The Little Wicked Wicket Gate

By long-standing tradition, at irregular intervals Saturday becomes Poetry Day at Gates of Vienna. The following poem by Edward Muir was first featured here more than ten years ago, but deserves a second look, since it is still apropos today. Perhaps even more so, since so many more of our public servants have sold themselves to the highest bidder in the interim. Whether disbursed by the Lords of Petroleum or agents of the New World order, our political, cultural, and spiritual leaders have queued up for their share of the lucre. They have enfeoffed themselves to Mammon, carrying their own people into bondage with them.

Last night’s review of Udo Ulfkotte’s book highlighted the process by which Germany has been sold to Islam, but a similar pattern may be observed across the entire Western world. Almost everyone in a position of public trust seems to be beholden to Lucifer now, whether he presents himself as a Gulf sheikh or George Soros or a member of the Chinese Politburo. As a result we have “Pride” parades, public orgies of celebration over sex-change operations, “refugee resettlement”, unlabeled halal food in our supermarkets, and legal prohibitions against the defamation of Islam.

Here’s what Edwin Muir had to say about it all those years ago:

The Castle
by Edwin Muir

All through that summer at ease we lay,
And daily from the turret wall
We watched the mowers in the hay
And the enemy half a mile away —
They seemed no threat to us at all.

For what, we thought, had we to fear
With our arms and provender, load on load,
Our towering battlements, tier on tier,
And friendly allies drawing near
On every leafy summer road?

Our gates were strong, our walls were thick,
So smooth and high, no man could win
A foothold there, no clever trick
Could take us, have us dead or quick.
Only a bird could have got in.

What could they offer us for bait?
Our captain was brave and we were true…
There was a little private gate,
A little wicked wicket gate.
The wizened warder let them through.

Oh then our maze of tunneled stone
Grew thin and treacherous as air.
The cause was lost without a groan,
The famous citadel overthrown,
And all its secret galleries bare.

How can this shameful tale be told?
I will maintain until my death
We could do nothing, being sold;
Our only enemy was gold,
And we had no arms to fight it with.

A note on the illustration at the top of this post: The image is a detail from an engraving showing Fort Nassau at Mouri (also spelled Mori, Moree, and Mouree) on the Dutch Gold Coast in Ghana. It was built in the early 17th century, during the heyday of the Dutch commercial empire.

At that time the Dutch were poaching on traditional Portuguese territory, and had to build a fortress to protect their settlement at Mouri from Portuguese attack. By the late 18th century the British Empire ruled the seas, and in 1781 a British expeditionary force under Captain Shirley captured Fort Nassau and garrisoned it.

Dutch Gold Coast traders were active in the transatlantic slave trade, sailing from The Netherlands to West Africa and thence to the Caribbean, their holds packed with human cargo, before their eventual return to Amsterdam.

7 thoughts on “The Little Wicked Wicket Gate

  1. A little e.e. cummings-

    When Serpents Bargain For the Right to Squirm

    when serpents bargain for the right to squirm
    and the sun strikes to gain a living wage-
    when thorns regard their roses with alarm
    and rainbows are insured against old age

    when every thrush may sing no new moon in
    if all screech-owls have not okayed his voice
    -and any wave signs on the dotted line
    or else an ocean is compelled to close

    when the oak begs permission of the birch
    to make an acorn-valleys accuse their
    mountains of having altitude-and march
    denounces april as a saboteur

    then we’ll believe in that incredible
    unanimal mankind(and not until).

  2. Our Creator knocked upon the door,
    our hearts be beckoned to open to Him,
    but content in our ways we were
    and too besotted by our sin.

    Our prison holds were fast and strong
    with bars of enduring might,
    built of our labors with design and skill
    to shut out any glimmer of the Light.

    All our works did melt one fateful day
    with a noise some roar and fervent flame,
    to reveal clouds, and hosts and a great white throne
    that told us nothing would be the same.

    With books now opened and judgment passed
    the awful truth sank in,
    in our willful choice salvation missed
    to spend eternity with our sin.

    my two cents on what we’ve done to ourselves

  3. Nice to see Edwin Muir here. In the case of Western civilization, though, it isn’t just a solitary warder who’s been bought; it’s most of the ruling classes, political and intellectual, who either have been bought or hold their own society in such low regard that they actually want the enemy to shake things up.

    • These groups do despise us and always have. They also desire power above all else. And they know by breaking up traditional Western society via demographic and economic destruction they can achieve levels of power and wealth to heights unrivaled.

      If they succeed they will be the boot that steps on the face of mankind forever. To steal a phrase from Orwell.

      Their tools for conquest are quite simple, socially: a crippled education system to ensure students come out with no critical thinking skills and general knowledge. A bread and circus society where mindless TV shows and sports watching are the center pieces of Western entertainment that renders the bulk of the populace witless and passive in the face of growing poverty and loss of rights. A war against Christianity and traditional Western values so as to strip them of faith and a competing value system to the government issued one, the promotion of homosexuality and transgenderism as part of a normal modern lifestyle to destroy normal family structures and values.

      Economically they are crushing us via off-shoring and importing foreign workers to take the jobs of middle-class and working class native workers in order to impoverish them and destroy the family structure as well. I know that most executives don’t care one way or another but there is a group above them that does and supports it. The remaining workers toil in fear knowing they could be next.

  4. Hope you don’t mind my tweaking it a bit…

    Our Creator knocked upon the door
    that we’d open our hearts to Him
    but so content in darkness were we
    and too much in love with sin.

    Our prisons, unfathomably deep and strong
    with bars of unbreakable might,
    built to lock us in with cherished sin
    and shut out all trace of Light.

    But all our work did melt one Day
    with a sky-rending, earth-shaking shout
    as came clouds and glory and a great white Throne
    when time at last ran out.

    Books opened, judgment passed, the order to depart
    as that long-warned truth sank in:
    by willful choice, we Christ dismissed
    to spend eternity in our sin.

    • Very good, thank you for completing the thought I had but didn’t know quite how to finish it.

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