“Border Control is the #1 Issue”

As the “migration crisis” continues to escalate, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has become the most prominent anti-immigration activist among European elected officials. In recognition of his new celebrity status, Vlad Tepes commissioned the following graphic, to poke a little fun at the hagiography surrounding Ernesto “Che” Guevara whilst pushing back against multicultural madness in Europe:

A pop icon for our time!

On Wednesday Mr. Orbán answered questions at a press conference while he was in Brussels. A photo of a dead migrant toddler on the beach in Turkey was fresh in reporters’ minds, so their questions bristled with antagonism towards the Hungarian premier. How could he be so cruel and heartless as to put up a border fence? And register the immigrants before allowing them to proceed to Germany? Following EU regulations — unheard of! How could he?

Actually, what Mr. Orbán is doing here is a political version of “work-to-rule”. He is insisting on going through all the red tape prescribed for the Schengen Area, instead of ignoring it like all the gutmenschen want him to do. And he’s sticking to his mantra: Secure the border FIRST.

A blogger from the Hungarian Counterjihad site Dzsihádfigyelő sent the following email with some illuminating statistics about Hungarian public opinion on immigration:

The graph shows a Hungarian opinion poll (taken by Republicon Institute) about refugees:

Red: Refugees pose a danger to Hungary, so we must not allow them in the country.
Blue: Hungary is supposed/bound to accept/take in the refugees.

Fidesz-KDNP is the ruling party, the party of PM Orbán. Jobbik is the far-right party (second biggest party). They both oppose immigration. What is very interesting is that all the left-wing parties (MSZP [third biggest party, 64%! against migrants], DK, Együtt, LMP) fanatically support immigration against the wishes of their voters.

Altogether, 66% of the total population think that the refugees pose a threat to Hungary.

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  1. “What is very interesting is that all the left-wing parties (MSZP [third biggest party, 64%! against migrants], DK, Együtt, LMP) fanatically support immigration against the wishes of their voters.”

    Huh? Are you reading the same bargraph I’m reading? In every party, including these four left-wing parties, more respondents said “we must not allow refugees into Hungary” than said “Hungary must take in refugees.” And that’s by a margin of 2.7, 1.2, 1.3, and 1.6 to 1, respectively. (e.g., 64/24 = 2.7).

    • He’s referring to official party positions. The PARTIES support immigration; their voters don’t.

      It’s similar to what we have here in the USA with the now all-RINO GOP.

  2. If I am in the middle of a crowd and I throw up a wad of 100 dollar bills, and in the ensuing mayhem and stampede a toddler gets trampled to death, do I not carry the responsibility here? And, to add insult to injury, am I morally justified, or am I in actual fact dangerously delusional, by asking that others should follow my example and throw up more wads of cash for there is surely more crowd that did not get any?
    The point I am making of course is that Germany is behaving irresponsibly, criminally so, by creating an irresistible magnet but not the safe guards for people desperate for a better life.
    To pull people out of poverty and terror the solution is not and never will be enticing mass uncontrolled immigration. The solution I believe is the following:
    1) Help peoples first and foremost where they live, where they have cultural and family ties.
    2) Stop being the policeman of the world, case in point Libya. And don’t prop up islamo-feudal regimes with oil money – technology was available 30 years ago to eliminate oil dependency completely.
    3) In war zones and failed states like Iraq and Syria the UN should create save havens. Even if Turkey is against it, case in point Kobane and Kurdish regions.
    4) The asylum system is dysfunctional to the point that it causes human misery rather than addressing it. Scrap the system, countries will grant asylum any case according to their own criteria.
    5) Stop whitewashing Islam by dismissing the clear connection between the ideology and the barbaric actions done in its name.
    6) In Europe, roll back Schengen, Euro and totally reform the EU to stop it being hijacked by ideologues as it is today.

    • Flashback to Feb. 2015: Islamic State threatens to flood Europe with refugees

      Perhaps people will begin to connect the dots behind the Hillary Clinton goal to remove gatekeeper Muammar Gaddafi

      Maybe people will begin to understand the Rivkin Project

      Maybe, just maybe, people will awaken to why the EU was willing to pay Gaddafi €5 Billion to keep the North African migration under control.

      Maybe, people will understand why multi-culturalism was declared a failure – by the same people now being hammered by the migration they formerly denounced.

      Nah, probably not…. But you’ll find me short on sympathy for an EU collective who refused to help stop ISIS, the various regional Mid-East wars, the spread of Radical Islam or the wholesale societal collapse which accompanies doing nothing.

      However, for those who want to fully understand how this entire fiasco began, a pretty good basic summary is available here.

      Btw…Family of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi had been given FREE housing in Turkey, while father’s story is full of holes

      His story is made-up. He was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. Listen to all the contradictions and holes in his story. This is an attempt to send his wife and children before him, while he never lived in a war zone.o

      • The Med in summer is not known for 5 foot waves and reputable inflatables do not deflate unless something punctures the ‘balloons’ which are compartmentalized so not all of them would deflate at the same time.

        That being so, this is indeed a tragic happening but I and other westerners are not to blame. If the guy is an economic migrant then it is his own folly, if he is truly a refugee then in his desperation he may have made a bad decision, but the real problem lies hundreds of miles away in Syria.

        To stop the migrants one must deal with the problem at its source. Be it Albania, CAR, Mali, Eritrea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq or wherever. Visibly rewarding people for wrongdoing is a stupid and self-defeating policy, Of course, if this is the INTENDED policy of the ruling elites then it is they that must be held responsible.

    • If you’re a leftist and you throw up a wad of $100 bills for humanitarian reasons and people are killed while scrambling for them then, no, you’re not responsible because leftists are never responsible. Any leftists, such as Hitler, who are later deigned responsible for anything will have their history rewritten to make them into “right wingers”.

      In short, if you’re a leftist then no you’re never responsible for anything bad that happens as a result of your actions. So if it feels good do it and forget about all that being responsible for anything stuff. Just make sure you’re a leftist before proceeding.

  3. The Koran advocates killing the infidel, so it ought to be banned. No Muslim should be allowed into Europe unless they swear to forgo Islam in ritual and dress. Every mosque and Islamic center should be closed. Europe wouldn’t allow temples of Hitler-worship I presume! They either become non-Muslim Europeans or they’re not allowed in!

    • It’s no coincident that 1000 “asylum seekers” caused a riot on a Ferry Boat leaving the Island of Lesbos 24 hrs after immigrants refused to deboard a train in Hungary. With the use of smart phones they learn how to navigate Europe looking for the best opportunities and being the ones calling the shots. What happened to using rubber bullets, tear gas, water cannons? In the cold war days, they would have been shot with real bullets for refusing to cooperate.

      Now we have the “Black Lives Matter” militant movement taking over political platforms paid by the Democrats. I can’t believe that socialist Bernie Sanders didn’t call out police or bodyguards to get them off the stage.

      The point I’m trying to make is the increase militant, defiant behaviors by groups of people. Law and order is falling by the wayside all in the name of political correctiveness, fear of racism and not appearing inhumane.

      Meanwhile, socialist leaders are whitewashing the atrocities of Islam in Western nations. Malmo Sweden is now a violent, Muslim city with numerous “No Go” zones. It will take a massive uprising from native Europeans to stop the invasion. Enoch Powell could see into the future with his controversial “Rivers of Blood” speech decades ago.

      Germany has opened the floodgate in 2015. And the dam will break.

  4. He is the guard dog of Europe. Unfortunately not appreciated. He has also quite clearly said that Hungary has been through muslim rule (Ottoman empire) and doesn’t want a large muslim population.

  5. And, while all this is going on, I turn on ABC to see that the Pope is having a teleconference with illegal immigrants in some town near the border with Mexico. Looks to me like a huge propaganda guilt trip operation to push socialism in the U.S.

    Are these “journalists” useful idiots or are they fully aware of what they’re doing? I guess they must expect to be promoted even further in a more authoritarian socialist regime. Maybe someone is hoping to one day be in charge of the Ministry of Truth?

    I cringe every time a politician claims to want to move this city/state/country “forward”. Does anyone ever bother to ask what “forward” actually means? Hitler and Stalin just wanted to move their countries “forward” and some of us actually have some idea both how that turned out and how few people had any idea what “forward” actually meant at the time in those places.

  6. Where does it all end? How many are ‘enough?’ Surely no one can seriously believe ANY of these people will ever return to their homeland or assimilate to the (fast fading) Western culture. They are here. to. stay. It is an invasion of a new order. It will change Europe.
    As for the drowned child…well after seeing the horrific tortures and beheadings from ISIS of children this picture has no shock value for me. I frankly feel the parents are the culpable individuals who put that child in a risky situation. Were they not starting from Turkey? Is that not a safe (and muslim) country? There was no need to travel further to be safe. The reason was economic. So they chose an illegal route vs. a legal route and paid a bitter price. Now the picture of the drowned child elicits vituperitive comments from the Turkish P.M. against Europe and not one against any Middle Eastern countries such as, for example, the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia. Why do they not open their borders and exhibit ‘charity’ for their fellow muslims? Take the muslims, weed out the Christians and let THEM migrate to the EU. The numbers would drastically fall.
    PM Orbán speaks the truth. If the flow is not stopped the problem will just grow. The Czech president also has strong ideas to protect his country from the muslim ‘migrants’. Perhaps after living under a repressive communist regime for decades and seeing how their way of life was changed by that regime, these ‘border’ countries have a greater desire for self preservation than their ‘western’ brethern.

    The scenario of “The Camp of the Saints” (Jean Raspail 1973.) is being played out before our eyes. That story did not end well either.

    • It never ends! There are no culpable arrests or charges brought against irresponsible parents & breeders. One Muslim man is allowed four wives under Sharia law. They arrive in Western nations and later declare themselves as single mothers to obtain maximum welfare benefits.

      One of every 8, female migrants are pregnant! This will become a population replacement, cultural takeover! Islam is stuck in the 7th century; incapable of reform. Muslims are experts at demanding minority rights & freedom. When they become the majority (i.e. Lebanon & Syria) there are no minority rights! Especially for Jews, Christians, females and gay people.

    • They never naturalized the victims of An-Nakhbar down to the fourth generation, and maybe now the fifth–yet they whine and weep and excuse murders of US diplomats in the name of the poor, poor oppressed Palestinians. Why should they truly help or absorb the current wave of displaced Iraqis and Syrians?

  7. The Hungarians may be thinking of previous experience with a more war-like visit. I sometimes wonder how they got from Transylvania to Vienna for high level business at the time, the normal means of transportation being horse. That might be a useful piece of information.

  8. Sooner or later the European population would have to use the scorched earth technique, leaving towns and living from agriculture, after destroying their factories and the things that kept them dependent to town life. Also time for the locals to abandon their citizenship and refuse to pay taxes, while continuing to live on their property. What would the gov do if 60 Million Germans would decide to stop paying their taxes started with tomorrow, arrest 60 Million Germans? I see good times ahead for ppl with military training, a lot of defense forces would be hired to defend properties against the barbarians. These are times when the arms industry will also grow. Given the prospect of Europe if things don’t change soon, even a war would be better. As you see Baron, you have been fighting the Satanic traitors legally for decades and it only gets worst.

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