“Our Nation and Country is Islam”

As widely reported in the media about ten days ago, a special forces commander in Tajikistan named Gulmurod Khalimov recently defected to the Islamic State. Col. Khalimov has now made a propaganda video for ISIS calling on his Tajik co-religionists, especially soldiers, to give up their positions and make hijra to the Caliphate. He makes a special point of targeting his ethnic comrades who are serving in the Russian military.

And this is not just some inconsequential no-account soldier: Gulmurod Khalimov was in a high-level position with the Tajik government before he defected, and had been trained in the United States.

“Experts” say that Col. Khalimov is “likely not an immediate threat to coalition forces.” However, they are overlooking what is actually going on here: the erstwhile OMON commander is aiming his call directly at ethnic Tajiks in both Tajikistan and the Russian military. That is, it is not an invasion by ISIS that is the “immediate threat”, but a sudden explosion of jihad within the ranks of our “staunch ally” Tajikistan — or in the Russian army.

By the way: do you think Gulmurod Khalimov is a “moderate Muslim”? He must have been when he was stationed in Baton Rouge — otherwise we wouldn’t have been training him, would we?

But he’s working for ISIS now. Does that make him an “extremist”? If so, how was he radicalized? On the Internet, right?

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This is an important video.

Most of what Col. Khalimov says is in Russian. His words have been kindly translated by D@rLin|{ and subtitled by Vlad Tepes.

YouTube took down the original almost as soon as it went up, probably because it constitutes ISIS propaganda. Everyone should watch it, however, so that they can understand how the Islamic State is so effective at summoning Muslims to jihad. When an observant Muslim hears the call in a video like this one, he knows intuitively that it is his duty to obey the summons. Col. Khalimov never departs from strict Koranic teachings in his exhortation, and any Muslim who spends any time in the mosque knows that what he is hearing is exactly the truth.

Videos like this are what bring “foreign fighters” in their tens of thousands to Syria and Iraq to join the jihad.

There’s no telling when this version of the video will be taken down. If you have the capability to do so, please download a copy and make it available to others by whatever method is practical for you:

See also the Fox News story about the defection of Gulmurod Khalimov.


00:30   Colonel Gulmurod Khalimov,
00:32   Chief Commander of Special Forces of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs,
00:35   who stopped coming to work from the beginning of May,
00:37   and whose whereabouts were unknown for a long time,
00:39   has probably joined ISIS fighters in Syria.
00:43   Until the situation becomes clearer, we cannot claim
00:48   that the commander of OMON joined the radicals,
00:51   but the fact that such high official has disappeared
00:54   and neither his superiors nor his family have any idea where he is
00:58   obviously raises the level of curiosity around it.
01:31   Gulmurod Khalimov, Commander of OMON – Special Militia Forces, Tajikistan,
01:33   responsible for the safety of the state’s highest officials,
01:37   trained on the USA military base Black Water,
01:39   decorated soldier, was close to the President’s family.
01:51   (Praying)
02:10   I, former commander of Special Forces, Tajikistan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs,
02:16   Khalimov Gulmurod, born May 14th 1975, in Dushanbe, went to school there.
02:28   Served from 1994 to 1996 in the Presidential Guard of Tajikistan,
02:35   was discharged in 1996 with the rank of junior sergeant,
02:39   and started working in the Special Military Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan.
02:48   In 1997 I started training in Moscow’s Special Forces.
02:55   In 2003 started training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
03:04   In 2008 returned there for additional training.
03:14   From 2003 to 2008 continued training on the US military base Black Water.
03:23   In 2000 I was accepted into Tajikistan Militia Academy and graduated in 2005 with the rank of major.
03:32   Worked as second-in-command to the chief of Special Forces of the Republic of Tajikistan from 2008 to 2009.
03:40   In 2013 I was promoted to colonel and worked as a chief commander of Special Forces.
03:48   I studied Islam; when I was still at school I knew well the history of Tajiks, Muslims and Islam.
03:55   I knew how they lived, how they should have lived, and already in 2001 I had started praying.
04:02   When I started praying, I did not know at first that I was murtad, that my job is wrong,
04:10   but gradually I did, especially after the creation of the Islamic State.
04:16   You call it the ISIS group, but it is a state.
04:22   Look at its history, it’s barely one year old, but Sharia is already implemented here.
04:31   Sharia as we know it from the Koran, as told by the prophet Muhammad.
04:36   Who is tawud? Tawud is someone, who invents laws, contrary to the Sharia, toGod, to Mohammad.
04:47   These are the laws we have in Tajikistan.
04:50   I remember I had a meeting with a minister, Rahim Hamro,
04:53   yes with you, in your office.
04:57   You came back from the president and you asked the chief commander,
05:05   “You promised than there will be no hijabs in Dushanbe.
05:10   Why then did I just see four girls in hijabs?”
05:14   You forbade by law praying in the streets.
05:17   Allah told us that the whole world is our mosque, and you forbade it.
05:24   Listen, you dogs – president and all the ministers:
05:29   You have no idea how many brothers here are eager to return to Tajikistan
05:35   and reinstitute the Sharia there.
05:38   We are coming, insh’allah.
05:40   We are coming to murder you, insh’allah
05:43   I want to speak to the brothers who are now in Russia.
05:49   If you work for Russians, you are kafir’s slaves.
05:52   And you should have become slaves of Allah.
05:56   What are you doing there?
05:58   You are working for kafirs, making their lives better
06:02   You are nothing to them, brothers, you are second-class – am I wrong?
06:10   They have to pay you jizya, they have to pay YOU.
06:14   Not the other way round.
06:16   And you know why? Because you left Islam.
06:18   You left the Koran, the prophet.
06:22   You have to come back.
06:24   You have to return. Do the hijra. Do Jihad.
06:28   Come to the Islamic State. You can come easily from there.
06:32   Return to Islam. Stop being kafir’s slaves; become slaves of Allah.
06:39   Listen American swine, I was in America three times;
06:43   I saw how you teach soldiers to kill Muslims.
06:47   I saw the cities you’ve built for training, how you invade those cities,
06:52   how you prepare soldiers to annihilate Islam and Muslims.
06:56   God willing, with this weapon I will come and invade your cities,
07:00   your homes,
07:02   and we will kill you.
07:28   Tajikistan army, what does it represent?
07:35   Allah says in his book – believers fight for the way of Allah,
07:44   unbelievers fight for the way of tahud.
07:49   If you believed, you would be here, you would leave your current jobs.
07:58   As long as you are there, know that you are murtads.
08:01   When you go out each morning, look at yourself in the mirror
08:07   and ask if you are prepared to die for the country you live in.
08:12   If you are – why?
08:17   Are you prepared to die for democracy, the religion they accepted?
08:23   Are you prepared to die for that? You are the law keepers, arresting
08:31   our daughters, sisters, wives for wearing hijab.
08:35   Are you prepared to die for that?
08:39   You are crossing the line! Are you prepared to die for that?
08:43   I witnessed in one of the meetings in the ministry as one of the officials
08:51   gave the order to make a documentary film about our women in hijabs,
09:03   drinking alcohol with men, as they go swimming, as they sleep around,
09:10   openly, and then show this pornographic film on TV!
09:17   I heard this order, I was there, the meeting was on 7th or 9th of April.
09:22   I came out of this meeting and said to my family, my friends, that this film
09:26   will be aired in a week or so on TV.
09:30   Channel One, this is a state-sponsored channel, and what do they show to the people?
09:33   And they went ahead with that.
09:37   Hired prostitutes, gave them a couple of hundred dollars, and made this film
09:42   With hijabs.
09:46   So that all of you would think that this is the way Islam looks.
09:52   They think this way.
09:56   And you, the whole army, you call yourselves Muslims?
09:59   Are you prepared to die for that?
10:02   You should not die for that job. For this democracy, this religion.
10:06   Imagine, that people working for the Vice police division, go each morning
10:13   to the prostitutes, take their cut and then go buy food for their family
10:19   with this money, they think that this is a normal thing to do.
10:23   You guard these people and are supposed to die for that.
10:26   Near the mosque there are wine stores, I saw them, you call that democracy.
10:37   And for that you are supposed to give up your lives?
10:40   Are you prepared to die for that?
10:43   Do the hijra, leave your jobs, return to Islam.
10:51   Tajiks, Let Allah lead you, wherever you are
10:55   Allah, bear witness that my words are the truth.
11:00   All of you are witnesses that I asked you to do hijra and Jihad without delay
11:09   so that you can take part in building of the Islamic State and Caliphate.
11:14   The caliphate will return to Tajikistan and reclaim its land.
11:17   You say “for the country”, “for the nation”.
11:20   We do not have country or nation. Islam is superior to both.
11:23   Our nation and country is Islam.
11:30   We have brothers here from Indonesia, America, Europe, Russia.
11:38   I saw whole families come from Russia to the Caliphate’s lands.
11:43   I saw an 80-year-old man doing Jihad.
11:45   Young people, do hijra and, God willing, we will bring back the Caliphate.
11:52   Wait and see, we will return, God willing.

12 thoughts on ““Our Nation and Country is Islam”

  1. Some sources quote the Russian military, and that may include all the Russian services, as being 15% or more Muslim? My question mark indicates my uncertainty with those sources – maybe someone who has wider knowledge of the Russian military could corroborate or correct that figure if it is wrong.

    However, the Soviet Union when in control covered many Muslim based countries, and regardless of how they fared under Stalin and the later politburo dictators, they have never forgotten their ‘religion’.

    France, is another country that has a significant proportion of its military regarding themselves as Muslim – and as this article must compel the observant, does anyone else see the domino effect that having so many Muslims occupying military positions within any country becoming a potential threat to the security of the state that actually employs them to protect the state?

    And taking in how the Russian military may now be compromised by a group opposed to that states very existence, just how safe is Putin’s agenda against the poking and prodding of the West when the time comes to put up or shut up?

    Are there any ‘Russians’ in the Russian military above the rank of Colonel who are known Muslims?

    A good post Baron!

    • “…does anyone else see the domino effect that having so many Muslims occupying military positions within any country becoming a potential threat to the security of the state that actually employs them to protect the state?”

      The mass importation of Muslims itself is a security threat to any non-Muslim nation. If the powers that be don’t see it as a threat it’s hard to imagine they’d then get some crazy idea, completely inconsistent with their open doors ideology, that Muslims ought to be restricted from entry into the military or powerful positions in government. In for a penny in for a pound.

      • I agree with your assessment, and it behoves all of us who realize the problem that Islam and its Western enablers pose to us, to continually alert our elected representatives via any means at our disposal.

        When was the last time you contacted your own political representative?

  2. From the transcript:
    Gulmurod Khalimov …started training in Moscow’s Special Forces, 1997.
    In 2003 started training in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.
    In 2008 returned there for additional training.
    From 2003 to 2008 continued training on the US military base Black Water

    Why would our government encourage training Russian Special Forces on US soil – repeatedly? Are we to be so naive as to accept Khalimov and isolated instance? How many more Russian/Muslim military-trained ‘special forces’ ‘time bombs’ have our betters trained at taxpayer expense only to be set loose against us?

    • There is much evidence available that has the US and Soviet Russia collaborating during ‘cold war’ days in the ‘space race’ that the general public throughout the West were not informed of. When one realizes that much of the ‘space race’ technology was taken out of Germany/Czechoslovakia in the final days of the 2nd World War, by both the Russians and the Americans under various ‘programs’, and that the technology was ‘shared’ during the decades since, then it should come as no surprise that the Russians and the Americans have been ‘sharing’ other things the public has been kept well away from.

  3. Those who refuse to tell the truth shall die of the lie.

    Islam is a Death Cult.

    Candycoating arsenic does not make it harmless.

  4. The best that the lead special forces man in Tajikistan can do is to shoot a tomato?

    Either that, or the isis propaganda video team have a strange sense of humour.

    • That’s due to the Spetznaz training..Russians love ketchup..Apples are next I guess..from 25 feet..Quite the shot..What an a-hole..I wouldn’t follow this dudette into a MacDonald’s..

  5. While this video is mostly a bunch of rambling about greviances, the key thing that ISIS is leveraging is Islamic mythology. George Lucas leveraged western mythology in the making of Star Wars, ISIS leverages Islamic mythology in the making of jihadis and jihadi brides.

    Bill Moyers is strangely absent, along with all of his fans.

  6. He clearly shows that we have nothing to do with ‘racism’. The man is about as white as one can be. With a very, very crappy ideology.

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