CBN Report on the European “Migration Crisis”

The following report from CBN provides an overview of the ongoing crisis in Europe involving illegal mass immigration from North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Some of those interviewed, such as Kent Ekeroth and George Igler, will be familiar to regular Gates of Vienna readers:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

15 thoughts on “CBN Report on the European “Migration Crisis”

  1. Enough is enough! Muslim culture is divisive. Those who are not Muslim don’t deserve to live unless they convert. Post-Modern Political Correctness is also divisive. Self-appointed victim groups grant themselves the right to attack whomever they wish, branding their ‘enemies’ as fascist. It’s a perfect storm! It will destroy Europe unless the mainstream middle class and working class stop being by-standers and take to the streets in massive numbers!

      • Most liberals are still too naive to understand that there has to be a strong bulwark to defend liberalism. I realised this years ago – 9/11 and the cartoon crisis woke me up. I’m still a feminist, still support gay rights, still feel totally out of place on this website. But surely gays and feminists must be waking up? Islam will not be kind to you!!

    • If they keep calling you fascists, racists, xenophobes, etc. Then you may just want to start owning those terms.

  2. “Europe” is already destroyed. All the sheep do is complain on sites like this and newspaper columns while ‘our’ political class wage war against us. How dumb is that? WE should be on the streets in our millions…

    We get the government we deserve. Europe wil simple become part of the Kalifate within a year or so and even before I predicted 2023.

    • Dear Bishop,I feel the same. Have warned for twenty years. fell on deaf ears and I have been calked mentally ill !
      It wont take long now. The elites are working hard now to implement their end of the old order to bring in the new by using an invasion.
      Churches collude with leftists :

      This Could mean civil war. Exactly as has been planned by NWO elites

    • To me very true. They say that at some point in the colonization of Africa the Bible was brought into play for the natives to keep looking up while the settlers took the land from underneath them. Hiding out online is having the same effect in first world western society. It’s incredible to watch how young people respond to Muslims young or old in the real world. They have the dumbest blank looks like their faces as their Muslim predator enemies totally disrespect them. We have to be the most dumbed down ripest for conquest sad sacks in the history of the Islamic nose picker’s war on the world.

    • Have a little faith Bishop, we maybe in the midst of defeat but we are not yet defeated.

      • Hopefully we will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

        From my perspective, Europeans wont resist until it is evidently clear that Muslims are a parastic and malevolent force intent on domination, due to the belief that our values should be universally applied. For us to reach that stage, we probably need to see higher numbers of Muslim immigrants so that their radicalism, contempt for our values and their unintegrability is virtually undeniable. When cultural relativist excuses are met with rolled eyes and apologists are increasingly derided for their naivety.

        Surely that time will come. When it comes, the option for repatriation will be an incredibly difficult sell to Europeans averse to repeating anything remotely like what happened under the Nazis. It is at this juncture, I believe, where we will either redeem ourselves and rediscover a new vigour for protecting our borders and values or succumb to a the demographic spiral of minoritorisation.

        To have any chance of preserving a Europe where Europeans and European culture and values are pre-eminent, the EU needs to cease to exist. I can’t emphasise that enough, the EU needs to meet its end.

        • What if the E U began to act in the interest of Europeans as it should? A big if – but maybe that’s the best way to go.

      • Democracy: sheer numbers count. If the majority wants islamic laws against gays, women, kuffars, it will get them. If the majority in a democracy wants to destroy democracy, it will succeed.

        • Except it doesn’t take a majority. Only 31% of registered voters voted for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. And I suppose that would be a smaller percentage of the total population depending on how many eligible people were not registered to vote.

  3. I prefer this large sudden influx over the slow, year on year invasion.

    At least this way the pot has a good chance of coming to the boil and the frog might jump out just in time. Much better than a slow simmer.

    • Exactly. This mass immigration binge, at a time when so many are fecked off already about high immigration levels will surely result in widespread frustration, should the Muslims behave in typical fashion.

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