To Hell With the Constitution!

The following video features an interview with a hirsute culture-enriching young man from the Danish city of Aarhus. In the run-up to the elections, prominent “Danish” Muslims are calling on their co-religionists not to vote, since democracy violates the laws of Allah. Adnan Avdic, being of the Salafist persuasion, was selected to appear on TV as a representative of this anti-democratic point of view.

Many thanks to Liberty DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:23   We are on air with Adnan Avdic from our studio in Aarhus
00:29   You belong to the branch of Islam that is called Salafist who are of the opinion that Muslims shouldn’t vote.
00:35   Try to explain to our confounded population why this is supposed to make sense?
00:41   It doesn’t make sense for us Muslims to vote because it doesn’t benefit us
00:47   We have seen what democracy does. It insults the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)
00:53   in the name of democracy and freedom of expression. So my opinion is that if I vote i am accepting that
00:59   the prophet, Mohammed, (peace be upon him) can be insulted and thereby I also accept the drone attacks
01:05   Denmark does in Muslim countries. And as all lawmaking can only be made by Allah (all glory is to you, etc.) and therefore
01:11   it is not allowed for us to vote for human made laws.
01:15   Well that is all well and good but one could say there is a bit of a botched logic
01:20   because if there was a majority in Denmark not to use drones
01:24   democracy would have won and therefore would have saved people.
01:28   But let me be more concrete because you say that
01:32   everything is written in the Koran and that you just have to do what is written therein. What does it say in the Koran for example
01:36   about the Road Traffic Act because there are discussions about putting the speed limit up to 130.
01:43   What does the Koran say about grants to hospitals, overcrowding of hospitals and grants to
01:49   for example kindergartens and schools. What does the Koran say about these things?
01:53   If we look, if we look at the first welfare state it… it comes under the Islamic caliph.
01:58   And the welfare state is Umar ibn Al-Khattab (radi Allahu anhu) so therefore the welfare state IS from Islam
02:04   and of course is there a welfare state in Islam that gives people the right for sick people to get into hospital.
02:12   And the poor a roof over their head and so on, there is no discussion about that.
02:17   But do you think it works in Denmark, let’s say, for example grants to hospitals…let us take
02:22   that – or care for the elderly. Do you think that works well?
02:26   You could say it functions, I have nothing against the Danish welfare system
02:31   which is in compliance with the Koran and sunna but where I have a problem is where you insult other peoples religious feelings
02:37   but first and foremost the biggest problem is that we Muslims… it is not only Muslims who don’t vote
02:43   we have seen 16,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t vote and we have seen at the last election 15%
02:49   who didn’t vote. What do you do with them? So in that way…
02:53   Excuse me but naturally we also talk with them, it is not because… I just think it is interesting
02:59   because there are many Muslims in Denmark and therefore it is interesting to hear your point of view, so my question is
03:05   still, you like the Danish welfare state…
03:09   That is in compliance, in compliance with the Koran and sunna…
03:13   because the welfare state is in compliance is….
03:17   What is the word you are using after Koran? Sunna, it means the prophet Mohammed’s custom
03:21   Mohammed’s custom…what what what
03:25   does Mohammed’s custom about for example daycare institutions?
03:29   We have seen, we have seen Umar ibn Al Khattab it gives the rights for children to go to school and so on
03:34   we have seen that there is no problem. Where the problem arises is to make laws which Allah (all glory is for you) has decreed is forbidden.
03:41   It is there the problem arises, by insulting other people’s religions feelings. Whether it is Jews, Muslims, or Christians, it is not allowed.
03:48   And that is there the problem arises, it is not the welfare system, the problem arises by insulting others.
03:54   And we have seen these politicians who insult the prophet Mohammed (?) and then they come running when there is an election
04:00   they come running to the mosques to get Muslim votes, even though they have been the ones to recognize the law
04:07   that permits people to insult our Mohammed (unintelligible).
04:11   What is it that you are saying there at the end? Peace be with him.
04:14   Oh Ok…because that’s because usually speak Danish here in the studio. (Adnan: unintelligible mumble)
04:20   In your model of the world what is in Denmark that should decide the things that is of concern to us Danes
04:24   and I presume it also is of concern to you, for example education, care of the elderly and so on,
04:29   who should decide this in Denmark?
04:33   That is, we don’t have problems with education and so on, we have…
04:37   No but who IS it who should make the decisions?
04:41   We have that problem that it is of course us, a Muslim learned.. in Islam…but it is of course people who should decide how
04:46   it is best for our children to go to school and so on and what is best for our children
04:51   and education and all that. There are no problems there, there is nothing wrong with
04:56   regarding schools, there is no problem with Muslims go to school and so on
05:01   so it isn’t, it isn’t that that is the main point.
05:05   The main point is the problem of people insulting others and the main point is in making some laws that are forbidden.
05:13   In Islam, which is permitted in the name of democracy.
05:16   But then can join the democracy and make an argument against it,
05:20   you say that you are trodden on and that’s why you don’t want to be a part of things,
05:26   but the point is to convince other people of your point of view.
05:32   So I don’t understand…let me please finish the question before you answer, what I STILL don’t understand is
05:38   WHO is it that should decide? Is it some Imams who should decide how things should be in kindergartens or
05:45   how a school should function. I am really really in doubt…
05:48   The parents, the parents can vote about what should happen in the kindergartens, that isn’t the problem
05:53   The problem is something completely different, it has to do with Koran and sunna and our laws,
05:58   and it is the same with Jehovah’s Witnesses who also want that their lord should decide their laws and so on,
06:03   and eh, yeah…we mean as Muslims that it is only Allah (praise is only for Allah, lord of the Universe) who decides.
06:08   So, eh, it is constitution day today and we celebrate, amongst other things that it is the 100 year celebration
06:16   since women in Denmark and in other, then oppressed people got the right to vote.
06:22   Is that a celebration that you don’t intend to be participating in?
06:27   I think…you think that the constitution is the highest law and I think it is Allah’s (etc. etc.) eh eh…law that is the highest.
06:36   Yes, I completely understand that, excuse me, now that you mention me…
06:42   I don’t think, for example, that all sorts of laws are above all sorts of things,
06:48   that isn’t what I want you to give me an answer to. What I want you to answer me is
06:54   how democracy in your model of the world should have a future in Denmark.
07:01   Should it be abolished and be replaced with something else? Or…what is your opinion?
07:06   I mean that Allah’s (etc. etc.) laws are the best, and I mean of course for everybody
07:12   but it is first and foremost for people who choose if they want to follow Allah’s laws and rules
07:18   and we aren’t the only people who are anti-democratic whether they are Muslims or not
07:24   in this election who have chosen not to vote, it is not only us.
07:28   No I understand that, I wonder, however, if you have that viewpoint and you live in Denmark
07:35   Why…I can imagine that you have chosen to live in Denmark, perhaps I am wrong,
07:40   but it sounds as if you have chosen to live here. Why have you chosen to live in a society where there is no hope
07:46   of your model of the world the first, let’s say, 2-300 years?
07:52   What do we with the other Danes who don’t vote…
07:57   I will also talk to them. (Adnan) and it is Jehovah’s Witnesses who also don’t vote).
08:02   I will ask them tomorrow, but now I’m asking you. (Adnan) Most times we ask where are we going.
08:07   Isn’t there room in democracy for us or only those (who) agree with democracy?
08:12   Is that the only thing there is room for, is there room only for those who agree with democracy?
08:17   No, but here it is me who is interviewing you and I am more interested in what your opinion is
08:22   Isn’t there room in this democracy for those who are against democracy?
08:26   Of course there is since you are sitting here talking!
08:29   Fine fine, then then you have yourself answered the question.. gotten the answer yourself…
08:35   No, I haven’t gotten any answer, I am asking why you have chosen to live in Denmark
08:39   if you don’t think that the democratic model (Adnan) what are the, what are the Danish soldiers
08:44   with forced democracy in our country, what are they doing with drones
08:49   drone attacks in Muslim countries, in our country?
08:52   They are executing a democratically decided… (Adnan:) yes, democratically decided…and I have decided to stay here
08:58   and further Allah’s (etc. etc.) laws and rules to the Danes if they will accept it.
09:04   Adnan Avdic, thank you because you attempted to shed light on this rather complicated issue
09:10   on our constitution day and the 100 year day of women’s right to vote.
09:15   In hell with the constitution, in hell with the constitution…

7 thoughts on “To Hell With the Constitution!

  1. This demonstrates the real purpose of creating the Mohammad cartoons.

    After a discussion on cartoons insulting Mohammad or Allah and whether or not this should be permitted, it becomes clear that even with no cartoons or other obvious insults to Mohammad, the ENTIRE CONSTITUTION insults Mohammad and Allah because it “didn’t come from Allah” and contains many things contrary to the will of Allah.

    So to those who think these cartoons “needlessly offend Muslims”, the real purpose here is to bring up the whole set of different things that insult Mohammad, Islam, and Allah. Considering that “man made law” is also “offensive to Allah” it should be pretty obvious that this discussion with Muslims is NOT pointless.

    Mohammed cartoons are only the tip of the iceberg, but it’s difficult to find an iceberg without seeing the tip, and increasingly impossible to point to the iceberg without pointing to the tip.

  2. He shows the real purpose why he decided to come to Europe:
    he talks about “our” land and doesn’t mean Denmark.
    He claims that “the west” tries to implement democracy in his land,
    now he came here as an intruder and wants to implement sharia law in europe.
    He declared that he is on war.

    • Islam is a diseased ideology and no doubt about it Muslims are mentally ill. We can’t see that?

  3. Doesn’t Boko Haram mean something like “Western Education is forbidden.” Is this Muslim saying they are wrong?

  4. I hope the Muslim refusal to participate in democracy spreads far and wide. It’ll be easier to stop the Left and thereby stop the migration of Muslims that way.

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