Draw Mo Before he Draws on You!

Today is the sixth annual International Draw Mohammed Day. The event was inaugurated in 2010 by the Seattle artist Molly Norris, and has been repeated every year since.

Ms. Norris’ initiative immediately earned her a death fatwa, and she has now retired from the field. However, her legacy lives on in the ever-growing field of Mohammed art and merchandise.

Rather than contribute another Motoon for today’s event, I’ve sifted through the archives and compiled a selection of prophets in honor of the occasion. You’ll see some of the most famous of the Mohammed cartoons, including the Jyllands-Posten page from 2005, and the iconic “Turban Bomb” by Kurt Westergaard.

Also included are some of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons and a number of the infamous Modoggies drawn by Lars Vilks.

Bosch Fawstin’s prize-winning drawing from this month’s Draw Muhammad event in Texas represents the latest round of controversial cartoons. There are also a number of lesser-known works, some historical Mohammeds, and a few odds and ends whose origins I have forgotten.

We have to make jokes about all this — what else can we do? — but it’s a deadly serious business. Nobody in the West was killed during the first Motoon crisis nine years ago, but there have been multiple casualties in the years since. The largest death toll was at the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris in January of this year. Then, on St. Valentine’s Day, two people died (one of them the mujahid, killed later by police) during an attempted assassination on Lars Vilks at a café in Copenhagen. Fortunately no one was killed on May 3 in Garland except for the mujahideen themselves.

There had been at least two assassination attempts against Lars Vilks prior to the Copenhagen attack, and at least one against Kurt Westergaard.

The jihad against Mohammed cartoonists is far from over; we may expect additions to this grim roster in the future. Drawing Motoons is not for the faint-hearted, as Molly Norris discovered to her dismay.

Motoons, Jyllands-Posten, Sept. 30, 2005

Turban Bomb

Lego Mohammed

Mohammed cartoon by Bosch Fawstin

Charlie Hebdo — Koran and bullets

Play as if you are prophet!

Moe as Mo

Lars Vilks: Jan III Sobieski and a rondellhund at the Gates of Vienna

Charlie Hebdo cartoon, Berliner Kurier, January 8 2015

Stamp — Turban Bomb 2

Kitsch Mohammed

Lars Vilks: Modoggie #1

Lars Vilks: Modoggie #3

Lars Vilks: Modoggie #4

Lars Vilks: Mo-Egg

Mohammed Pig

Mohammed cartoon by R. Crumb

Mohammed, prophet of the Turks



Motoon #9

Stickman Mohammed

Mohammed Creates Allah by Proud Kafir

Mohammed cartoon by Papa Whiskey

5 thoughts on “Draw Mo Before he Draws on You!

  1. Mo show:


    Kurt Westergaard’s turban bomb condensed to a glyph.

  2. I hope you and the Baron have security. Or that nobody in the world knows where you live. Yikes, you have grabbed the bull by the horns and I honor you for that.

    BTW, there was a cartoon up there by Lars Vilks — I would love to buy a copy — anybody know how I could do that?

  3. The Lego Motoon’s will probably always be my favorites.

    If I had any talent for drawing, I think I’d do Qutham bowing to Christ and apologizing for not being clear enough about nobody writing down anything he said. But I’m not even talented enough to visualize that as an image in my head.

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