The Dark Side of the Interfaith Industry, Part 1

Below is the latest newsletter (part 1 of a series) from the Tennessee Council for Political Justice.

Newsletter #152 — The Dark Side of the Interfaith Industry (part 1 of 4)

Paul “Iesa” Galloway, founder and Executive Director of the Muslim Brotherhood CAIR’s office in Houston, is the new Director for Tennessee’s American Center for Outreach (ACO). In November 2006, Galloway took a United Methodist Church sponsored Muslim-Christian interfaith “pilgrimage” trip to the Holy Land. This pilgrimage was a part of the Methodist’s General Church and Board Society (GCBS) mission.

Paul “Iesa” went on this trip with Mohamed Elibiary, who has a long and public relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood. He admits having a relationship with an official of the Holy Land Foundation who is now in jail for helping to finance Hamas. Elibiary also served on the Board of the Muslim Brotherhood’s CAIR Dallas-Fort Worth chapter. Paul “Iesa” Galloway was a board member of Elibiary’s Freedom & Justice Foundation.

What does this tell you about Elibiary?

The interfaithing pilgrims blogged about their trip and noted the security obstacles that only Elibiary and Galloway encountered even though there were other Muslims in their group. Elibiary was held up for an extra security screening trying to get back into the U.S., while Galloway was not allowed to cross into Israel from Jordan and had a super extra security encounter with immigration authorities when he returned to the States. Why?

One of the Methodist pilgrim leaders posted to the blog the entire statement of the “Jerusalem Declaration on Christian Zionism” which is an attack on evangelical Christians who support Israel. This declaration was written by Donald Wagner (Friends of Sabeel North America) and Vicar Stephen Sizer (Friends of Sabeel UK).

Stephen Sizer’s Israel-hatred drives his work. He coined the term “Christian jihad” as opposed to Christian Zionism, which he says “wages a jihad against Muslims.” He says that Christian Zionists have … “repudiated Jesus, they’ve repudiated the Bible, and they are an abomination.”

He even goes on Iran’s state-run TV station PressTV to deliver his anti-Israel message and takes his message to openly pro-Hamas groups like Viva Palestina Malaysia. In October 2014, Sizer joined other Israel and Jew-haters like former CAIR-Hamas leader, Cyrus McGoldrick at the New Horizons conference in Tehran.

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Did Muslim Brotherhood Islamists Galloway and Elibiary want to get closer to anti-Israel activists or was it the other way around? Was it educational for the Methodists to travel with CAIR-Hamas insiders?

Regardless, they serve each other’s purposes with their mutual immersion in anti-Israel activities and advocacy. Is Jew-hatred and the hatred of Israel the tie that binds the interfaith industry being driven by the Methodists and the Islamists?

6 thoughts on “The Dark Side of the Interfaith Industry, Part 1

  1. This infiltrated one sounds very Egyptian Brother hoodie. Is he saying the future looks distinctly Coptic for the non-Islamist in America?? Shocking that a creature like and countless cohorts are now taking over the government.

  2. The United Methodist Church has been on the side of the Fakestinians since at least 2003, when they developed a “teaching” which they sent around to every UMC church with the instructions for good Methodists to read the materials and “decide for themselves”. That’s in air-quotes because it’s really difficult to decide objectively when the information you’re being fed is heavily biased.

    I checked out the materials, and noticed the “timeline” of Israeli/Fakestinian ‘history’ began in the late 1800’s, and covered every grievance the Fakestinians have, like “the nakba”. But it omitted 99% of pertinent Israeli or Jewish dates and occurrences, like the many attacks on Jews for their mere existence.

    So, I looked up to see what interfaith committee had come up with the materials, and was impressed to find they were authored by… one person, who happened, upon further research, to be a person who had written numerous articles supporting the Fakestinian viewpoint.

    Unbiased, indeed.

  3. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America is no better. Now, the Missouri and Wisconsin Synods may be a different story.

  4. I wonder, will there ever be a Muslim-Christian interfaith “pilgrimage” trip to Mecca?
    Oh wait…

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