Asylum Catastrophe

Recent events in Germany have propelled a number of new politically incorrect figures into the public spotlight. The PEGIDA movement has given us, for example, Lutz Bachmann, Tatjana Festerling, and Götz Kubitschek. The first two of these are from the former DDR, whose inhabitants have managed to resist and throw off the blatant lies they were subjected to under Communism. The propaganda in the West has been more subtle and therefore more effective, so that resistance to the multicult among Wessis is not as strong.

Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) has also brought new personalities to the forefront. Björn Höcke, another Ossi and an AfD leader, is featured in the article and video below. Many thanks to Rembrandt Clancy for the translation and introduction.

Asylum Catastrophe
by Rembrandt Clancy

But perhaps it is coming to pass, that this drastic remedy is once again stirring Germans into wakefulness. Perhaps it is the last chance for our people to once again awaken.

Björn Höcke
October 22, 2015
AfD Conference in Munich-Pasing


The 14-minute video which follows introduces a new personality surfacing in the central resistance to what Thilo Sarrazin called the abolition of Germany. He is Björn Höcke, married with four children, and Thuringia’s state chairman for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), which in 2014 entered the Landtag for the very first time with eight seats and 10.6 % of the votes.

The video consists of highlights of Mr. Höcke’s speech on 22 October before the AfD district association in Pasing, a Municipality in Munich.

Mr. Höcke’s recent high profile among opponents of the abuse of asylum in Germany coincides with Frauke Petry’s replacement of Brend Lucke as the national AfD party leader in July of 2015. This prominence is all the more remarkable as the “AfD is still a tiny splinter, and relatively timid at that” (Baron Bodissey).

However, beginning 18 September, Thuringia’s AfD state party has organised six well-attended demonstrations in the capital city of Erfurt to oppose an out-of-control “asylum chaos”, and Björn Höcke is always the main speaker. He has also organised other smaller, but nevertheless well-attended demonstrations in Magdeburg and Gera. These AfD events are organised independently of PEGIDA, although both are East German phenomena. Similar demonstrations in the West are still relatively small.

According to estimates by Politically Incorrect, the Erfurt demonstration the day prior to Mr. Höcke’s Munich speech attracted as many as 10,000 participants in a city of just over 200,000 inhabitants. They take place in Cathedral Square (Domplatz) in the shadow of the splendid Erfurt Cathedral (St. Mary’s Cathedral). The neo-Catholic bishop, Dr. Ulrich Neymeyer, arranges for the Cathedral lights to be extinguished on these occasions.

Mr. Höcke does not shrink from speaking Klartext, the expression Germans use for not mincing words. Michael. Stürzenberger, who himself has not shrunk from speaking Klartext in the streets of Munich over the years, refers in this respect to a recent appearance Mr. Höcke made at a demonstration against the asylum abuse in Nuremberg on 24 October:

The Thuringian AfD state chairman, Björn Höcke, who for weeks has been illuminating the streets with blazing speeches and who has a strong presence in the media, held there [in Nuremberg] a much-celebrated speech. Not least, his noteworthy appearance on Günther Jauch’s ARD prattle-circle demonstrated his possession of staying power; he did not allow himself to be forced off of his consistent line of thinking by four perpetually outraged opponents including the partisan moderator. The era of the timidly submissive appeaser who keeps his distance, [Brend] Lucke, is for the AfD, thank God, a thing of the past. [Politically Incorrect, 26 October 2015]

“Günther Jauch’s ARD prattle-circle” is a nationwide talk show provided by one of Germany’s national television networks. Our video includes a scene from one of these shows in which Mr. Höcke set off a media storm of vituperation, invective and personal attacks against him after he “provocatively” displayed the German flag before the running camera (MDR Thüringen).

It is not possible to include all the important aspects of Mr. Höcke’s speech in 14 minutes, such as, for example, its main political objective:

And when I speak at the Erfurt demonstrations, and I sense the will of the people, I also sense the fury of people; for I know, if we have the will, and if we articulate this will and carry it onto the streets, also in West Germany, then we will force new elections in 2016, dear friends.

Our video highlights the following of Björn Höcke’s most prominent themes:

  • that German patriotism, which the Thuringian AfD promotes, and here symbolised by the black, red and gold of the flag (traceable to the colours of Friedrich Barbarossa), is an important front in the battle for the survival of the German people;
  • that German politicians express contempt for their own people both symbolically and in policy;
  • that from an important statistical perspective, the evidence suggests that Germans are poised, in effect, to be reduced to a minority position in their own country as early as the end of 2016; and
  • that the German people require a change in their understanding of themselves as a commonwealth if they are not to be abolished.


Björn Höcke: Turingian state chairman, Alternative für Deutschland (AfD)
Speech on the Asylum Catastrophe
Given in Munich-Pasing
22 October 2015

Original video source: Alternative für Deutschland: Landesverband Thüringen

Asylum Catastrophe

It belongs to the art of politics to also choose the right symbol in the right place and at the right time. As you know, we have a symbol of state that is absolutely central, and that is our state flag. And this flag is associated with a wonderful liberally democratic past of the German people.

Black, red and gold: those were the colours of the Lützower Jäger, who battled their way through the Wars of Liberation as the only unit to wear those colours.

Black, red and gold were waving atop the barricades of the 1948 1848 revolution, and they graced the Paulskirche, our first freely elected, German National parliament. Black, red and gold attended the Weimar Republic. And black, red and gold are the colours of the Federal Republic of Germany; and being it is a democratic constitutional state, we stand by it of course unconditionally, even though for the time being we have to put this democratic constitutional state back in order.

And for that reason…

[The German flag is carried onto the rostrum.]

Ah! there is that glorious flag!

There is a short video showing a scene in the talk show with Günter Jauch. It is just 1:11 minutes long. In the meantime, I do not know who uploaded it. If you haven’t yet seen it, do have a look at it. It is quite interesting. There comes a scene, namely, at the one minute mark, I took the flag out of my suit jacket pocket, and in the first minute, Federal Justice Minister, Heiko Maas also becomes aware of this flag. And then pay attention to the facial expression of the Federal Justice Minister, Heiko Maas.

[Minute 3:04: Interpolation of a scene from Günter Jauch’s talk show in which Björn Höcke displays a small German flag on the armrest of his chair]

Mr. Höcke: I thought I would bring with me the central symbol of our country, and bring a little colour to this historic locale — and I will even do that now. And I will now hang our national flag here on my armrest to show all those present, and also the television viewers, that the AfD speaks the voice of the people against — and this I must say quite clearly — against an all-party policy gone mad.

[Minute 3:38: The scene changes back to the Munich lecture.]

It was very much as if . . . I mean this facial expression — was so constituted as though a crucifix had been held before the visage of Dracula, dear friends. Yes, that is the way it was!

And I only wanted to explain it actually, but it was no longer possible on the talk show. Of course I wished by this symbolic act to point out a sacrilege with which most of you are already familiar. This sacrilege took place during the election party of the CDU in 2013.

For those of you who don’t know, the General Secretary [of the CDU] at the time, — [Hermann] Gröhe by name — but now he has even become a federal minister, hasn’t he? Unbelievable! — this Gröhe — perhaps he had already taken three or four Weizenbier, I don’t know — all of a sudden became larksome and actually began to unfurl the German flag, which he had brought along with him, and even began to wave it around a little bit. Chancellor Merkel saw that, darted toward this clueless man and snatched the fabric from him; with a disgusted expression on her face, she took the flag and carried it from the rostrum.

[Minute 5:10: Interpolated scene of Angela Merkel and the election party flag incident of 2013]

That is a scandal, absolutely.

That is a scandal; and unfortunately, it is only possible in Germany. And this much is also clear: a country with such senior politicians, truly, no longer needs enemies.

Right, and only three hours after the Jauch programme, the media hurricane broke loose. The BILD tabloid headlined in its online evening edition, three hours after the programme: “insane” … “insane AfDler Provokes with German Flag”. As if I had been provocative with a state symbol protected by statute! All well and good; it succeeded, that’s all I can say.

The situation in this country is dramatic. And it may actually be historically unique. One has to understand, that I cannot even compare it with one or another of the Hun invasions or Mongolian tempests which have passed over us and brought enormous suffering; — I am not doing that. The magnitude of the challenge, as one calls it nowadays, is so gargantuan, that it is impossible to assess it. But perhaps it is coming to pass, that this drastic remedy is once again stirring the Germans into wakefulness. Perhaps it is the last chance for our people to once again awaken.

We are not at all willing to hand over our country. We are not willing to become strangers in our own land. We are not at all willing to integrate these people, whom the statistical data show are overwhelmingly male, young, uneducated and Muslim. Since we of the AfD still have prudent judgement up here in our cerebrum, we are saying plainly and with the necessary clarity: these people are no enrichment; they are a burden, economically and as regards our commonwealth, dear friends.

It is certain in any case, that Germany is to be abolished and the Germans are also to pay for their own abolition. That is perverse if you will pardon my saying so.

When the economic crisis comes, and when the welfare state crisis comes — and the economic crisis will come and the welfare state crisis will come — then this country will quickly become a country of civil war. This price is definitely too high, dear friends.

When Thilo Sarrazin in 2010 was so courageously predisposed — and I believe without Thilo Sarrazin we would not be sitting here today — to characterise Germany as self-abolishing, it is not simply a prophecy of doom, but a reality.

Some numbers in this respect: There are in 2015 just 64.5 million Germans without an immigrant background. And of these, 43.6 million are over 35; and 9.9 million are under 20. In the 20 to 35 year age group, there are 11 million Germans; and by inference, 5.5 million men. If also in the next year, every day, 10,000 [immigrants] cross the border, and the largest share of them, over 70% — I only have the numbers for Thuringia — are young, male, and Muslim. If every day 10,000 [immigrants] cross the border, then by the end of 2016 we will have 5.5 million German men as over against easily 6,000,000 people with an immigrant background. Those are the numbers for 2016. Thank you, Frau Merkel!

Right, and the future inhabitants of Germany: they are the ones who are now between 20 and 25 years of age, and that is why this age cohort is so important. And unless we initiate a fundamental turn in the asylum policy, this central age cohort will tip the majority ratio by the end of 2016. That would be the end of our people, that would be the end of our culture. And that would be a medium-term perspective, which must turn Germany into a Muslim country. Those are the facts.

And to increase the pressure to assimilate, we require two things: we require first — and this is crucial, for which reason in this field I am a preacher — we require a new love for ourselves. Only if we love ourselves, will we have the attractiveness which draws people from other backgrounds to wish to become Germans. Without that, it won’t work, dear friends.

Peoples have always changed. But a people changes at a snail’s pace. What we have at the moment is a multicultural revolution from above. I reject that, dear friends.

And so, to my closing statement: we, the German people, are no more morally obligated than, for example, the Danes, the Czechs or the Poles, to sacrifice our own and our forefathers’ foundation and lifetime achievements, including even the self-destruction of our commonwealth and its political culture, for the hopes of immigrants. We, the German people, are not obligated to sacrifice our material and cultural substance and our majority-based self-determination in our own country in perpetuity to an immigrant majority of foreign origin. We, the German people, have not only the right; no, we have the duty to preserve for our children a German future in the middle of Europe. Many thanks!

22 thoughts on “Asylum Catastrophe

  1. For what it’s worth, I find this speaker’s pronunciation unusually clear and easy to follow, perhaps because the microphone is well placed to reduce ambient noise.

    One criticism: I distrust any video that has music to instruct the viewer how to feel, or, in this case, a “groan from hell” to accompany the image of Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas at 3:29 when shown the flag. Here Maas’s face is quite expressionless and unmoving, not at all like Dracula cowering before a crucifix. Similarly for the later image of Merkel’s flag-snatching, the addition of the groan to the sound track does not reinforce the point, but discredits it. A juvenile propaganda trick. Leni Riefenstahl would be embarrassed.

    • “One criticism: I distrust any video that has music to instruct the viewer how to feel…”


      • Yes. Background music in movies is intended to evoke the desired emotion. I wonder what the medieval or ancient-Greek philosophers of rhetoric would think of the moral propriety of a spoken argument accompanied by mood-setting musical accompaniment by a lyre-strummer such as this:

        • But what is there to distrust in this video? I thought the musical accompanyment was tongue in cheek.

  2. I hope the Germans must unite in holy fervor to not only stop this invasion but repel the invaders. If not the Europe I have seen in 6 trips from 1991 to 2006 will vanish. Being 1/4 German I had hope to visit Germany, not sure now. Baron email me please I have an essay about Al Sunna or the way of Muhammad

    • I hope the Germans must unite in holy fervor to not only stop this invasion but repel the invaders. If not the Europe I have seen in 6 trips from 1991 to 2006 will vanish. Being 1/4 German I had hope to visit Germany, not sure now. Baron email me please I have an essay about Al Sunna or the way of Muhammad

  3. A patriot whose speech impressed me. I hope the Germans are listening. I don’t know what’s up with Merkel but she seems to be in a different world entirely from her own people and of course her background comes to mind — can’t help thinking of that.

    No patriotic citizen of any country would want their country flooded to the extent that they are the minority and the immigrants become the majority — that is insane.

    Of course here in the USA we have someone who wouldn’t mind doing the same thing but. . . I hope it can’t be done no matter how hard he tries. And in my experience, which is small, the Mexicans I have known appreciate America very much. It’s why they came here, most of them — for opportunity first but then they adopt American values, too. They study for citizenship (I have tutored one or two) and then they become Americans, even if they do cook enchiladas.

  4. Check out the most important section: within a year, at current rates of Muslim male invasion, there will be 5 million German males aged 20 to 35 versus 6 million mostly Muslim male immigrants in the same age range.
    Within a year.
    Civil war beckons
    Mass killing beckons.
    All forced on the people by politicians and media allies.
    All traitors.

  5. On the other hand, to atone for the crime of killing 50 million people, inclusive of 6-8 million Jews (The EinsatzGruppen deployed in Ukraine did not report actual numbers murdered, mass sites are being discovered all the time) Germany should take in 20 million Islamo Nazis, live under their yoke for a while, then endure the one hundred year war that Israel endures as we speak.

    • Nazi Germany was, of course, profoundly and essentially evil, and caused a lot of suffering to the world.

      Having said that, we should not exaggerate the badness of Germany and the goodness of the rest of the world out of all proportion.

      First, let us correct the figures. The 50 million people you refer to is the official count of all people killed in World War II. (Of course it is very inexact, many more most probably perished).

      This body count includes millions of Chinese, other Asians, as well as some Americans, Europeans and Australians killed by the Japanese, thousands of Greeks and Serbs killed by Italians, dozens of thousands of Jews and Poles killed by Ukrainians, hundreds of thousands of Serbs, Jews and Gypsies killed by Croatians, etc. But it also includes the victims on the other side – people who died in Dresden and Hiroshima, for example, and, of course, German, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, Finnish soldiers… And also victims of various internal conflicts that were waged within the framework of this huge war.

      Second, Germany suffered enough for her sins. It suffered hellish bombardment of civilians, millions of German soldiers were killed or crippled for life, huge numbers of German women were brutally raped (and not only by Soviet, but also by US, UK and French soldiers), over a million of ethnic Germans in the Soviet Union were forcibly resettled, put into prisons and concentration camps during the war. After the war, many millions of Germans were brutally deported from East Prussia, Poland and Czechia. There were horrendous German pogroms.

      Germany lost a biggish chunk of its territory and divided into two States that belonged to two different camps in the cold war.

      Third, let us not forget the Nuremberg trial and many other trials that punished numerous Nazi criminals. And the process of denazification. And the money paid by Germany as compensation to Jews.

      And for decades after World War II Germans were despised and mistrusted all over the world.

      Is it not enough as far as atonement goes?

      Other nations committed horrendous crimes, but do not feel any qualms about them. Like, for example, Turkey which exterminated millions of Armenians, Greeks and Assyrians during World War I, but refuses even to recognise this as a fact. Even Italy after World War II get off lightly, Italians’ wartime atrocities did not receive so much press coverage as those of Germans’. Or look at Croatia – have Croatians repented after what they did in Jasenovac? Does anyone remind them of that?

      Of course, Nazism must be always remembered with shame and horror. It was outrageously evil. But I would not infer from that the whole German nation is outrageously evil. In fact, I believe it is not exception as far as evil goes.

    • I will just note one point as Anton’s reply was so good and full. The numbers of Jewish victims of the Holocaust is well established at between 5 and 6 million by the scholarship (eg Hilberg for the former), with no room for significant variation due to known survivor numbers, census-registered demographics etc. The Einsatzgruppen totals ARE known pretty fully from the reports which were for all groups and regions, as well as the aforementioned factors. The only big variance in claims for the Ukraine depends on whether the prewar or later Soviet-era borders are applied, but either way the overall total is the same.

  6. The scenario you envision would not help Israel at all you know. It would hurt Israel.

    And, as you should know, Jews will be the first to be driven out and murdered under a German Islamic state, or rather, even before Muslims become a majority in Germany.

    Don’t you know this? You appear to be intelligent so I don’t understand why *you* don’t understand this.

  7. Another Ossi? He was born in Westfalia and studied in Bonn. So technically he´s a Wessi and relocated to East Germany. The city where he lives, Bornhagen- is literally on the border between Thuringia and Hessen. Perhaps one of the reasons he is so appealing could be because he understands both mentalities.

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