The Islamization of Tunisian Beaches: Were the Police Complicit?

The Algerian-French auto-pundit Aldo Sterone is back, this time with a discussion of the recent terror attack in Tunisia, and parallel developments in Algeria.

He raises some interesting points about the possible complicity of the security services in last week’s massacre on the beach at Sousse. Tunisia is a relatively secular country, as Islamic countries go. However, the Muslim Brotherhood is popular there, and the Ennahda Movement did well during the “Arab Spring”. It seems likely that there is a fair sprinkling of “radicals” among the country’s police officers.

Update: Our French correspondent Nathalie sends the following adjustments to the translation. The subtitles and transcript will not be altered, so just bear these in mind when watching the video and/or reading the text.

At 3.12: Vicieux in French should be translated as lewdly, not vicious.

At 7.45: Slip was not translated. It means underpants. So it should read: “is that it wants to get between man and his underpants”. The same in the following sentence: “to get between the woman and her slip” should conclude with “…and her knickers/panties”.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Hello friends. Question for the Tunisians.
00:04   If I go to Tunisia
00:08   let’s say at 10 am, I put a newspaper
00:12   on the ground and get ready for a picnic in the middle of Ramadan.
00:16   My question: how much time
00:20   will the cops take to get to me?
00:24   60 seconds, 3 minutes, 5 minutes?
00:28   10? There was a woman two
00:32   days ago who was attacked by a cop in plain clothes
00:36   because she ate during the Ramadan.
00:41   Same thing happened to very many non-fasting people
00:45   in a completely extrajudicial context,
00:49   because there is no law who forces Tunisians to fast. The police
00:53   control the food they put into their mouths.
00:57   Now a parallel question
01:01   I want to ask you: If two
01:05   terrorists arrive in a hotel and start
01:09   to select and to massacre tourists, how much time
01:13   will the police take to come? It seems
01:18   that they consider this kind of event
01:22   much less grave than the actions
01:26   of non-fasting folk. So at this stage
01:30   of my reflection, I’ve been thinking about it since yesterday,
01:34   you know, I’m not into conspiracies,
01:38   I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I am rather the kind
01:42   who takes things as they appear,
01:46   and they appear to say that there is complicity
01:50   of the security services in Tunisia. I mean,
01:54   I cannot understand that in a country with
01:58   so many cops per square meter,
02:02   terrorists can go to a place frequented by foreigners and massacre
02:07   them calmly, without anyone intervening.
02:11   I, at this stage of my reflection, have reason to believe
02:15   that people were paid to look the other way.
02:19   Or to close their eyes… or… I cannot
02:23   see it differently. All the more,
02:27   as this terrorist attack did not come as a surprise,
02:31   very recently there was the Bardo [museum] attack, so the modus operandi
02:35   was known, and despite that no-one moved.
02:39   So, the Tunisian Police are morphing into a Religious Police,
02:43   and they let the terrorists run. Those police have changed a lot
02:47   since I was last in Tunis, a long time ago,
02:51   I think it was in 1995.
02:55   The cop who checked my identity asked me if I was looking for
02:59   women. In fact he was touting for
03:04   a bordello. And when I said that
03:08   I did not want any women at that point,
03:12   he asked me, a little viciously,
03:16   if I was a terrorist. So during that period,
03:20   some of them touted
03:24   for whores. And today I see they’ve changed
03:28   camp and seem to tout for the terrorists.
03:32   Anyway, until I see proof to the contrary,
03:36   I will continue to believe that the Tunisian police are in it up to their necks.
03:40   The Tunisian cops can tell me: ‘Listen, we are not accomplices,
03:44   we are simply stupid.’
03:48   In which case I think, if you had a minimum of dignity
03:52   you should have made hara-kiri, a Japanese would have done it. But he
03:56   has dignity, he does not sniff around in the panties of women.
04:00   Anyway,
04:04   to understand this
04:08   terrorist attack,
04:12   why it happened on the beach, you have to know that there is an Islamic offensive
04:17   against the beaches of the Maghreb. This means they want to transform
04:21   these countries
04:25   into Islamic Republics in the image of ISIS, they have lists of girls to rape,
04:29   they have lists of the cars to take after decapitating their owners,
04:33   and so they activate,
04:37   beginning with the beaches. Here is news from June 2014,
04:41   summer of 2014, the Committees
04:45   for Modesty: To purify the beaches of Western Algeria
04:49   note their terminology: “purify”.
04:53   Instill Algerian values in Islamic beaches.
04:57   Algerian values have been discovered not by our parents or grandparents but today.
05:01   We had to wait for little hoodlums from seedy areas to discover
05:05   Algerian values of today – (?) has been launched
05:10   by residents and associations of the Bab El Oued quarter.
05:14   That quarter was the biggest provider of head-choppers during the
05:18   1990s. People who massacred Algerians in
05:22   1990 came from these neighborhoods.
05:26   These commissions have been created to impose modesty and respect
05:30   on the beaches and to combat seduction and signs of nudity.
05:34   That was last summer. This summer,
05:38   2015 Huffington Post: “Islamic beaches” in the west of Algiers:
05:42   Scenes of state zealotry at beaches
05:46   Islamics, scenes of state zealotry.
05:51   Why state zealotry? What is happening now
05:55   is that committees organise, of the lynch-mob kind,
05:59   take young vicious cads,
06:03   to be frank, sexually frustrated young cads,
06:07   who go down to the beaches to harass women
06:11   and harass men
06:15   in the only, very rare space which the Algerian of today has
06:19   to relax. They go down to harass them. Why
06:23   does Huffington Post say “state zealotry”? Because the state closes
06:27   its eyes, because these “committees”
06:31   demand recognition, and have already received it.
06:36   If it continues like this, and assisted by terrorist attacks, they will finish
06:40   by having an authority like the regular police.
06:44   So what is happening
06:48   is like in Saudi Arabia, where they call them “virtue police”. Their police
06:52   at least have the State behind them.
06:56   They work within the Saudi Arabian law, with a hierarchy
07:00   with procedures, selections;
07:04   there is at least something,
07:08   even if it is totally arbitrary, there is at least
07:12   a form of warranty for some justice.
07:16   Here the “police” are the young hoodlums
07:20   from Bab El Oued. That’s what’s happening now.
07:24   They Islamise the beaches. The ideal dress
07:29   for the beach will not be the swimsuit but the niqab.
07:33   After that they’ll Islamise the schools, the streets,
07:37   the stadiums, even the loos will be Islamised.
07:41   The problem with this kind of doctrine
07:45   is that it wants to get between man and his slip; in fact
07:49   it wants to get between the woman and her slip, because the woman is more interesting.
07:53   I can tell you,
07:57   I’m starting to be extremely disgusted by all this.
08:01   To you Tunisians: with all due respect I want to tell you,
08:05   Tunisia has never been a favorite destination for the jetsetters.
08:09   Those who go to Tunisia don’t have money;
08:13   those who have money don’t go to Tunisia. The people who get murdered
08:17   are usually working class, good people,
08:21   who are not interested in foreign politics; they don’t read the news.
08:26   If they had read the news they would not have been looking for the sun in a Muslim country.
08:30   Perhaps they save £20 per month,
08:34   and after a year or two they will have £400 to go and
08:38   have a week’s holiday in Tunisia. These are the kind of people
08:42   who have been massacred. And the Tunisian police shut their eyes.
08:46   Because you will not make me believe that a country where the police
08:50   manage to track down the female who has her period and who
08:54   eats or who does not feel like doing Ramadan etc.
08:58   at the very moment when the food passes her throat, a cop materialises
09:02   aggressive and a slugger, don’t tell me that in a country like that
09:07   rats can arrive
09:11   with guns and massacre tourists in a tourist centre
09:15   without anyone moving. It’s not possible.
09:19   I can’t get that into my head. Perhaps some people find this normal,
09:23   but I do not believe it. And as I believe
09:27   that things are as they appear, I think that they are accomplices,
09:31   until I see the proof to the contrary.
09:35   See you, my friends.

12 thoughts on “The Islamization of Tunisian Beaches: Were the Police Complicit?

  1. “It seems likely that there is a fair sprinkling of “radicals” among the country’s police officers.”

    That is exactly what is wrong with Islam.

    Within any population of Muslims, you will find a significant number willing to kill you if you are not Muslim-enough.

    It is quite simple. No Muslim can be trusted.

    • The mistake is in giving any weight at all to the word “radical”. It is a lie. The violent muslim is the orthodox muslim, behaving as the qu’ran commands him to behave. ISIS is the perfect demonstration of the commands of the qu’ran, the teachings of mohammed.

      There is no “moderate muslim”. That is an oxymoron. There are only muslims – who follow the qu’ran, and apostates who – for some unknown reason – choose to call themselves muslim.

  2. There is a strong possibility that Aldo is correct in his assessment of the Tunisian mass murders.

  3. I live in Montana. Used to own a home in Palm Beach County, FL. I have been to the Caribbean, Hawaii, the Baleric Islands, Cabo and Puerto Valarta in Mexico, Southern Spain, Greek Islands and the Canary Islands.

    I would never, ever go to a [Muslim] country for any reason especially a vacation. There are 100 places with beaches and salt water and they go to North Africa? My guess is that Tunisia may see a drop off in tourism but 70% of the Brits are dumb as a box of hair so maybe they won’t learn anything from this.

    • I have British friends, expats living in Netherlands, who love to vacation in Muslim countries. They live in a bubble. They’re bored by all this talk about Muslim terrorism. It’s not going to happen to them…….

  4. In difficult times like these we should look to our strong leader Mr Cameron for leadership,for Islam is a religion of peace and these Islamic terrorists have nothing to do with Islam.
    For Islam doesn’t promote terrorism,and no where in the quran will you find this,Islam doesn’t promote corruption,dhimmitude,slavery,incest,bestiality,paedophilia,necrophilia,cruelty to animals and death of apostates,homosexuals,and people of the book,so all in all folks our very own leader Mr Cameron will have us all hold Islam dear in our hearts and nurture it along

  5. Which leads to an old question. When the time comes for your friendly muslim colleague, neighbor or whatever, to choose

    – will he be on your side, or on the other side?

    Will he be loyal to you, or to other muslims, or to islam as such?

    • Most of the indigenous Brits don’t have muslim neighbours. The muslims mainly live in enclaves in most of the old mill towns here in the North West. Parallel societies are becoming ever more defined because of “white flight” from muslim dominated areas.

      There is an undercurrent of “the boiling frog” syndrome/quandary. I have noticed a gradual increase of people speaking out against islam on social media.

      Meanwhile sharia is steadily creeping in……

  6. Working within the sharia law

    ” So what is happening
    06:48 is like in Saudi Arabia, where they call them “virtue police”. Their police
    06:52 at least have the State behind them.
    06:56 They work within the Saudi Arabian law”

    Saudi Arabian law, what is that other than sharia?

  7. Why do most people posting here remain anonymous?
    Your ip address will have probably been logged anyway. The muslim 5th column know who you are.
    Just come out and be you.
    This needs to be done.
    Otherwise we have lost.

    • Its not necessarily the muslims people are concerned about. Its the “you’re a racist” label and fear of losing careers etc.

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