The Migration Waves Have Only Just Begun

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The Migration Waves Have Only Just Begun
by Fjordman

The unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants to Europe, mainly from the Islamic world and Africa, has created international headlines throughout 2015. Sweden is currently receiving about 1,000 asylum seekers per day, sometimes more than that.[1] If that inflow continues, this would mean more than 3.6 million asylum seekers to Sweden in just one decade. In reality, family reunions will make this number much larger. Small European nations cannot handle such immigration numbers for very long.

Thilo Sarrazin is a prominent German writer and former member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank. His 2010 book Deutschland schafft sich ab (“Germany abolishes itself”) became a great bestseller. Projections indicate that Germany could receive one million asylum seekers in 2015, many of them Muslims. Mr. Sarrazin fears that the situation is dangerous and has gotten out of control. “Every nation, state and government has to be able to control its borders. The state and independence begins and ends with control of the borders,” he argues.[2] Sarrazin points out that each asylum seeker or refugee tends to bring an additional four to six immigrants: parents, children or wives. In reality, one million immigrants could therefore turn out to be five million, when all is said and done. That is merely the result of one year of mass immigration. If current trends continue, Germany could end up with 20 million inhabitants from Africa and the Middle East a couple of decades from now. Thilo Sarrazin points out that experience shows that immigrants from Africa and the Middle East on average do not integrate well. They often have high crime rates and a high dependency on welfare.

Africa will claim three of the world’s ten most populous countries in 2050, according to projections made by the Population Reference Bureau in Washington.[3] The largest of those, Nigeria, will be about the size of the USA. The Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ethiopia could also enter the top ten list, ahead of Russia and Japan. Many African countries are experiencing a baby boom, all while having many social problems. Niger, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Chad have the highest fertility rates in the world.

A report from 2013 predicted that sub-Saharan Africa would record the largest population growth at least until the year 2050. The world’s poorest region will more than double in population, from 1.1 billion to 2.4 billion.[4] The current population of the entire European Union is just over 500 million people. It is estimated that Africa’s population will grow by more than twice that much, in less than two generations. Where are these people supposed to live? Will they have water, food and work at home?

During a couple of days in late September 2015, some 500 migrants were rescued in seven operations launched in the Mediterranean, the Italian coast guard said. The migrants mainly came from West African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone and had left Libya three days earlier. They were rescued about 80 kilometers off the Libyan coast.[5] There is no war in Ghana. These people are economic opportunists, not “refugees” in any meaningful sense of the word.

Africa’s population is expected to grow by a billion people or more in the coming 30 years. This means that what we have seen so far is only the beginning. Even the EU and the UN are gradually admitting this. The current migration flows of Muslims and Africans represent a long-term trend, not a temporary crisis. If these hordes of illegal immigrants are not stopped and sent back, this could cause European societies to collapse.

If Africa were to send 100 million people to Europe in just the next five years, Africa’s population would still grow significantly. In addition to this, Muslim countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh also have a substantial population growth. If the Islamic world and Africa were to dump one quarter of a billion people in Europe over the next ten years, these regions would still increase in population. For the record, I do not believe there will be as many as a quarter of a billion migrants to Europe in the next decade. However, if that were to happen, the countries sending all of these migrants would barely have noticed this. To the extent that it would make any difference at all, this would be positive for them. They would get rid of some of their large surplus population. Moreover, some of the immigrants would send money home from Europe.

In the coming generations the Islamic world and Africa could in principle send a constant stream of migrants ten times as large as what we are seeing now. Even if they did so, it would not solve basic social problems in the Islamic world or Africa. It would, however, probably led to a social collapse in many European countries. Europe must soon decide whether it wants to live or commit suicide.


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45 thoughts on “The Migration Waves Have Only Just Begun

  1. White race has reached evolutionary dead end due to extreme development of altruism trait, and has lost most of the traits required for survival instinct- and the nonwhite world has smelled it and hence the predatory nonwhite world has rushed in to fill the gap and take over. The white birthday rate is too low for the subspecies to survive- even without outside invasion (immigration)- the white world will go extinct anyway for lack of enough white folks.

    • Just no end of people who keep parroting that silly line: “The white birthrate is just too low for the species to survive”.

      Nonsense. How do you explain Japan and Korea? The ‘experts’ tell us their birthrates are below the levels needed to maintain their countries, yet Japan’s pop. has gone up from 90 million when I was a kid, to the present 130 million, all without the ‘aid’ of immigration. Beware of the ‘experts!’

    • We in the Western world almost reached a point at which our demographics had stabilised. This would have enabled us to utilise resources sustainably and live peaceful and worthwhile existences.

      Instead we have population growth driven by economic immigrants whom we will have to support as they are incapable of doing this themselves and have been inadvertently conditioned to this state by our largesse.

      Ever increasing populations cannot be supported when there are no resources to sustain them. Humanity will be in a state of strife in a fight for limited resources.

      Our world, the Western world will either implode, a victim of its own altruism or regain its survival instinct and cease importing parasites and supporting them where they cannot support themselves.

      • I think that it would actually be a good idea to aim for a stable society of slightly DECREASING population, maybe 0.1%/year. I would allow in immigration (carefully chosen) up to that point, no more, unless there is a very specific reason.

        Otherwise, it’s a pyramid scheme!

        Aiming for a stable society with a slightly decreasing population would make best use of available resources. A constantly increasing population will eventually starve. Better to control it ourselves than to hit the wall!

    • I think there are two things that operate.

      First, there are useful idiots, moon calves, and the pathologically altruistic. Invariably, they are prosperous, educated, intelligent, and yet without the sense that God gave a duck. They do not connect to basic realities in the way that one Velcro strip attaches to another. An idea with a certain surface appeal can appear in their brain like a bubble in champagne and it then drifts up, in the liquid but not part of it, not molded, influenced, modified, refined, limited, shaped, or augmented by reality, except that it grows bigger and bigger. A good idea to love thy neighbor becomes let us worship him, then adore him, then serve him, then be subsumed in him.

      In my experience, the most loving person I know, the most giving person, is also the most naive, the one most likely to trust complete strangers and to give away her time and her possessions. And to forgive those who steal from her. (Paradoxically, this most exemplary person is also the most psychologically damaged.) Variants exist on this spectrum.

      This might be termed the “exploding idea” phenomenon.

      The loathsome nature of males and the unimportance of motherhood when “fulfillment” awaits in the rear ranks of regiments of strangers are different manifestations.

      Some are also damaged in another way. Because of some early deprivation or other trauma the visible conduct is not this giving or embracing but an angry defensiveness — do not do that to them, do not deprive them. But it is really — do not do that to ME, and the anger is just below the surface at all times and it is strong. Barely concealed contempt or open attack. Calls for defensive measures or for conformity to societal norms are really attacks on “them” and, really, on “me.”

      The “hollow anger” phenomenon, perhaps.

      Both variants are psychological phenomena that inhibit balance, objectivity, and perception.

      Second, there is among the larger population that is more grounded in the realities of life and without a comfortable income, a simple innocence. They simply cannot conceive of a ruling elite that is composed of traitors, of people who despise them for their accents, their customs, their religion, their passions, and their skin color. They do not realize the safe assumption of all prior ages — that their leaders may err but that they are still of the people, kinsmen, of the same blood — is hideously wrong.

      The queen would not remain silent while her people are destroyed, would she? Look. Is she not mute? And the Prime minister would not love foreigners and parasites, savages and enemies, would he? He speaks of “British values” does he not? Winston will warn us again in time if need be. Does not she who is named Angela, a name redolent of infinite love, Divine connection, and fierce protection, speak as I do?

      The origin of this elite hatred is in the smugness of the Enlightenment, the utopian stupidity of socialist revolutionaries, and the demonic hatred of the communist class warrior.

      Perhaps it even has roots in the Reformation where simple minds dimly grasped that the Word was now within their power to know directly.

      Instead of advancing from those times forward, we fell backwards, enlightened yet strangely, pathetically and tragically befuddled, hating those who speak the truth. And our children.

      • May I point out, Col Bunny, that you’re explaining the unfathomable behavior of the elites with philosophy or perhaps upbringing. This assumes they are the same, genetically, as the leaders who invaded, defended, and developed the European countries as we presently know them.

        Consider that the doctrine of “altruism for others” or “socialism” for short, may be the response of individuals who lack the mechanical, organizational, or personal abilities to accomplish much of anything, but who can blow the stack off the standard IQ test, especially verbal abilities. They are unable to accumulate wealth through productivity, so they take advantage of the mechanics of representative government to seize and control the wealth of others.

        • Mr. B, I was focusing on the behavior of individual citizens, their strange embrace of the foreigner and the their angry rejection of other citizens who argue for limits and discipline. The elites are cut from the same cloth of course but it’s the failure of the citizenry to see and respond to a civilizational threat that confounds me.

          I think you accurately describe the motivation of the elites you describe. I knew few bureaucrats who worked past 5:00 pm when I was a highly paid bureaucrat. We’re talking mid-level types here, including me. Compare and contrast with the software business I tried to start replete with loss of a fair amount of money and an IRS audit. Politicians have a lot easier life of it and they do not have to take personal risks. I’d say it’s more avoidance of risk than embrace of socialism.

          The larger community’s embrace of socialism was a very great moral wrong turn where millions accepted the morality of living off of others. The leaders they responded to and the leaders they installed were indeed the stunted, twisted version of their predecessors.

          • “it’s more avoidance of risk than embrace of socialism.”

            An illusion due to the paradox. Bureaucrats are marked to wind up in the gulags sooner than the proles because of what they know of operations and of higher bureaucrats. Do in others before they do you in. In the end they are left to mull “were those few extra ration cards worth it?”

            Social Darwinists are all so smug about how they’re brighter than the Judeo-Christian ethicist right up to the end.

            [edited for clarity. ~!D]

        • Exactly. Involuntary Socialism (stealing using the power of the State) is the reproductive strategy of beta males who cannot compete and create wealth. The ones who can talk using this to gain resources for themselves – by dressing up their STEALING from others.

          • It’s a powerful idea that robbing a citizen on the street at gunpoint is no different from taking money from the same victim but instead using the legislature to vote for the theft by a majority vote. The moral principle is quite clear even after we factor in taxation for the basic functions of government.

      • The web-site of the “european society” that gives the prizes to such people as Merkel who follows the “European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi” from which she won an award/prize in 2010 and did the acceptance speech for the award at the Federal Chancellery. That is why I at this stage in finding official acceptance speeches, I now give them more credence in having perhaps a lot more influence, than I first thought.
        Basically from the horses’s mouth.
        You might have to click to the English translation in the right hand corner.
        “”…How to open our pages
        You are going to find essential information about the European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi,… its projects,… the European Letters…. and European Prize-winners…. on the following pages.
        Click on a particular link in the yellow main bar. Additional links to each category are in the grey bar to the left, selectable also by a click.

        What few letters I have read on the European Letters is not a major revelation, and perhaps there may be some detail I may be missing, but the overall thrust is a leading edge for the European Union policies. I do doubt that on their official site that there will be much rope to hang them, but still interesting their philosophy and encouragement and so connection to their prize winners.

        I am curious just what value is the prize? and who finances it? What does it cost to run this society” and how does it influence and interconnect.?

        Will be interesting to search up the background names and to see what influence and connections they may have?
        One of their projects “Consideration of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi in school-instruction of the European countries”

        A lot of the books and literature of Coudenhove-Kalergi has not been translated to English so his philosophy is not so widely known.

        Is he the one that the EU and politicians are following. In the young travellers that I meet I find this may explain their reasoning for being so supportive of the EU, and their bland politicians, in just being so anti nationalist.
        It certainly runs through their education system and they fervently believe as they are so quick to deride and damm any questioning of the EU and anti-national governments policies.

        If Saudi Arabia can openly say it will help with 200 mosques for Germany, just what else may have been around in achieving the policy of opening the borders alone.

        • I am developing a taste for reading or listening to the actual statements of our leaders. They reveal interesting clues as to their true thoughts and Merkel’s acceptance of an award from that society is illuminating indeed.

          Speeches are especially interesting when they can be contrasted with speeches from saner leaders. Putin is impressive for the clarity of his thinking but Merkel’s criticism of Orban to the effect that the solution is not to build fences between the nations of the E.U. is just ludicrous. That is not Orban’s preferred solution and it’s obvious he wants the flow of “refugees” to be stopped at its source. But Merkel obtusely mischaracterized Orban’s objective and precisely for the reason that she wished to slide away from the topic of early interdiction. No. Far from interdiction she wants the realization of the Coudenhove-Kalergi option.

          The purpose of the E.U. is very strange but the reaction of the young in defending it is understandable if it is seen that they accept its premise, namely, that the problem that WWII highlighted is the problem of “nationalism.” The theory appears to be that if you are Norwegian, like the Norwegian language, enjoy the folklore, music and literature of Norway, appreciate the foods eaten there, like Norwegian institutions, and like the appearance of your fellow citizens you therefore, as night follows day, want to conquer the world or kill Jews, gypsies, or Russians, or all three.

          The tragic irony of the E.U. is that it obtusely, a la Merkel, mischaracterized the problem and totally ignored the real problem of the first half of the 20th c., namely totalilitarian government, no rule of law, and putting armies and secret police forces into the hands of monsters. And to make the catastrophe quite complete, the essence of the E.U. freely accepted by European elites was from the beginning a proto-Fascist entity by design intended to drastically limit voter checks on the idiots who run it now and will in the future.

          So, like the deliberate obscuring of the meaning of “Nazi” and “right wing,” “nationalism” is used to persuade people that nationalism, which will save Europe, is what must be avoided at all cost, lest right-wing National Socialism arise from the grave.

          It’s no wonder that Europeans are confused.

    • May I offer some small modifications to your thesis?

      You look on the white race. I look on the population of competent, ethical humans. Even the “Camp of the Saints” portrayed an Indian who identified fully, culturally and ethically, with the white resistors. I have seen those type of Indians myself, as well as Trinidadians, Japanese, and Vietnamese…now proud Americans. I have no objection to speaking in terms of race, except you miss some potentially very strong allies.

      Second, I think the problem is not altruism, but socialist. The real altruist overlooks his own interests, which at the worst, takes him out of the evolutionary competition. The socialist is the one that forces altruism on people who would not be altruists if left to decide for themselves.

      One of the things bringing down the birth rate of productive people is the high tax rate and lack of social support for the extremely demanding task of raising and educating productive children. The government taxes productive people to give free medical, food, housing, and financial support to people based on how many children they can sire or bear.

      I think probably a more important factor than taxes in suppressing the birth rate of productive is the lack of a proper social environment. The government insists on integrating low-skill, low-intelligence, violent, predatory people into middle and upper-class communities and schools, making the proper raising of children literally a constant fight. The government, which should be maintaining a benign and supportive environment, is actively using the laws and power of enforcement to degrade it.

      The real evolutionary benefit of altruism is the instinct to care for members of a closely-related group who are not direct family members, sometimes at the risk of the individual. This enhances the survival of the group itself in relation to other groups.

      Socialism is not a manifestation of altruism, but a raw grab for power and wealth by individuals using the legitimate tools of political power for personal gain through the promise of confiscation and redistribution of wealth.

      • By all means. Thanks for your input.

        I know of exceptional people who are non-whites, of course. V.S. Naipaul and a certain friend of mine who liked to spend time across the border in Laos at a certain point when it was a very dangerous pastime. I’m not interested at all in focusing attention on them, however, as the presence of patriotic minorities is not necessary to acknowledge when considering the interests of the majority population, namely, white Europeans. When the legitimate interests of the founding peoples of America and all European nations are acknowledged without greasy cries of racism and white privilege, ad inf., then the contribution of minorities can be acknowledged. The left deliberately tries to dilute white consciousness of white interests by talk of “nation of immigrants” and “propositional nation” and I reject that. Whites have no obligation to disappear themselves in a third-world glop, which is exactly the default position of the Treason Class and millions of morons in the U.S. who call themselves U.S. citizens. Whites have done extremely well in their treatment of minorities and the clamor to sneak in here is not-so-mute testimony of that.

        These are my views but these points seem peripheral to what I wrote initially.

        Too, my focus was not so much on altruism or the embrace of the other as that it seems to be a facet of human psychology to grasp at one fact or a small subset of facts and strap it to a Saturn V rocket and send them hurling out of earth’s gravitational pull. It’s a phenomenon that goes from love they neighbor to surrender to they neighbor. Nothing mediates or retards this sick progression. Feminist do the same thing, as I pointed out. The particular subject matter is incidental.

        Heck, the Adamites in 17th-c. England seized upon an attractive idea that they could regain the innocence of the Garden but, instead of holding that position, they went on to tell themselves that if that is true then it would be a great idea to worship in the nude because they were like lambs once again. I am not making this up.

        I agree with you about socialism. It is about power and it is ab initio founded on the premises that it is moral to lay claim to the property and labor of others and that some elite will figure out the details fairly and objectively. Again, however, the focus in my view should be on the psychological defect that underlies a great many Western pathologies. The preeminence of the lie in the West (with the vitally necessary attack on free speech as a necessary component) and the disconnect between facts and politics are a reflection of the extent to which these pathologies are monstrous errors. The West is at this very late date pathological and, to Solzhenitsyn’s great chagrin, we are indeed living by lies.

    • Maybe a ‘great patriotic leap’ could fix that. Just pull the plug on abortion for ten years and create laws that protect the citizenry from death to humanity obsessed, racist, hate filled Islam. We are beginning to drown in Muslim thugs who live fully present in the ISIS moment. (I am mixing intuition, observation and imagination here. But really all I need to do is read the unadulterated hatred for me and my family right there in the Koran or suffer listening to a liar for a few minutes to hear it straight from the Muslim man him/herself.).

      • It is an odd aspect of the modern West that demographic decline can ONLY be solved by importation of foreigners, and the more hostile and unassimilable the better. The incentives to higher birthrates are easier to implement and don’t require surrendering one’s birthright.

        It’s like the use of the European navies. It’s just assumed that their primary purpose is to serve as a taxi service. Their use to repel invaders is simply not something that can be discussed in politic company.

        • Perhaps the purpose is to bring in a different genetic pool. In the eventual resulting cross you supposedly gain hybrid vigour .

          Also it could be another way as in India, to bring up one child as a muslim and another as hindi, so the rest of your family will have a better chance. Perhaps to gain a forewarning of any strife that may be heading their way. Also a way to mitigate against all out war.

          All of these do not work
          Hybrid vigour loses it strength after the first cross and subsequently as you continue the crossing.
          The convert can be more stronger in their mind and so be more ruthless than the ordinary follower.

          It is another influence on the navy, to destroy its purpose as an effective force for guarding it’s own people.
          Slap a Russian flag on your boat and the pirates of Somalia have long since learnt by hard experience, not to touch.

          • I can’t improve on your dissection of those possible motivations.

            Let me add that never in history has any nation’s leaders thought to themselves that a genetic experiment was just the ticket for their people. Sarkozy himself, however, has stated that it is imperative that French people practice métissage with Africans and Arabs in France.

            It’s quite remarkable.

            The videos of the Russian response to pirates are entertaining. They illustrate what even mild countermeasures can do. Mild, of course, in the sense of killing a small number of pirates pour encourager les autres and thereby minimize deaths overall.

  2. The EU is importing voters but they are will also importing war. And as Europeans begin to realize that they are losing their countries , identity and culture. Some form of violent resistance will emerge, even if the right takes power they’re are too any powerful special interests that want this third world invasion to happen.

    Which brings me to my second point, the countries most affected by this invasion, some regions will see autonomy movements spring up. If say parts of Germany or Italy are inundated with foreigners other regions of those countries may want to prevent that by seeking greater autonomy.

    However any country(in the EU) that wants to save itself from the EU orchestrated third world invasion MUST LEAVE THE EU!!

    • Nero – I agree there will be defectors from the EU, the Slovak countries will likely get assistance from Russian provacateurs any time now, it may even spread to Scandinavia once the invaders breach the tipping point. We may see entire swaths of Europe swiftly abandoning the EU for an ethnically cleaner Russian partnership.

    • The biggest problem with leaving the EU, or even expelling violent, aggressive neighbors, is that Western countries, and the EU itself, will attempt to use force to maintain mega-governments.

      The most vivid illustration is NATO intervention in the Bosnian war against the Bosnian Serb, who were beating, and expelling, violent Muslim villages and militias. NATO bombed the Serbs into submission, for no good reason at all. In a similar manner, NATO countries engineered the overthrow and death of Muammar Gaddafi, who had long since renounced support of terrorism, and whose only current crime was that he was likely to effectively oppose the nascent Arab Spring movement.

      The EU is attempting to build an independent military force, disguised as police, and can be relied on to forcefully oppose any attempt at secession, once it has the ability to do so. The real danger is that the EU military will be joined by NATO forces, including that of the US.

      • It’s a pathetic shambles really. A Soviet has-been in Germany and a mixed bag of first, second and third world posers. The ‘EUROPEAN Union’ has a Muslim problem? Something doesn’t seem quite Right.

        • Please read “Disinformation” by Ion Mihai Pacepa. Then check out Yuri Bezmenov on Youtube as to what the Socialists were actually up to in the West.

          Then read “Catastrophic Failure : Blinding America in the face of jihad” by Stephen Coughlin.

          There are the smallest set of sources that explain the Red-Green Axis.

      • I won’t be too worried about a conglomerate EU/NATO military pact, I think it would be a public relations disaster if EU/NATO military forces were seen killing Europeans.

        I think it would only bring Russia and China into the mix. Besides Serbs in Bosnia were given some form of autonomy with the Republika Srpska.

  3. Overpopulation is a root cause of many of humanities current and future problems.

    The West’s feeding of a continent that cannot sustain itself has always been incredibly stupid and short sighted. It may assuage feelings of guilt but has predictably created the conditions for an overflow of populace that will invade the Western world with a sense of entitlement.

    Then, add to the mix the infantile mentality of the followers of the religion of peace. Our species is at the beginning of our darkest times.

  4. According to Sarrazin, overall in the German population the number of those who have a migration background lies at 17%, and is already at 30% in the under 15 group. That was in 2010. Migrant background means at least one parent born abroad, and this group includes resettled (ethnically cleansed) Germans from Eastern Europe. But it’s still an alarming figure.

    • very much so, slater! My principal’s wife is dutch and so their daughters have immigration background. And I know of many Germans with french,italian,polish and so on background.The problems come from elsewhere: husband muslim,wife german christian,children are muslims with muslim names. I had chinese students who had german first names given to accomodate their environment.

  5. At first sight I thought Nero’s comments on importing voters was wrong. But in fact, the word future needs to be inserted into the sentence. Most EU countries the citizenship process is 5 yrs. Add in the fact that most immigrants ultimately bring in relatives. This is the idealism of the elite & certain political parties.

    In France, this is happening every day, with record numbers of resident permits & naturalisations taking place. The Socialists are hoping for the immigrants votes in the elections. To a certain extent, they did in the last general election, but in future this is less likely. The socialists are gradually “shooting themselves in the foot” because of their intransigence on issues such as marriage for all, gender neutral education being forced upon everyone in the name of republican values. This is has irritated the Muslims as it runs counter to their “values”.

    Now the huge wave of migrants has further niggled the predominantly North-African Muslims residents, ironically, since the latest wave from ‘Syria’ are seen as usurpers and will get entitlements that should have gone to them. It has to be noted that this “looking down at the noses of the newcomers” does not apply to those from North Africa.

    Generally speaking, the sense of entitlements grows with each generation. Something which that cannot no longer be readily provided by the Socialist gov, this is something that they say in public. Suddenly, there is lots of money for the “newcomers”, benefits given out at a whim. Take for instance, around 100 student scholarships being offered by Science-Po, with the financial assistance of Qatar.

    Each day, resentment increases exponentially.

  6. ‘And as Europeans begin to realize that they are losing their countries , identity and culture’. If they don’t realize this now they never will!

  7. Not too long ago Israel was accused of “sterilizing” refugee women coming to their country from Africa. Israel finally responded that on intake women were asked if they wanted birth control. Several methods were offered. Most chose a 6 month injection over pills, etc SO THEIR HUSBANDS WOULDN’T KNOW…

  8. Re the African demographic explosion. In 1970 environmentalists expressed a well-founded concern regarding the effect of rapid population growth on the environment. Americans and Europeans without the type of coercive government policies found elsewhere were close to achieving replacement level population growth. Their elites decided otherwise and by massively increasing immigration repealed that sensible decision. The great crime of the environmental movement quickly followed. Major environmental organizations buried the issue of population once it was apparent that nonwhite immigration was the greatest source of growth.

    • The social welfare State is a Ponzi scheme that relies on pyramid demographics to keep it going.

      With environmentally sustainable populations a European-style welfare State is not economically sustainable.

      The ‘elites’ had a choice between preserving their culture and preserving their failing socialist system. They choose the latter – which means they will lose both.

      Collectivism KILLS people and nations !

  9. In fact, the latest projection by the UN is that Africa will top 4 billion by 2100. The Middle East and Central Asia will also grow a lot. And the environment is definitely predicted to deteriorate at the same time. Europe is looking at being overrun and swept away by literal billions of invaders. And Germany is on the way to a Muslim majority by 2050 already, at the current rate of immigration and foreign-population explosion, and indigenous decline, which will accelerate massively, as ‘white flight’ and depression/decay really set in under this ethnocidal onslaught. This will be the triumph of Islam in Europe, and the end of the West as a significant player in the world. Any nation that has any influence needs to send a clear message to Germany now: stop and reverse this crazy suicide-ruin or else. Not only will Europe be gone, but Israel and Russia will be left in an untenable position, the next to fall, and even the US will be finished in the end, alone and itself half-overrun, facing a triumphant world-Islam with nuclear arsenals. The fate of the whole West is at stake: all concerned powers speak and act now before it’s too late, which could be within months, if this invasion wave succeeds, the rest will be unstoppable. As the monstrous Merkel herself said just yesterday (without irony or regret): “It will change our politics radically and shift the emphasis once more”. Germany has lost the ability to defend itself, on its own, under this leadership, and is on the way to destruction, taking Europe and the West with it, if it is not stopped now.

    • Very good. Permit me to say that Germany and every European nation have the ability to defend themselves but they haven’t the will to do it.

      Consider the pathetic realities of “family reunion.” It’s just ASSUMED that even if one allows in one male “refugee” it is simply unthinkable to say “there is no automatic right to bring your family here. Go back home if that is your expectation.” The effect of the initial tragic mistake is increased exponentially.

      • Currently it’s assumed that there is almost no right to refuse a male ‘refugee’ at all, if he is Muslim and non-European. 90% of “Syrians” and Iraqis are being approved by the latest figures. Re family reunion, Cyprus recently made it very difficult, leading to a big detour around it by asylum seekers, reported on Reuters I think. Germany has rotted within to the point where it is useless jelly in the face of the new unarmed jihad-hijra, the leadership is an utter disgrace and disaster that should be thrown out of office and even the country immediately.

        • It is difficult to fathom the perfidy.

          Neville Chamberlain was much criticized for thinking he had worked out an agreement with Hitler. I think there was more to his what he did than he has been given credit for though I’m not well read in the minutiae of that period of history. Even a very negative assessment of him still has to acknowledge that he bought precious time wherein England could prepare.

          Compare the criticism of Chamberlain for his good faith efforts in a short period while under great pressure with the seeming untouchability of Merkel who labors night and day to inundate her countrymen under mass third-world immigration. Millions of her countrymen apparently think this is normal behavior for which she need not be reproached.

          • Millions of her countrymen apparently think this is normal behavior for which she need not be reproached.

            You certainly raise the spectre of the WWII Germans: orderly and obedient to a fault. Merkel is no Hitler but her actions betray a dictator’s character.

          • She’s getting support for suppressing “hate speech”. At the UN recently they were seated next to one another at lunch. Hot mic time revealed his willingness to help the German state patrol the halls of Face Book.


            The head of the German government and the Facebook CEO were overheard over hot mics — live microphones — via a live broadcasting on the United Nation website on the sidelines of the UN development summit in New York this Saturday.

            “We need to do some work,” Zuckerberg said.
            “Are you working on this?” Merkel asked persuasively.
            “Yeah,” was the reply from Facebook’s founder.

            The start of the luncheon cut off the broadcast.

            If you visit the site you’ll see the obvious body language in this dialogue.

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