Through a Glass Darkly

I had an email exchange with one of our British contacts this morning, with the focus on the “refugee” crisis. At one point in the conversation, referring to the German government’s immigration policy, our correspondent said:

What they have done there is breathtaking, truly astonishing. And there will be another two million next year trying to get in, at the very least. Not counting all the “family reunification”.

Below is an excerpt from my reply:

The uncertainty factor comes into play this winter. If something isn’t done, those “refugees” will freeze to death in droves. When they do, the photographers and videographers will be there (probably outnumbering the migrants) to make sure their pathetic suffering is recorded in loving detail and beamed to every TV screen in the world. It will be like the Dead Baby Porn, only a couple of orders of magnitude larger.

That will put Chancellor Merkel in a hard place. In order to keep those invaders warm, she will have to move them inside. But there aren’t enough king-sized heated tents for them, and I don’t think Germany can manufacture new ones quickly enough. She will have to empty more schools, hotels, and privately owned buildings to get them indoors. But even that will be a huge logistical undertaking.

When she attempts that, there will be a lot of blowback. Good, obedient Germans will go along with things for a while, because that’s their nature. Seething with concealed anger, but obeying orders, jawohl. For a while. Until they reach that tipping point. And then their reaction will make PEGIDA look like a Sunday school picnic.

I have no idea how it will turn out, but it has become clear that it cannot possibly end well. There is no way out of the current mess without untold misery, suffering, and death on one side or the other, probably both.

Mrs. Merkel is already on shaky ground politically. I doubt she will last out the winter. But she’s a “conservative” — who will govern Germany after her? The SPD (Socialists)? Then the migrants will get even better treatment — elderly citizens forced to move out of their apartments and into care homes so that twelve migrants can use the space. That sort of thing.

AfD is still a tiny splinter, and relatively timid at that. The NPD are hothouse neo-Nazis controlled by the government. Die Freiheit has a very small footprint.

So I just can’t see how this will all shake out. My crystal ball is cloudy…

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  1. My crystal ball is clear. From bad, to worse, to worst. Then, kaboom, and a reset. The only “cloudiness” is with respect to the time horizon for “then”– 5, 15 or 50 years?– how horrible and bloody the details of the kaboom, and what kind of reset it will be and whether it won’t be too late for our own to come on top in it.

    • It is hard for any of us to project the actual timeline, Max, but I am of a mind we are talking months, perhaps a year at most.

      The pressure cooker that the scum that govern us have created and then tried to screw down the lid on cannot sustain; those responsible have no concept of either the physical or social pressures involved and think that their affluent, privileged positions will protect them and theirs.

      It will not, no matter how loud they scream or how far they try to run, and I can find in me no mercy for them for they have sought to destroy me and mine.

      Re- balancing is close, and it is coming sooner rather than later.

      • See how the Big Boys are preparing: Some, e.g. the Virgin chap, even build spaceships.

        The politicians who have enabled, encouraged and willfully installed all these murderous lunacies can –and will, as they always do–hitch a ride. They’ll say, “So sorry,” before pushoff or liftoff, just as the Blair now-multimillionaire clown has, recently.

        • And where will these now money sick traitors escape to? Millions of expats in every nook and cranny all over the world will find them in short order. The disease is the same all across the western world and will be dealt him with all across the western world. There is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide for this one. Audi Murphy was only a little fella.

          • The average megayacht (50m+) carries enough diesel to power 4 or 5,000 miles. Cut back the travel, just power the boat’s A/C and gadgets, and they can power an opulent lifestyle for a few years. Factor more travel against less time. Full satellite communications, as long as satellites are working. If they have cached more diesel someplace, or there are places willing to sell them diesel, they could go for quite a few years while the proles die in herds back in Blighty.

      • Peoples of Europe. It is time for the “elite Leadership” to go so that you can save your civilization.

        • And from where may I ask are you sosing Eurozonedoutland from? Cloudcukooland? The people of humility and moderate means will flush the money sick elites from their ego maniacally self made prisons and send them up the front line. Karma’s a ditch.

    • Mine is clear as well! But it won’t take 5 years for this to explode, and I’m not sure the ignition point will be Germany.

    • P.S. General Winter may offer us a little respite, but only for a few months and even then it may well serve in the short term to accelerate our ethnic cleansing and our subsequent ejection from our ancestral homes in order to make warm, comfortable room for the new Order of parasites and predators whom you will be required to fund and nurture until your labours and usefulness are exhausted.

      Think about it, and think even harder as to how you are prepared to respond. Easy it is not going to be and only the fittest and most ruthless will survive. The call is is yours…and ours – all of us.

    • I think that for a time the Muslims will be trying to come in. Then Europe will awake. And then they will fight and scream and beg to be allowed to leave — and the lucky ones will be able to do so. The unlucky ones will be slain by the generation who is today in their teens and twenties, who will have learned to hate them.

      And then, Europe will begin to recolonize North Africa and the Levant.

      • No point going down that road again, Europe is about 100 million native people short thanks to two world wars, the only expansion should be to reclaim those parts of Europe still in the hands of the Ottomans.

          • The European part that Turkey occupies, Kosovo, Albania and that part of Cyprus Turkey occupies.
            Albania is the centre of so much criminal activity and let’s not forget that prior to the determination that Kosovo had to be given to the KLA and their supporters, the KLA was/is regarded as an organised criminal network.

            I think the best thing for the region would be the reduction of Turkey itself. Given the aforementioned areas back to Europe, Give the Kurdish region independence and give the remaining eastern areas to the Armenians.
            The remaining country could then be divided in two, Ionia and Cappadocia which would finally put an end to one of the most pernicious states ever seen. ISIS and al nusra can then look elsewhere for support and Europe will be able to secure its borders at last.

        • Doesn’t take that many but the question is why bother? Muslim military forces will disintegrate without services and supply from the West. However, best of all is just to wall off the Muslim world from civilized countries.

          Muslim oil needs to be removed from Muslim control. Enough. Western money for oil has funded an unearthly amount of misery. Let’s think creatively now . . . .

          • Yes, yes and yes. Not just services and supply. They are also lousy soldiers – man to man or in gangs.

  2. The German and Austrian populations are on alert as to what their government is now up to – that is those who can still think for themselves. The real horror stories are yet to emerge as to what many of the invaders are already getting up to. When those stories do the rounds on the ‘bush telegraph’ over the coming winter, then those citizens already on alert will realize what they will have to do next.

    We are already seeing some Mosques coming under arson attacks and police arresting small groups of ‘far right wing extremists’ suspected of committing those actions.

    But the police can’t be everywhere at once and when we start to see the military being deployed under martial law then we will know that the real fightback has begun.

    • No doubt the Treason Class think they have the military sufficiently cowed or the top leaders sufficiently neutered.

      But there will come a time when use of the military must be authorized because local situations get out of hand. Think of more widespread riots and even more burning cars.

      The regimes will be forced to act because of the most short-term requirement imaginable — putting out fires and stopping looting and rape. The military then will be out of the barracks at the demand of the government. Then the officers will get a taste of having something of a free hand.

      • The military may not follow Government orders. They may decide to side with the “rebels”. There are plenty of precedents in living memory of armies changing sides during civil strife.

        • Of course. “Tommy this and Tommy” that never really was that good at bashing his own. The French Revolution also comes very loosely to mind. But it definitely won’t be business as usual.

    • Good luck with asking the military or Police to side against their own. I know enough military and Police people to know which side their bread is buttered on….

  3. There will be no kaboom. Germany will close its borders and the masses waiting on the balkan will be well…in bad condition. Freezing yes, riot yes, but no kaboom. Germany has the EZB behind and thus an nearly unlimited amount of money.

    • I did not mean Germany, literally. I meant the entire West: anything west of Greater Saxony, all the way through the UK, the US, Canada and on to the Antipodes. The disease is the same disease, and if you ask me who’s going to die first, Germany would not be first, in my opinion. That’s why I gave the kaboom a broad dateline — but it will come.

    • So it’s still “all about money”. Go read a Bible or world history or something.

  4. Baron, you mention a very big part of the problem. Germany and Sweden are the two countries which are the most targeted by migrants, and this makes us think, because it is not only because of their relative wealth (which is now being eroded in quick tact as a result of the current invasion). The fact that they don’t target even more affluent Switzerland or Denmark, which are only a stone cast on the way, proves that more factors are involved. It’s also because Germany and Sweden lack a truly stable conservative party or movement, that is not infected by nazi associations, and big enough to steer against the PC dictatorship. It sounds too absurd to believe, but or German standards, Merkel is a conservative. In the UK, France, Spain, Denmark or the Netherlands she would be considered a left-winged liberal, in Poland, Hungary or Switzerland a left-winged fringe radical, and in Russia, the USA or Japan her politics would be considered insane (which it also is).
    The German guilt complex over the crimes of nazism can partly be made responsible for that. The Swedish obsession with national guilt is harder to comprehend for non-Swedes, as Sweden has been one of the most peace-loving and benevolent countries of the world since as far back as 1815. It can be explained by that fact that many Swedes identified with Germany until 1945, and saw this country as their great example. After the crimes of nazism became known, the Swedes also felt struck by collective guilt and reorientated themselves on the USA, and became “multi-culti”as a result in the 1970’s.
    However, the crimes of nazism ended 70 years back in time, and nobody of the Germans alive today could be made responsible for them (and the Swedes even less so). Besides, most victims of nazism were people of Jewish descent, people of Slavic nations, Roma, gays, Jehova’s witnesses and mentaly handicapped people. On the other hand, muslims were the nazi’s nearest allies, in their common pursuit, not only to beat the English, French and Americans, but also to exterminate the Jews. One could just remind oneself of the Mufti of Jeruzalem, who collaborated with Hitler, and the moslim SS squadron, which included Arabs, Chechens, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians, and which committed extremely cruel atrocities in Ukraine and the Balkan region against Russians, Ukrainians, Armenians, Serbs, Jews, Greeks and Roma.
    By inviting lotsof anti-semitic moslims into Germany, Merkel isn’t exactly honouring the victims of nazism, as two of the three groups that are most to suffer from the moslim influx, Jews, gays and young women, two were nazi targets. It’s also bitter that it’s the first female Kanzler who will be the one who will make life for most German women unbearable. In Sweden, that Sweden Democrats seem to have shed their dubious history, and Akesson is providing the Swedes a sound and realistic, democratic alternative to the PC hysteria of the left and it’s liberal and pseudo-conservative epigone parties. Hopefully that Afd can grow stronger, or PEGIDA will organize itself into a party, and that the CSU of Seehofer will break away from the CDU and join the conservative opposition. This will be the only hope for avoiding a civil war in the heart of Europe…again. They need to hurry with organizing the opposition. I fear that soon it may be too late.

    • I agree with you, except on one point: Merkel is considered a right-winged liberal in France (centre-droit), which makes the observation even more appalling in a sense.

    • Sweden Democrats can have up to 30-40% but it doesn’t guarantee anything since stopping the madness requires absolute majority for SD. In Finland nationalistic Finns Party is in government but their hands are tied when the other coalition members are pro immigration. On the other hand Finns Party can’t call for new elections since the current, critical situation demands governmental crisis control; Catch-22.

  5. Global warming will keep the migrants warm. Wait! The backstreet hordes of the third world are ahead of schedule. Damned.
    Most of the comments sound rather pessimistic. I agree it can’t go well. But Europe is not the EU, and we’re not dead yet. In the space of a couple of years I could feel an immense change in people’s attitudes toward the immigration politics. And I bet a significant segment of the population is on the verge of accepting the truth as it is: a major event can be the needed trigger.

  6. when it gets cold i reach for my axe Will Germany be deforested by these looters. The Black Forrest sinking under the Islamic Tide (note a group of islamic’s refused shelter in sweden they said they were scared of the trees !

  7. I have a feeling that Berlin and Brussels may use the excuse of “General Winter” try to increase the pressure on the rest of Europe further still, to show “solidarity” (their favourite word of late – apart from when Mama Merkel unilaterally chose to open the floodgates) by taking in more “refugees” into warm accomodation…

    After the Polish election last weekend though, this may not prove to be so simple a task. (with the new foreign minister tipped to be Professor Ryszard Legutko, whose critique of Merkel was featured here at GoV recently).

  8. I’m not so sure there will be the predicted explosions.

    To have a successful rebellion or takeover, you need some sort of group identity, like the Serbs (or Muslims) in Bosnia, the Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, or the British settlers of the Revolutionary War.

    The leaders of Germany and Sweden (if not others) have been working hard to dilute and dissolve any identity as Germans, Caucasians, Germanic, Nordic, whatever. The cities and towns of Germany are diluted with immigrants, just as the Obama administration is successfully doing with Hispanic (and now Muslim) immigrants in the US. In short, there is no community to look to in support of finally resisting an oppressive, genocidal government. Add to that the cradle-to-grave welfare state the Germans and Swedes are used to, and expecting a rebellion is like expecting a pampered, live-at-home teenager who has never worked to rebel against his parents and walk out the door.

    • Sadly I fear you are right. These philosophies have gone deep into their thinking. Even though they think something does not add up, they will not know what value they are fighting for. It will be more of just a knee jerk and easily put down.

      Although I admire how eventually the White Rose Society came about, it was too little and too late as they meet a tragic end against the power of the State.

      Even the heroic resistance people during WW2 barely struggled to survive and that was with outside help and support from Britain and the USA. Normal but ruthless policing (that you would not hear about in today’s world) easily contained them.

      Merkel wins prizes and awards with this pan europe concept, not only a diversity of peoples, but to make it a diversity in the individual.
      So that agenda has been there for over 50 years and so is deeply in bedded and in place, sealed by Merkel nowand the EU leaders, as you can see by the interconnections of patrons workshops, schools, activities, media, awards etc.

      The philosophy as espoused by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove Kalergi,and his book “Practical Idealism”
      which then created “european society Coulden Kalergi” You may have to find on the page to language translation

      Another flow on “pan european” Again may have to find on the page language translation

      This seems for me to be the philosophy that drives some of the key adherents, such as Merkel, Hollande and commissioners of the EU, so much so that they are blinded and oblivious to the train wreck happening to their own people, in the name of creating a new pan european people.

      All this pan-European has been at work for quite a few generations. Will be interesting to see if this state apparatus will be able to change the islamic concepts which has 14oo years of experience.

      So sort of a 3 way battle. We may think that Merkel appears easy on islam, but she may surprise us and come down hard on its tenets, as after all she wants to make those immigrants to fit in to this pan Europe concept. It could be where she meant that multiculturalism does not work.
      At a certain number of immigrants then the keeping power change of emphasis. That way she may keep a balance of power, if she bites hard on islamic problems in Europe, that will then ease /appease the pressure from Pegida thought. Whether it is possible to contain the worst of islam is another bloody story.

      Which ever way, it will be a bloody mess.
      Others have already alluded to stronger state powers to control the Pegida affect or the islamic problems.
      Just who will be on the stronger horse that may ride up through the middle?

  9. One thing for sure we can depend on the MSM to show every sad and unfortunate ‘war torn’ ‘refugee’, their mantra being ‘ if it bleeds it leads and if it burns it earns’.

  10. Germany will collapse very quickly into its constituent Lander..
    I have Von Lewinsky family there and they tell me the situation is “Dire”.
    I am the English Branch of “Leven”…..
    (No we are not “Joos”- been German aristocracy for centuries)

    Germans in the street are now trolling the “All Welcome Brigade”….
    No this will not end well; not in Germany nor the rest of Europe.
    For a Third time Germany has taken us over the brink.
    There will not be a Fourth.

    Thanks Fuhrer Merkel “Dummkopf!”-(Blockhead)…..

    • Fortunately for you, with that “sky” suffix your family is not only German but, originally, Polish. The histories and destinies of these two nations have been intertwined for a very long time. Even “real” Germans who live in the areas close to the Polish or Czech borders were originally Slavs, e.g. the Saxons.

      I am saying “fortunate” because, as I’ll argue on this page shortly, right now we do have a large oasis of sanity roughly east of the German river Elbe and extending all the way to the Don river in Russia — some 3,000 km away. One day you may opt to emigrate to Poland, just as in the past your ancestors ‘migrated’ from Poland to Germany, and from Germany to the UK….

    • Don’t blame the Germans for this. This is the result of half a century of allied propaganda in Germany. The British and American forces never left, this is on the anglophone nations for creating generations of German leaders who care nothing for their past or nationhood.

  11. I would imagine there would be a tremendous opportunity for black-market weapons dealers for sale to the westerners who would resist this takeover of their countries.

    • God forbid it will be the same Mammon worshipping manufacturers cashing in by bleeding both sides for their god.

      • That is a very old tune. Now there is no ambiguity and where a tool comes from and the activities of he who provides it is of no consequence. Does the weapon’s action work smoothly? Is it well maintained? Is there ammunition available? If so, then there are smiles all round.

  12. I dont agree. IMO the appeasement of islam is NOT a european problem at all. Its a problem of all western countries, including Australia, US etc. Conspiracy theories about pan-european people are only conspiracy but nothing more.

    Its the western decadence and irrational overuse of pseudohumanistic ideas in politics instead of realism which results in movements like genderism and leftist pc and the bizarre believe that all cultures and religions are equal. That is the real problem!

    Interesting is that those countries in which women have the most power (like Sweden and Germany) the islamization is making the biggest advances. Contrary to the more conservative (some would say “backward” countries in terms of gender equality) like those of eastern europe and the balkans.

  13. I’m actually surprised there hasn’t been a bigger ‘kaboom’ already in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden or the UK, countries which have been overrun with all sorts of hard-to-impossible-to-integrate foreigners for many decades. It does appear as though Germany will – once again – be Europe’s main powder keg, and we all know what happens when she blows……
    They do tend to be very good, law-abiding and obedient citizens, which is precisely the problem. Such a people let the pressure just build and build until there is no containing it.

  14. Honestly, I’m not certain how much help General Winter will be in this situation.

    What is going to happen, is that the existing ghettoes will make room to accommodate fellow members of the Ummah. This is what is probably happening with the hundreds of European invaders that have suddenly “disappeared” in recent days.

    The mosques will be key to this effort. Those sites are the key bases that the Ummah needs to begin establishing its parallel society that will eventually supplant the host society. Any serious effort to roll back this mess is going to have to face this unpleasant fact.

  15. I predict a ‘kaboom’ of some form to occur within the next few months – probably in December (holiday season) wjere Obama will come riding to the rescue – apologizing for US screwing up the ME and offeringg to take several million ‘migrants off of Europe’s hands — remember – “Never let a crisis go to waste!”

  16. Remember how the Shah fell. One day all is normal in Iran. The next day, under imam orders, out come the guns and they take over the country. This will come to pass in Europe too once the “peaceful” mujaheddin fighters are dispersed into the native population. The order will go out through the mosques and much of Europe falls in one day. Guarantee Merkel and the other jackanapes in the security services will say, “we never saw it coming.” Haha.

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