Vigorous Crackdown on Dissent in Germany

The “refugee” crisis is spinning out of control, and the political establishment in Germany is doing damage control by feverishly suppression all criticism of the country’s immigration policy, and of the migrants themselves.

JLH has translated two op-eds by Hans Heckel on the crackdown that were published in the past week in Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung. The first piece:

Germans into the Tent

by Hans Heckel
October 17, 2015

How a small gallows spreads fear, why we are too primitive for lies, and what Merkel and company are afraid of

Goodness gracious! ARD sounds the alarm that in the PEGIDA movement “now almost revolutionary tones are sounding” — words like “resistance” or “traitor to the people” or “Merkel must go.” Citizens have been “radicalized”, scolds the government broadcaster. We are scared to death — Radicalized! Even more? Is that possible? Already last year, North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the Interior Ralf Jäger (SPD) was calling the PEGIDA people “Nazis in pinstripes.” Since the time when our society accepted leftist extremists as belonging to the forefathers of our “humanistic heritage,” “Nazi” has been the most absolutely radical term you can aim at someone. Shortly before the latest PEGIDA demonstration, Spiegel called the Dresden walkers the “complete Browns.”[1] So now the “complete Browns” are supposed to have been even further radicalized? To what… the “even more Browns”?

The main source of the most recent uproar is two small gallows someone put together for the Dresden demo — one that had about 2,000 participants. From one dangled a slip of paper with the name of Chancellor Merkel, and from the other the name of Vice Chancellor Gabriel. Was that it? Yes, that was it. Anyone who followed the level of outrage in the media would have assumed the man had thrown a bomb into the chancellery offices.

But maybe this upset is just necessary for strategic reasons. Saarland’s interior minister Klaus Bouillon (CDU) warns that “unregulated, wild masses of asylum seekers are streaming through Germany,” Bavaria’s Seehofer accuses the chancellor of trying to create a “different Germany” and the US presidential candidate Donald Trump calls our chancellor “a madwoman” whose “crazy” immigration policy is driving her country to ruin. “They will have uprisings in Germany,” he said on CBS.

Germans who hear that, and see their city morphing rapidly into a caravanserai…they could have some dangerous — some “radicalized” thoughts. To forestall that, they must be pumped full of proper thinking in good time, before dangerous thoughts can take hold.

Thinking properly means sensing danger only from the “right” and not seeing it, for instance, in the flood tide of millions of immigrants. That is why it is depicted as a sad accident when one asylum seeker murders another. An incident that — it goes without saying — “may by no means lend itself to generalizations.” If, on the other hand, a German demolishes an empty asylum house — still in the planning stage — it is a “disgrace for all of Germany” as Thomas de Maizière has just recently written into our history. That means that misdeeds of this sort are “generalized” to include all of Germany — Shame on you!

So here we all are, with one foot in the Nazi trap. Anyone who dares to think (danger!) is on the line.

Or at the very least will be revealed as stupid. Surveys show that people with little or no education are especially afraid of the flood of asylum seekers. The more educated, it is said, are more relaxed in their appraisal. “Fear researcher” Borwin Bandelow detects the “primitive part of the brain” at work in the stupid portion of the people “who have not completed secondary school.” The “more logically driven people emphasize the economic and demographic advantages of young and work-ready people immigrating to an aging Germany.”

To preserve his own logic, Mr. Bandelow should probably not read what Widand von Petersdos has written in the Frankfurter Allgemeine: If a million 25-year-olds came over the border, that would lower the average age of our population by a measly two years, from 43 to 41 That is as good as no help at all to our pension funds in “aging Germany.”

So we may certainly ask what the many immigrants will do for the pension fund. Minister of Employment Andrea Nahles is expecting one million additional Hartz-V [welfare] recipients because of the asylum seekers. Remember: In Denmark, three-quarters of the asylum seekers who had immigrated in 2000 were still clinging to the support structure of social services ten years later. Will that rescue the pension fund?

And those who find a job are competing for the most part with those “less qualified” indigenes, who are now hardly able to find employment that is enough to live on. Their miserable earnings will shrink even more, the rare positions will be even more hotly contested. So perhaps that is a reason that reservations about the flood of asylum seekers among the “simple people” is especially great.

Oh well, they’re all primitives, as researcher Bandelow knows, and in that he is in full agreement with his peers in the handsome villa neighborhoods and expensive inner-city apartments. The rabble with their dim drives, “with no secondary education” — what do they know! And who cares about the “pack” anyway? The truth is, we Germans definitely profit in general economic terms from the influx of asylum seekers, so say the economic experts.

Did I actually say “profit”? Bad mistake. Now you are definitely suspicious, because “Germany will profit most from the euro” or “…from the bank bailout” or “…from the bailout of Greece” or “…from open borders” is ringing in your ears. Unfortunately, your mistrust is once again justified. Who will “profit” is the asylum industry, including the owners of real estate, who can now rent their hovels at sky-high prices to their community, so that it will be able to accommodate the immigrants. And profits will also be made by all those firms that offer everything from portaloos to containers, tents to beds, without consideration of the price that is being snatched from your hands.

What is not so profitable is the whole shebang that has to be paid for by the taxpayers. What is being sold to us as “additional economic growth as a result of the refugee influx” is nothing but a gigantic redistribution of wealth at the expense of almost everyone and to the benefit of very few. But we are already familiar with that from the “salvation of the euro” which went — is still going — exactly the same way.

For certain people, the “profit” from the flood of asylum seekers could have rather drastic results. In Focus, Christoph Butterwegge fears that soon Germans too will have to live in tents because the paucity of living accommodations in heavily settled areas will really accelerate. So now we ask ourselves why the “Nazi club” is more important than ever. Look at all of this together. Here is the stuff of a full-fledged people’s uprising — deception, robbery and finally the decline into the tent cities. A people faced with such a scenario might possibly decide to inquire about who has made all this happen. They might want to bring those responsible to justice!

Exactly that naturally flashed through the minds of the listeners when they encountered the toy gallows. It can make a person queasy. So now is the time for firm use of the deadly Nazi club — criticism must be smothered in the cradle, beaten to a pulp.

But, what if “you Nazi” bounces off the people because they can see through the maneuver. Oh my, then things will be getting serious. Right then.


1.   For anyone curious about why the Nazis chose to be the Brownshirts, one explanation I have seen is that when the SA was just starting, the price of brown material for shirts was quite low.

The second op-ed:

Hate Speech and Violence

by Hans Heckel
October 21, 2015

Mass Immigration: The War of Words Takes on Dangerous Traits

The tone is becoming sharper. Opponents of PEGIDA are demonstrating in Dresden. While our external borders remain unprotected, trenches inside Germany are being dug ever deeper.

For a short time, hope could sprout that the debate on mass immigration, overheated by rabble-rousing and polemics, could find its way onto more peaceful paths. By his appeal, the head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, tried to put the discussion on a factual basis. The central question ultimately is what all the “tightening of the law of asylum” is supposed to accomplish, if it is still possible to ignore the borders by simply walking past the checkpoints.

But the hope lasted only a short while. The question of whether Wendt was on the right track or there were other solutions never came up. Instead, his opponents reached without delay into their Pandora’s box of evil slogans.

No other than the Head of the Federal German Detective Association, Andre Schulz, showered Wendt with insults like “firebug” and “babbling moron”, chewed out the elected representatives of 94,000 police colleagues as “self-appointed police representatives”. Not even the nearly deadly attempt on the life of Cologne mayoral candidate, Henrietta Reker, moved the rabble-rousers to curb themselves. Representative of many media, a Berlin daily newspaper intoned that PEGIDA had been in Cologne as an accomplice to the stabbing. The act of violence was used with cold calculation as a vehicle to slander tens of thousands of citizens. And this in the face of the fact that the Dresden movement has for a year stood out by its peacefulness. Pretending to find noticeable tendencies to verbal radicalization in PEGIDA seem like a shrill echo of the hate-mongering which has been raining down on the citizens on the Elbe almost since the founding of their movement. A PEGIDA demonstrator was severely wounded on the edge of the crowd at the first anniversary demonstration, where approximately 30,000 demonstrators were surrounded by 11,000 “counter-demonstrators.” And meanwhile, the uncontrolled stream of immigrants does not ebb. On the contrary: In more and more “lands of origin,” migration movements are growing that have the potential of going into the millions.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s proposal at the EU of a “just distribution” of immigrants was turned down flat. She is begging like a repulsed victim of extortion in Ankara, Riyadh and Tehran for help in limiting the massive tide. And now even a possible EU membership for Turkey is on the table.

But the chancellor does not want to hear about a numerical upper limit to the influx, to say nothing of a securing of the borders. Instead of securing Germany’s external borders, she is busily digging ever deeper trenches inside it.

29 thoughts on “Vigorous Crackdown on Dissent in Germany

  1. I think a kind of civil war between left and right will happen. But has the right wing enough weapons for this fight?

    • “But has the right wing enough weapons for this fight?”

      You know, if I were an authoritarian world leader — living, say, a few hundred miles east of Berlin, armed with 2000+ nukes and looking to break up the European Union — I would see to it that the right has those weapons.

      I don’t know one — maybe you know some leader who fits that description?

      • Yes, I expect you’re right: “where there’s a will, there’s a way”, as the saying goes. If enough people can discover some strength, courage and resolve within themselves, the weapons will be found.

  2. So what is to be the outcome? It appears from the two articles that reasoned discourse has been abandoned in favour of name-calling and the demand that all who are in positions of authority strictly adhere to the party line as pronounced by Merkel et al. As pointed out in the articles and observed in the postings here on this site, such a stratagem can only deepen the divide and acerbate the animosity that is already at a fever pitch. What will Merkel do? Call out the army to subjugate the electorate by force for the benefit of the immigrants? If there was ever a Kafka-esque though the looking glass scenario, this ‘immigrant crisis’ certainly qualifies. Will the loyal Germans of PEGIDA become as the Jews of yesteryear? Let’s hope not, but stay tuned, this ain’t over by a long shot.

  3. This is only phase 1 in this ‘migration’, I fear that Germany will be unrecognizable in a very short time. The verminization of Europe is moving ahead at warp speed. Yes certain facets of the economy will do well especially those well connected to the government in the ‘refugee racket’. However the tourist industry will suffer, oh the propagandists will say “all is well” but returning travelers will speak the truth. I will avoid Germany and go to my usual safe places in Eastern Europe, out of the way of the horde. Aside from the truthful reports on the net, I get first hand reports from my European friends, which differ greatly from the tear jerking rubbish presented by the lackeys, lapdogs, and apologists in the MSM.

    • I am sure at the moment as a standard tourist who only walks along the standard path you will not have a problem at all. In this case you should come better now than later.

  4. Correction…
    Yep they’re getting nervous of a growing angry public. Commies never seem to understand that their schemes never work. How many more millions must die to suit their effing arrogance? Today I was informed to “Get educated” by a leftist after I gave a speech at my old University. He says I should “read more”.

    My old tutor sitting in the small audience stated “The man has three degrees in Theology, History and Archaeology. A ‘DD’, MA, BA (Hons)!”. He confirmed “and has written extensively on philosophy and Islam. His knowledge is highly respected.”

    My Leftist accuser demanded “Well it could not have been a proper University for educated enlightened people? Degrees can be taught you know. Which low class Uni was it then, a former polytechnic?

    My old Professor (now retired)… This one actually, London.

    Silence reigned.

    • The leftist was entirely correct in his assumption. For fifty years now it has been quite rare for anyone who has graduated from a university, especially a good one, to come out without a lobotomy having been performed on him so skillfully that he or she remains unaware. Longer then fifty, if one recalls that Bill Buckley published “God and Man at Yale” in 1951…

      The question is, where were the holders or power? The mega-rich, the industrialists, the “conservatives,” the “Christians,” the “centrist” or even “right-wing” politicians? How could they have allowed three generations of lobotomized zombies to come out of the West’s universities in order to then become the ruling elite of the West?

      • I have asked myself the same question. Where did all conservatives and sensible people hide while this culture revolution took place? What were conservatives doing in the sixties, in the seventies and in the eighties? When we got to the mid-nineties, it was already too late. The takeover had happened by then. What where political parties on the right concerned with at that time? Money, materialism? Why is it that they missed the fact that we were in the middle of an ideological war? Did they really think communism was dead for ever? Did they misjudge the inisious nature of the communist mind? It baffles me.

        • We turned off the vigilence switch. Remember “The price of freedom is eternal vigilence”?

    • It’s amazing how higher education institutions teach students what to think rather than how to think. For all the talk of emphasis on critical thinking, the majority of students come out with the same views (Leftist), especially in politics. I graduated with a degree in that field before doing an MA in something else. But for three whole years I discovered there’s only one right answer, which considering it isn’t a science, is absurd as it should be about objectivity and argument. I towed the line and softened my views to get by and not be at loggerheads for the entire duration of my tenure there, but not long after leaving, this suppression of my true views soon rebounded and had I known how stifling political education is, I would have done something else. To think in all that time we never once studied immigration or the EU outside of minority rights and analysis of institutions.

      • kettle,
        Observing from a distance, I noticed the incredible class consciousness of the so-called ‘left’. For example, I listened to everything Tommy Robinson said and tried to fit it into the accusations from the left that he is an ‘extreme right winger’. It didn’t fit.

        He appeared to be a man deeply concerned about community, family, country. Hate? Extreme?

        What did fit was that Tommy Robinson was guilty of engaging in politics without a college degree or public school education! That is unforgivable it seems.

        • The “Class Divide” exists everywhere, but in no place does it seem so evident as in Merry Olde England the United Kingdom. El Cid, you would be excused for your speech if you have a Spanish accent. But the lower classes from which Tommy emerged are an object of deep hatred there. The upper classes invented the British Welfare State with its corrosive “education” system. It proved to be the culmination of a rotted process that dates way back.

          One way to understand another culture is to read its literature and popular novels. Jane Austen and Anthony Trollope were not only great story-tellers but in addition their work – without ever being didactic – shows clearly how the system operates. Their tales illuminate the web of class consciousness and (especially in Trollope) illustrate how inescapably everyone is caught up in it.

          Trollope is accused of anti-Semitism because he portrays English Jews as his characters saw them. He never steps out into author mode to tell you what to think; he simply shows what people do.

    • “Well it could not have been a proper University for educated enlightened people?”

      You are not truly educated unless you are enlightened.
      You are not enlightened unless you hold proper (read leftist) views.
      Of course, we all know these views are enlightened because all properly educated people hold them.

  5. “And profits will also be made by all those firms that offer everything from portaloos to containers, tents to beds…” Beds? The majority of bed manufacturers in Britain are members of the ROP – some making fortunes on the backs of slave labour. Google it…

  6. The best that can be expected is a stalemate, where the government knows it cannot win, and those who object to the invasion also know that winning against an armed government will be a drawn out protracted affair unless more of the brow-beaten population can be mobilized. (A fire lit in another EU member nation might spread.) A Whistleblower campaign ought to be organised with people reporting which companies and government departments are intimidating their employees to remain passive and mute. Obviously Facebook won’t host it, but there must be other ways.

    Once Merkel is convinced that she cannot have a total victory, only then will she be prepared to negotiate. Meanwhile, anything can happen. A flare up in Jerusalem could cause Muslims to take to the streets as they already have in Malmo, and then there might be violence on a larger scale. But that would invite Merkel to stage a real Nazi-style crack-down. Only by peacefully demonstrating can that be avoided as she won’t dare risk a Tianamin Square (I hope).

    The leaders at Pigida ought to consult experts and form a plan of how they would like the government to deal with this self-inflicted catastrophe. Obviously the EU is utterly incompetent, which is not surprising as they don’t operate in the real world.

    One thing’s for sure – it’s a life and death struggle. Even if the economics of it all works out in the end, the fact that Islam is culturally indigestible is the chief issue.

  7. The left are getting scared. The Polish election shows what’s in store (smashing right victory, left annihilated, EUSSR exploded). The left has tried to inflict an ethno-cultural red-green Blitzkrieg on Germany and Europe to secure their ascendancy forever, thinking the people would just lie down and take it. As I and many others have said for weeks now, they will fail by God, and this will finish their filthy treason forever by the time the smoke clears. The woman Fahimi is a classic example of it, she was the one that changed the SPD policy from no coalition with the far-left Die Linke, leading both to an actual one in Thuringia and a CDU/CSU-SPD coalition after the last federal election in order to block a possible all-left coalition instead (SPD-Greens-Die Linke), and the current migration-invasion and political deadlock. These people want to destroy European identity, sovereignty, and nationalism by any and all means, they are digging their own political graves instead, and good riddance to such bad rubbish.

  8. Again — I expect leftists to allow all these folks in, since they will vote for parties of the left. So even if Merkel does not care about the average German – and it is clear that she does not, why is she trying to sabotage her own CDU by growing the voter rolls for the SPD?

    • She started out as a Communist and either has returned to being one, or really was all along. She is not only a traitor to her people but also to her party, where the mood is turning quite against her, but she is being propped up by her SPD coalition partners. Unfortunately so far no one has had the [manly generative apparatus] to come out and give her the boot, though there is some talk of perhaps Schauble doing it, but he or others are probably waiting for the tide to really turn first. At any rate her career is toast, and she may even have to leave Germany if she wants to stay out of jail or be able to walk the streets safely judging by the hate she has whipped up with her dictatorial insanity and treason.

  9. “If a million 25-year-olds came over the border [into Germany], that would lower the average age of our population by a measly two years, from 43 to 41.”
    Question: What is the current population of Germany?
    Answer: Setting x = current population of Germany and (for simple notation) M = million people, we have, as weighted averages,
    25*M + 43*x = 41*(x+M). Solving for x, we get
    25M + 43x = 41x + 41M
    2x = 43x – 41x = 41M – 25M = 16M
    x = 8M = 8 million people
    But according to
    the population of Germany is 81.6 million people.
    That’s an order-of-magnitude difference. What is wrong here?

    • A proper calculation, using M = one megapeople and 82M as the current population of German, find that adding a million 25-year-olds will bring the average age of the population down from its current 43 years old to
      (age-weighted population)/(population)
      = (25*1M + 43*82M)/(1M + 82M)
      = (25*1 + 43*82)/(1+82)
      = 3551/83 = 42.78313253, which is an age reduction of
      43 – 3551/83 = .2168674699 years = 79 days,
      much less than the claimed 2 years.
      And this does not count the cost of all the wives and dependents these 25-year-old monogamist males will bring in their train.

  10. The story I read regarding the reason the SA wore brown uniforms was that these uniforms were originally made for Germany’s foreign legions serving in Africa. However the First World War intervened with their distribution, and after this war Germany lost its overseas colonies. So the uniforms, now otherwise of no use for their original purpose, were indeed put up for sale at very cheap prices – almost giveaway prices.

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