Germany Submits to Islam

The well-known German Counterjihad activist Udo Ulfkotte has written a new book about the Islamization of his country. JLH has translated review of the book from Politically Incorrect , and includes this note on the author:

Udo Ulfkotte might have trouble being published anywhere but by Kopp. Establishment types see him as right extremist, when they are being kind. However, he believes in his own apocalyptic view of the future so completely that he has settled his family on a farm — his address unknown and his identity there known only to the mayor of the small town near his spread. He has his own sources of water and electricity, grows both plant and animal foodstuffs, has a meter-high fence, and visitors are apparently “greeted” by a flock of hostile and territorial geese.

The translated review:

New Ulfkotte Book: Mecca Germany

Can we still be saved? Or have we already capitulated to Islam? And what is coming down the road at each and every one of us? Did you know, for instance, that the state’s attorney has launched an investigation because German patients’ food rations are supposed to be cut in favor of Muslims? We are now doing things we would have considered crazy ten years ago. A silent majority believes that, in premature obedience to Muslims, we have given up not just freedom of expression, but consequently the core of our democracy. Our previous freedom has been replaced by a fear of injuring the religious feelings of immigrant Muslims.

When recently some few Muslims felt their religious feelings hurt by a new, oriental cream soap because the silhouette of a mosque appeared on the package, the shelves were instantly emptied. The supermarket chain capitulated. From fear of Muslims. That has become an everyday thing in the erstwhile Land of Poets and Thinkers. The primary virtue of Islam — submission — is now the chief virtue of the Germans.

The bestselling author Udo Ulfkotte (Bought-And-Paid-For Journalists) describes in his new book Mecca Germany what specific consequences that will have for each of us: for students, apprentices, workers and officials, the unemployed and the retired. So, for instance, right here in Germany, food rations for the sickest patients are to be cut so that the money saved from the funds for the legitimately insured can be used for special cuisine exclusively for Muslims. And everybody looks the other way. Even as politicians and the media deny that there is any Islamization, separate sets of cutlery for meals are given out to Muslims and non-Muslims in the army. Ulfkotte illuminates the increasingly serious development of Islamization against the background of the massive waves of refugees from North Africa and the Near East. He concludes that a child born now in German-speaking territory will in all likelihood die in a substantially Islamized country.

In Mecca Germany, Ulfkotte shows us an absurd world, in which we are introducing sharia-compliant car insurance, life insurance and a sharia MasterCard, but are stubbornly denying that there is Islamization in politics and the media. In the new world of subjugation to Islam, where we transform churches into mosques and call for action against “infidels” to the applause of our media, there will be sharia vacations and sharia tours. And in the Federal Ministry of Justice, there is already a budget allowance for sharia law. We are training Afghans, Syrians, Chechens and Turks as hiking guides for the Alps, so that they can bring tourists closer to the beauties of Islam. Politicians and the media are lying to the public, saying that all this has nothing to do with Islamization — it’s just a natural part of our “welcoming culture.”

Our current federal president is godfather to several children from bigamous Islamic families. And up to two-thirds of Muslims in heavily settled areas are married to several women, and their situations are financed by the welfare state. A Muslim man married to several women can be sure that at his death all of his wives will receive widows’ pensions. At the same time, it is more and more natural for German law to be replaced by Islamic sharia law. In Mecca Germany, Ulfkotte records what the media are keeping from us. Politicians are calling in all seriousness for “gender-appropriate stoning,” because women have been have been discriminated against by this barbaric practice, as opposed to men. It is also astonishing to read in Mecca Germany that Middle Eastern jurists financed by German taxpayers as part of redevelopment aid are working on laws which allow Muslim men to rape their wives without punishment, if they have had no sexual intercourse for more than four days. And we are surprised when men from that culture go on trial for rape, and feel no guilt.

Ulfkotte also describes the parallel market for Islamic medicines, where Muslims can get different medicines than non-Muslims, because the animal components of medicines for Muslims must not come from “impure” animals. Animal rights people will be horrified to learn, when they read the chapter on European frozen foods, that most meat products have been “halal” for a long time — and not labeled. That is, slaughtering without anesthetizing, according to Islamic ritual. Ulfkotte names the manufacturers. He also describes exactly how German politicians and media are suppressed and bribed to further Islamization with positive reporting. That is, silent Islamization is not happening coincidentally, but according to a clandestine plan. Mecca Germany is provocative and politically incorrect. Anyone who wants to prepare his family for the future cannot do without this guide, underpinned by about 700 footnotes and source references Islamic organizations and politicians have tried two prevent this book’s publication. It is clear that a few years from now, books like Mecca Germany will not be allowed to be published in Germany. We don’t burn books anymore. We just don’t print them. Anyone who does not want to leave his own and his family’s future to chance should know what is getting ready to happen.

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  1. And beer will be outlawed.

    (Deutschland ohne pilsner!)

    Along with Art, Music, Frivolity and Thinking.

    Even Der Fuhrer, a psycho beyond all boundaries of sanity, wasn’t that crazy.

  2. Maybe the Germans learned the wrong lessons from the past. The real lesson they should have learned is not to be too conforming. It’s OK to rebel a little.

    • The Germans are not alone. It’s all over Europe. the UK inspects about 6% of freight vehicles crossing its borders from Europe. Why even bother.

    • Conformism is part of the problem, the other is lack of values . If you don’t care for anything you won’t fight for anything. Heck they won’t even have children anymore – that’s a sign of a dying society or one so messed up that men and women are discouraged from having families.

      What Germany needs now is shock therapy in the form of a economic collapse that shakes them out of their welfare induced stupor.

      • I really don’t know what it will take to shock Germany, and the rest of us, out of the insane course we are on. I would think that the devastation Germany experienced in 1945 would be considered “shock treatment.” It didn’t seem to have made them change for the better. They are heading right back down the same road. Just what will it take? I don’t have a clue? May be there is no salvation.

        • Someone once noted that at the end of WWII, England had a stark choice: either ramp up industrialization and thereby remain a world power, or go the route of socialized cradles to graves. But they couldn’t really do both. The leftists struck when and where that iron was hottest: with two generations largely lost to war, the people had had enough and wanted to forget in comfort. Churchill, out. Socialism, in. They were warned but their choice, and its result, is history.

          I’m not quite sure how to explain the Germans, Dutch, Swedes, etc. National psychic shock from which they’ve never fully recovered or something.

    • Well, it certainly seems like they didn’t learn the role that Marxist/socialist philosophical beliefs played in the rise of National Socialism.

      Instead it seems like they learned that minorities are always proletarians, but didn’t learn that just maybe all this Marxist stuff is a bunch of nonsense that can be exploited for a variety of destructive purposes.

  3. Any idea if this will be available in English? A quick glance on Amazon shows that all his books are German only. I suppose I could ask my boyfriend to read along with me, but given the subject matter, it wouldn’t exactly be a romantic date. I think it’d be worth it, though; I bet there’s things he doesn’t even know about, and he’s pretty aware of the goings-on of his country in regards to Islam.

  4. A few puzzling passage in this book review; any elucidation is welcome…

    “separate sets of cutlery for meals are given out to Muslims and non-Muslims in the army.” How does the set of cutlery issued to a Muslim soldier differ from the set of cutlery issued to a kafir soldier? I have heard that in the Israeli military, each soldier is given two sets of cookware, so as keep separate the cooking of two religiously different categories of food. I know of no similar requirement in Islam. Got an aya or hadith to quote?

    “We are training Afghans, Syrians, Chechens and Turks as hiking guides for the Alps, so that they can bring tourists closer to the beauties of Islam.”
    What beauties of Islam are present in the Alps? Are the Alps themselves beauties of Islam? How did these mountains come to Muhammad?

    What creates the need for “gender-appropriate stoning”? Why, according to sharia, does the male rajm rate need to be similar to the female rajm rate?

    • I can’t answer your points re. alpine guides and stoning, but I have an idea that the separate sets of cutlery *look* identical, but the “Muslim” cutlery has a chain of custody (perhaps it’s brand new?) that proves it has never been used to eat pork or pork-containing foods.

  5. When one perverts ‘history’ there are consequences. To recast ‘National Socialism’ as conservatism has caused a very damaging political imbalance in a Europe where only the forces of socialism hold any real sway, the exact same forces that brought Nazis to power in the first place.

    Whether one exterminates people based on class, race or religion, is irrelevant, the essence of ‘Nazism’ it is the world domination mindset that defines Marxism, Nazism and Islamism, and once again Germany is a prime victim, but this time of Islamism.

    Other countries, UK amongst them, have fallen too, in UK it is a Marxism financed by Islamism in a symbiotic relationship.

    We play word games to try and dissociate the pain, and in doing so we create a political fantasy land where the ends justify the means. Soon the dissenters will be rounded up and incarcerated in ‘holding’ camps, but they will not be called ‘Konzentrationslager’; there will be a new name to camouflage any historical ties, but it will be the same thing as always.

    • They will probably be called something like “green sustainable habitat communities”. Mass execution will be called something like “green sustainable population management”.

      Well, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does then I’m quite sure that some sort of terminology like that will be used.

  6. In Europe “most [frozen] meat products have been “halal” for a long time — and not labeled”–Is this true? What is the source? If it were true, there would have been a huge outcry and boycott calls.

      • But is it true? This isn’t a rhetorical question. Given the recent fuss over fresh halal meat, I find it hard to believe *all* frozen meat could now be halal without any outcry. Does anybody have sources on this?

        • I used to enjoy lamb and beef from Australasia, being a native kiwi, but it’s off the menu now as it’s all clearly labelled halal, so now the ‘chief’ and I only buy local (Vancouver Island) meat.

          A letter to the NZ Meat Board elicited a long letter explaining the difference between lethal and non-lethal stuns, and the fact that a large percentage of their lamb was sent to Islamic countries; in other words, money was the determinant once again.

        • Most New Zealand lamb is halal, and supermarkets won’t label it unless compelled; no sign of the Cameron govt. doing this in the UK.

          (I get mine from a decent butcher).

  7. “We are training Afghans, Syrians, Chechens and Turks as hiking guides for the Alps, so that they can bring tourists closer to the beauties of Islam.”

    The Alps. The bastion of the proud, Catholic, traditional Germany… tragic.

  8. The demographic bomb has started to tick very loudly; with each new embarkment of migrants on European shores brings the moment of detonation closer and closer. Muslim women already bear three times as many children as western; the latter often wait until they are past 30 to have their first baby. In most major European cities the primary schools are full of ethnic minorities that outnumber indigenous children. Coupled with the low white birthrate, mixed race unions are showing no signs of abating and we are seeing many non-Muslim women convert to Islam upon their marriage to Muslim men.

    As anybody with eyes can see the vast majority of the migrants who are landing in Europe on an almost daily basis are young men, mostly Muslim, of Sub-Saharan African origin. They will shortly be absorbed into the major cities and towns and will be actively seeking sex partners and/or wives. Will the European Union issue a decree making it illegal for single white females to refuse an offer of matrimony from these immigrant Africans? Bob Geldof, whose badly-managed Live Aid has resulted in this exploding demographic African time bomb, has declared that Eueope can “ansotb these migrants”. It’s obvious he has never read “Camp of the Saints” which presciently predicted this doomsday scenario, although he depecyed the migrants as Indian rather than African.

    Wealthy Arab nations are steadily buying up property and slack industries all over Europe; this also augers ill for the continuation of Europe remaining a white, nominally-Christian, enlightened continent where tolerance, individuality and freedom are taken as much for granted as the eternal rising and setting of the sun.

    • You’re alluding to something not many (seemingly also in the Counterjihad) are willing to address… yes – the Religion of Peace is one which dictates that for one of its females to marry someone of a different religion is one of the worst crimes that can be committed – yet its males are on the prowl for any woman of a different faith they can lay their hands on… can anyone not join the dots, and see where this is leading – in one or two generations’ time?!

  9. Certain unmistakable concrete steps are a solid start.

    The phrase under God inserted in the Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 to confound the Godless Communists should be replaces by free from Theocracy to confound the Islamists.

    Islamic plural marriage is to be hounded with the same enthusiasm shown the Mormon version. Remember, Utah was denied statehood till it was gone.

    All immigration should placed under Congressional moratorium pending a comprehensive appreciation of the totality of our admissions policies and their consequences. Of especial concern is the opaqueness of current procedures, the financial incentives which inspire this opacity and the surrender of our demographic policy-making to the UN bureaucracy. We aren’t in the EU, and these decisions remain ours.

    Very important, key, in fact, is consideration that institutional Islam operates in violation of the anti-sedition statutes, specifically the much-amended Smith Act of 1940, intended to protect our Republic from conspiracies by fifth columnists to replace Constitutional government.

    When Emir Barrack Hussein vacates the White House, we should be in position to recover the integrity our security apparatus from the Muslim Brotherhood and proceed with the appropriate criminal investigations and prosecutions.

    Swollen detention of Islamo-felons from our successful prosecutions will validate the proposition for achieving our perpetuated security through the apartheid of cultural quarantine, multi-culturism be damned.

    • Excellent. Esp. the part about the Smith Act. IIRC, the Supreme Court watered it down but the essence of your point is unarguable. No Muslim (there being no such thing as an apostate Muslim) can swear an oath of allegiance to the U.S. as the Koran MUST supplant any infidel laws. All have sworn falsely.

      As with each and every discussion about Islam, there is never any doubt about what measures will rid us of the Islamic curse. However, the Treason Class WILL NOT change course and WILL NOT cease from doing all in their power to completely destroy 3,000 years of Western culture. Where the funeral of the Western peoples and our culture is concerned, the Treason Class plays the role of the Westboro Baptist Church fanatics in all their lunatic malevolence.

      • All Muslims are incapable of being actual, genuine citizens of any polity that does not submit itself to Allah and to His Prophet. Therefore, all the Muslims in the West, upon whom the West has in its disastrous stupidity conferred citizenship, are not really citizens, and never were. Thus, there is nothing even to “strip” — except the PC MC from our brains.

  10. Europe must realise fast , otherwise they will regret their uncontrolled liberty for Muslims
    They must stop polygamy and welfare for it,Muslims must respect others faith and stop intimidation and crises, severe punishment and repatriation to their countries of their ancestral origins.

  11. An man was apparently arrested in London for making anti-Mohammed remarks. The arresting officers told him “It is against the law to criticise Islamic belief.”. I am trying to obtain information on the event. But if this is true thenwe are really in the brown stuff.

    I hope this is just nonsense.

  12. Yes it was the same force that is hunting for a group that tried to arrange a “Draw Mohemmed Day”- I think its West London.

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