus Syrian nationals here.

    … “As of mid-2015, UNHCR has referred more than 15,000 Syrian refugees to the United States,” the 71-page (State Department) report adds. “And these individuals are being screened to determine whether they are eligible.”

    … Of course, that security screening is a joke, as the FBI director and his top counterterrorism aide, as well as the Homeland Security and National Intelligence chiefs, have all testified.

  10. I agree with your analysis. However, I do not share your optimism.

    While the crisis does appear to be unintended in its magnitude and suddenness, it also has the potential – again unintended – to actually help Leftislam achieve a greater victory than they could have hoped for by following their preferred gradual path.

    From the start, the Muslims and their Leftist allies have been playing a “good cop, bad cop” act. Every act of terrorism helps their cause not just by instilling fear and despair, but also by creating opportunities for establishing a (usually false) contrast between the jihadists and ordinary Muslims.

    This is the real value of terrorism for Leftislam as a propaganda tool. It homes in on the naive desire of Westerners to see Muslims “integrate” and “accept our way of life or get the hell out”. By exorcising the few overtly violent Muslims, the vast silent majority can be laundered, legitimized, and be irreversibly embedded into the population. The West does not and will never have the guts to go after seemingly peaceful people, even if does somehow manage to fight the violent ones.

    Secondly, as you pointed out, the Islamic invasion is just a symptom, not the disease. I call it an opportunistic infection – the kind of disease arising from pathogens that can’t harm a healthy body but are deadly when the immune system is crippled.

    Spiritually, the West is gravely ill, and has been for hundreds of years. It is determined to commit suicide, and Islam is merely an available tool – just like National Socialism was and Communism still is. While a hypothetical victory over Islam will certainly make this suicide less violent and painful, the underlying yearning for suicide will not go away but simply be channeled into another available tool.

    The West may have a lot to fight *against*, but it has nothing spiritual to fight *for*. So it may somehow win, just to kill itself again by some other method. But I don’t think it will win this time, either. Atheists can’t win religious wars.

    • Mr. Maximus, the U.S. principles of war do not factor in the religious beliefs of any of the actors. Superior firepower, tactics, and strategy will decide pitched battles with finality.

      There is an overall intellectual decay more than a spiritual one, I think. The West, all of it, is all too eager to embrace a sappiness about evil and the differences between cultures and races. In the U.S. we have discarded workable constitutional protections against tyranny on the strength of the idea that if the right people with sufficient education and technical knowledge can be handed power then mankind will advance by orders of magnitude.

      This stupidity on both fronts has a lot to do with the ultra democritization of the West which unscrupulous people have been all too willing to exploit. Immigration, compassion, sexual freedom, sexual confusion, redistributionism, out-of-control welfare, multiculturalism, diversity, the tolerance of Muslims, worship of the exotic, and the like are ideas that appeal to the stupid, the credulous and the parasitic. A lying press helps matters along nicely. The elite, itself infected with Enlightenment hubris, does not obstruct but rather facilitates all pathologies.

      Thus it makes perfect sense for foreign invaders to be able to turn mighty Western navies into taxi services and our armies into a meals on wheels service.

  11. enjoy following your reasoning mr baron. agree that it was a lucky
    stroke for us that overwhelming numbers raced across borders
    and let the entire plan magnify. even the horrible islamic slaughter
    in paris is being magnified a hundred fold. it is positively dumbfounding
    how barry o’fraud can keep skating .. astounding. if the US gets hit
    by isis anytime soon, more will unfold ..

  12. As I commented on another blog (Liberty’s Torch) “Fran, as is usual, you are correct, but we will never engage in the proper war against islam until we have suffered more death and destruction. I hate to say it, but it is going to take an atrocity such as Breslin, where hundreds of children were raped, tortured, and killed by Chechen muslims. A few people in a theatre or a mall or a supermarket just isn’t going to inflame enough people to force our socialist government to go to _real_ war against these sub-human creatures.

    And it obviously doesn’t matter how many non-muslim children and women are raped and killed if it is happening in another country. Even in Europe. Especially with a twisted, degenerate, narcissistic [fundament-headgear] in the White House who prefers muslim child-rapists over the American citizens he is responsible for (via the Constitution he took an oath to protect and defend).

    If only there was some way to make the elites (of both parties) and media moguls who stuck us with this crass bastard pay for what is being done to our country. There aren’t enough lampposts in DC to account for all of them.”

    Baron, I think we will be faced with what this gentleman said man years ago:

    “If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.”

    “There may be even a worse fate. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”

    Winston Churchill

  13. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11459675/Greeces-defence-minister-threatens-to-send-migrants-including-jihadists-to-Western-Europe.html

    I think it was this threath from the Greek communists that set things in motion. Off course the Turks seized this opportunity. Or at least it gave them a hint on what to do with the millions of “refugees” they had on their soil.

    You can not get asylum in Greece. They simply dont have the money to maintain their own society let alone grant asylum to any of these thugs. So they did what they threathened to do.

    Soros payed for transportation but it is the Greek government and people who are to blame for the Paris attacks. Greece should be expeled from the EU and Nato. It should be [intemperate recommendation redacted]…Those [epithets].

    • Interesting

      Thank you for this, as it might help to set the context as I explained

      in relation to the Visegrad 4 sending border guards to Greece. Maybe it is definite spat taking in the heart of the EU.

      To be fair to the Greeks, Germany & the EU as a whole has done frankly very little to help Greece over the years re the migrants. Nor is there is no love between the Turkish gov and the Greeks either. Add in the fact that the Greeks have a deep history and concern about their neighbours, that the EU is completely ignoring and you are getting a recipe for a complete mess. Then put into Soros fan & ideologically driven organisations & individual in amongst that lot and the mess is ten fold.

  14. In some ways, I agree with Herr Baron: the hijra has shown its hand too soon. That may be the only saving grace we’re granted in this situation, and while I’m pleased that the House of Representatives passed their bill yesterday, the Senate may be more difficult.

    And, of course, the Prez has said he’ll veto any such bill. Can’t afford to offend these strong, military-age single Islamic men flooding the world, can we?

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