Chattanooga: Military #GunFreeZones = #SittingDucks


By establishing military installations as “Gun Free Zones”, those in charge have turned those installations into Halal Markets.

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Oh, and by the way — according to his blog, Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez was inspired by Islam.

But he’s a liar! Islam is a religion of peace! Islam opposes all violence against innocent people!

Vlad Tepes passes on this observation, from Twitter:

Calamity J. West ‏@StevieJWest 2h2 hours ago

The left has created an environment where soldiers are arguably safer in combat than at home. At least in combat they can fight back.

RightScoop: Three Days Before Shooting, Muslims Staged Protest in Chattanooga Against “American Taliban” — They targeted Chattanooga because the FBI caught a man from there who was planning an attack on a Mosque in upstate New York.

The faces of American Jihad:

Mohamed Atta

John Allen Muhammad

Nidal Malik Hasan

Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the Chattanooga mujahid

13 thoughts on “Chattanooga: Military #GunFreeZones = #SittingDucks

  1. And we have a winner! 100% Mohammed coefficient!
    My heart goes out to those Marines and their families that lost their lives. Here they were on a “shore tour” and they were gunned down. They would have been safer on a boat. At least the US Navy is able to fire back when fired on…

  2. But he’s a liar! Islam is a religion of peace! Islam opposes all violence against innocent people!”

    In my opinion, the translation of this should be repeated ever so often, as too many accept the explanation word for word, but

    – *Peace* is correct, meaning the whole population has submitted to the mohammedanism. Everybody on all four, not opposing – then you have *Peace*. Not Peace, as understood in our advanced culture.

    – *Innocent* equals *Muslim* when the context is islam. Not to be confused with Innocent!

    Assuming that there will continuously be new readers, young readers, they should be reminded of these major differences in language. When a muslim says *Gray*, he often means *Black*, while those same *Gray* words mean *White* in our comprehension.

  3. Alex Jones has a piece up at infowars which highlights the “no guns allowed here” sign on the glass door. the one with the bullet holes in it. that image says it all ..

  4. One can sharpen up the old communication skills by reviewing Alice’s conversation with the Hookah-smoking Caterpillar.

  5. I’m stumped. These savages decide they can’t stand their original hell-holes, so they come here and try to turn the US into the same. Suggestion: Deport all members of the family of anyone who commits terrorism after immigrating to the US. That would probably require a Constitutional amendment–likely to pass, these days–but would cause perpetrators to give some thought to the consequences of their actions even after they’ve met the virgins. Also cash rewards for tipsters (the Boston police captain certainly merits a Medal of Freedom for having the courage to turn in his rotten son), and EXTREME discomfort for all Muslims who decline to assist, actively, in identifying, convicting, and incarcerating (for ever) their peace-loving brethren.

  6. Who gains? Why does the establishment encourage these savages and then make excuses for them.

    • Those who worship the profit muHAMmad (pigs feast upon him) and the devil god allah are just footsoldiers in the global war on the west and the indigenous inhabitants therein. Or so the comintern thinks. The lessons of history tend to be lost on elitists.

  7. Good thing that those good men had no guns or somebody might have really gotten hurt.

    Gun Free Zone = Free Fire Zone

  8. Until we come to our senses and apply the same efforts against the Muslim murderers that we applied to the nutcase from SC (who probably couldn’t tell you where the Battle of Gettysburg took place), there won’t be any progress.

  9. Remember military Police? Why are there not at least armed MPs at every vulnerable location?

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