Jihad in Chattanooga

Coming up next: “Muslims fear a backlash against the Islamic community in Tennessee.”

OK, so I made that tagline up. But if headlines like that aren’t out there already, watch for them — they’ll be appearing soon.

When the breaking news from Chattanooga came over the wire this afternoon, Vlad and I discussed it on skype. Based on this story from The Washington Post, I maintained that it was absolutely certain that the killer of the four Marines was a Muslim:

“We will treat this as a terrorism investigation until we determine it was not,” he said. He added: “We have not determined if it was an act of terrorism or a criminal act.”

Reinhold said that the shooting appeared to be the work of a lone gunman.

The shooting is being viewed as “an act of domestic terrorism,” U.S. Attorney William C. Killian said. However, Killian said the investigation would bear out precisely what kind of crime this was, cautioning people not to get caught up in the label.

A senior FBI official said the shooting did not appear to be related to any larger terrorist group.

As I said to Vlad at 3:30: “If the shooter were black, they would have said ‘possibly gang-related’ or something similar. If it were ‘right wing’ terrorism they would have named the shooter and the group instantly. When they say it’s not related to a larger terrorist group, that means it’s a ‘lone wolf’ Muslim. All the coded signals are in there; I’d bet money at this point. I’d also bet he was ‘radicalized on the Internet’, and a member of the ISIS fan club.”

Later in the afternoon we learned that the massacre indeed had a Mohammed Coefficient of 100%: the shooter’s name was Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez. From WRBC-TV:

4 Marines killed, police officer shot in “act of domestic terrorism”

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) – UPDATE: The Chattanooga shooting suspect has been identified as Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Kuwait.

Four U.S. marines were killed Thursday by a gunman in Chattanooga. Mayor Andy Berke confirmed the fatalities in an afternoon news conference.

A Chattanooga police officer, identified as Dennis Pedigo was wounded, and is said to be in stable condition.

Berke called the shooting a “nightmare for Chattanooga.”

The lone gunman was killed, officials said.

The shooting started at 10:45am and ended within 30 minutes.

The U.S. Attorney Bill Killian called the shooting an “act of domestic terrorism” and pledged the resources of the FBI and Department of Homeland Security for the investigation.

Other military installations in the state have been notified and are on alert, but not locked down.

The FBI has not yet determined a motive for the shooting, saying that they will use any and all means to investigate the shooter.


The gunman fired 25 to 30 rounds at a military recruitment facility, a U.S. military official said. The gunman then drove about six miles to a Navy and Marines reserve center and opened fire there, officials said.


The shooting incident began on the U.S. Naval Recruiting offices on Lee Highway in Chattanooga ended at the U.S. Naval Reserve Center on Amnicola Highway Thursday morning about 11am.

A Chattanooga police officer was shot, according to Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. Both Berke and CPD Chief Fred Fletcher visited the shooting scene and went to the hospital to check on the officer.

Breitbart has more:

Report: Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, Alleged Tennessee Killer, Is Kuwaiti UT Chattanooga Grad

Abdulazeez, who was killed by police during the shootings, is from Hixson, Tennessee, where he owns property appraised at $206,100. According to the Times Free Press:

A single shooter, described by witnesses as a white man driving a silver Ford Mustang convertible, began firing shots at 10:45 am at the Lee Highway recruiting center, then led police on a chase to the Amnicola Highway location, where further shots were fired.

A U.S. official says the gunman in the shootings in Tennessee has been identified as 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, according to the Associated Press.

He was believed to have been born in Kuwait, and it was unclear whether he was a U.S. or Kuwaiti citizen. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing, sensitive investigation. It was not immediately clear whether the gunman’s first name was spelled Muhammad or Mohammad.

A man named Youssuf Abdulazeez attended UTC, spokesman Chuck Cantrell said, and graduated in 2012 with a degree in engineering.

Abdulazeez is from Hixson, Tennessee, which is just a few miles across the river from Chattanooga.

Police in Hixson kicked a reporter out of the neighborhood that contained a house apparently owned by Abdulazeez. The reporter saw a SWAT team and FBI agents staging at a nearby strip mall. The house, which Hamilton County records is owned by Youssuf S. Abdulazeez, is appraised at $206,100 by the Hamilton County Assessor of Property.

In other words, the Mohammed Atta profile. Rich, well-educated, engineering, etc. Where are the “root causes”?

Now comes the elusive backlash…

26 thoughts on “Jihad in Chattanooga

  1. This, from the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:

    “A sign on the outside of the Lee Highway location had a ‘no guns allowed’ sign posted. During the news conference, the FBI confirmed that guns were generally prohibited at federal facilities.”


    Which is right in line with the Islamic rule imposed on conquered non-Muslim peoples by the Pact of Umar:

    “We shall not mount on saddles, nor shall we gird swords nor bear any kind of arms nor carry them on our persons.”


  2. Being a Dutchman, my initial response would be: likely a Refo (Dutch Calvinist version of the Amish) who drank too much tea.

  3. It was during the evil Clinton regime that military bases were turned into gun free zones. Clinton, behind that good ol’ boy facade, was just as rabidly committed to disarming Americans as Obama.

    • And it was Clinton who reinforced the Islamic jihad of the Balkans. Holder put the full weight of the Feds in support of the highly disputed Murphreesboro mega mosque project in TN. Treason by any other name.

  4. When guns are outlawed, just like in the UK only the muslims murderers will have guns.

    R.I.P. Lee Rigby.

    Like Ft. Hood and that recruiting station in Arkansas several years ago. R.I.P. all our wonderful service men and women.

    Arm yourself with hay hooks , sharpened rakes, hoes, PITCH FORKS and shovels and never forget the much needed big old hickory-handed SLINGSHOT. GO for the EYES!

    Yeah! I know not much defense against a shooter, but in a break-in or attempted rape… they CAN do some damage to the attacker.

  5. Two years ago, Bill Killian was at a town hall in Manchester, Tenn. telling an audience they could be prosecuted for speaking out on Islam. I wonder how he feels now.

    • “I wonder how he feels now.”

      Probably just fine and his sleep, and the sleep of literally millions of “progressives” is undisturbed.

      This type of incident, as the president and countless others assure us, has nothing to do with the peaceful religion of Islam. So let’s examine what *actually* motivates such violence: here’s a brief survey of the more popular explanations for these incidents (new ones are no doubt being dreamed up at this moment):

      “Lone wolf” attack (I hate that description, personally, for several reasons, including its inaccuracy, but also because I like wolves!);
      “workplace violence”;
      “frustration over poverty and general powerlessness in society”;
      “mental illness”;
      “response to previous (even 1000 year old) aggressions”;

      But people being prompted to violence because their “sacred” religious texts call upon them to do just that? Nah, that’s too much of a stretch…..

  6. Here we go again as the reports of these horrific terrorist murders unfold, the FBI,Police, various officials etc. are issuing these carefully crafted politically correct (culturally Marxist) statements. This sickens me, do they actually think that we are that stupid or absolute dupes. All of these ‘terrorists’get their inspiration and guidance from the same source, the Quran,the Hadieths, and the Suras IMHO the ‘Muslim Manifesto’. This to me is a prime example of a ‘fifth column’ , a nice. polite person, living in our midst. I could give a crap as to the ‘reason’ for any of their actions. The common denominator is Islam. However the feckless, spineless, and balless majority in the political class do us no service by all of their groveling and apologizing. My thoughts and prayers are with the families,friends,and the USMC may God comfort them and give them strength.

    • The only thing we can do is write to our elected representatives. But, do you really want to be stopped at the airport because you are a right wing extremist?
      The fact that all common sense has been taken off the table makes it really hard for reasonable people to plead their case.

      • I have posted many of my views on various blogs and sites, I am surprised that i am still able to fly in the USA and to Europe without being harassed or denied at an anti Fourth Amendment checkpoint.

  7. I have been expecting an incedent for months , my only relief is that it appears to be another “lonewolf” attack carried out by one or two individuals.
    If ISIS could infiltrate enough jihadist’s into the U.S. or the E.U.,you could see a scenario not unlike the plot in the old Chuck Norris film “Invasion U.S.A. “.

  8. The attack was caused by the laughable inadequacy of our tendered grovelings. We can only blame ourselves.

    Qatar is coming to the world’s rescue by hosting grovel-more-or-else.org, a primer on required and forbidden behaviors, to bring the newly subjugated up to speed. .

  9. Yes, the police and military should be well armed. They are the ONLY ones who should bear arms, in addition, of course, to the bears.

  10. Chattanooga Chatter – to propagate that an atrocity had nothing to do with Islam.

  11. Surely there must be a raging undercurrent of anger at the enforced helplessness amongst US forces personnel?

    Nothing on my radar though…..

  12. So we got an islamic attack on American soil against the US army and all the commander in chief of the American army could say is this: “Heil Hitler to the German people!”

    Maybe the situation now calls for something really drastic..

    • Some people with carry permits are voluntarily standing guard in front of recruiting stations. Hopefully this will become increasingly common until the military brass is finally embarrassed into demanding a change in the policy.

      This is the only country left in the world where this could possibly happen: government idiots disarming soldiers and private citizens providing armed guard for them.

      The whole thing is absurd beyond belief.

  13. From my understanding I see a young man who is taught by his religion that drinking alcohol is wrong yet does it anyway. Call it the lure of the world. When he is caught driving drunk it reveals to him his appetites are controlling him. He struggles between his faith and his desires and realizes that he must make a choice. Knowing that physical, emotional, and peer pressure creates desires that are nearly impossible to resist he makes a choice to return to the roots of his faith. The founders of Islam were jihadis who are glorified in the faith. To him the only sure way to heaven is myrterdom. So he becomes a murdering jihadi to get himself killed.
    Christians have a word meaning to renew your faith, it is revival. When a Christian is revived he confesses his sin, repents (turns from it) makes amends with people he has wronged and renews his relationship with God. When a believer in Islam is revived he becomes a jihadi

  14. Hours before the Tennessee shooting that killed five U.S. servicemen, the suspected gunman texted his close friend a link to a long Islamic verse that included the line: “Whosoever shows enmity to a friend of Mine, then I have declared war against him.”

    His friend thought nothing of it at the time, but now wonders if it was a clue to Thursday’s rampage in Chattanooga, which has re-ignited concerns about the radicalization of young Muslim men.

    “I didn’t see it as a hint at the time, but it may have been his way of telling me something,” the friend told Reuters on Saturday.


    • It’s amazing that any mass media would even attempt to quote any of the violent Islamic scripture, but not surprisingly they seem to have edited it. Here’s the full Hadith which is extremely psychotic:

      Sahih al-Bukhari 6502
      Narrated Abu Huraira:
      Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Allah said, ‘I will declare war against him who shows hostility to a pious worshipper of Mine. And the most beloved things with which My slave comes nearer to Me, is what I have enjoined upon him; and My slave keeps on coming closer to Me through performing Nawafil (praying or doing extra deeds besides what is obligatory) till I love him, so I become his sense of hearing with which he hears, and his sense of sight with which he sees, and his hand with which he grips, and his leg with which he walks; and if he asks Me, I will give him, and if he asks My protection (Refuge), I will protect him; (i.e. give him My Refuge) and I do not hesitate to do anything as I hesitate to take the soul of the believer, for he hates death, and I hate to disappoint him.”

      I don’t know about you, but this statement sounds like it was composed by someone who was psychotic. It sounds like it’s describing psychosis resembling demonic possession. Either that, or actual demonic possession though I’d rather not believe in the possibility of that. Whether psychiatric or supernatural though, the effect would be much the same.


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