Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

Rembrandt Clancy has translated an article from Kopp Online about a particularly brutal “honor killing” in Germany.

The story, especially the “Islam-rebate”, is disheartening and thoroughly sickening. Readers who are sensitive to descriptions of horrific violence may want to skip this post.

May God help us all.

Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

For the lying press [Lügenpresse] and our courts, German people are second-class citizens. Once again this is easily shown to be true as of now. In Berlin, a Turk from Neukölln is reported to have incinerated a 19 year old German, in a late stage of pregnancy, and while she was still alive. Once again, our politicians and leading media simply look away. One thing is already clear: the perpetrator will receive an Islam-penal-rebate.

by Udo Ulfkotte, 25 January 2015

Source: Kopp Online
Translation: Rembrandt Clancy

A few days ago [16 December 2014], a German motorist in Braunschweig “lightly grazed (a Muslim woman) on the knee”[1]. At that point, the occupants of the vehicle are said to have shouted anti-Islamic epithets. Immediately the headlines across the country read in unison: “Suspected racists ran into a Muslim with their automobile” [Die Welt]. Although the police have not yet investigated the facts of the situation, there were silent marches, light-chain demonstrations lights and statements of outrage from politicians.

Very different is the case of the 19-year-old German, Maria, who as of now is reported to have been burned alive by Turks in Berlin [on the evening of Thursday, 22 January 2015]. Now our lying media collectively look the other way; in any case, they do not identify the background of the perpetrator. After all, it is only an “isolated case”.

By Friday, the alleged principal perpetrator was already in custody. Here are the facts: Maria P. had befriended a 19-year-old Turk. She was in the final stage of pregnancy. The German citizen with Turkish origin demanded that she have an abortion. When she did not agree, he felt his honour had been offended. On Thursday evening he drove with her into a forested area on the Bärenlauchstraße in Lower Schöneweide and stabbed twice at her abdomen with a knife. As she desperately defended herself, he and his friend poured gasoline over the still-living Maria, who was soon to give birth, and set her on fire.

The perpetrators waited in complete calm until the woman was dead and consumed by the fire and then covered the charred body with pine branches. On Friday morning a man walking his dog found the body after the dog barked. A few hours later Mohammed Ö. (name changed by the editors[2]) was apprehended. Also on Friday, the judge issued a warrant for his arrest. A police spokesman confirmed upon our inquiry that the 19-year-old woman was in the late stages of pregnancy: “The eighth homicide division has taken over the investigation”, she said.

The 19-year-old came from Berlin-Lichtenberg and was just short of her confinement. During the autopsy combustion residues were found in her lungs, which proved that she was still alive when she was burned. Thus far, these are the facts. Only the Berliner Morgenpost reported between the lines that the alleged perpetrator came from multicultural Berlin-Neukölln and was a Turk.

According to police sources, the principal perpetrator confessed that he committed the crime because he wanted to terminate the pregnancy (Berliner Morgenpost). Mendacious media such as Bild have so far concealed the background of the offender — even though the police have officially confirmed it.

Now imagine what would happen in our media or political environment, if the police officially reported that a German from Berlin had burned a Turkish woman who was in a late stage of a pregnancy. Broadcasting vans from the television stations would pull up in droves to the crime scene on the Bärenlauchstraße in the Köllnischen Heide [name of the forested area] and transmit special reports.

Politicians would form en masse a light-chain demonstration side-by-side with Muslim representatives as a sign of solidarity. But did such happen here? After all, it was only a German who was incinerated here. Or have you seen even one representative from Islamic organisations calling for a funeral march for Maria P.? Not a chance!

In Germany, the perpetrators need only be Middle Eastern, and then nothing much will happen to them. For by now the German courts recognise that honour killing among immigrants from the Islamic cultural sphere is deeply rooted and is accepted there. Exactly a year ago a German-Afghan [Isa S.] who stabbed his girlfriend to death from behind — she was in the final stage of a pregnancy — received an Islam-rebate from the Wiesbaden court.[3]

The judge found that a particularly severe burden of guilt[4] was not established, because the perpetrator found himself “in a predicament by reason of his cultural and religious background”. That is called the migrant’s bonus [“Cultural Rebate for ‘Honour Killing’”]. If I, as an ethnic German, were to stab a pregnant Turk to death, I would receive a different punishment than a Turk who stabs to death a German woman in a late stage of pregnancy. As a German in my own country, I am now a judicially approved second-class citizen.

It is precisely that which the PEGIDA demonstrators are now bringing onto the streets en masse. Our mendacious media audaciously maintain that there is no Islamisation, and they speak of alleged Islamisation. In so doing, we are everywhere paying deference to the customs of our Middle Eastern immigrants. According to studies by the University in Izmir, the honour killing of pregnant women in Turkey is a matter-of-fact event today, as common as eggs for breakfast in German households. And in many Islamic countries — such as Jordan and Pakistan — there is virtually no punishment for honour killings.

Ninety percent of all honour killings worldwide occur in Islamic families.[5] With rebates for Middle Eastern honour killings being given by the courts, we are encouraging the perpetrators. That is a fact. Yes, there is an Islam-rebate before the German courts.[6] In any event, Islam diminishes criminal liability for Islamic murders — so our courts argue [Dr. Ulfkotte provides a link here to the case of Mustafa Y. the Ramadan fasting murderer; see note 7].

It is likewise a fact that honour killers justify their crimes with the Koran. Thus is says unmistakeably in Sura 4:33 [4:34]:

Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the others, and because they spend their wealth to maintain them. Good women are obedient. They guard their unseen parts because Allah has guarded them. As for those from whom you fear disobedience admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them. Then if they obey you, take no further action against them. Allah is high, supreme [Trans. N.J. Dawood. The Koran].

And in Sura 2:228:

Men have a status above women [Trans. N.J. Dawood. The Koran].

It is clear that Islamic marriage is based neither on self-determination nor on partnership, but on absolute subordination and incapacitation of the woman. The Koran sketches the image of the obediently obsequious woman who, always tractable, bows to patriarchal diktat.

A woman, with her own will and an independent way of living, without male supervision and wardship, is considered by contrast as “dishonourable”, one who may be punished by the man at any time and completely at his discretion. And it is precisely this backward image of the woman which is currently being taught in German Koran schools across the country at the pleasure of politicians and media. We are experiencing the results of it continually and ubiquitously — the names of the victims are Hatun, Gülsüm, Sürüncü (sic)[8] — and, as of now, Maria P.

Our lying press can be truly proud that in addition they are supporting the perpetrators through the media. By turning a blind eye and by concealment they do just that in the end: purchased journalists side by side with Islamic honour-killers. How might that sound to the ears of those Germans who once again are allowed to feel like second-class citizens? And how will it sound to the ears of the relatives of Maria P.?

Afterword from Rembrandt Clancy:

The focus of Dr. Ulfkotte’s short essay is on just one juridical channel through which Germans are becoming “second class citizens” in their own country; namely, the Islam-rebate. On a more concrete level, however, the article addresses Germany’s most recent honour killing, the tragic case of Maria P. in Berlin. Dr. Ulfkotte also mentions the names of two other classic victims of this special form of enrichment, Hatun Sürücü († 2005) and Gülsüm Semin († 2009) for which brief summaries are provided in the endnotes. But of course there are many more such cases. An Internet portal in Germany,, catalogues what it calls the “known honour killings” in that country since 1981, and dedicates a page to each murder victim. The site records 134 cases of this type from 2010 to 2015.

Kopp Online reports that on Sunday 25 January, their servers had reached capacity because the number of visitors for this one article was approaching one million within a 12 hour period. The first link on their page goes to a facebook entry where Dr. Ulfkotte himself reports that 600,000 people had read the article within that same time period.


1. “lightly grazed (a Muslim woman) on the knee”: The report in Die Welt states:

“The men, according to their own statement, verbally abused the woman from inside their vehicle and then touched her lightly on the knee with their automobile. Subsequently they got out and physically accosted her”.

By “physically accosted” it is to be understood that the men aged between 20 and 22 suddenly grabbed her by the jacket collar before they were put to flight by witnesses [WAZ].

2. “Mohammed Ö”: The perpetrator is now known as Eren T.

3. The case of Isa A. is very similar to that of the so-called Mohammed Ö, (Eren. T: cf. note 2). Isa A. warned his pregnant German-American girl friend that he “would teach her the Afghan way” if she did not have an abortion. After she refused and said that she would not raise the child a Muslim, he stabbed her three times from behind on 5 February 2013. He had concealed his relationship with the woman from his parents because he feared they would not approve [ Frankfurter Allgemeine, 25 March 2014].

The Frankfurter Allgemeine also quotes the organisation “Peri”, which helps young women who are threatened with forced marriage, as follows:

“The man [Isa A.] grew up and went to school here; he had German citizenship. He must have known what rules apply here. There was also no question of a lack of education; the murderer was a student.”

4. Isa S.: “…a particularly severe burden of guilt was not established”: The public prosecutor had asked for a ‘special burden of guilt’ to be applied, which means that the Afghan, Isa S., would have been given a life sentence without parole. The judge’s rationale, based on “cultural” considerations, gave him room to downgrade the degree of guilt, which resulted in Isa S. receiving a life sentence with parole after 15 years [ Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (25 March 2014)].

5. “90 percent of all honour killings occur in Islamic families”: In support of this statistic, the original German version links to a report in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 25 March 2014. However, the translator finds no reference to such research in that article. Nevertheless, English speaking readers can find relevant documentation at The Middle East Quarterly, Spring 2015, Vol. 17, Number 2.

6. “Yes, there is an Islam-rebate before the German courts”: is an Internet portal founded by the German foreign office and funded by the government and other institutions such as the Goethe Institute. It publishes articles in English, German and Arabic in the interests of promoting “intercultural dialogue between the Western world and Islam” (English Wikipedia). For an article which argues that there is no such thing as an “Islam-rebate” in the context of the highly publicised sentence given to Isa S. by the regional court in Wiesbaden, consult the interview of a certain Prof. Mathias Rohe entitled No cultural or religious ‘rebates’ in German courts “. Prof Rohe says that these “so-called ‘honour killings’“ have nothing to do with Islam:

Moreover, affiliation to Islam could, in my view, play absolutely no part at all, because no interpretation of Islam that I’m familiar with would sanction such a deed.

7. “Islam diminishes criminal liability for Islamic murders”: Dr. Ulfkotte provides a link here to an article in Die Welt (11 March 2014) called “Fasting during Ramadan Lessens Criminal Liability?” In the small town of Wellendingen (district Rottweil in Baden-Württemberg) two neighbours had been quarrelling for two years over property boundaries and other issues. In July of 2013 the dispute escalated and the 39-year-old practising Muslim, a Turk, who was a hunter, shot his neighbour nine times with a handgun, killing him instantly. The perpetrator, Mustafa Y., hardly spoke German and was only moderately integrated, although he had been in the country for years.

Dr. Ulfkotte also provides the following link to pro Christliches Medienmagazin (02 July 2014) which updates the case. Almost nine months after the shooting the judge sentenced the perpetrator to twelve years’ imprisonment, although murder normally draws a life sentence. The judge justified her application of a lower degree of criminal liability because as a believing Muslim, Mustafa Y. had observed the fasting month of Ramadan and in the fourteen hours before the crime he had not had anything to eat or drink, and the file on him recorded the following:

“The victim had insulted him and his family. Moreover, he was seriously dehydrated and hypoglycaemic, which was the reason he reacted with such extremity”.

8. “…the names of the victims are Hatun, Gülsüm, Sürüncü (sic)”: Dr. Ulfkotte would appear to be referring to just two victims here, Hatun Sürücü and Gülsüm Semin.

Hatun Sürücü (b. 1982) was of Turkish origin. When Hatun was 15 and living in Berlin, her family arranged her marriage to a cousin in Turkey. Two years later she separated from him and returned to Berlin while expecting a child. She discarded her headscarf and attempted to finish her schooling. She raised her son, Can, until the youngest of her three brothers, Ayhan Sürücü, who was 18 at the time, shot her twice in the head at close range at a bus stop in 2005. The order for the murder came from the family clan, according to her former friend who was taken into a witness protection programme, but the court found the witness unreliable and acquitted two older brothers ( and Die Welt).

In 2014 Azhan Sürücü was deported to Turkey after having served nine and a half years in prison (Der Tagesspiegel).

Gülsüm Semin (b. 1989) was a Kurd of Turkish origin and lived in Rees (near Krefeld in North Rhine-Westphalia). In 2009 her twin brother lured her into a remote area and strangled her with a clothesline until she was unconscious. Then he and an accomplice smashed the face of the 20-year-old girl with branches until she was unrecognisable. The father, who was judged to be the instigator of the crime, was handed a life sentence. The twin brother, because he was a juvenile, received nine years and six months of which he was to serve seven and a half years. The 37-year-old accomplice was given seven and a half years. According to the court, the motive for the crime was that Gülsüm was no longer a virgin and secretly had an abortion (Stern).

A succinct description of her story can be found in English at Memini.

Politically Incorrect remarked that it is a welcoming sign that the instigator, the father in this case, received a life sentence, whereas normally in these parallel societies father, who not only kill their daughters but turn their sons into murderers, the youngest son is chosen for the immediate undertaking of the crime because he can expect to receive the lightest sentence (Politically Incorrect).

21 thoughts on “Multiculti in Berlin: Turk Incinerates 19-Year-Old Pregnant German

  1. Truly evil.

    But what can we expect from a so-called ‘religion’ that enjoins its followers to butcher to their hearts content in the name of it’s ruling entity.

    In a just world such creatures would be walled off from the rest of the world like the plague it is.

    My only hope is that it her death will wake up some of the German people to see what they have in their midst and reject them along with their disgusting leaders like Merkel who shame their country with their actions.

    • I don’t think the evil of Islam the main point here. The “Islam-rebate” introduced by the German judicial system is actually the greater outrage. It represents a concrete, obvious, publicly declared policy by the German government that German natives are being treated as second-class citizens, and will be more harshly punished for the same crime than their new masters.

      That is the true HORROR of the situation. I felt physically sick last night after editing this translation for posting.

      • I am trying to figure out what “Islam-penal-rebate” (why hyphenated?) can mean. This term is not self-explanatory, and I think most native speakers of English will be puzzled by it. Looking at the original German, the term is “Islam-Strafrabatt”. Aha, so that’s the problem: “Rabatt” looks like “rebate”, but actually means “discount”. A rebate is “a return of part of an amount paid, as for goods and services, serving as a reduction or discount” (so says my desktop dictionary). But a “discount” involves no return of an overpayment; it just means charging a lower price in the first place. So “Islam-Strafrabatt” might more understandably be translated as “the Islamic penal(ty) discount”, or maybe as “the punishment reduction for Muslims”, referring to the fact that for the same offense, a Muslim will receive leniency that is not available to a kafir.
        But is this penalty discount for Muslims just the practice of overindulgent judges, or is it actually a law, or a “publicly declared policy by the German government”? If the latter, let’s have some evidence, please (e.g., a link).

        • Now what I said to the social workers in Germany , I am activist of human rights from Buesso , German organization , and I told to the social workers in Germany they are so stupied people and the politicans sales to the Turks and muslims , Germany now I am in agreement with Pegida and all the groups anti Islam community , because you seem the crime from the Turk man to a German woman because she were pregnant , Sorry Germany like this is not good country , nothing for German citizen , I be there for six years and there are no rules no laws for German , well stay with Muslims in ten years going to be Germany Muslim country thanks you I am not be there anymore , I will make your news letter to send to my conservative Americans over all America , you old Europe going to stay with Muslim and sharia hahahaha , its what you deserve and need to close your mouth and the politicans go to cementery to sleep for ever.

  2. Prof “nothing to do with Islam” Rohe says “no interpretation of Islam that I’m familiar with would sanction such a deed.”
    He has only to look at the Manual of Islamic Law, “Reliance of the Traveller” (a free download):
    “Not subject to retaliation [for a killing] is a father …for killing his offspring” (Manual, o1.1-2).

  3. Horrendous reading which exposes the double standards of our Western media and politicians as they treat us like cannon fodder to serve their deluded multi-culti idea of utopia. Thank you all who highlight the reality of their criminal irresponsibility and treachery.

  4. Germany is not alone.
    In the UK:-
    4 muslim women were given reduced sentences for severely beating up a passing couple and making racist remarks. The reason was that they had been drinking and, because they were muslim, were not used to drink. Funny thing is they were dressed in the western way – no head covering; heavily made up; short skirts. Little doubt in my mind that they were used to drinking.

    A muslim in his early 20s was given a much reduced sentence for having sex with an underage girl – probably rape. I don’t think he even went on the sex offenders register. He argued that he had attended a muslim faith school and was never told that such actions were illegal. The judge accepted that.

    An “asian” businessman was stopped whilst speeding between Edinburgh and Glasgow. He was significantly over the limit for drink. He argued that he had restaurants in both Edinburgh and Glasgow.He also had a wife in each city and if he couldn’t drive (it is all of 40 miles) he wouldn’t be able to treat each wife equally as his faith demands – notwithstanding that bigamy is illegal. He was not banned from driving but anyone else would have been.

    Just 3 of the many cases that I can remember.

    • And why did the Scottish Crown Prosecution service not appeal the absurd and grossly unfair failure by the judge at first instance to suspend the driver’s licence? Because, apart from the general institutional culture of UK public sector, including especially the police forces, the Crown Prosecution service in the UK is thoroughly riddled with EEO-driven minority appointees. I believe Baroness Warsi got her first (and only) job as a lawyer straight after graduating with the CPS; due naturally to being a female Muslim applicant who, by reason of those two attributes, had zero chance of failing to get the job.

  5. “The judge found that … the perpetrator found himself ‘in a predicament by reason of his cultural and religious background’ … / … ‘he was seriously dehydrated and hypoglycaemic, which was the reason he reacted with such extremity’ …. ”

    Judgments of this kind are essentially making the counterjihad case that Islamic culture does not fit into a modern Western society; it cannot fit in unless the host society changes itself. But the changes won’t necessarily apply to all equally.

  6. That is a harrowing case and the description of the perpetrators watching her burn to death reminded me of the equally vile torture-murder of Kris Donald, mentioned above. Though as I understand one of the Muslims convicted of that crime, was brutally attacked in the prison gym (not fatally, alas). It is to be hoped a similar occurrence (but with more Teutonic effectiveness) befalls the pieces of ordure who killed this German girl, when they too are incarcerated.

    • Or to paraphrase Irvine Welsh, as one of his characters ponders what life inside would be like, this animal should at the very least be “chibbed”, in the face and on a regular basis.

  7. That the barbarity of Mohammed O (and his friend, who it appears has not yet been arrested) towards Maria P went largely unreported in the German media is unsurprising. We can’t have the ethnic German populace fearing their Muslim fellowcountrymen can we? That would encourage “Islamophobia” and bigotry – far worse for the wholly imaginary multiculti cohesiveness of German society being strained than 19 year old pregnant German girls being knifed and set on fire whilst still alive.

    If an ethnic European man had done this to a Muslim girlfriend, not only would the entire world’s media be all over it like a pack of hyenas on the fresh carcass of a zebra, Westerners would be reminded of it on a weekly basis for years if not decades to come. Maria P by contrast will be forgotten by the vast majority of the very few Westerners, proportionately speaking, who have even learned of it.

    The contempt for human life demonstrated in this brutal episode is just breathtaking. Like that hapless pregnant Irish girl more than a decade ago whose Muslim boyfriend put her on a plane flight with hand-luggage loaded, unbeknownst to her, with a bomb which he intended to kill her, his unborn child and all the other passengers on the plane. And succeeded.

    What continues to stun me in 2015 is that ethnic German women still enter into relationships with Muslim men. It might have been semi-understandable in 1975. Maria P’s bereft parents must surely, along with the “Lugenpresse”, a great term, and the German education system admonishing schoolchildren from kindergarten onwards for potentially “racist” thoughts or behaviour, bear a heavy burden of personal responsibility for having failed to educate their 1996-born daughter in the matter of being discriminating as to whom she chose as boyfriends. One can assume Maria P’s parents were born at least prior to 1976 and thus would have had an abundance of experience since the 1980’s with Germany’s Turkish and other Muslim minorities. Despite being a parent myself and harsh as it may seem, unless her parents were opposed to her relationship and she defied them (or were unaware of it) I simply have no sympathy for them – they failed her abysmally. I look forward to seeing how they respond to the MSM, it’ll probably go something like: “This has nothing to do with Islam, Mohammed O and his friend were just alienated by German society”.

    Since 1993 I have, with mixed results and plenty of scoffing, derision and hostility directed at me, discouraged younger female work colleagues from commencing/continuing relationships with Muslim men. By mixed results I mean those that didn’t heed my warnings later paid a heavy price for it – though none as heavy as Maria P.

    On a more positive note, hopefully German jurisprudence will make its way to Australia so that when I am next in conflict with a neighbour, as was the fellow from Wellendingen, I’ll convert to Islam a few days before Ramadan starts and a week later kill my neighbour and then claim that dehydration and hypoglycaemia caused me to react extremely. And get a light jail sentence or no sentence at all.

  8. It should not matter what the court does in this matter. In fact it might be desirable to have this Islamist perpatrator returned to the street.

    After his return to the street, the German men of Berlin should [intemperate suggestions redacted].

  9. Gates of Vienna seems to be different for some reason on the terrible fate of Maria P.

    Two other blogs I monitor show no sympathy for her, for the very obvious reason:

    ‘Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas’. She cohabited with the enemy, not just another foreigner; the ENEMY, ’nuff said I hope.

    • So being naive (which many of us were when young) excludes her from sympathy? Shame on you.

    • She was 19 for gawd’s sake! I did a few stupid things at 19. As I commented above, it was her upbringing – family and social milieux – that failed her: it taught her to eschew discriminatory behaviour as ipso facto bad. Humanity has survived for millions of years because it is women who have, by and large, chosen, exercised self-preserving and DNA perpetuating discrimination over, whom they procreate with. Discrimination is, contrary to the PC values propagated since the late 60’s, the essence of personal survival. One chooses their friends with discrimination: avoid violent psychopaths, thieves, liars, gamblers, drug addicts, etc. Pretty basic stuff

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