Culturally Enriched Riots on Lesbos

Several Greek islands in the Aegean have borne the brunt of the recent wave of seaborne migrants crossing from Turkey. One of them is Lesbos (sometimes spelled Lesvos), where Afghan “asylum seekers” rioted today in an attempt to board a ferry to the mainland.

The following videos shows scenes from the port in Lesbos earlier today. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading these excerpts:

There’s more at the Greek Reporter.

Below are excerpts from three news articles about the crisis in Lesbos and other parts of Europe. First, from Fox News:

Clashes in European Cities as Mideast Refugee Crisis Erupts

Clashes broke out between police and some 1,000 migrants attempting to storm a ferry on the Aegean island of Lesbos Friday, and 500 migrants broke through a police barricade in Hungary, marching towards the Austrian border as hundreds of thousands of mostly Syrians and Afghans flee the horrors of war, causing the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.

The mayor of Lesbos is appealing for “immediate measures” to help alleviate the urgent migrant crisis on his island, which is the entry point for about half of the hundreds of thousands who have arrived in Greece so far this year.

Spyros Galinos described the situation as a bomb about to explode in his hands. “I appeal to the prime minister for immediate measures,” he told state television Friday.

“We will have victims,” Galinos warned.

Earlier Friday, clashes broke out between police and about 1,000 people, mostly Afghans, rushing onto a ferry heading to Greece’s main port of Piraeus, near Athens. Police tried to quell the chaos by firing stun grenades at the stone-throwing crowd.

And from I Kathimerini:

Police Clash With Migrants Seeking to Board Piraeus-Bound Ferry

Police fired stun grenades Friday to disperse hundreds of migrants and asylum-seekers attempting to board a Piraeus-bound ferry from the eastern Aegean island of Lesvos, reports said.

According to early reports, a group of about 1,000 people, mostly migrants from Afghanistan, sought to make their way into the Blue Star 1, shouting “Athens-Athens.”

Lesvos is one of several Greek islands inundated by thousands of migrants and refugees crossing from Turkey in flimsy boats in the hope of traveling onward to western Europe.

Finally, from First Look:

Refugee Crisis Escalates as Violence Breaks Out

Violent clashes between police and refugees broke out on two Greek islands on Thursday evening and Friday morning as tensions flared amid a worsening crisis. A standoff continues at Bicske train station in Hungary, where hundreds of men, women and children are being held by police in train carriages in stifling heat.

Dramatic scenes erupted on Lesvos island where some 33,000 refugees arrived in August alone. Running battles around the port area spilled onto the streets of Mytilene as police fired stun grenades into a crowd of refugees trying to board a ferry to Pireaus. The port area is closed off Friday afternoon, and refugees are “trying to find a place to rest,” it reported.

Hat tip for the articles: Fjordman.

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  1. Do we still have armies in Europe? They’ve got to be brought in and shoot whoever is violent. Noone has the right to impose their will like that, esp. not on a territory that is not their own.

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