Sacked for “Xenophobia”

The major German metalworkers’ union IG-Metall (Industriegewerkschaft Metall, the Industrial Union of Metalworkers) has taken upon itself the responsibility of policing its members’ opinions on immigration as expressed on the Internet, and demands that those who do not toe the line be fired.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Donau Kurier:

IG-Metall demands the firing of employees who show hostility to foreigners

IG Metall demands a non-compromising procedure against xenophobic employees. Firms should fire anyone who makes openly racist and xenophobic commentaries on the Internet.

IG Metall demands a non-compromising procedure against xenophobic employees. Firms should fire anyone who makes openly racist and xenophobic commentaries on the Internet, so says the new IG-Metall boss Jörg Hofmann in an interview with Deutschlandfunk. The companies can expect approval of such actions from the Worker’s Union.

“Whoever hates? Fired. Everybody has to understand that. It can’t be just accepted, when racist vulgarities split entire workforces,” he says.

Hofmann also warns not to play domestic Germans and refugees against each other. “The long-time unemployed person here has the same entitlements and chances for assistance as the refugees who come here.” In this non-discriminatory approach also includes that refugees who are less qualified still have a right to a minimum wage of €8.50. Shorting wages because they’re refugees is barred.

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  1. The only reason that the locals are not slaughtering these invaders is the threat of American bombs by this point.

    • The reason is that most people are law-abiding citizens and are still in a state of shock and disbelief. Once they gather their wits, they will then see the forces aligned against them – their brainwashed kids (indoctrinated through the Marxist education system), their leaders, their employers, the police and the invaders themselves. Also the fact that Welfare Socialism by its very nature encourages passivity rather than personal initiative. The government promised to look after them from cradle to grave. But Mommy Merkel wanted to adopt some new children and the old have been abandoned!

      Neighbors will be encouraged to spy on neighbors. They will lose their jobs if they open their mouths in protest and if they are employed in industries where migrants will work for less, they will lose their jobs anyway. Some have already lost their homes or had their properties confiscated.

      Welcome to the world of Marxist Dictatorship. No wonder it’s the Eastern Europeans who are protesting the most. They’ve already been through it from the end of WW2 until 1989!

  2. That’s an interesting concept, firing those who hate. Will he also fire those people who have made hateful comments about Christianity or Jews? It seems to me like his logic would allow it. But his ideology would not.

  3. Jörg Hofmann seems very high up in union affairs and also the top man of

    There terminology of ” hate” , and to control the debate with fear, to a total shut down.
    Normally one may think, I will not tease or bully an immigrant.

    But this I would believe would close the whole debate down about islam.

    So it comes across doubly menacing as they are obviously covering for a very violent murderous man, that is Mohammad and his teachings and deeds.
    So they have indited and aligned themselves with those violence murderous deeds.
    A previous leader about 70 years ago was said to be an admirer and understood how to use such sickening psychological power, that through the 1920’s and 30’s took the whole country to tragedy culminating in millions of deaths to innocents.

    Just read the hadiths of what Mohammad had done to poets, singers, etc. and what ruthless terror he was prepared to use.

    I feel that posters should be put of some Mohammad’s deeds, in that factory, and perhaps something from the “white rose society”. After all it is not an attack on immigrants. It may take a braver person than I, as I feel they would fully endorse bloody practices if they could get away with no blood on their hands.

    It is mind numbing threats.! and I do know what happened to the “White Rose Society”
    Just where would they stop? Particularly at a later stage.
    Just how do you start to change the thinking of such people?
    Even to just allow open discussion and debate on immigration, on islam.
    Do they think they can control and change islam? Will be very interesting times ahead.

  4. That would be a mistake. The only thing keeping a lid on things is that people still have something to lose, like their jobs. Taking that job will simply herd them into some type of action even sooner. However, I suspect that it’s mostly a bluff. I imagine the court system in Germany is even worse than in the states.

  5. unfortunately, we do live in “interesting” times. I would take boredom anyday since I know how to entertain myself and have an enjoyable life without anyone’s help.

    What is the White Rose Society? On to google!

    • Are we able to do this?
      Can we cut through all this crap in this so called modern world, to see what and who we are and what and who we are becoming?.
      That is if we are not already are.?
      Then what? or is it the modern riposte “What ever”

      “It is unbelievable, to what extent one must betray a people in order to rule it.”

      See who said that, and in which book that was based.
      Perhaps we may see why, when things are not allowed to be discussed , debated and talked about, why Germans are still going down the same track.

  6. A metal workers union is now facing the prospect of burgeoning new migrant membership, if they can portray themselves as pro-Islamic! This is no different from Obama flooding the USA with Democrat-voting hispanics.

    What they are doing is weeding out those who will object to their new power base. I bet they’re already recruiting in the camps!

  7. “The long-time unemployed person here has the same entitlements and chances for assistance as the refugees who come here.”

    This is amazing. Migrants get the same privileges of German citizens without having to earn them.

    • Actually, the order of the entitled groups in that sentence is reversed, so that a more accurate summation would be: “German citizens get the same privileges as migrants without having to earn them.” The government is very nice to its native inhabitants; it treats them as well as it does the migrants.

      • @Baron Bodissey. Yes. That’s funny. I drive through a small part of Germany once a year on my way to Italy and of course none of this is evident (from the autobahn), the pageantry goes on, all is normal. My only thoughts are: where in the world and how soon will I have to emigrate.

  8. Sorry, that was our US voters, (before hi-tech fraudulent counts and no ID), unwillingness or inability to follow up on California 187 in 1994 and prior to that in the 1980s. (And endless other degrades.) Regan’s with a nod and a wink and a thumbs up to Mexico one time only so called amnesty got the Christian Hispanic ball rolling all over South and North America – including Canada. (The more things change with the Islamist head hunters etcetra.) All set for the Obama and the Jerry Brown types and the cheap labor “opposition” to flood and flush the Americans they are supposed to represent. “To thine own self be true” (Elvis Presley.)

  9. Readers may wish to note that the IG component of IG-Metall is a survivor of IG- Faben Industrie, a German Ltd company that included such notable chemical manufactures as BASF, Bayer and Hoechst, which as an entity contributed much money to the Nazis prior to WW2. This company also set up concentration camps, Auschwitz being the most notorious of them. In short, IG was in cahoots with the Nazis and the annihilation of world wide Jewry and is now in cahoots with the German government (communist/capitalist) to assist in the genocide of their own people!

  10. It looks like the Gestapo when used agents to infiltrate factories, to capture dissidents. In many cases they do not even wear agents, used the very people they recruited. The current government of Germany wants to use the best of both worlds socialists: the National Socialist Gestapo and the Stasi of Communist East Germany.

    • Ronnie, If you can take on board that Communist China has now morphed into operating a parallel Capitalist economy, then it is an easy step to realize where Europe and the West are being herded into – a kind of Communist-Capitalist system that employs ALL the lessons learned from the failings of National Socialism/Soviet Communism.

      But one important proviso for the planned utopian agenda ahead – all those who resist the New Agenda will of necessity have to forfeit their lives.

      When the question was put to Bill Ayers – then a future advisor to Barak Obama – as to how many ‘American dissidents’ would need to be eliminated in order to bring about a Soviet America, his answer was 20 million!

      • I did not have this information, but thank you for spending, and it is consistent with reality, including what I analyze. While in the West Christianity that not evaporate water, while in China it grows, even if alongside the State, as well as in North Korea; although there is no tolerance. Christianity as a whole is almost gaining a primitive appearance, where he was overwhelmed from all sides, almost having to be worshiped in caves.

        Capitalism with a touch of Soviet totalitarianism; is the synthesis that Mr. Gorbachev once said. The European Union changed the patriotic and Christian values ​​of Europe, for diversity; the new values ​​of European citizens are now founded on cultural and sexual diversity. I did a survey yesterday, 10/27/2015, and constei that overwhelmingly European churches are in favor of ethnic genocide program, to make it more culturally mixed society, as well as ethnically. Although this has nothing to do with the subject matter primarily, I found it fit to post here.

        • Yes Ronnie, it all fits in! Cultural change should always come about by the population from the bottom up, not from the top down from a few traitors as is now the case.

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