The Dark Side of the Interfaith Syndicate: “Our Muslim Neighbor,” CAIR (Part 4 of 4)

Below is the latest newsletter from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice, the final installment in a four-part series. Previously: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Newsletter #155 — The Dark Side of the Interfaith Syndicate: “Our Muslim Neighbor,” CAIR (part 4 of 4)

Has Daoud Abudiab invited ACO’s Galloway into his sandbox?

Daoud Abudiab is the former co-chair of AMAC, the current board president of the far left TIRRC (TN Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition) and a supporter of the open borders group Clergy for Tolerance. Abudiab also spearheads “Our Muslim Neighbor” (OMN) initiative which is the sole focus of his Faith and Culture Center.

Our Muslim Neighbor” is a project of Religions for Peace USA (RFPUSA). This project is “designed to advance understanding of Islam and Muslims in Middle Tennessee, a region identified by the Council on American-Islamic Relations [CAIR] and the Center for American Progress [a Marxist left organization] as arguably one of the most Islamophobic areas in America.”

RFPUSA is tied to Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the U.S. making the “Our Muslim Neighbor” project a good. (So, does the Faith and Culture Center take its marching orders from CAIR and the Center for American Progress?)

This may also be about Abudiab returning to his own affinity for CAIR-type projects. Abudiab was mentored early on by Awadh Binhazim, who led a CAIR chapter in Austin before moving to Tennessee. Once settled in Nashville, Binhazim was prolific in his dawa, although he may best be known for his admission at Vanderbilt University that Islam mandates capital punishment for gays.

Abudiab chose board members for his Faith and Culture Center carefully. His token far-left Jew with whom he visits congregations to sign up for his “Our Muslim Neighbor” campaign is the Nashville businessman Bernard Werthan of Werthan Packaging, Inc.

Werthan is a self-described “social justice proponent” who also has a $1 million dollar foundation from which to finance pet projects. He is credited with starting Nashville’s Family of Abraham group.

TCPJ has written extensively about the red-green alliance, the Nashville’s Family of Abraham (FOA) group and its connection to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel. Werthan is heavily invested in FOA which could explain why he also donated to the New Israel Fund (NIF), which finances several groups that push the BDS campaign against Israel.

A former Muslim tells the truth about Islam, the Muslim Brotherhood and interfaith activities

Dr. Mark Christian, the director of the Global Faith Institute (GFI), is a formerly devout Egyptian Muslim who converted from Islam to Christianity. His great-uncle helped establish the original Muslim Brotherhood and his father is still attached to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Dr. Christian brings a unique insight to the issues of interfaith dialogue and the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Perhaps more importantly though, I would ask [the tri-faith group] how they reconcile the repugnant ideological component groups like CAIR and ISNA carry with them. An organization does not spring forth from the Muslim Brotherhood, funded and established as an operational arm of the MB in America, simply to abandon the Islamist underpinnings of its founders.

I know that the ideology behind CAIR and ISNA is poisonous to a cooperative interfaith project. They cannot operate as merely one among equals. They will always push Islam to the fore, at the expense of the other partners.

My background as a former Muslim, my training to be a Muslim leader and my intimate understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood itself, taught to me from the inside, by my father and my uncle, tells me that when the Brotherhood is involved, Islam will reign, or Islam will fight.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Abudiab’s new Faith and Culture Center lists the ACO among its local partner organizations. Paul “Iesa” Galloway, who leads Tennessee’s ACO, started with Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR and remains connected through his colleagues.

Galloway has the experience and potential to offer Tennessee’s Muslim Brotherhood a centralized base operating under Abudiab’s interfaith umbrella, a space the Muslim Brotherhood is rapidly co-opting according to its plan.

5 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Interfaith Syndicate: “Our Muslim Neighbor,” CAIR (Part 4 of 4)

  1. ” “designed to advance understanding of Islam and Muslims in Middle Tennessee.”
    All the time muslims tell us that nonmuslims don’t understand them. Muslims want us the kuffars to know that they have a manual/ koran, which tells them exactly how to treat others: How to behead whenn they can, how to curse kuffars when they pray and why because they are filthy, why they are intent on invading the world because koran tells them that, it is not their fault and kuffars also help them to complete the invasion. They want us to understand why they take us slaves and groom (call a spade a spade) / rape, why they hate others, why they would rather behead than shoot, why they wear dirty monstrous beards, why there is systematic jigad, why mo has given them so much petrol to make the whole world their slave,
    why a mixed marriage between a kaffir and a muslims is always muslim and the serpents are muslim. And why the offspring of that marriage are more muslims (harsher) on kaffirs than mo.
    They also want us to understand that that we are inferior to Muslims. Proof: we don’t resist Islam. We snitch against each other to help islam, We don’t have that ummah concept as it was before namely Christendom. Proof the west never defended south Sudan against muslims, Israel, Lebanon or Copts. Muslim know how abysmally stupid we are: We shattered Christian Yugoslavia because that’s what Saudi Arabia and Turkey wanted. You see we care about Turkish rights in Europe. And we in the western think tanks suggested that would be an easier way to get rid of pesky Christian remnants in Europe. That religion which prevented Europe islamization for centuries.

    They know that the west

  2. Bernard Werthan
    Werthan has been told by his muslim masters that Islam is also a “religion” that belongs to “Abrahamic Group” . And he can’t bring himself to deny that because he has no knowledge to use not passion to defend anything.

    But holding such sleazy monologues, they are legitimizing the cult of beheaders and invaders.

    The problem with those interfaith (muslim – Christian ) “dialogues are actually monologues, similar to Vagina Monologue: Only the muslim side speaks and dictates and the dunce side agrees.

    Why is that? Because Werthans don not believe in anything. They are not there to engage in anything or defend a stance or some parts of faith valuable to them. They are don’t believe in anything. But they believe in islam because it is aggressive. They have no weight, no character, no values to defend because they want to be “free” and not bigoted. What empty charming rhetoric.

    • Murad

      If they believe in nothing(like most moderns progressive church types) they will fall for everything and fight for nothing.

  3. This is getting beyond stupid. America and the west in general are lands of opportunity for the enemies of America and the west in general. Doesn’t sound right. It’s getting crazier looking than Mad Magazine.

  4. Its mindboggling that no one ever takes any notice of how these ‘interfaith’ and ‘outreach’ programs are forthcoming in lands occupied by Mohammedans; where proselytising and church-building (forget about synagogue building) would cause instant riots and mass-murder; and none of these kumbaya clowns shows any curiosity about 1400 years of Mohammedan history, of an almost uninterrupted reign of terror, exploitation, enslavement and destruction.

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