Austrians Are Buying Guns

The flood of “refugees” into Austria is continuing without interruption. The Hungarian route has become less active, and traffic is now flowing at a rapid rate through Slovenia instead.

According to the following report from Czech Independent TV, Austrians — especially women — are responding to the presence of all these “New Austrians” by purchasing firearms at a record rate. Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times shown are from the original video):

26:40   In Austria, there has been
26:44   a rapid increase in the sales of weapons to private individuals. All long guns
26:49   are currently completely sold out. Those arming
26:53   themselves are primarily women.
26:57   Austrians have begun to arm themselves with projectile weapons. If anyone wants to
27:02   buy a long gun in Austria right now, too bad for them. All of them are currently
27:06   sold out. This is reported by the Austrian outlet ‘Tiroler Tageszeitung’.
27:10   It provides accessible information
27:14   regarding the purchasers, which shows that
27:19   all the stock is sold out. “We cannot complain about
27:23   lack of demand” says Stephan Mayer, a gun merchant.
27:28   He further claims this is the case for the last three weeks. The huge
27:32   demand has its roots in fears generated by
27:36   by social changes. “People want to protect themselves,” says Mayer.
27:40   ”Nonetheless, the most common purchasers of arms are primarily Austrian women
27:45   They are buying tear [pepper] sprays, which are much in demand,” says
27:49   Mayer. He claims that guns are truly in great demand,
27:54   and more potential customers are entering the market than ever before.
27:58   Till not too long ago, the major customers of gun shops were mainly
28:02   sport shooters or rangers. But the most common customers
28:07   now are people who are worried about their personal safety,
28:11   yet who had never had any involvement with weapons prior to this.
28:15   The Austrian Minister of Interior must be informed by the potential gun owner of the reason why
28:23   they wish to have a permit to own a gun. On internet pages, there also appeared those
28:26   who give this as a reason. Projectile weapons in categories C and D, that is
28:30   rifles and shotguns, may be purchased by every adult Austrian,
28:35   if he submits a request with the reason [to own the gun]. These may be for
28:40   hunting, sport shooting or self defense.
28:44   Migration, in all of human history, comes with many worries, says Viennese
28:48   sociologist Girtler. Some people see
28:53   the main cause of danger in these foreigners, who have this aggression
28:57   in their blood. Girtler stated that this fear is unfounded.
29:01   According to this sociologists, no such claims should ever be published
29:06   about migrants or any groups. The Austrian journalist Wittinger (?) commented on the situation
29:10   as follows: if the local residents are buying weapons because they want to use them
29:15   to protect themselves against hunger and terror from the migrants, then something
29:19   is very wrong here. Shotguns will not, after all, solve any
29:23   immediate problems, quite the contrary.
29:28   This article is published on the main page of SKA.
29:32   Islamists are sending this message:
29:37   ”We will cut the heads off unbelieving dogs even in Europe. Look forward to it, it’s coming soon!”
29:41   German security authorities, including the Federal Minister of the Interior Thomas de Maiziere,
29:45   are again on full alert. One of about
29:50   500 of their jihadis who are fighting in the Middle East
29:55   addressed his co-residents back home
29:59   in a video, in which, in German, he urges the slitting the throats of unbelievers
30:03   back home, in their country. That is, in Germany. This is accordingly
30:07   a new quality of propaganda, and threats which must be prevented.
30:12   Overall, the Ministry of Interior stated that Germany is in the crosshairs of Islamic
30:16   terrorists, but that he does not have any indications of specific threats, informs the server
30:20   of the Czech portal of with a link to
30:25   German media. Islamic State-trained Jihadists
30:29   are now, as European citizens, returning,
30:34   or they are trying to infiltrate into Europe as immigrants. More and more
30:38   the whole thing is turning into the situation that we will experience
30:43   the much-touted Arab Spring from very close up – right here, at home.
30:47   What’s more, many European states are alienating part of their own populace
30:51   with unfortunate social and multicultural politics,
30:56   merciless removal of children, unfair seizures,
31:00   and trading on traditional European values and with policies which are usually
31:05   less friendly towards conservative and traditional native inhabitants and
31:09   leans towards that portion of inhabitants who have little trouble with globalization and
31:13   nonchalant liberalization, removal of traditions,
31:17   and Islamisation. Yet we will not be able to rely
31:22   on it that portion of [population] once the Arab Spring comes here.
31:27   And that will probably be,
31:31   as they say, closing the barn after the cows are gone…

13 thoughts on “Austrians Are Buying Guns

  1. The article is 100% correct, to defend ones self is a basic human right. One could say that if the various governments cannot secure the borders and control who enters the country, how will the protect the population from harm? When I travel I have an identity (my US passport which assures the country I am entering who I am and that my country is vouching for me) most of these ‘migrants’ have bogus papers or none at all. As far as gun purchases in the US more women are arming themselves, generally firearm sales are doing well. I thank the lord for the 2nd. Amendment.

  2. Muslims are bullies and need to be dealt with as such. The only thing they understand is overwhelming force (preferably lethal) and a slap in the face with the sole of your shoe.

    • You are 100% correct, the ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’respect no one and view our western politeness and kindness as weakness.

  3. I hope that like minded Germans are able to group together.
    This is from a self defense view, as you can still be overwhelmed even if you have a gun. Also good to have witness verification.

    Most importantly for protection against the state apparatus as the state itself will pursue you with all its power, and so you will need your friendly mates to make them do everything judicially correctly.

    Practice and training, become skilled and safe. Hope you never have to use it.
    Be prepared.

  4. Well, here we go, folks. This was inevitable, and all of the bleeding-heart liberals in both Europe and in the States can, simply, stuff it. A citizenry is bound to seek to defend itself when the beasts are at the door, or already running wild in the barn.

    The next thing that we will see is a spate of stories (of course, only available for viewing on sites like this one) about native Germans and Austrians shooting Islamo-Fascists in self-defense.

    I say, “Good!”. Let the stories be told.

    Many may think that Europe is lost. It may be. But then again, what we may be seeing is – finally – the push-back for which many of us have been pining…an armed citizenry finally having had enough, and presenting itself – armed and dangerous – to the Islamic Hordes in their midst.

    Something tells me that I may have underestimated the native Europeans…I suspect we will see some true, righteous anger come to the forefront in the coming weeks.

    • I’m going with your first guess. Hopefully the Russian and Chinese have a plan to secure mass casualty weapons when these societies collapse, because the US will fly it’s stuff out and not get involved. The EU NATO countries have proven themselves incapable and the last thing the world needs is a better armed ISIS.

  5. People should not be able to protect themselves. So What if a few thousand Die! Democrats in America want to get rid of self Defense, EXCEPT IF YOU ARE A POLITICIAN! They and their Children must be protected at all times. The People should not be allowed to have gun’s. Unless they are Registered so POLITICIANS can take them away any time they feel like it. WE NEED HAVES AND HAVE NOTS. IF YOU ARE A POLITICIAN YOU MUST HAVE A GUN AND BODY GUARDS OR POLICE TO PROTECT YOU. THE VOTERS DO NOT MATTER AS MUCH AS LEADERS. LIBERALS BELIEVE ONLY POLITICIANS ARE HUMAN.

  6. Long guns are good for home defense. But you’re most velnerable on the street at night. So you would need a pistol. But they’re very hard to get in europe.

    People say Islam means ‘peace.’ But it really means ‘submission’ also. From the same root verb ‘Istlama’. Lissan al-Arab Dictionary.

    • Long guns are even better out in the open. You shouldn’t have to have a concealable weapon if you’re out at night alone. But even in Texas,you might get charged with “brandishing” or “recklessly causing alarm”. But not for long if BO “settles” large numbers of these “Migrants” in Texas.

  7. Interesting. Maybe the their neighbors the Swiss (strong/heroic in 2nd World War) can give them a few lessons. -really. What will be the future of Europe (& the world) in the next decades? Hopefully, God’ plan reigns supreme and He works good out of evil to the glory of His Name. (ie. the One true God -of the Bible, who alone meets out justice and lovingkindness Himself without any person, though He works though people peacefully.)

  8. If, indeed, purchasing shotguns requires no permit or prior scrutiny then get one!

    Slugs for distance, buckshot for mid range, any shot for close range (no spread) and salt or rubber for non-lethal social instruction. No ballistic evidence either. Just sayin’.

  9. Muslims are nothing but trouble makers. Always have been and always will be. The apostle Paul marketed Christainity. Christianity sells itself. Islam was and always has been spread by the sword. The Crusades were the European response to Muslim aggression and conquest of Europena territories. It puzzles me as an American as to why my country has not been killing ISIS. We should [intemperate recommendation redacted]. And we should not allow muslims to migrate here to America. They simply don’t share our values and points of view. Their constitution is Sharea Law ; which is in stark contrast with and is the antithesis of our own Constitution. This is why a muslim could NEVER be a good American. If anything it would please me to see my country once again allow migration from Europe where our true brothers and sisters are.

    • You’re right! Britain greatest gifts to the world are: Elected parliaments; trial by jury; freedom uf the press. Neither Shari’a or any other legal system has these.

      The fact that they want their own courts shows they don’t want to integrate.

      Lissan al-Arab Dictionary: Islam. from the root verb,’Istlama’ meaning ‘submission’. But ‘peace’ also comes from this verb.
      But which is more important?

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