“We Need to Spend That Money on The Netherlands!”

In the following video clip, Geert Wilders reacts to recent revelations that The Netherlands spends €36,000 per asylum seeker per year — three times as much as it spends on an old-age pensioner.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Mr Wilders, as today Secretary of state Dijkshof answered the PVV’s questions,
0:05   we know the cost of an asylum seeker.
0:09   Yes, and that is really a lot of money. The cabinet seems to be insane.
0:15   Last year, we spend nearly €900 million on asylum seekers. 900 million Euros!
0:20   That divided by 24,000 asylum seekers is € 36,000 per person.
0:29   36,000 Euros per asylum seeker per year!
0:33   That’s triple of what an old age pensioner receives annually.
0:35   Of course we do have budgets for that. That is reserved for that special purpose.
0:37   We have treaty obligations to help refugees.
0:39   That’s what the money was set aside for.
0:48   Whatever it may cost, it will cost. We have the money for it. So what’s the problem?
0:52   I won’t blame you as a journalist but this is … well,
0:58   I won’t say (national) treason, but it’s utterly neglecting the needs of the Dutch.
1:04   I am a Dutch politician. Marke Rutte is a Dutch Prime Minister,
1:08   We need to spend that money on The Netherlands!
1:10   We have high taxes.
1:13   We have elderly in diapers. Why don’t their NHS –
1:16   Student loans are sliced. Just about everything is sliced in half.
1:19   And in the meantime, we spend a billion annually, three times the budget for pensioners,
1:26   On asylum refugees, people who have no business here.
1:29   They are just fortune-hunters.
1:31   What I say, and that is why I’ve been hired and elected as a Dutch Parliamentarian, is that
1:37   Those people should be cared for in Africa.
1:43   Not in the Netherlands.
1:46   We have to spend our hard-earned money on the Dutch,
1:48   on the elderly.
1:49   That is why we have been elected.
1:51   That is our responsibility.
1:52   If I have to choose between helping the elderly in Zoetermeer
1:58   or the umpteenth refugee from Somalia,
1:59   I really choose the first option.
2:00   The fact that this is expressed in monetary terms, what do you think about that?
2:02   I think one can say that.
2:03   It’s nice to know,
2:08   only I find it irrelevant.
2:11   As I find it irrelevant when somebody has cancer to question his cost of treatment.
2:15   It’s always nice to have a balanced budget.
2:17   It must never be a reason to refuse people at the gates.

15 thoughts on ““We Need to Spend That Money on The Netherlands!”

  1. misplaced priorities, eh Geert? Maybe someone decided that it would be racist to spend the money to coddle the white Dutch in their old age than to give a black person who is young a ticket to a better life. of course if that is the consideration, why aren’t the young immigrants hard at work? Julius Caesar made working a prerequisite for the receipt of the Dole. Rome may not have been built in a day, but Julius made a good start of it.

    • Well, from the overly abstracted progressive scientific statistical point of view, all those young migrant people are just average Dutch young people with exactly the same education and motivation as all Dutch young people. It’s like it’s a computer game and some migrants arrive. Yay! My manpower number just went up! It’s a random gift of worker units! I can build more things faster now! Maybe this solves that weird low birth rate thing that I’ve been having too. (Why does that keep happening? I’m confused about that.)

      Then the game player starts wondering how to optimize their computer game and finds all these old people uselessly consuming resources. Well, think of what we could do with those resources if we just use the new progressive idea of giving them fewer or no resources. They weren’t doing anything anyway were they? Not contributing to the economic game goals? Why are they even there? Wouldn’t we be much more successful at this game without this drain on resources?

      • Meanwhile, in the real world, the useful idiot says “oh yea, whatever. I’ll just buy into whatever excuse you program me with as long as it’s somehow made out to be some sort of progressive scientific humanistic-sounding thing.”

        And the game processes on….

    • Even more ironic, refugees and illegal immigrants aren’t even allowed to work!

      Instead they can linger around all day. My friend works in a detention centre and they have arts and crafts! And Video Games! And can order any book from the Library that they want!

      They don’t even need to make their own food because everything is [expletive] catered!
      Which [expletives] MORON, thought it was a good idea to cater food. Bring in the food and let those Mook Mooks cook their own food. And clean their own complex instead of hiring expensive cleaning companies to do that!

      The biggest problem is TOO MANY DUTCH SOCIALIST [expletives], earn TO MUCH MONEY with these [expletive] fortune-seekers. [Ordure] load of social workers, immigration lawyers, immigration judges, civil servants rely on illegal immigrants for their job. And in doing so stealing from the needy Dutch people!

  2. What the last politicians said was kind of weird: “As I find it irrelevant when somebody has cancer to question his cost of treatment.” Well ironically it is because more expensive treatments which are proven to work are now postponed! So basically give people 2 chemo stretches hoping the cheap [smelly stuff] works!

    And secondly there are people in old-age homes or people who worked for 35 years who’ve lost their job because of the Housing/Bank/Euro crisis. Who need to sell their house (often with a loss since the housing crisis) and never get another job because in all fairness they are too old with 50+ They will live in poverty the rest of their lives.
    I think they HAVE MORE RIGHTS to 36k a year that some foreigner who’s never done anything for our country.

    Pure war refugees fine! But they should only get Old Age Pensioen plus a decent roof.
    They can’t be allowed to cost more than an Pensioner without a Pension!
    Simple as that, every Euro it costs more is flat out thievery, stealing from the people who’ve EARNED THIS WEALTH! And not getting it.

  3. How chilling that a Dutch politician finds it “irrelevant” that each asylum seeker costs the state 36,000 euros, triple an old age pension. He likens it to the cost of treating someone’s cancer and says you don’t ask the cost. The analogy with funding asylum seekers is patently false. And in any event, yes a responsible state should look at the cost of health care procedures it is funding. Do you operate on someone’s tumour at a cost of $50,000 when they’re 87 and have had three costly cancer operations before? Maybe not. What’s the opportunity cost?

  4. does this moron ever think about the Gates of Vienna? The original situation, I mean. When the Muslim hordes arrived, the King of Poland joined the fray and drove them away (I’m a poet and don’t know it, heh). The point is, there is NO reason to be receiving these people in Europe at all — let their own countries solve their own problems. People have seemed to have forgotten that little item — ie, solve your own problems. This is NOT like refugees from Hitler’s Germany — this is just people who want a better life but do not want to work toward that in their own countries.

    Sigh. The world is exploding and I do not know what anyone can do about it, although I think an American president with a spine might be helpful.

    I am sure that on some other site I would be accused of racism, but I’m not a racist. I just do not think the west is responsible for the mess that the Middle East has created. Let Saudi Arabia step up to it — they have the money, for sure.

  5. Genghis Khan is kicking himself for not having called his hordes “asylum seekers” and “refugees”.

  6. They don’t see the irony in equating the cost of cancer treatment with the cost of supporting immigrants?

  7. I bet that if the Dutch stopped all immigration and instead paid native Dutch women 36,000 euros/yr to have children and stay home to care for them the birth rate would skyrocket!
    Can you imagine the societal ills that would be cured?

    • Babs, in the years I’ve known you, I’d not have thought you were given to dead pan humor. So I have to presume you’re serious here. Have you talked to any European women lately? Met any who are as happy to have children as you were when it was your turn?

      Women want careers, not children. Which is one reason several writers who have talked about the coming global demographic implosion propose that the only middle-class women of European descent who will be having children first, jobs later, are those who are affiliated with churches or synagogues. This is just as true in America, too. And Russia. Putin has made every offer he can think of to entice women to marry and reproduce. There are few takers.

      In my own current experience here among the rural middle class and poor, it is only the church-goers who do it in the old order: education, then work, then marry, then reproduce – having figured out ahead of time when they will return to work after having children . Often it is only if their mothers have retired that they can go back to work between babies. None of the middle class I know trust the commercial “daycare” herding of children.

      I don’t think that kind of demographic exists in Europe, including the Netherlands.

  8. We are NOT our ‘brothers” keepers! Africans must make some attempt to look after themselves, we simply cannot look after the entire third world–and look after them much better than our own elderly!

  9. About European white women not having enough kids…

    A problem? Maybe. But the real issue is using taxpayer funds to support an ever-growing army of useless Muslim refugees. Actually, worse than useless, since they become a permanent problem, along with their numerous children. If the refugees and their offspring became useful, productive citizens, then you might be able to justify spending scarce resources to allow them to immigrate. But why would you want to bring in anyone whose only contribution to Dutch society will be building (very noisy) mosques, forming gangs, selling drugs, committing rapes, arson, subway bombings and other traditional Muslim activities.

    You really need more people in Europe? Want diversity? OK, lots of Hindus, Chinese, Vietnamese and other quality potential immigrants are available. No need to bring in Muslim terrorists just to increase population growth. One only has to look at Somalia or the Islamic State to see where Europe is headed.

    • That’s what I’ve never understood: there are hundreds of millions of peaceable, hardworking Hindus, Sikhs, Chinese, Vietnamese & Thai who would be very happy to guest-work in Europe. Ten year visas would seem a good idea. Renewable. They’d come without the hostile attitude, the mentality of entitlement. A proportion would intermarry with locals, as they do, and stay. There was never any need to source Europe’s workforce needs from MENA.

      As it stands, if one were to sit down, examine the world’s cultures and work out what were the worst possible sources a country could draw its guest-workers from, it seems that Germany, The Netherlands and others in Europe did just that. And then invited them.

  10. Why would a country like Rwanda, say, have any incentive to develop civic institutions, hospitals etc if they then have no control of their borders?
    They need only look to Europe to see that they may yet be a mecca for refugees… if they aren’t already

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