Tear Down the Walls of Un-Free Speech!

Below is the intervention read today by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, representing Bürgerbewegung Pax Europa at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Session 12 “Combating Hate Crimes and Ensuring Effective Protection against Discrimination”, Warsaw, September 29, 2015.

Tear down the walls of un-free speech!

Working Session No. 12

Specifically Selected Topic: Combating Hate Crimes and Ensuring Effective Protection against Discrimination

OSCE/ODIHR, Warsaw, Poland
29 September 2015

What we are witnessing today is the implementation of ever-more restrictions to our freedom to speak our mind. We should not be addressing hate speech but free speech!

Who among the participating States back in the 1980s, at the height of the Cold War, with freedom and Communist oppression opposing each other, would have dreamed that we would one day be attending OSCE meetings discussing speech restrictions?

Who among the participating States back in the 1980s would have dreamed that one day we would have to tell our children to hold back their opinions in school for fear of repercussions?

Who among the participating States back in the 1980s would have dreamed that one day we would be confronted with legislation governing thought-crimes?

Who among the participating States back in the 1980s — fighting for the forces of freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of speeches, freedom of expression against the forces of darkness — could have foreseen that this day would come?

You, the participating States of the OSCE, were once instrumental in tearing down the walls of oppression, leading the way to freedom, the freedom to speak one’s mind openly and without fear of repercussions. You have failed. By even discussing so-called hate crimes — which are nothing other than the destruction of the free marketplace of ideas — the OSCE has returned to the dark ages of oppression.

Will we sit here in the coming years discussing whatever has been allowed by OSCE participating States? How much farther will the corridor of what is “acceptable” speech be narrowed?

BPE calls on the OSCE to tear down the walls of tyranny of thought-crimes! Only a free marketplace of ideas guarantees vibrant societies.

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6 thoughts on “Tear Down the Walls of Un-Free Speech!

  1. The more that people are repressed in regard to basic freedoms such as being able to say what we want – the more there will be resistance.

    • Resistance didn’t work under Communism and what we are now facing is the rapidly emerging Dictatorship of the EU, sponsored by Soros.

  2. “By even discussing so-called hate crimes — which are nothing other than the destruction of the free marketplace of ideas — the OSCE has returned to the dark ages of oppression.”

    Could anyone enlighten me on this excerpt? As it is, I understand that “so-called hate-crimes”, which is truly a form of free speech besmeared by PC into a crime, is what causes “the destruction of the free marketplace of ideas”. Is it a syntactic mistake; was the text translated from German (as ESW is from Austria, and German is one of the official languages of the OSCE); or is there some subtlety I just didn’t get?

    • I’m not sure what it is that you didn’t get.

      As I read it ESW is saying that the “hate crime speech” laws are oppressive to the free marketplace of ideas. That the controlling elite; gov’ts and the media prominent among them, are attempting to stifle the debate by means of the power of the state and collusion of the media.

      She ought to know…

      Was it the last conference or the one before it that Maj. Conklin asked a panel of media types (and I paraphrase) “if someone says something detrimental to a certain group, even though it is true, is that hate speech?” It was jaw dropping for me that the consensus was that it was “hate speech” even though it was true because it hurt someone’s feelings… And these are people given the trust to report on world events!

      • Thanks for your answer. Maybe, certainly, I’m pettifogging here. It’s just that the sentence reads “hate crime … destroy the free market place of ideas”, when it is actually the laws that deem and condemn such speech as hate crime that are truly detrimental to free speech. Otherwise, we’re on the same wavelength.

  3. I have a look a little different from the look author: via the European Union, several countries have introduced laws that reduce freedom of expression, the first to feel such restrictions were Christians with so-called laws of “homophobia”, that not much different from “Islamophobia”, puts a label on everything that is contrary to an opinion because creating a kind of phobia. Before you even rise to the term “Islamophobia” which leftists and Muslims make extensive use, as well as the mass media, had the term “homophobia” that framed any Christian discourse, from the mildest in opposition to homosexuality as hate speech . The difference is that today Europeans only feel that their freedom of speech is being eroded by the Liberals because mass immigration is very visible, and moves directly with your lifestyle, while for Christians, such anti-discourse laws of hatred already the affected because the issues concerning the promotion of LGBT agenda, and specific laws to inhibit hate speech; they really only fits the Christian discourse that opposes gender ideology (gender neutral, etc.), these laws not directly affecting Europeans, they already existed, but no one noticed because many Europeans have become accustomed to the promotion of feminism and LGBT groups. Please note: when I say “LGBT groups” I refer to a political group organized in the style of antifascists.

    This issue of hate speech (and I’m sure), involves not only issues related to Islam, but also issues related to feminism and LGBT movements. Recently left a UN report talking about feminist groups wanting a kind of policing the web for anti-feminist discourses. The most notorious, and that feminists organized political groups, they are the same that give “welcome” to the “refugees” Muslims. If you think it is absurd someone go to jail for posting on Facebook that immigration and multiculturalism are [faeces], be aware that Christians in the UK are already imprisoned for simply delivering a gospel tract. German parents who do not allow their children to take sex education classes and gender neutral, are arrested, and may even lose custody of the children. Europeans have never given attention to cultural itself and the basis of their culture, which is Christianity, so the only ones who really felt the tear of freedom of expression, firsthand same, were Christians, as we left always aimed to achieve first Christians. Do not you find it strange that many religious groups embrace multiculturalism, why do you think they do it? Why believe him? Of course not! It was why the left, could subjugate Christians long before the immigration issue step on the heels of the median and carefree citizens.

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