“We Were Bombarded With Lies”

The following clip from French television features an interview with a scholar named Bassam Tahhan, who attempts to counter the dishonest media propaganda about the Syrian “civil war”. He also warns Europe about the role played by Turkey in the success of ISIS and other jihad groups.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times from the original video):

00:00   The Journal TV Libertes
00:04   Our guest today: Bassam Tahhan.
00:08   You are expert on Islam and the Middle East.
00:12   You have taught and still teach
00:16   at Henry IV in Paris (prestigious college); you also taught for more than 13 years at
00:20   at the Ecole Politechnique (University of Paris).
02:59   You say that Turkey is a
03:03   ”revolving door” for terrorism at the gates of Europe.
03:07   On what facts do you base these comments? Yes, it’s very simple
03:11   Firstly, Erdogan is “Muslim Brotherhood” by his past.
03:15   He was arrested and imprisoned for his declarations
03:20   quoting an Islamist poet
03:24   that “…the mosques are our barracks…” I don’t remember the exact words.
03:28   That’s one thing, then there is
03:32   the fact that he plays a malicious game.
03:36   He is the Trojan Horse of Islamism in Europe
03:40   He is infiltrating us, and not only in Europe and France,
03:44   but also in the Maghreb. On the level
03:48   of Turkey herself it is very well known
03:52   how he represses these people. How
03:56   he stated recently that in Islam a woman was not the equal of a man.
04:00   In addition he has
04:04   an unbelievable hatred for a great part of his population,
04:08   at least 20 million, who are Shiites.
04:13   And then there are
04:17   the “Association of Advocates” and “Men of Peace”,
04:21   both associations recorded a memorandum with
04:25   the UN, demanding that the Erdogan government
04:29   be prosecuted for war crimes and crimes against humanity
04:33   because arms fabricated in Turkey
04:37   have been passed into Syria.
04:41   The “salaries” of these jihadists
04:45   pass via Turkish banks. There are ten thousand Jihadists
04:49   alone from Tunisia; then there are Chechens, Saudis;
04:53   all this passes through Turkey. All those jihadists
04:57   entered Syria to destroy Syria.
05:02   Aleppo had hundreds of factories. Today all those
05:06   factories are dismantled and installed on the other side of the border.
05:10   That is theft. And despite this we see the smile
05:14   of our President Hollande at the Elysee and we see him
05:18   bowing his head and saying “yes” to Erdogan.
05:22   That’s scandalous, that’s ostrich politics.
05:26   I don’t want to hear afterwards
05:30   we did not know, when they discover that there are Turks
05:34   who work in France against French interests.
07:15   The objective ally of Islamism is France!
07:19   it’s the politics of Fabius (French Foreign Minister).
07:24   You appear systematically as a supporter of Assad, can one legitimately
07:28   support Assad under the pretext of the fight against terrorism?
08:17   …I support Bashar because
08:21   until now, everything he was accused of, I would like to see a proof of.
08:25   For example, this story about chemical arms, it’s laughable.
08:29   The very day when people came
08:33   to inspect he would use chemical weapons?
08:37   When there are proofs that those who did the (chemical) attacks
08:41   were the “rebels”. In Turkey Islamic rebels were arrested
08:45   who had sarin gas, you see.
08:49   And we have documents from Russia, you will say yes…
08:53   but Russia is an ally of Damascus, OK, but the UN
08:58   have confirmed that it was the rebels
09:02   who attacked. So you denounce a manipulation of opinions
09:06   about these chemical attacks, that were imputed to Bashar Assad. Without doubt
09:10   what shocks and offends me very much, I who like
09:14   Voltaire, and the country of human rights, and the spirit of law
09:18   of Montesquieu and the Social Contract,
09:22   to mention but a few, to end up here,
09:26   with that unbelievable intoxication of the media. For three years
09:30   we were bombarded with lies, and everyone who expressed
09:34   a different opinion was banned from the media.

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  1. The Sultan has been, in 2010, awarded
    sowdi “Nobel prize“, for doing what? A parallel to the Nobel Prize for Obama?

    “A Saudi award to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his ‘service to Islam’ underscores Saudi backing for Turkey’s bid to take a more activist role as a Middle East power broker.”

  2. When it looks like a conspiracy, smells like a conspiracy, and acts like a conspiracy – (dare I say it?) maybe it is a… conspiracy.

  3. It’s got the look and feel of rubble as far as the eye can see in every direction unless very serious attention is given to the basics. Do we still do war games or is that too 1960’s and 70’s Soviet.

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