When “Swedes” Join the Jihad

Just about every day there are stories in the MSM about “Swedes”, “Norwegians”, “Danes”, “Germans”, “Britons”, “Australians”, etc. traveling to Syria to join the Islamic State and fight in the jihad. Except that the media articles don’t put the quote marks in — they’re willing let their audience think these are just ordinary Svens and Heinrichs who inexplicably decide to grow beards, sell all their worldly goods, and smuggle themselves into Syria.

Here’s the latest bit of news, in this case about a young lady who tried to get to Syria to become a Bride of Jihad. Once again, there’s nothing in the Sveriges Radio account to lead you to conclude it was anything but a blond-haired Ingrid who tried to sneak across the Turkish border. Or maybe a red-haired pigtailed Pippi Longstocking:

Swedish Teen Girl Tried to Join IS in Syria

A 15-year-old girl embarked on a trip to Syria earlier this spring, intending to join terrorist organisation IS, but she was apprehended in Turkey and is now back in her hometown of Örebro in central Sweden.

When the girl’s parents found out that she had run away from home to join IS in Syria, they contacted the police and that led to the Turkish authorities intervening.

Three other Örebro residents have also attempted to travel to Syria to join IS, and have been deported by Turkish authorities twice. While the teen girl is back in Örebro, the other three individuals may have entered Syria via Jordan, according to unconfirmed information attained by Swedish Radio’s P4 Örebro station. They are a woman in her twenties who is married to an Örebro resident fighting for IS in Syria plus two men — one of whom has several brothers who have already been to Syria. One of the brothers was killed in Syria and another was convicted on Monday in Örebro for physically assaulting his sister.

The thing is, some of these “Swedes” really are Swedish converts — the Islamic State is attractive to bloody-minded psychopaths, offering them the opportunity to act on their deepest impulses under a divine seal of approval.

So these are my questions for our European readers:

1.   How many people in your country (of any ethnicity) have joined the jihad in Syria, or attempted to?
2.   How many of those are actual natives of your country (i.e. born there, and having mostly native DNA)?

Personal impressions are fine, but I’d like to see hard data on the topic, if any can be found. European governments lie and dissemble and hide real statistics to try to prevent their citizens from becoming alarmed, but there must be some real information out there somewhere.

How many of those mujahideen traveling to Syria are Mohammeds and Ahmads and Abdullahs? And how many are Henriks and Nigels and Joachims?

We’d all like to know.

Hat tip: Fjordman.

20 thoughts on “When “Swedes” Join the Jihad

  1. I despair of westerners ever understanding that muslims living in western countries are just that, ‘muslims living in the west’, their loyalty is to the ummah, and to me, at least, they are just muslims; never Brits, Americans, French, or even Swedes.

    • In the aftermath of 9/11, Moslems gloated to the media that they were not ‘British Moslems’, but ‘Moslems in Britain’. There you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. Then, they went quiet on this definition, probably as the likely consequence of revealing their true nature sunk in. They went back to being The Religion of Peace, recipients of British jizya and rapists on the quiet of little English girls.

      • Thank you SO MUCH for not switching to the PC “Muslim” — sometimes I feel like I am the only person continuing to use the perfectly fine, completely acceptable Anglicization, “moslem.” And I am not going to change.

        • I didn’t know “Muslim” was p.c. Whaddya know.

          Moslem – a variant which makes my spell-checker frown – sounds so very Churchillian (S.checker doesn’t like *that* either) but for all I know we started out using it and gradually switched. I mean, it feels familiar, too but it’s been so long since they burst into my thinking and I began contemplating them*, that it’s hard to say. I have been known to redact some other variants, though, because my internal fax-checker finds them suspicious, though they were perhaps once in vogue. IIRC, Mussalman was once acceptable. Now it’s simply an unnecessarily circuitous route to an insult.

          So too, was the term, “Negro” once acceptable and I’ve been known to use it on occasion. I had an old Negro neighbor (now deceased) who told me she grew weary of all the changes and preferred this term of respect from her childhood…Interestingly, white people of her age in our community, some of whom would never EVER use the term “nigger” found a their comfort zone with “nigra” – while I find it weasely, condescending, and unkind.

          I don’t think anyone is asking you to change your terms. It depends on the adjectives surrounding the name.
          *and writing about the Moslem/Muslim problem

    • People with fossilized, petrified, foolish, brains cannot understand anything complicated. It seems that when democracy evolves and progresses it and its runners, assumes the following responsibilities and features:
      1. Their goal is to replace native population with muslims.
      2. Can’t think independently: They must take their clues from muslims and muslimas, and muslims countries like Turkey and Arabia.
      3. Lavish welfare money on muslims so that they will have time to riot, and train for jihadism.
      4. Impose sharia and islam agenda on schools, universities, and parties.
      5. Render so-called academe, professors, sheep: with muslims their herd driver.
      6. Every danger posed by islam looming to destroy us is a taboo.
      7. The west accepts any one, any criminal in the world as a whore does.
      8. The west has no morals, nothing to defend: to cover those odious ugly emptiness they import muslims invaders “out of morals.”
      9. Nothing is more criminal than destroying one’s country and native people ostensibly out of compassionate” while they are wolves towards their nation and societies.

  2. This article dredged up an irksome question that I’ve never seen answered, and the author provides an answer why it’s never been answered to my satisfaction: Just who are these blonde, blue-eyed, Nordic and British/Celtic types who “who inexplicably decide to grow beards, sell all their worldly goods, and smuggle themselves into Syria”? Are they genuine Swedes, Norwegians, and Danes, and Brits, or are they of the “settler,” “invader,” or “refugee” persuasion? I want to tear what little hair I have left out when I read a news report about another “Swedish” Muslim secreting himself to Turkey on his way to the killing fields of ISIS. So, it isn’t just lying governments over there suppress or diddle with the facts; it’s the MSM, as well. Thank you, Baron, for posting this piece.

  3. “I am a traitor to America because my religion requires me to be.”
    Samir Khan, of North Carolina.
    “Prophet said ‘The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others’”,
    Oxford Street, March 25 2011, http://www.thinkafricapress
    “One Nation, One War”
    “Islam will dominate the world”

  4. Wonder why all these “Swedes” decide to suddenly join up for Jihad? Is it those old Viking genes making themselves felt again, stirring up desire for some good old fashioned fighting, raping and pilliaging?

  5. Things Islamic are often scientifically mysterious (consider an arch) carrying a sense of gentleness (curved lines) subscribed to by a vast extent of the world that is elsewhere.

    Such science is sound and very real. Such gentleness is displayed in a world of harsh lines. That elsewhere suggests warm climates rather than winter cold….

    The people read, therefore surely think, from right to left. (Think on that one.)

    • Islam—-science? Oxymorons, surely; and yes we’ve all seen Islamic ‘gentleness’ displayed in the desert, and on a beach……

      As for people reading from right to left—leftists will love that one! As do you…….

      • I’m going to assume you accidentally slipped over my parenthetical comments.

        • And I’m going to assume the possible ambiguity of your remark has not occurred to you.

      • Peter35: The Countess’ sense of irony and ability to write is quite sttong, if I have understood her correctly.
        Just keep reading her words over and over, and hopefully it will become clear. Her point is a gentle one (kind of like the curve she refers to), but in that gentleness lies strength.

  6. Evidently there is NO free speech in Sweden or Denmark or anywhere in Europa. Very sad. I wonder how they will feel when they are forced to convert to Islam, eat halal meat, and live as the barbarians do.

    On the other hand, it has been said that anyone too dumb to defend themselves, pretty much deserves what they get — even if they don’t, in a Christian sense.

    Freedom isn’t free and someone should remind these people of that little fact. They keep going on — I’ve seen rape numbers for Sweden for over 10 years — they just don’t seem to get it! And they refuse to accept who is doing the raping — that is the real mystery to me. Is PC more important than protecting the public from this kind of criminal behavior?

  7. They come in weeping and wailing from [noxious abodes] that are [noxious abodes] because of Islam then their children want to kill their parents saviours! How about a simple rule. Renounce Islam and you can stay.

    It hasn’t exactly been broadcast from the rooftops, but the French president has made the 7,000 deployment of soldiers to protect synagogues in France permanent. Imagine that! The Italians too have 4800 troops on their streets too.

    Europe is turning into a super-sized Northern Ireland or Bosnia but the mood music goes on. News of the French situation is here:http://john-moloney.blogspot.com/2015/05/the-canary-has-died.html

  8. Sorry, no hard data. If we are talking natives joining or attempting to join ISIS (as opposed to just hard-core islamists) I seem to recall 2-3 cases, 2 scandinavian and a Spaniard. The authorities claim there are thousands of ISIS recruits from each major European country but there are only anecdotal accounts of a few individuals which makes a statistical analysis impossible.

    However, I believe it far more likely that the converts will be immigrants rather than natives, for a couple of speculative reasons. For a start, I assume most converts gravitated towards Islam as adolescents, ie you are a minority in school in a culturally enriched neighbourhood. where you are possibly being bullied for being different (kaffir), so you join to fit in. Or maybe there is a mosque or muslim centre nearby which is recruiting. These neighbourhoods have very few native families (raising a family preempts cheap rent or a hipster culture) so the overwhelming majority of kaffirs there are immigrants.

  9. “How many of those are actual natives of your country (i.e. born there, and having mostly native DNA)?”

    Just for the record, I can trace every line of my genealogy back to immigrants to my country, not a single drop of native blood running through these veins, even though some of my ancestors immigrated centuries ago and wandered about the fertile plains in their day…um, hopefully that didn’t sound like any kind of aspersion, I’m just saying that a lot of them could have struck up with a good native mate, but none did. Certainly not enough to give me “mostly native DNA”.

  10. If the allies are sincere about defeating ISIS, might I suggest they consider the use of napalm? It might not eradicate the problem but it can surely do it damage.

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