Spielfeld: Nickelsdorf on Steroids

A couple of weeks ago we posted about the hellishness of Nickelsdorf, a small Austrian town not far from the Hungarian border. It was crammed with feral “refugees” who had brought their iPhones with them, paid for purchases with €500 notes, and left garbage and excrement in their wake.

Since then Hungary has closed its border with Croatia, and the migration stream has shifted westwards to Slovenia. One of the hardest-hit Austrian towns in the pathway of the relocated immigrant flood is Spielfeld, just across the border from Slovenia in Styria, on the main route from Ljubljana to Graz.

The situation in Spielfeld is worse than in Nickelsdorf. Nash Montana, who translated the video below, sums it up this way:

Businesses have been closed down. The mall has been closed for days. People are out of work, standing guard in front of their houses and businesses with guns. People are being harassed and berated. Houses are being broken into, everything stolen, more and more people buying guns…

I don’t know what the gun laws are in Austria. But it seems this could be quite possibly the place where the first shots will be fired. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

More from Nash Montana:

Spielfeld is turning into Nickelsdorf on steroids.

Spielfeld on the Steiermark looks like a war zone. It’s not just that thousands of invaders push into Austria, no, they believe that they arrived in Germany.

Apparently a lot of the “refugees” think that Austria is Germany, and they wander about aimlessly, repeatedly asking the same questions: “Train station? Speak Arabic? Germany, where?”

They storm into people’s gardens and play areas and mark their territory with the usual… garbage and feces.

One Facebook user writes:

“It is enough! Spielfeld is in a state of emergency! Our mall Wieser has been closed for days. The entire area along the border, all businesses have been closed! Business owners are standing guard on front of their businesses and gave off warning shots and carry pepper spray to defend their stores. Nobody knows when they can get back to work. Everything is dirty. The streets, the autobahn, and the train tracks are full of people. The citizens have begun to buy guns en masse. All of this is reminiscent of a war zone. How is that now WE and OUR existence is in danger???”

Video transcript:

0:00   It is a catastrophe. I am shocked.
0:04   And I see this now every day. And we have to explain to our children: What is this?
0:08   From the border crossing refugees stream into the nearest town Spielfeld in Austria.
0:18   The residents don’t even recognize their own town anymore.
0:22   So they sat in our gardens, in front of our houses. And not just in front, or in the street, but they were everywhere.
0:27   This says it all, what they do with the donations.
0:30   Normally there should’ve been buses, registration in the bus, and driving right on through.
0:35   Without all these people down there at the border held up. Just driving them on.
0:40   And I just don’t understand, why the men don’t help the women.
0:43   Why don’t these refugees just help themselves. And help each other.
0:48   Instead they leave […] behind
0:54   I never even thought that they would come this far up.
0:58   I’m thinking there’s going to be a very bitter aftertaste, because the border is not far away.
1:08   The people won’t forget this very fast.

18 thoughts on “Spielfeld: Nickelsdorf on Steroids

  1. I hope they never do forget! Next they need to take concerted action. Merkel and her EU traitors need to be impeached and imprisoned, preferably with a lot of feral Muslims!

    • What did they expect? They allowed these liberal ideologues to run their countries. Count on the gun owners to be arrested, their property confiscated and given to the needy. They had best pack their belongings and leave before they are murdered.

        • Where they must go to is wherever it is safe. The evidence presented to me seems quite clear that the borders are wide open. I imagine these older Germans have access to an automobile, airline, ship or a train. Unless, of course, they’re waiting on a miracle.

      • I agree. This is justice for decades of ignorance. The voters decided to live in a left wing “paradise” financed by debts.

        • Yes, the forlorn fruits of submission. Unless they wish to be test rats for both the Marxist and the Islamist, their window for escape is dwindling down.

    • They will…..forget and just convert. Did you see the village women wearing scarves?

      • Yes, if they want to forget the past ,,just some little bad things,, just a little bit, give some respect ,,, to ease some stress and worry ,,,and to the immediate “safety” of islam by converting.

        That is where islam wins, conversion for the ones who just want to get on with life, first just ankle depth, then a bit more as the tide rises. (sure is rising in Europe)
        It then becomes harder to get out of, as the sharks will be swimming between their legs and now seem closer to the shore.

        Then their lives becomes fully dependent upon that system, as the sharks are able to stay between the beach and them, shepherding them to deeper water, so they will feel a real need of that protection that islam “offers” (that you can not refuse). You need this for your children, family, and work, that could all be exposed to terrible terrors of the deep blue sea.
        They will see terror around them as just a few will be taken and they will know to stay converted, and not put a step wrong, even if by now they know the truth.

        After all, we will all be swimming in the ocean with the sharks, if you have survived their feeding frenzy, and the sharks will feel very safe now.

        Then you really do want to forget all the bad things you have seen and heard.
        It will come to a stage where you will want to forget the many good things of the past, as it will be so sad,,, and frustrating,,, to recall them….”Allah willing” as it too late now… and of course Allah needs some more blood.

        That is where even in the ups and downs of islam, it has a terror formula that has been successful for 1400 years.

        Still we must hold out, as Holger Danske, Charles Martier, John 111 Sobieski, and many others, who paid the ultimate price through the ages. We must not forget.

        Thanks to Bishop Cardinal Guy Leven-Torres TOCC UK and many other posters and commentators. May we unlock the armour of islam and cut through all their rubbish.

  2. Don’t try and tell one of our [neutered] liberal consumer-taxpayers. Maybe there is a more powerful underlying reality emerging. The stupid commie inspired EU is so ignorant and weak its beyond belief – and don’t these infidel hating Koranimal Muslim know it. The ’emerging reality’ needs to set the Muslim invaders and their fifth column enablers in no doubt.

  3. How the world inverted. Now the former Nazis and Nazi sympathizers are being invaded, not by nice Americans and Britishers, but by the scions of Nazism of the Middle-east. Those who demanded for three generations that the Jews should tolerate the islamo-Nazis are now being subjected to the rule of the same. Revenge is best served cold, by the Lord.

    • I call [fallacious assertion] on your say so.
      in a case of this, America would be destroyed, years ago.
      And the Same for many others.
      in fact I think the hate between jews and muslims is bigger than nazi’s and jews.

      [obscene imperative redacted]

  4. Anybody reading this website for the last 15 years or so has been warning about this so, what did the establishment do? They tried to close us down. The Euro elite have what they wanted. We must make sure they stay and face it.

  5. Taking actions into ones own hand is not easy, especially if you don’t have the culture of demonstrating. Here in Scandinavia we have Protestant countries and therefore traditionally high trust in governments, so metaforically we can take much steam in sauna before anything happens.

    But really, this is the manifestation of what happens when the leaders are saturated with left-liberalism: they can’t understand that those “refugee” hordes are taking the form of invasion, they just don’t have the mental tools to belive it, and so they halt their orders for self-defence.

    • Sorry to hear that Juho. If there are enough like-minded citizens in Scandinavia who wish to organize, there’s an unlimited wealth of knowledge available through the Internet for free. Here in the most liberal of places in the US, there remain strong lines of men, much like Holger Danske (sp).

  6. This IS an invasion. WAR is coming… I expect several BRESLAN type atrocities to happen within the next 3 months…. DAILY. All over Europe.

    As soon as most of the invaders have been set up in housing, getting welfare benefits… they will begin the war against their hosts. Like tapeworms and hook worms, they will begin the destruction of their HOST!

    After they get people upset over the terrorizing of children, being typical VERY liberal-leftists, Europeans they will do WHATEVER the invaders want. Sell their women and girls and little boys …. WHATEVER!

  7. The lack of photographs out of Spielfeld leads me to believe that Spielfeldians have no access to social media anymore at this time, and that there is generally tight controls about what gets out.

    I have looked and looked for similar pictures out of Spielfeld like those out of Nickelsdorf. But not much found. Sure, there is plenty of youtube videos. Because those can be uploaded to youtube instantly, but I find almost no pictures.

    It seems the authorities have learned quickly since the Nickelsdorf pictures got out.

  8. ‘Refugees’ with 500 Euro notes, how may I ask are these ‘Refugees’ getting their hands on such large notes? I have a suspicion that the did not ‘change’ their currency at any border crossing, but ‘dark forces’ are financing the migration. BTW when one is changing large amounts of currency in many places ID is required a passport or government type. The entire situation does not pass the ‘smell test’.

  9. Islam never has been nor will it ever be compatible with western civilization. As an American I can clearly see that our Constitution is in stark contrast to and is the antithesis of the muslim constitution; AKA Sharia Law. Hence , a muslim could NEVER be a good American. The sooner that my people realize this the better off we will be. Thank The Most High God for our Secomd Ammendment. We should be [intemperate recommendation redacted]. AND not allow muslim immigration to my home anymore. To do so is courting disaster and certain death.

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