Feudalism Revisited

Our Israeli correspondent MC returns to the topic of feudalism in the 21st-century West, reborn in a new guise.

Feudalism Revisited
by MC

A while ago I wrote an article on the new feudalism that we see becoming the normalcy of current life, and I have seen no reason since to believe that its progress is not relentless. At the diktat of the TV we still vote for the archons of our slavery instead of those who proclaim our freedom.

We can say we are not slaves because we get paid for our labours, but in whose currency do we get paid? and who controls its value, and, what is our personal indebtedness?

Slaves are always paid in some form, or else they die of starvation, but the means by which their provender is provided is not part of the definition of slavery. If the master (or employer) decides the remunerative value of the employment in disproportion to real commercial value, is this too not slavery? Slavery is in actuality a matter of control, and those who are in debt are ‘owned’ by their lender(s) who can employ various financial and physical tools against offenders. When applying for a job nowadays, in many cases one must provide a credit check to one’s potential employer.

Yet another nail in our coffin of personal slavery is now falling into place: the arrival of an army of disconnected young men who will be only too happy to enforce slavery if it gives them the opportunity to rape and loot unprotected victims, not to mention getting paid for it too.

The Islamic male is a natural bully. He has grown up in an environment where he can bully with impunity; his mother, his sisters and anyone in the household weaker than himself are his victims. Conversely, he too is the target of anybody stronger than himself, so his life is maelstrom of conflict with viciousness bringing rewards, and weakness bringing deadly peril. He therefore sees the world through the eyes of a psychopath for whom might (and the subsequent potential for physical violence) is not only his ordained right, but is also essential to his survival.

For a young boy, being raped is unimaginably painful and damaging both physically and emotionally, and this is the gauntlet of the Islamic male after he is forced to leave the protection of the women’s rooms at the age of six or so. Not all boys get raped, but it is not uncommon, and the victim is left bleeding physically and emotionally, a trauma recalled at every relentless call of nature. In his turn he inflicts the same torment on those who come after, and on any female who becomes vulnerable or exploitable.

Thus when the Muslim migrant looks west he sees through the spectacles of revenge, his personal vendetta against a cruel world. He sees an unprotected society, prime for rapine and looting, the streets paved with gold and the pillows with conquest and retaliation.

As Westerners, we make a fatal mistake when we assume that Muslim males are the products of a society the same as ours, and that the damage to the Muslim psyche can be collectively repaired by ‘resettlement’ in a Judeo-Christian society. Our forefathers would not have made the same mistakes, because they better understood the superior nature of a bible-based society.

As a Jew, I believe that the Torah (the first five books of the bible) is the Word of a spoken creation/creator and is thus relevant to all humanity even if it is beyond their intellect to comprehend it. The society in which I grew up was Torah-based, and relatively untainted by modern cultural Marxism. At the age of six, my world was not to be eviscerated by such things as anal rape or FGM. These things are outside of the Western experience, and also the Marxian experience.

In a cultural Marxist society (remember, both Marx and Gramsci grew up in Torah-based societies) where all cultures are deemed equal, one must assume that the normalcy of the culture produces an unspoilt product. In the case of Islam, this assumption is simply not valid. Islam produces monsters, in a way, and with a frequency unimaginable to the Western Torah-based psyche. To a Muslim, normalcy is mutilation and disrespect for bodily integrity, even to the extent of life itself, and especially those bodies and lives of other people.

Marxism, in its obsessive desire to debunk and replace Christianity at all costs, has failed to heed that its own foundations and assumptions are most firmly based in Judeo-Christian society, and that it is thus sawing off the very branch of the tree upon which it sits. Hence the unending saga of unintended consequences, mayhem and murder that follow naturally in the communist wake.

Torah preaches a Gospel of free will and personal responsibility. I alone will have to stand before Yahovah and account for my actions in the light of His law. Thus my behaviour matters, and I will be called to account. The basis of that account will be Torah, and especially the Ten Commandments. There is no such equivalent in either Islam or Communism. Communism, however, tends to be practised by people brought up in a Torah-based culture, and is thus not unaffected by it.

Islam is different. Muslims are born already condemned, and have to win salvation through submission. This is in itself an oxymoron, to win and to submit are incompatible in meaning in this context. Consequently, real belief in Islam encounter a dilemma for which the only satisfactory way out is to take the Jihad route. This is the process that we call radicalization, and it is the inexorable result of an increasing belief in Islam. Luckily very few Muslims actually believe to the extent that these issues become problematic for them.

A feudal system, like communism, requires a force of thugs, red guards or brown shirts, to act as enforcers and terrorists, so we see further pieces dropping into place.

It is these same Muslim Recruits who will enforce my slavery or, more likely, my death, and we are watching the process as I write. These are not refugees, they are not even migrants, they are recruits, recruits to a modern Sturmabteilung, and the whole process stinks of the contrivance of our ‘trusted’ leaders.

The mayhem in the MENA area has been contrived. The sudden influx of overwhelmingly Muslim young men of military age has been contrived. The mal-absorption of these men is also contrived. Malmö and Marseilles are already a war zone, and Munich will soon follow.

But we just cannot believe that it is all really happening. We are like a young child trying to waken a parent who has died in his sleep. The world has changed. All we can do is to try to limit the damage.

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

37 thoughts on “Feudalism Revisited

  1. Yes, just as I though all along…. Merkle wants a socialist FEUDAL system where Germany ( AGAIN WITH THE RULE WORLD GARBAGE) .

    muslims WILL be the enforcers and the terror-making reason that the people will lie down like sheep to be ruled and then slaughtered by the RULING GROUP!

    WACKY WORLD WAR III…. and AGAIN the GERMAN leaders are the cause.

    But then, the EU is also complicit this time…. no actual shots fired to make each “country” in Europe surrender , only the cries of RACIST, islamaphobia to make the dissidents give up their protest against RABID ISLAMIC MONSTERS taking them over.

  2. Today I stared a private program to cover several cities with little stickers. Got the idea from an online poster who wrote that if the PREZ thinks that people who question islam are racists, then so are anti-Christians.


    Have an artist friend making the prototype and I have the paper and the glue spray already.

    Should be a fun project for this Winter.

    I toyed with the idea of making little Confederate flag stickers too… with the saying :

    “PULL UP YOUR PANTS AS THAT OFFENDS me” . Maybe later.

  3. The Western population still cannot believe that since 9/11 the world has turned upside down. Nor can they imagine another round of brutality and chaos which their grandparents suffered 100 years ago and 74 years ago. They were sheep then and they are sheep now. Their political elites betrayed them then and they betray them now.
    It was competing colonial interests in the Middle East which sparked German aggression and then anger when they were defeated. Now we are again suffering from Middle Eastern fall-out, this time sparked by the Arab Spring.

    There are no Churchills to lead us nor General Pattons to defend us, only Neville Chamberlains and PC armies too intimidated to wear their uniforms in public. We are slipping further into servitude under Post-Modern decadence until the time when Islam burns it all to the ground. The sack of Rome is nothing compared to what is waiting up ahead unless the sheep wake up.

    • No disrespect intended Di Mu, but the world did not turn upside down since 9/11: the Muslim problem in the West predated that event by well over a decade. It was there to see for anybody who was paying close attention. Recall that Islamic terrorists had already tried to blow up the World Trade Centre in 1993 with a truck bomb in the basement car park.

      The watershed moment was in 1989 when Khomeini issued his murder fatwa against Salman Rushdie for writing “The Satanic Verses”. The West, instead of standing up for Rushdie’s freedom to write a (rather boring magic-realism) novel, condemning the ludicrously arrogant pronouncement of that vile 7th century theocrat and imposing harsh economic sanctions on Iran until the fatwa was withdrawn, reacted with appalling pusillanimity – in Britain the police permitted demonstrations calling for Rushdie’s death, instead of arresting every single one of them for incitement to murder as British law obliged the police to do. Even after the Japanese translator of the novel was murdered (and other murders related to Rushdie’s book were attempted) nothing was done.

      The Islamic world took full notice of the West’s pathetic reaction to the issuance of the fatwa against Rushdie and thus became hugely emboldened. We are now, and have been for decades, reaping the terrible consequences of that failure to assert Western values in 1989.

      • I remember enlightened “liberal” souls in academia at that time saying things to the effect that it was quite insensitive for Rushdie to write such inflammatory things about something so revered by other people (… if, that is, those other people happened to be non-Western people of generally tawny hues). I recall that intellectual elites seemed rather confused on the questions of religion and free speech.

      • It is my opinion that there is a difference between the capitalism you mention and the cartelism you describe. In capitalism all players are equal, in cartelism some players are more equal than others.

        Socialism and Communism promote cartelism, as does crony capitalism, but the results are similar; economic stagnation because only certain selected people/goods get access to the marketplace.

        Capitalism is not perfect, but it is certainly the the least worst. Utopian (Marx type) solutions are too prone to tyranny, mayhem and murder because they eventually put the ruthlees people: the Hitlers; the Stalins and the Maos; into positions of absolute power.

  4. MC: Excellent and well reasoned post, as usual.

    However, the graphic imagery ignores, or bypasses, the exploitation of the disempowered by the empowered. This has little to do with Islam, but much to do with the failings of capitalism (generally the less malignant system compared wth the alternative) to address the grievances of the exploited, without whom the whole edifice would collapse.

    • It is not the role of the economic system to address grievances. Free markets have alleviated the condition of more people in all of history. Period.

      Exploitation was more a characteristic of pre-industrial times and the early industrial age. Even then, large numbers sought employment in the satanic mills of the cities over a hard life on the farm. Reformers and politicians did act to stop abuse and improve working conditions, as did unions. In our time, the beautiful people and politicians have hamstrung business, shipped it off shore, and sought to beggar their own populations by importing foreigners willing to work for greatly reduced wages. It isn’t “capitalism” that is doing that. You might could say something useful about crony capitalism.

      Where do you get this “less malignant” [deprecated material] from?

      • Less malignant, in that capitalism disproportionately rewards many who have not remotely earned such wealth, while the gap between them and the working poor widens.

        • Disproportionate rewards are an awful lot less malignant than the mass murders and “community organizer” induced famines that you got in the Ukraine in the thirties, and China rather later. Straight out of Marx’s playbook. According to his philosophy groups like the peasantry need to be eliminated because they were too primitive to properly evolve into the “new man”.

    • So it’s “capitalism” that causes Muslim men to rape boys, abuse women, take sex slaves, attack people who insult their religion, seize their resources, etc. — all while thinking they have a God-given right to do it?

      That seems to be something like what the Pope believes, too.

    • This has little to do with Islam, …

      The moral emptiness in the west has created a social control vacuum at some point an appeal to authority and legitimacy will have to be made. With the denigration and vanquishing of the moral heritage of the west that appeal of authority and legitimacy will be claimed from islam and sourced from sharia law.

      Western politicians may not be quoting the Koran word for word but the influence can be found in the nuances of their politics be it from the right or left.

      Slavery is commissioned by the UK government against its citizens but I do not wish to get into that debate here!

  5. I would say that the legal and spiritual framework of Judaism in particular, and Christianity to a certain extent, protect the integrity of the individual body and soul. Violations occur, but these are considered criminal acts. Stories of rapes of boys in British public school, or rapes of boys by Priests, are common. But, we are shocked and want to address these as problems and aberrations.

    From what I read, I do not think that Islamic ideology protects the individual, and the awful examples of Mohamed’s behavior in the Koran, the “perfect” man, must produce obvious confusion in the adherents of Islam.

    These beliefs are inherently self-limiting and i cannot see how a society based on them can succeed. The individual must be consumed by a desire for retribution.

    • Paul the Apostle said in his letter to the Romans that the Gentiles, (neither Jew nor Christian convert) have a conscience whose source is from God and will accuse or excuse them depending upon how they have behaved. (Rather loose paraphrase).
      Imagine a conscience that you must acknowledge accusing you of behaving badly and immorally. When you turn to your religion for expiation, your religion tells you that you have behaved properly. The resultant confusion can only result in schizophrenia, paranoia, or both.
      My heart and prayers go out to these people caught in the devil’s religion. I have had my own demons to fight. I would not wish that on anyone else. God have mercy and salvation upon them all.

      • “When you turn to your religion for expiation, your religion tells you that you have behaved properly. The resultant confusion can only result in schizophrenia, paranoia, or both.”

        Of course this is relevant for the adherents of socialism, Marxism, and many other religions with the ‘man is god’ get-out-of-jail-free card.

        Capitalism is not benign, but is does hold to the idea of free will and personal responsibility to a much greater extent than many other socio-economic-political systems. The problem arises when society puts too much emphasis on free will, and too little on personal responsibility. This is the model we have in the West.

        Islam, on the other hand, pretends that free will is a fallacy. Muslims are told that their actions are pre-determined, which in practice gives us exactly the same result as the socialist/communist ideal. We are not responsible for our own actions, ergo it matters not what we do or how we behave.

        Perhaps the love affair between Islam and the Left is all about denying the concept of free will, by undermining personal responsibility?

  6. ‘Luckily very few Muslims actually believe to the extent that these issues become problematic for them’.

    While the majority steer away from that insanity many of them still uphold Islamic instruction when living in infidel lands, and I believe that is of greater concern to us and poses far greater damage to us than we may expect from those who willingly take up the jihad in whatever guise.

    I concur with your assessment in this article, however, I have found from personal experience that while those who believe they speak for the Ummah ally themselves with the current treachery as now practised by all Western governments toward their native citizenry, not all Muslims will accept the word of those whom they see as less Muslim than themselves, and that in itself is problematic for the Muslim. As you have commented on, being Muslim is a personal disadvantage and more akin to living with a double edged sword hanging over one’s head. In MHO it is also a very Muslim problem that can be used to our own strategic advantage.

    Another good article MC.

  7. This reminds me of a conversation that I heard during a lunch hour back around 1978. There were several of us at the table but the exchange was between two postdoctoral fellows in Virology, a lapsed Catholic and a Hindu from India. The ex-Catholic was complaining that he just knew that when he came to his end he would probably end up sending for a priest and asking for last rites, etc., which he found annoying. The Hindu said that that reminded him of a Pakistani colleague at his previous post-doc, who once told him that the only way that he could be sure of a good eternal destiny was to kill a Hindu. Nobody said anything, but our faces probably said it all, because our Hindu friend immediately started protesting, “No, no, he was a nice guy. He was kidding.” Then, in a somewhat different voice he added, “And yet he wasn’t kidding.”

  8. Interesting piece. Just to play devil’s advocate here, though, if anal rape is really one of the sources of humiliation causing Muslims to seek revenge on others, why does the result of similar rape in the Catholic church not bring about anything like the levels of violence in the Muslim world?

    • Because the incidence in Catholicism is far lower than in Islam.

      As someone else pointed out, the normative standards in Christianity regard such crimes as extremely abhorrent. The same cannot be said of Islam, which does not even consider the act a crime, provided that the victim is too young to have any pubic hair.

      There are no reliable statistics on the incidence of homosexual pedophilia in Muslim countries, for obvious reasons. It’s not an investigation that a sociological researcher would want to undertake, unless he had a death wish. But in some parts of the Islamic world (e.g. Afghanistan), anecdotal reports indicate that a large portion (perhaps even a majority) of pre-pubescent boys undergo this sort of trauma as a routine feature of their development.

      • One of my children, who has never had any relationship to Christianity and so had no dog in the race so to speak, recently did a research project on the comparative incidence of child molestation by Catholic priests. To his and my surprise, Catholic priests and other Christian clergy are statistically less likely to sexually abuse children than scoutmasters, lay schoolteachers and other categories of non-related adults placed in positions of authority over (and alone with) children.

        • I know. The impression that priests are more likely to molest boys is the result of a concerted disinformation campaign. I consider it the 21st-century version of Kulturkampf against the Catholic Church.

          • I agree, it seems to be part of a Gramscian delegitimization of the Catholic Church and Christianity generally. And I’m a half century-ago lapsed Catholic who loathed my religious upbringing, compulsory churchgoing and religious schooling by nuns and brothers!

  9. A very cogent essay which gets to the distasteful core of the problem.

    “The Islamic male is a natural bully. He has grown up in an environment where he can bully with impunity; his mother, his sisters and anyone in the household weaker than himself are his victims. Conversely, he too is the target of anybody stronger than himself, so his life is maelstrom of conflict with viciousness bringing rewards, and weakness bringing deadly peril. He therefore sees the world through the eyes of a psychopath for whom might (and the subsequent potential for physical violence) is not only his ordained right, but is also essential to his survival.”

    MC writes that “Not all [Muslim] boys get raped, but it is not uncommon”. I would correct that to “…but it is common” or “very common”. There are also degrees of coercion which may not constitute rape per se, but certainly involve unwilling victims.

    I commend the Youtube video documentary “The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan”, which is so shocking as to beggar belief that any society like that depicted exists on earth. And fills one with horror that the West is importing huge numbers of Afghanis.

    • I think I saw a glimpse of that before, or something similar. Will check it out, thanks for the recommendation. Only a few mins in and I’m shocked to find that I agree with the Taliban on at least one thing; banning this practice.

  10. The MC as a “jew” character is completely made up – the language is straight from a catechism, lying about the Torah, using the corrupted name of G*d, peddling the so called 10 commandments and the Jewish communists meme.

    It’s so transparent! Next time don’t forget to mention the satanic Talmud!

      • Are you a convert to Judaism? (Then you are just as much a Jew as any other Jew, but it could explain your odd locution of “society I grew up in was Torah-based” — what does that even mean: that you were baptized and served as altar-boy?)

        Are you a “Messianic Jew” a.k.a. “Jew for Jesus”? (Then you are no longer a Jew.)

        Are you an expat American in Israel, perhaps a preacher doing Christian outreach?

        You don’t have to answer any of these questions, of course.

        • Does it matter?

          Does MC’s ‘Jewishness’ make any difference to the very valid points he highlights in his articles?

          Who are you to judge the extent of MC’s Jewishness?

          Are there another set of 10 Commandments that are not ‘so called’?

          You don’t have to answer any of these questions, of course.

          • Answers to your questions, in order:

            (1) To me it does, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked.

            (2) Not necessarily.

            (3) I am not judging the extent of MC’s Jewishness or lack of it. I am getting odd vibes from what he writes, would like them either confirmed or put to rest.

            (4) Your question should be addressed to “Shimon”, not me.

  11. How does ‘jewish’ or not matters? How does being Christian or Hindu or Buddist matters? None of these are violent religions. They have managed to send beacons of light and truth to mankind from their midst. To cognize truth, knowledge and reality one has to have awareness of himself and the world he lives in.
    I do believe any human being with natural faculties has it in him to make the distinction between right and wrong in his thoughts and actions.
    True faiths inspired by the divine promote this awareness of self and compassion to others.
    The opposite also exists. The eternal battle between good and evil…
    God Bless you MC and other folks at the Gates of Vienna. In Manus Tuas Domini

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