10 thoughts on “Inviting the Entire Muslim World to Europe

  1. Australia is a country. The so called EU is not. The EU is a big mess of first, second and third world nations. The second and third world nations are ‘making hay while the sun shines’. Transfer of wealth from west to east. Local ‘western’ jobs where locals need not apply. Language issues don’t ya know. Oil and water. This drunken EU rave can’t go on for too much longer?

    • And it was advantageous for the Germans to export BMWs, etc to the South (the pre-Euro deutschmark being too expensive). Let no-one mention that the Nazis confiscated the Greek gold reserves to pay for their occupation…

  2. Well… now I see why Muslim women wear veils and burquas. and the people can’t drink. I would too if i were a women in most of these countries. Good thing they have prohibition too.
    A friend lived in Egypt for many years and the violence is widespread. They “just like to fight over the slightest insult”. He said.

    Q: What does a good muslim do when the dishwasher stops working?
    A: He slaps her around a little. : – ))

  3. Three thumbs up for Pat Condell! I’d recommend that he run for a seat in the European Parliament seat, but I’m afraid I’d only insulting him. That would be like asking to stand in a pigsty to address the swine.

  4. What is wrong with these people? Every civilized person considers rape a horrible crime, so what is wrong with these supposed civilized people?

    Answer: they are not civilized. They have now proved it beyond a doubt. (I kind of knew it, but the PC people keep insisting otherwise. . .)

    Oh, dear Lord, it makes me sick to think of this. More of the crap that I do not wish to know but feel it my duty to face and yet I don’t know how to fight it or stop it.

    Well, if I were Empress of the World, I would send every Muslim man back to the middle-east, whisper in the rulers’ ears which of them deserve to meet Allah sooner rather than later, and go home considering it a job well done. Since Muslims do not value life, I suspect the rulers would find it convenient to do away with them rather than feed them. . . good results, if it could be done.

    • “What is wrong with these people?” The savages or their apologists? By removing our borders, dropping our standards and importing Muslims ‘WE’ are responsible – even more so.

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